10+ Best Free Email Service Providers In 2023

Email is the most powerful, intimate, and effective way to reach out to people, whether personal or business. 

It is critical for every professional out there. Hence you have to mind which email service provider you’re using. 

You might not be giving a lot of thought to this as most people tend to use Gmail or Yahoo! Mail by default for a long time. 

But you don’t realize there can be a better email service provider suitable especially for you. 

It depends upon your preferences, what you seek in an email platform, what you use it for and what kind of profession or work you are into. 

For example, if you are a creative professional you send and receive a lot of files on a regular basis, then, instead of Gmail, you can go for AOL or GMX Mail or Yahoo! Mail due to high storage. 

Or you’re worried about your privacy being compromised for advertisement as Gmail tracks and records your behavior pattern, even what you write or send in the email. 

So for someone like that, you would prefer ProtonMail as they are big on security and privacy. 

You have to figure it out for yourself and maybe give it a try to an alternative that might suit you better. So here are the top ten email service providers for you in 2022. 

best email service providers


Inbox Size:  15GB 

Maximum Attachment Size: 25MB 

Gmail has always been a leading email service provider with over 2.3 billion users worldwide, and it will be in 2022 as well. 

They are, by far, the most popular and commonly used email service platforms for personal and business purposes. 

Gmail was started in 2004 and soon started to build a dedicated following of consistent users, making it a household email-sending tool. 

It gets popular and appreciated for its simplicity and efficiency in usage. The interface was easy for everyone, whether a business professional, a tech geek, or even an office-going person. 

In fact, a kid, an old grandpa, and someone who doesn’t know much about computers can also email simple instructions. 

It also offers strong spam and malware protection and then a seamless integration to their other Google services, including Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Keep, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and so much more. 

The email service is available on Google Play Store for Android users and on the Apple store for iOS users. There are official apps for Microsoft Windows as well. 

It is so popular that now it becomes almost impossible to get a nice-looking email address because most Gmail accounts are taken. 

For more experienced users and business professionals, it also offers keyboard shortcuts to keep your hand on keyboards while using Gmail, making it fast and easy. 


Inbox Size:  15GB 

Maximum Attachment Size: 10MB 

Outlook.com is a web-based email service offered by Microsoft, a part of a suite including webmail, calendar, tasks, contacts, and other services. 

It was founded as Hotmail in 1996, arguably the biggest competition of Gmail in the west. Outlook has its own dedicated user base of over 400 million.  

However, some of those use outlook.com to get access to Xbox, Skype, Windows, and other Microsoft products. 

What is different in Outlook is Gmail in that it doesn’t scan the user’s email to get data on advertising. 

With Gmail, if you send emails to a friend or a family member about a plan of yours to go hiking or a trip, Gmail suddenly seems to surface all kinds of text and other ads regarding vacation, travel, and other related products. 

You will start seeing ads of hiking boots, Rocky Mountain vacations, yoga mats, protein bars, and all those kinds of things. 

Using Outlook.com, you don’t have to experience that, and for that alone reason, Outlook.com stands tall in the best email service provider list of 2022. 

The most marketed feature that Outlook really pushes in its advertisements is its Focused Inbox option.  

When you activate this feature, Outlook.com uses its machine learning to analyze all the emails you receive and rank them according to their level of importance. 

So this means the most important email will be seen at the top. Also, when you do that, the most important emails will be highlighted in the Focussed tab and hidden in other email messages. 

Zoho Mail 

Inbox Size:  5GB 

Maximum Attachment Size: 25MB 

Zoho Mail is another popular free email service provider that came to the party late but got many dedicated users. 

More importantly, Zoho Mail focuses on providing email services in their online suite, including multiple applications to serve business professionals. 

The best part about Zoho Mail that you notice right away is its clean, minimal, and to-the-point user interface and design. 

It is so much easier to switch from one email to another as the window is separated into two columns, with one side all the emails and the other side the preview. 

Zoho Mail gives you a stream feature allowing you to create groups where you can include team members if you are using it professionally, or you can add your group of friends together. 

It seems just like a social media site blended with email, making it unique and worth trying in 2022. 

Since it offers you plenty of other services and apps in its online suite, you can access these, such as Zoho Docs. 

You can also create quick notes and create tasks in the folder. There are keyboard shortcuts to make things quick and super-efficient.  


Inbox Size:  500MB 

Maximum Attachment Size: 25MB 

One of the biggest challenges living in this technological era is that everything you search, type, like, or see online is collected, analyzed, recorded, and sold to the highest bidders from corporations. 

It is used for advertisements and other purposes. The respect towards ethics is very thin with this corporation.  

So, if you are someone who is just tired of your personal information or data being under surveillance and sold to make profits, ProtonMail is a perfect solution that at least sorts you out in the email part. 

ProtonMail was launched in 2014, not so long ago at the CERN research facility by their founders Jason Stockman, Andy Yen, and Wei Sun. 

They are an ideal alternative to Gmail or any other email service provider if you want a more discreet email platform with a no-surveillance policy. 

ProtonMail is a privacy-and-security-conscientious email provider that gives you client-side encryption between the sender and receiver on email contents and user data. 

It is a company based in Switzerland, which is a country known for its strong privacy laws. Also, the code for their platform is open source and available to the public. 

So, they are quite promising in the security and transparency aspects of their service. ProtonMail is also very easy to use; anyone can make it, even if they don’t know anything about technology. 

ProtonMail app is rated high on both Android and iOS stores. They are so serious about security that they do not allow third-party email client (IMPA/SMTP) integrations. 

They are designed and coded as a stronghold for information and data security. 


Inbox Size:  Unlimited Storage 

Maximum Attachment Size: 25MB

The best part about AOL is they offer you unlimited storage, which you don’t get with Gmail, Outlook, or other popular competitors. 

It is a webmail service started by America Online, maintaining its standards for a user-friendly experience with free email accounts. 

Later, Verizon purchased it in 2015. AOL webmails are quite classic in their look and different from the ones you usually see in Gmail or Outlook.com. 

They appear more as news-driven homepages, spam filters, and virus protection; email providers usually offer some. 

It also allows you to send text and instant messages from this particular window, making it easy for quick communication. 

AOL emails can be perfect for someone who uses emails to do most of their communications. 

Comparing it with all the top competitors, such as Gmail, they win in one aspect: unlimited storage, which you have to pay for in Gmail. 

Then, you can also import email contacts in different formats, such as TXT, CSV, or LDIF files, so you don’t have to start your contact list from scratch, especially if you are migrating from other services. 

Yahoo! Mail 

Inbox Size:  1 TB 

Maximum Attachment Size: 25MB 

Yahoo! Mail is another popular email service provider, competing against top competitors like Gmail since its conception. 

In terms of storage, it beats Gmail with its whopping 1 TB space for free, just behind what AOL offers, which is unlimited. 

Then, there are some social media integrations that are again better than most of the competitors in the market. 

It is an ideal email service provider for people who tend to send or receive a lot of attachments through emails. 

So, it can be great for creative professionals, students, and personal uses, where you can send large files easily through email. 

Another excellent feature in Yahoo! Mail that makes it better than Gmail is how they make it so much easier for users to find each and every photo, file, video, or attachment they ever send or receive to or from anyone. 

Due to this, this email service platform is ideal for people who share photos, videos, or files on a regular basis. 

Also, it allows you to use custom background themes. You can search for any information in the inbox easily with filters. 

iCloud Mail 

Inbox Size:  5GB 

Maximum Attachment Size: 20MB 

iCloud mail is a webmail that is ideal for Mac users who want everything on one system. 

If you are using Mac, you might consider using the iCloud Mail app as your primary email provider service, where you can integrate your email accounts. 

You can sync all of your files, photos, and even email accounts with this account with under 5GB storage. 

With this, you also need to remember that whatever photos you take on your iPhone will cut your overall storage for the month. 

So, if you take many photos on your iPhone, it will be better to go for their upgraded plans that start at $0.99/month. 

iCloud Mail is free to anyone with an Apple ID. However, it is not just limited to Apple products. iCloud Mail can be accessed by anyone, whether they have Mac, iPhone, or any Apple product or not. 

With the account, you also will be able to use notes, reminders, iCloud drives, calendar events, contacts, and more. 

Yandex Mail 

Inbox Size:  10GB 

Maximum Attachment Size: 25MB

Yandex Mail is another notable email service provider that is worth considering in 2022, especially if you are looking for a free email service provider with good storage. 

It is a Russian company that offers various tools along with this email service, including 10GB of free cloud storage. 

They also have the Yandex Calendar and search engine as well. You can use Yandex Mail to access all of their services with one login, just like you do with Gmail. 

The Yandex Mail user interface is easy and friendly. You get this simple layout to see all of the required tools and emails. 

Like any other email provider, you will also get support, tasks, hotkeys, contact importing and exporting, inbox search, filters, and social media integrations as well. 

There are some ways it is still quite different from other competitors. Like when you want to forward multiple emails, it is way easier to send file attachments there. 

It also supports delayed messages, so you will be notified whenever an email is received and further get reminded in case you get a reply from them. 

GMX Mail 

Inbox Size:  Unlimited  

Maximum Attachment Size: 50MB 

GMX, which stands for Global Mail eXchange, is a noteworthy option to learn about when looking through the best email service providers. 

They stand out for one good reason: unlike any other popular and top email service provider, they allow you to add a large attachment maximum limitation of 50MB. 

Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, or any of these top competitors won’t give you such large file attachments, especially if you send out larger files regularly; it is quite frustrating. 

So for creative professionals, freelancers, creators, or business owners, this can be a big deal when using GMX mail; they get to send larger files at once. 

Again, something that stands out when you compare it to other competitors, except for one or two, is unlimited storage space. 

So if you send large files, photos, and videos regularly, this can be just what you might be looking for to migrate. 

You will see two versions in GMX mail, one available for German users and the other for International users. 

Due to that, it doesn’t offer two-factor authentication, and in these times of thin security technological times, this inability really wears them down from the top contenders. 

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