15 Free Email Marketing Tools To Save Your Money ( In 2023)

Email marketing is one of the important aspects which requires attention.

According to the recent survey of EmailToday, the industry experts who predicted the future of email marketing came up with a series of what will be the trend of 5 years in email as well as automation.

They predict that it will be far more automated and intelligent email marketing. Content can be pulled from what is existing as sources, and the marketers will have less pressure to do it manually.

Well, there are tools available that are free of cost and have a good amount of services that can help in upgrading the game.

What Are The Free Marketing Tools To Consider?

To use high-level automation, it’s required to pay for the services In order to save money and time.

But there are some of companies that are offering free servers for their small uses.

You can consider their tools for email marketing, and to know more, here is the list for your help.

Top Free Tools For Email Marketing


EnaaggeBay offers a free plan which offers up to 500 contacts and 1000 branded emails per month.

They have a wide range of products that are targeted to web visitors, capturing leads and increasing engagement.

Also, to nurture and turn into satisfied as well as happy customers.

You can get email marketing in their marketing bay plan and all-in-one suite plan.

Here you can choose the wide array of templates that your business needs,

Also, they offer pre-designed templates, or you can personalize them,

They have paid plans too, which include extra features.

It starts at $7.79/mo for their basic marketing plan, and here you can pay biennially.

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EmailOctopus offers a free plan which has up to 2500 subscribers and emails which are unlimited per month.

They are run via Amazon SES. Also, they offer all the features which are required for email marketing and automation.

The plan follows a ‘ Fishy’  theme, which is the name of the plan which is called Shrimp Plan.  This allows you to run your email campaign only with emails, including the branding EmailOctopus.

The sending stats for 90 days.  The paid plan starts at $19 per month.


MoonMail offers a free plan with more than 2000 subscribers, where you get 300 emails per month.

They described themselves as the next-generation omnichannel and communication platform.

This also includes email, voice, SMS, WhatsApp, Bots, and Messenger.

The free forever plan offers to send more than 300 emails per month for free and one campaign per day to 10 recipients per campaign at maximum.


The sender offers the free plan, which offers upto 2500 subscribers and per month it has 15000 emails.

Also, they have a full range of features that makes email marketing effective.

With the free plan, you can access their all features, but you get the limitation being the subscriber and monthly emails at maximum.


Campayn offers a free plan with more than 500 subscribers and 12500 emails per month.

This one can be used for building quality email campaigns; also, if you want the services but have a small email list, it can be lower than 500.

Here you can access the basic plan, which is free and offers the core features.

Also, you have email marketing tools and contact managers, which can keep contacts up to date, track the interaction with emails, and use the segment list.

Campayn also offers paid plans which start from $19 per month.


SendPulse offers up to 2500 subscribers and per month emails which goes more than 15000.

Its self-assembled multi-channel marketing platform which offers more than email services

Here you get the paid plans, too, that start from $9.85 per month.

With that, you can get a range of services on the central platform, including SMTP, SMS, email, web push, Facebook messenger, and Viber.

Hre you can send different types of messages separately or combine them with autoresponders.

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Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns offers a free plan with up to 2000 subscribers and offers 12000 emails per month.

Zoho is a CRM software multichannel collection, this allows you to engage the prospects, automate the sales process and close the deals more.

It offers a wide range of interesting apps,  here, you get more than 40, which cover the whole range of business functions.

Here you get the paid plans which start at $4 per month.

With their Forever Free Plan, you can access and manage and segment their mailing list.

Including scheduling email campaigns, including adjusting time zone delivery for recipients,  A/B testing the emails, and determining the performance.

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HubSpot offers free email tools which give you 2000 sends per month and branding of HubSpot.

They are best known as the CRM, but they have the tools for doing free email marketing which supports the transactional needs p  of small businesses.

They are easy to use, and drag – and – drop like tools that help in working much faster.

They also offer paid plans which start at $480 per year.


ExpressPigeon offers email tools for free which is limited to 1000 sent per month along with 500 subscribers.

They are a good option to consider if you have a small ist and sending is basically for the important as well as high priority subsidies,

They provide tools that can help in creating personalized emails.  Apart from this, it includes automating email responses and sending a high volume of emails per month.

With the free plan, you can also get access to their previous devices.


Stripe offers the free plan which offers limited including 2 email templates, 1000 monthly views, and 5 test emails daily.

They offer two types of email addresses; it includes marketers with no or little design experience.

And the next one you get this for email developers, along with an HTML code editor.

They have paid plans which start at $125 per year.

Wix Shout Out

Wix Shout Out offers free plans, which have three shoutouts per month.

Wix offers a website builder, however, with Wix shoutout, it incorporates the simplicity of a web builder into the email marketing platform in a simple way.

They have a pre-built template and builder, which is easy to use/

Also, you can customize the backgrounds of emails, colors, fonts, and many more.

They have paid plans that start from $4.90 per month.

Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email offers more than 2000 subscribers along with 14000 emails per month.

Also, they allow sending beautiful, responsive campaigns within a minute, along with customizable templates for email.

The free starter plan includes a wide range, including drop and drag editor, multiple forms, responsive templates, integrations, reports, campaigns, etc.

Here you get the paid plans, which start at $13.99 per month.


Mailgun offers free plans, which include more than 5000 emails per month. Also, it’s a maze of 5 authorized recipients.

Mailgun is also email marketing automation software that is built by developers in consideration.

The platform doesn’t include the drag-and-drop interface,

If you are looking for a tool that has limited technical skills that are not email marketing services.

Even though it’s for developers, you get the complete flexibility to build emails and campaigns.

Mailgun also has paid plans which start at $35 per month. Also they have a pay-as-you-go flex plan.

The tiny letter

Tiny letters are completely free for use as they don’t have paid plans.

But it requires you to sign up using Mailchimp.

The tool is entirely free, you can have more than 5000 contacts, However, they recommend that users sign up for Mailchimp.

Also TinyLetter, you can create forms that let people sign up for the email newsletter, along with that, their custom background and the branding.

In the TinyLetter email editor, you can type and add a bit of formatting and send it off.


Pepipost has free plans where you can send more than 30,000 emails. It’s also limited to 30 days.

After that, you will get limited to 100 emails per day.

Pepipost is an integrative SMTP relay service that provides email diversity fast, getting the emails to the recipient in under three seconds.

Once you send the emails, you can also check dashboards for real-time updates.

The free version allows you to store an unlimited number of contacts.

They also offer the paid plan, which starts at $17.50 per month for more than 150 000 emails per month which can be paid annually.


YMLP is free for up more than 1000 contacts

YMLP also known as Your Mailinglist Provider, is a bare-bones free email marketing tool.

Here you require to be understanding HTML or hire someone who has knowledge of it.

You can use MS Publisher in order to create the email and have the email templates available.

The tool surprisingly has complete features, from scheduling emails to social media integration.

It can help in upgrading your email marketing plan and tools that you might consider.

They have paid plans, which start at $3.75 per month for getting unlimited contacts and additional features.

Send With Us

Send With Us offers a free plan with more than 100 recipients, as well as 1000 emails per month.

Sendwithus is a service that allows sending emails through transaction email service much easier.

It’s a great tool that can help you manage the HTML email templates and turn the blog posts.

They have a paid plan which includes a lite plan from Sendwithus. It starts at 150 per month, which is more than 1000 recipients and 500,000 emails per month. 

You can consider this one for trying out something new yet effective. 

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