22+ Actionable Food Delivery Company Marketing ideas

The food delivery business is getting increasingly popular these days as it allows people to choose from a number of restaurants.

It also makes it convenient for people as they have the food delivered to their homes. If you are planning to open a food delivery business, you need to have creative marketing techniques to promote it.

How to promote your food delivery business?

  • Create a professional logo with a professional brand name.
  • Prepare a website and mobile-friendly application.
  • List all food items on your website with the required information.
  • Get a partnership with food shops, food stores, restaurants and hotels to reach the target audience.
  • Build a connection with others by giving business cards to them.
  • Take part in food fairs and offer free samples to make new contacts.

marketing ideas for food delivery business which helps you to Create your Brand and increase the sales


You need to have a well-designed website to promote your food delivery services. Customers can order food online through the website. Upload the name of the restaurants and their menu for whom you deliver food on the website.

There should be an ‘About us’ section on your website that defines your business to the clients. Also, provide your contact information on the website. Make online payment options available on your website.

Social media

Promote your food delivery company through advertisements on popular social media websites.  

Share promotional content on your social media pages and interact with your customers on a daily basis. Write about the restaurants which are popular among your clients.

Keep your customers informed about any new addition in the menu of the restaurants that receive most of the orders through social media. Share promotional deals and exciting offers on your social media page.

Mobile app

Create a mobile app that will make it easy for your customers to place orders through their mobiles.

Customers can avail tempting daily deals if they order through your mobile app. You can also keep your customers informed about the delivery status of their orders.

Make the option of online chat available in the app to help your customers if they face any problem while placing orders or to answer their queries 24×7.


Share your knowledge and expertise in the realm of food delivery through blogging. Write articles on the specialties of the restaurants that utilize the services of your food delivery business, also advise people on healthy food habits and diets.

Impress your customers by sharing valuable content in your blog. Mention the name of your blog and provide its online link to your website and social media pages. You can be a guest contributor to any popular blog before you start one yourself.

Business cards and fliers

Invest in designing attractive business cards, flyers, and brochures that will represent the brand identity of your business. Place the logo of your company in them.

There should be a statement or tagline in the business cards and flyers that depicts the vision and goals of your company. Distribute business cards and flyers in strategic locations like hotels and restaurants.

Planning to start a food delivery business online? So make sure to read the steps to start a food delivery business perfectly.

Quality of your service

You should give top priority to the quality of your delivery services. This is the best way to promote your business among customers.

Give your customers a unique experience through your delivery service. Offer speedy delivery to your customers, for example, you can provide the guarantee of delivering food to your customers within 30 minutes of placing their orders.

Tie up with more restaurants

You need to stay updated about the choices and preferences of your customers. Offer your delivery services to those restaurants that are getting increasingly popular among the customers.

You should provide more options for your customers to choose from. People are more likely to choose the services of a food delivery company that covers their favorite restaurants.


Advertise your food delivery business in widely circulated local newspapers and magazines.

Also, promote your company through advertisements in TV commercials and radio. Place banners and billboards in and around your locality to create more awareness about your business among the local people.

Discounts and deals

Promote your business by offering discounts and deals to your regular and new customers.

You can offer discounts to your customers for placing an order for a particular amount. Also, deliver food at a discounted rate to customers who place the order for the first time on your website or mobile app.

Offer discounts on festive occasions when you are likely to receive more orders. Consider collaborating with a daily deals site that can provide you with exciting deals and offers each day.

Offer cashbacks

Offering cashback is the latest marketing tool to promote any online business. You need to offer cashback to your customers when they place an order through your mobile app and opt for online payment.

Customers can receive cashback in the form of discount coupons that they can redeem in their next orders.

You can also provide the option of an online wallet to your customers where they will receive their cashback amount, they can use that amount for making payments in their subsequent orders.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important component of online marketing for any business.

It helps in making your business visible to people when they search for food delivery companies online with keywords. All you need to do is enlist your website in popular search engines.

Email marketing

Request your customers to log in with their email address on your website or mobile app for placing orders.

Once you get to know the email addresses of your customers, you can send them personalized promotional offers through the mail.

Inform them through the mail that their favorite restaurants are offering discounts or other special offers. Also, send newsletters to your regular clients via email.

Check out the trending hashtags for the food delivery business for social media.


Ask your regular customers to refer your food delivery business to their friends, neighbors, family members, and relatives.

Referrals help in making your business trustworthy to prospective clients who get to know the quality of your services from a reliable friend or relative. Reward your referring clients with a discounted or free delivery for each successful referral.

Ask for reviews and feedbacks

Request your customers to rate your services on your website or mobile app. Ask them to write reviews and testimonials on your website and social media pages.

When it comes to sharing reviews or feedback on social media, they can do so by commenting on your posts.

This will help you to enhance the quality of your services. High ratings on your website will also make your business popular.

Try to sponsor events in your locality in order to connect with the local community. Promote your business in such events by purchasing advertising spaces and distributing business cards and brochures among the visitors.

How to drive sales to your food delivery business?

  • Update social media accounts regularly.
  • Promote business through influencers by telling them to post pictures and mention your brand by putting it in a hashtag.
  • Request customers to write testimonials on your official social media pages.
  • Increase your food orders by giving discount offers, seasonal offers, festive deals, and coupon codes.
  • Promote business through pamphlets, newspapers, radio or magazine ads.

FAQs about Food Delivery Company to Get more Detail about it.

What is the difference between a Native food delivery application and a Hybrid food delivery application?

There is a good safety and offline mode in the native program. The features of hybrid applications include multiplatform support, high performance, and access to various hardware/software capabilities. 

Which business model would help you to earn profit in the Food delivery business?

During the establishment of your food business, you have many business models. The trick, however, is to make the right choice.

This means that your business plan is validated. A profitability model is chosen based on investment, venue, market research, and much more.

A personal consultation session is recommended to determine the accurate business model for your specific business and to develop a customized business strategy.

What are the ongoing expenses for starting a food delivery business?

You will have to keep enough stock for 1 to 2 weeks while making sure consumables such as serving services, tablecloths, and trays are provided.

Maintenance of your equipment, technological support for your points of sale, and rental or lease will be available. Depending on the type of menu that you sell, the food costs vary.

How does the Food Delivery business make money?

Any item you sell to the starving public will make a profit. To maximize profit, you also have to keep track of your food costs.

Only enough products can be prepared or stored to sell on its “Best By” date. Seek the optimal price point for returns as you have the best possible profit margin.

What is the growth potential for the Food delivery business?

If you deliver a single stunning menu, it is possible, in particular when food preparation is fast and minimal, to turn your food business into a franchise. 

Make sure your recipe is thoroughly tested before the public becomes Guinea Pigs when choosing your menu. From the very first bite, you have to wow them.

Be sure to post panels, posters, and pamphlets advertising the new business while you are prepared to open a new business.

While ready to sell, workers working to carry out free samples in the store or office complex should be included in the grand opening budget.

This is a very new concept and it’s very trending right now. A busy life is the main factor that makes this industry most trending.

People love the outside food. Here are some best marketing ideas for your Food delivery business to implement today.

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