How to Write Follow Up Email: 25+ Examples And Templates

Do you know How to Write a Follow-Up Email? For email marketers or sales specialists, it’s important to grab the attention of the customers. However, it’s not always the easiest work to do, especially when customers might have more options than you.

That’s why to stay ahead of the competition; it’s crucial to remind them and do it right, so it can be effective.

That’s why follow-up emails play such a crucial role.  To know what can help you in writing an ideal follow-up, here is what might help.

What Helps In Writing An Effective Follow-Up Email?

Well, to know the right way to write a way of effective follow-up, you need to know what makes a follow-up good.

Here are some of the important pointers that can help you.

Avoid Sending Follow Up Emails Too Fast

If you are sending the email before the weekend and asking for the follow-up on Monday, not just it’s too soon but absurd too.

Even if they are interested, they won’t process it that fast. So it’s important for you to consider their position and imagine if it’s okay to get the follow-up email that early.

Set this at least for 4 and 5 days between business days to give them time to process the email and determine if they want to take action or not.

Pick The Right Time

Well, choosing the right time for sending a Follow-Up email to your prospect holds crucial importance.

If you pick the wrong time, you might miss the client as they avoid the email and leave it in their inbox unread.

That’s why make sure you consider the time zone and never send the email on weekends.

The best day is Tuesday, as the highest click-through as well as open rates you will get.

Add Short Note About Last Conversation

Don’t start directly with sales; it’s important that you remember the last conversation they had with you.

Your prospect might have a lot of things on their plate and remembering everything is not the easiest thing to do.

So add the short note and don’t drag it too long; just add two sentences of reminder and then go with the rest follow-up email.

Don’t Drag And Talk Unnecessary

No matter what your reason behind writing, don’t write phrases like “ Checking back. “

Also, don’t make it obvious that you are pushing too much to sell. You can decrease the value of your mail as well as yours.

Be Specific And Add CTA

To boost the conversion, write the CTA on your email and make sure you are being septic with your email.

Also, add the action words that can create some kind of urgency, so this can trigger the readers to take the action fast.

Keep It Short And Easy

Short emails are those which consider 50 or 125 words; this can help you in getting a quicker response and higher response.

Also, this can help in getting more productive. It’s best to keep the emails to less than 200 words.

Use The Lead Management And Segment Audience

It’s important to be certain with what purpose you are doing this, also, it should help your contact, especially if you are in the B2B sphere.

You can plan your end follow up email to the long contact; make sure you do the segment audience.

If you know the buyers beforehand, it can help you in getting a better focus on what to add to be more effective.

Add Social Proof

When it comes to making decisions, people want to read or see something that can help in making sure they are doing the right thing or not.

And that’s why you should add the social proof in your follow-up email.

List Of Follow Up Emails Templates With Examples

Well, once you know what can make your follow-up email effective, ist important to understand how you can write the follow-up email.

Also, writing on your own when you have no idea where to start can be too daunting.

Here are some of the best examples, along with templates that can help.

When You Are Writing “ Nice To Meet You,” Follow Up Email

Well, if you are writing the follow-up email, which is based on the last actual conversation with someone who you don’t know, it’s safe to believe that they welcome an email sent by you.

So to write such a follow-up email, it’s important to know the right way to do it.

When you are writing a nice to meet you email, its important to plug some basic information into your email template.

Add how you met them, and make sure you refresh your memory.

Add the last conversation you had with them; this will show that you were listening to them and also remember where the conversation was left.

You can ask now, so the conversation keeps going.

Here is what you should write in the ‘ Nice to meet you ‘ follow email.

Subject Line: Great to meet you ( Add the event here )

Hi ( Add their first name)

Meeting you at ( Add occasion where you met with them) was really nice. Also, I loved knowing about ( Add what you discussed about). I am really interested to know more about your role as ( add the job title ) at your ( add their company name ) as I am ( add the reason why you are interested ).

So if you have time, let ( add the action ). I am mostly free ( add the days of the week) if you are fine with that.

I am looking forward to keeping in touch with you!

Takeaway: When you are writing such a follow up email, it’s important to suggest a time when you start the point but make sure your request sounds flexible so they have control.

When You Are Introducing In Email

Someone who just tapped on your network and you are asking to have an introduction email.

So if they did it right, it makes it easier for you to send the necessary information along with it.

So when you are introducing yourself in email, here are a few pointers to remember.

  • Add the personal note in the first line.
  • Add who asked to reach out and also the reason behind it.
  • Add the value to the recipient.
  • Add what you want to ask.
  • Also, don’t forget to add the CC who requested the intro, so they can pick from where you left the conversation.

Here is the template that you can consider

Hi ( Add the first name)

I hope that this note finds you well ( Add the personal note )

( Add who asked for the referral and what relation you have with them ) ( add the CC here), He or she mentioned to me that they are looking for ( add the reason why they requested ). So I am reaching out in hopes that you can help her or him in the right direction 

As I believe you know ( add what company of the person do ) ( called the statement and what the recipient will get from it )

Quick Favor

Might you introduce ( add the person who requested name ) to the person who can ( add responsibility ) with the ( add the company). A seat would be really fantastic. ( Add the end vision of the requestor ).

Thank you in advance.

Takeaway: When you are writing the follow-up, make sure you mention the person who requested in the intro and adds the CC, this will help them to stay in contact even without you meddling with them.

When You Left Voicemail

Well, if you left the voice mail, and you don’t want to go, actually miss it.

So it’s important to send the follow-up email, As the chances that the prospect might be ignoring you, including the cold call and emails.

In order to capture the attention, which is not going to be easy, it’s possible if you have their alignment.

So when you leave the voicemail, you can send the email which reiterates the value statement.

You can write this kind of template for your following email.

Subject line: Just call your line or next steps.

Hey ( Add their first name)

I just left a voicemail, but I am dropping you a line by mail to make sure this can be convenient for you.

I am calling you because it seems like (add the point of alignment with their company and yours)

We are the company who ( add the value to pitch them, include the customer name and stat)

( Add their name ), I would love to know about the specific needs you might have.

Also, I have some suggestions regarding how you can get ( add the results they want to achieve).

Call me back ( Add your number) whenever you feel convenient, or you can send a replay on this too.

Thank You.

When You Has Been Sent To Someone Else

There are some cases when you end up dealing with an account that is too wild, so if the recipient 1 bounced you to someone else, it’s important to keep a few things in mind when you are dealing with the new person.

  • You are going to be a stranger.
  • They are not someone who owes you anything.
  • They do respect their colleagues.
  • In such a situation, it’s important to build trust along with the value
  • You can do them a favor
  • You can also add the first recipient.

Apart from these, when you are writing the follow-up for this, here are a few steps that you need to know.

CC the colleges that emailed you, so this can boost the chances of getting the message from them at last by 12 %.

Ask yourself about the pain point that you or the company can solve and how you are going to do it.

Turn this into solution-specific so you get the attention of the receipt.

Here is the template you can consider :

Hi ( Add the first name )

I just spoke to ( add the person) over ( add the medium ), and they pointed directly towards you.

I reached out because I noticed your ( add the treatment )  is ( add the pained situation ), which we hear is one of your major problems ( add why it is challenging)

( Add your company ) can help you ( add the solution ) and ( add the person ) suggested that we should get in touch 

Could you arrange 15 minutes for this week?

Takeaway: Try adding emotion to your email signature. Also, you can add social proof that makes it more appealing. With hyperlinks, you can track the clicks too.

When You Had Meeting Recently

Well, if you had the meeting just now, you can email and invest in the relationship.

Also, they are going to read the follow-up, but here is how to go beyond the open replies.

  • So for this, you need to do the work on their behalf,
  • Add the recap of everything so they can confirm
  • Also, they can receive your email and add the summary to be more accurate.

Here is the template that you can consider for this kind of follow-up:

Hey ( Add the company name ), team.

It was great meeting with you today; thank you so much for your valuable time and for having us ( Add the share in dilution)

We look forward to recovering from what we agreed on; separate the calendar invite to the following shortly on what we discussed.

Here is a quick question

Can you reply to confirm what I recapped regarding our mission and if it’s accurate or if I missed anything from it?

As far as I believe,

Your current goals or priorities are

( Add their priorities in pointers)

Evaluation success criteria

( add the measures in bullet points)

How are we going to help

( add all benefits along with the end picture)

Agreed upon the action or next steps, dates, and times

( add the action and date along with answers in pointers)

Takeaway: Mention the important details using the pointers so they can be easy to notice and also to remember.

When You Are Saying Goodbye

Not always are your leads going to turn into your custom car, a lot of time, you have to let it go.

So to make sure that you end it on a perfect note, it’s important to write them a follow-up email.

When you do, here are a few points that you need to add :

  • Add the three points of value
  • Add that you are walking away from this
  • Add that you still care

And to write one, here is what you can consider

Hi ( Add their first name)

I have been trying to reach out as I have seen an amazing opportunity for you and your team to ( Add the outcomes).

However, I might be bothering you right now, so I am planning to reconnect after a few months unless you believe that you were evicted before.

If you are interested in getting to try it out, I can help in setting this up.

In the meantime, I will definitely keep an eye out for ( Add their company).

Thank you for giving me your time.

Takeaway:  Saying goodbye might be your biggest dislike. However, it’s worth telling them why you are walking away, especially when you want them to consider their next action.

When You Are Putting It On Snooze

Lots of times you might not get the reaction the first time, however, you can also try it back after some time.

If they ask you to get back to them later, you can make it effective by adding the relevant information and something that actually helps them.

Here is how you can write the email.

Hi ( add their first name)

I am aware that we are on a pattern, but I wanted to share the customer case study that can help in telling how ( add the customer name ) ( add the type of product or services that you offer) to ( add what they resulted and put the hard metric).

So what time do you want to pick this up again?

Thank you.

Takeaway: Schedule the follow up email, and use the google alert for monitoring the trigger events. Also, you can get opportunities and understand better.

When You Get No Response

If you are waiting for the recipient to respond, but you are not getting anything from them.

These are some of the things that might happen. For example, either they are busy, missed your email, or like easy requests.

In such a situation, you can either provide them something quick value, rest the details and keep things short and easy.

  • Before you write the follow-up, make sure you add these points:
  • Restate what content your original email contains and highlight the value.
  • Include the explicit ask
  • Add more information and any resource where they can get a review.

Here is your follow-up email that you can consider :

Hi ( Add their first name)

In case you might miss the last email that I sent you ( add when you did), I am reaching out for ( Add the specific value that your recipient want )

Also, can I ask you :

( add the first ask)

( add the second part)

( Add any additional information)

Looking for your reply.

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