22 Actionable Marketing Tips for Freelance Writer

There is always some little space to do something creative. The freelance writers are evolving like never before over the decade. It may be some article writing, copy blogger, real estate ads promoting, etc. There is a massive demand for numerous writing topics. You will only get a good Project when you do Proper Marketing of your Content Writing Business.

How to promote your Freelance Writing business

  • Portfolio creation of some of the best writings and showing it to the clients will promote your freelance writing business.
  • A relevant and unique name of your business will make it easier for you to promote your business.
  • Create an amazing logo for your business will be extremely beneficial for you to promote your freelance writing business.
  • Get yourself listed in business directories since they are the easiest way to promote your

Tips will guide you to enhance your writing skills and become successful in Freelance Writing Services Marketing.


1) Create The Blog

For any freelance marketing, it is mandatory to create website. In this case, post the bost related to your freelance writing. Choose the domain as you want and make a connection with the web-designer software. When you are creating a blog, ensure that you Write About us Page in a unique and creative manner. You need to Improve blog speed.

There are various set up you need to know. Choose a ‘CMS’ system and prioritize the signups on the website. Complete the setup in quick time with no programming background. Go through the web to look for ways to Find blog content ideas.

2) Involve A Content Writer

To market your business, you need some content writers or copy bloggers. You may not have enough time to emphasize the contents of your website.

Take the help of freelance writing marketplace where you will find the writers, and they will help you to proceed your Freelance Writing Services Marketing. The ideal write-ups will work to Improve customer satisfaction as well.

3) Make A Strong Portfolio

Do not miss anything or hamper your growth in your marketing procedure. Building the portfolio containing your existing customers, and some quality work will enhance your long-term goals in quick succession.

Discuss the case study you have done so far. If you engage with writing for the quality brands, mark them in the portfolio. It is the starting phase to express your business values to the right publications.

4) Be Unique In Your Marketing Strategy

There are numerous sites over the internet. What you are doing for your Freelance Writing Services Marketing, won’t bother much except the content you present. You are your brand to promote it through various resources.

Potential clients are there to value your work. Focus on the page and other marketing opportunities whenever you get. Leverage your marketing by some promotional videos on your website.

5) Automation Of Email Services

Be smart and apply it in your freelance writing business. If you automate the email to the customers, it will serve your purpose with no wastage of time. It makes sure that you can connect with potential customers.

Choose a useful automation tool like ‘CovertKit’ and automate the one-to-one mail sending process. It is a unique approach to go ahead in your freelance writing.

6) Create Your Marketing Campaigns

Get back to the basics. You can divide your work in modules by sending welcome mail by automation first, and next send various blog or content release emails. The broad support and majority you will get by your blog only.

Do not put any filler or dummy emails. Instead, put the promo of your blog posts and upcoming ones. You may continue to enhance the promotion this way.

7) Think About The Content Events

The content event may showcase your ability in Freelance Writing Services Marketing. It is live as well as interactive. There are various types of content event like webinars, mastermind groups, and challenges.

It takes a lot of planning apart from traditional launches. There are many platforms you may choose for hosting the content events.

8) Create A Learning Opportunity In Freelance Marketing

Some live events go through challenges to adapt the learning lessons for a few days. Problems may come at any time. It may be impulsive or live. Launch some challenge procedure that everyone can understand it with short notice.

Share some valuable resources of knowledge and make sequences to teach the freelance writing tips sustainably. Follow up them with the reminder email for the lessons.

9) Build A Strong Network

Unless you have a strong marketing network, no one will value you much. All things come in one place how you can market your freelance business. Use Linkedin

If you have set your budget, you can pass it to the various network to get the same results at a low cost. Both face-to-face and online marketing strategy, you need to adapt to build a reliable and robust system.

10) Follow Dos And Don’ts In Freelance Marketing

Follow these Dos to run a successful Freelance Writing Services Marketing

  • Mark the interactions with your friends and networking approach.
  • You will get to know the people who are the potential person to open the door of opportunities.
  • Update the LinkedIn profile.

These Don’ts you should mark if you commit a mistake in your marketing procedure:

  • Talk more. Offer something without proper knowledge.

Follow the Don’ts not to commit any mistakes.

11) Try To Get Some Referrals

Referrals can uplift your business and put you on an individual level. You will get customer loyalty through referrals, and it will enhance the profitability of freelance writing. The reference is x-factor you have to understand.

Make it a habit, and you will know about the clients who will approach by themselves through referrals.

12) Add Some Discount Offers

Express your marketing potential by giving some discount offers to the clients. Engage your existing and new clients to the process.

When you are at your comfort zone, ask them for freelance promotion through their social media. It is the proven approach to knock the door of success.

13) View The Online Reviews

Your market reputation is something you have built by the efforts over the years. Do not try to defend it, but express it and announce it through the positive reviews and love you get from your customers.

If you seek freelance writing marketplace reviews, make sure your goal gets fulfilled. Send your customers some related text messages for the online reviews.

14) Create Your Freelance Writing Brand

In your blog posts, emails, ads what reflects is the brand you have created. Even you have the invoices state your brand.

Don’t get into the inconsistent branding. Instead, follow the brand guidance and style it with trending marketing concepts. Spend your precious time on designing the professional logo to enhance Freelance Writing Services Marketing.

15) Pursue Online Ads

Don’t hesitate much. Just go ahead to run the related online ads which may ensure your market reach.

As the ads are expensive, take the help of some digital advertising strategy. For freelance writing Facebook ads, Instagram stories are suitable. Take the help of some user-friendly social media.

16) Start With Cheap Promotion

If you do not have enough to spend, put some dollars per day to generate the first advertisement you may modify later.

For more promotion, you may subscribe for the premium ad promotion. You can promote your freelance writing business for a lifetime. Your starting goal should be small and scale your work.

17) Facebook Interface Is Easy For Ad Promotion

Facebook ads are straightforward to experiment and modify. You can make more variations with the existing ads.

With the new headline, quotes, and contents, you can adjust the advertisements with few clicks. Hence it is the best medium to promote your business. Your reach will enhance more and even touch million in a few weeks.

18) Leverage Promotions Through Lead Magnet

In earlier guidelines, you may see some social media and marketing campaign. All these are lead magnets which will put you in front of people.

People like to click on the hyperlinks that will take them to the real picture. All freelance marketing schemes sincerely follow the lead magnets.

19) Demand More

Are you getting the worth you are looking? Suppose you have worked for a freelance writing project and the client is offering you $400.

Then instead of taking $400 promptly, ask them to enhance more per content. Take $200 by Google Pay and take the rest later. The incremental money you demand after one or two months.

Raise your demand in proper consolidation of delivering the quality work, and it will create a buzz in your Freelance Writing Services Marketing.

20) Upskill Yourself

Do your clients know that you know so many languages? Even you can accurately translate them. Try to express yourself with no hesitation in front of the people, and it will raise your upselling.

If you do not have the above skills, then upskill yourself with proper training methods.

21) Cater To The Customer Needs

Stick to customer satisfaction. Prioritize your potential persons who believed you in your starting phase. Work for money and show your passion in front of them.

Have a good behavior and some quality approach to earn some high place in their heart. Facilitate your freelance marketing with this approach.

22) Demonstrate Your Project Work

Make a PPT presentation about your past works in the project. Show the screenshots of the positive reviews and viral posts about your success story.

Try to incorporate the perfect answer to the questions put to you by various bloggers or freelance writers. More you can do by researching by yourself.

These above tips will showcase your adapting potential. It is entirely dependent on your work how much you can take.

How to drive sales of your Freelance Writing business

  • Proper usage of social media in a witty and creative manner will ensure higher sales of your business since clients will get attracted by your writings.
  • Setting up proper charge for your services by studying the trends in the market will be fruitful for you to promote your business.
  • Offering discounts on the basis of number of assignments will make the clients find your writing service cheaper and this will drive the sales up significantly.
  • Get the reviews of some of the clients who are happy with the service and quality of your writings. This will attract new customers towards choosing your service over others.

Here are Some FAQ about Freelancing Content Writing Business

Do you need a college degree to become a Freelance Writer?

The answer is a big No. But having a good command over English is important. If you are planning to write in a particular niche then you must be well-qualified in that particular subject but to write general blogs and articles you don’t have to be highly qualified.

How to create your portfolio for Content Writer?

Whenever you apply for any Content Writing position, the first thing you are asked for is the Portfolio. If you are new into Content Writing then you won’t be having any previously published work unless you run a blog.  To show your prospects what you write you need to create samples. So, your portfolio should either contain these samples or any links to your guest blogs.

How to decide where to pitch the idea?

Most freelancers have a lot of ideas but don’t know where they can be published. It is much more complicated than it sounds to know where to pitch an idea, but simply put it: do your work. Spend time assessing the idea ‘s best medium and write an editorial pitch.

List some job boards to get freelance writing jobs.

-Contena Pro
-Freelance Writing Gigs

How to get back in the business whenever your work is dried up?

-Activate your network
-Try to impress your prospective and new clients
-Try contacting old clients
-Join as many job boards as possible.
-Cold  pitching
-Offer SEO along with writing
-Review your rates

Due to Growing Budget of Marketing and Advertising, the Demand of Writers gone high. It’s very rewarding opportunity to be a Successful Freelance Writer. Here is the Infographic which gives you more insight about Starting a Freelance writing business. Read Below

freelance writing tips and tricks

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