8 Free Advertising Ideas for Business

Starting a business might be easy but maintaining one is always difficult. Amateur entrepreneurs or business persons usually don’t have that much knowledge about maintaining a thriving business. To be a successful business person, one has to try out new things, take risks and have clever strategies.

It is important to have a clever advertising strategy to make any business a success. Without advertisement, almost no business can last too long.

Advertising a business creates a bridge between the targeted audience and the business person. Investing on advertising can boost one’s business to a great level. However, there are many start-up business owners that do not wish to spend money on advertising because of many reasons.

For instance, a rookie businessman may not even have the means or the money to invest in a paid advertisement.  In that case, all hope is not lost. It is a misconception that all advertisement techniques require an investment of money. It is actually possible to advertise content in various other ways.

With strategic planning and ideas, one can achieve a strong base with the audience by advertising for free.

And today, we will show you just that and tell you ways you can advertise your business for free.

Free Advertising Ideas for Small Business

Use of Social Media

Starting up a business in the 21st century has both pros and cons. The number one pro has to be the involvement of social media platforms. Social media has changed the game for marketing and advertising.

In many ways, it has made the work of an independent entrepreneur or business owner easy and sustainable. But, it also has increased the level of competition among many business groups.  

Engaging in social media marketing can make a business boost dramatically. Although paid advertising is available on various social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

one can still advertise their business on social media without it. Facebook has billions of account holders all over the world.

-Create an attractive page for your business describing what your work is about.

-Make sure the cover art and profile picture of your page is relevant and eye-catching.

-Add vibrant images, videos and post frequently on the page about your business.

-Fulfill the ‘about’ page section with necessary information about your business.

-There are many types of groups on Facebook that allow you to communicate to a larger audience, be sure to get yourself added to those.

-Post in different groups with your page and let people know about your business.

-Continually post to Facebook communities and groups about the latest additions to your business.

-Keep your posts simple, attractive and short.

Instagram is also a popular social platform and it is owned by the Facebook Company. It can be used to advertise one’s business and has a more simplified style. There are no groups or communities in Instagram but still it has become a very popular platform for the young generation, making it perfect for advertising your business.

You can use this networking site

-Create an Instagram account and switch to the ‘business’ mode. The business model allows you to have an eye on the statistics of your posts and how many people it reaches every day, week, month etc. Switching to a business profile automatically makes your account public.

-Add a good profile bio explaining your business. Add relevant hashtags in the bio.

-Choose a vibrant display picture.

-Post frequently and keep your feed looking nice.

-Be sure to add relevant hashtags in your posts as well, follow a number of people to get the maximum amount of followers for your business profile.

-Add stories to your account. Stories are short uploads that disappear within 24 hours. You can see how many people and who viewed your stories.

-You can add surveys to your stories to understand what your audience wants.

You can also open up an account on the popular microblogging website ‘Twitter’ to advertise your business. Post tweets related to your latest business news, events, ideas, and products. Follow successful business profiles on Twitter to get more ideas and inspiration for your marketing.

Youtube is also a very significant website when it comes to the advertising business. Although youtube has been around for only 13 years, it has gained a huge number of users. But advertising on Youtube can get hard if one is not skilled and experienced in how Youtube views work and how to make appropriate videos for advertising their business.

That is why it is important to first learn the basics of Youtube.  One can do so by doing the following

-What better way to learn about youtube other than learning it from youtube itself? Search for ways of being successful at youtube by checking out various videos on this website.

-Learn to make good videos that properly describe your business.

-Get skilled at video editing.

-Read articles about how youtube works and check out their ‘Help’ forums


Another way of boosting a business is to open a blog. Blogs allow you to post as much as you want in a thorough manner.

You can add more details about your business and you’ll be able to add your blogging website to your other social media platforms to get more audience views.

Taking help from known influencers

Influencers on the internet can help you advertise your business. If you have any known influencers, you can ask them to promote your business through their content.

If your business gets hits through their promotions, you can pay them up or offer sponsorship later on.

Google is for everyone. you can use it maximum to increase your Business Visibility. Apart from all Options, One of the easy, best, and powerful free ways to advertise your business is through Google My Business.

The company also Launch an app which enables companies to manage their presence on Google Search and Google Maps.  This App will nothing but help you to increase your business ranking in local search results.

Quora is a very popular site where you can find questions related to every business. By Actively Participating on Quora, you can Prove your Excellence in the Particular Business.

Writing content for Quora can expose your business to a large audience. TechCrunch reported that some of Quora’s active contributors receive more than 30,000 monthly views.You can leverage the benefit of these huge Readers.

Send Email Newsletters

You can put a small subscribing box on your blog or at the Company site for Email. An email newsletter can be an easy and powerful tool to promote content.

You can share business-related news, and build deeper relationships with both potential and existing customers. With the small search, you can find plenty of free tools out there that assist you in designing, sending, and optimizing your newsletter.

Put Up Brochures or Flyers

Design very Creative and Informative Brochures of your Business. After Designing, start distribute the same in different sources like in local libraries, coffee shops, and businesses is a unique way to market to offline locations where people spend a good deal of their time.

As we are well aware the use of social media blasted. More and More Peoples are active on social media. Through Proper Planning of your Marketing Efforts, you can get more engagement for your business. Here is the Powerful and useful infographic which helps you to make your Powerful presence on Social Media. Read more for Information and techniques.

social media for small business infographic

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