Flodesk VS Convertkit: Which Email Platform Is Best for You?

Flodesk and Convertkit are some of the popular names that you will find if you are looking for email marketing services for your online business.

They both offer solutions that are user-friendly and results-oriented.

However, Flodesk and Convertkit both have differences and can differ in the results based on what kind of business you do.

To understand which one is ideal for you, here is a comparison guide between Flodesk and ConvertKit.

What To Know About Flodesk And Convertkit?

Before you jump to know the differences, it’s important to know about both email marketing services, especially if you are new to this.

Flodesk In Nutshell

Well in the aesthetically driven industry, this one is easier to create the emails that you spend a lot of time designing.

So if you are a creative person who heavily depends on visual design, for example, a designer, photographer, or calligrapher.

Hre the plain text email might not be inspiring enough for the audience you target to take action.

And if your business is about tutorials and content which are in-depth, having content that comes with bells along with whistles can help in getting more views.

Flodesk helps you with certain emails which can be beautiful and live to the style of the brand without taking too much time.

ConvertKit In Nutshell

Convertkit is known for its great email marketing tool, especially if you are a mid-sized business or blogger.

With their set of tools, you can create emails that are text-based, send emails to your subscribers, and automate email marketing and email campaign management.

With the platform, you get a lot of integration and provide the plain, simplest emails by their tool.

You can get their free trial to understand more before you try.

What Are The Notable Features Flodesk And Convertkit Have?

There are differences between both services. However, they have their own notable features which make them ideal in their own way.

Here are some of the features that Convertkit offers :

Straightforward Email Platform

Concert kit claims to offer unlimited features in its email platform, which helps in growing the list much faster.

Also, you get the features that can help you achieve the goals that you want.

Strong Opt-In Forms

You get various inline forms that can be customized and embedded forms on the site.

Also, with this, you can aim to drive more conversation as your users get more incentive emails.

Simple Editor Tool For Landing Page

They have the minimalist design that you get for the landing page edits. Not just that, it doesn’t offer templates to choose, but it’s enough to save time.

Tagging And Segmentation

This is one of the excellent ways to group subscribers and tags to the list.

With this, you can send more personalized emails depending on their interest, clicks, etc.

You can send the message more personalized to subscribers to build a stronger relationship with them.

As for Flodesk, you get the different features that are quite notable, and it includes :

Creative Templates

You get the heavy limiting for the pre-formatted templates when you are choosing Flodesk.

They have different categories which help in making money, inspiration, etc.

If you are not getting enough of it, you can also customize one of yours from scratch. They offer more than 100 fonts, layouts, and color palettes to make the customized template more appealing.

Ready To Use Layouts

For a business looking in order to create a beautiful layout, however, you are not interested in creating from scratch to design,  here you get the ready-made options.

Flodesk offers dozens of layouts that you can use, they have text and image-based layouts that come with multiple categories to choose from depending on the brand.

Easy To Create Workflows

You can also get the workflow that helps you in saving time which builds email builders.

Here you get the four workflow templates from which you can create, including the sales sequences, nurturing, lead magnet delivery, and welcome sequences.

What Are The Feature Differences Between Flodesh And Convertkit?

There are different features you get; however, both have their own ways, and you might get differences.

Here you get the features which you can find.

Flodesk Vs Convertkit: The Dashboard

The flodesk dashboard displays include the recent emails you have created,

Here you are allowed to sort the emails into folders; this gives you much easy access to the folders.

When you log into the account, the Convertkit dashboard offers you an overview of the metrics and growth related to species as well as others.

This helps you in focusing on performance and results overall.

Flodesk Vs Convertkit: The Analytics

Another important feature you get in analytics is that Flodesk offers pretty decent analytics, however, you are not getting the robot you get in ConvertKit.

With Flodesk, you can see the open as well as click-through rates for each email and workflow, but you are not seeing which emails your subscribers actually opened.

However, here you can only see the lifetime open and click-through rate from your subscriber.

Convertkit offers detailed analytics. Here you can view the individual’s open and click-through rates. It includes email sequences and deep dive into your subscribers.

Here you also see which email your subscribers are opening, unlike Flodesk.

Convertkt offers you A/B testing for your email broadcasting which allows you to compare the open rates. You can find the same email along with the subject lines, which are different.

Flodesk Vs Convertkit: Forms And Landing Pages

Flodesk used to offer only 6 form styles, which was not exactly tempting enough.

However, they did a recent change, and now they offer 6 pop forms, 10 landing pages, and 8 inline forms.

Some of the forms allow users to segment the subscribers themselves when they are icing up; this one is considered a feature that is powerful for marketing.

Convertkit also has sections of forms and landing pages which are amazing to choose from,

Here you get the 20 form styles along with 41 landing page designs. All of them are designed strategically to turn your visitors into subscribers.

Flodesk Vs Converkit: The Email Builder

One of the features is where you get most of the differences between Flodesk and Convertkit.

Where email builders in Fl Odesk create emails that are stunning from scratch, or you can choose from their collection of pre-designed templates.

Not just you are allowed to customize the font and color and add a layout that offers more than what you can get in an email builder.

However Convertkit email editor offers 100% focus on substance instead of style.

You are not getting any frills; even the styling options are limited.

So if you want to style the email, you have to use the CSS code.

Flodesk Vs Convertkit: Email Sequences And Automation

Email sequences and automation have an important role when you are choosing email marketing services.

Flodesk offers you the workflow builder; with this, you can also build simple sequences. Not just that it allows you to build complex automation.

If you are looking to create a sequence, you need to add an individual email to stop the workflow.

This can be a pain. However, you can start with 4 workflow templates, and the builder is designed beautifully.

Convertkit offers the sequence builder as well as the automation builder.

The sequence builder helps in creating quickly with a sequence in one place.

You can add all sequences to the automation; this saves time and avoids adding individual emails one by one to the automation.

Along with you get the visual automation too.

Flosdesk Vs Converkit: Subscriber Tagging

The next one you get is subscriber tagging; Flodesk and Convertkit have different takes.

Flodesk was only allowed to organize the subscribers according to the segment. But it automatically applies some of the tags on subscribers, which include active, unsubscribe, and a voice within the time frame.

Flodesk has a subscriber tagging system that is not as robust as you get in Convertkit.

However, it doesn’t imply and reduce confusion,

Using Convertkit sort subscribers using the tags and segments.

They also have the flexibility which applies to both options, but it can be confusing to choose which method to use as they are quite similar in functions.

What Are The Pricing Differences Between Flodesk And Convertkit?

Convertkit and Flodesk offer different price sets; depending on what you need, it can differ.

  • Flodesk offers you a subscription plan, which costs $39 per month with unlimited subscribers.
  • While flodesk is best, you also get a free trial for 30 days when you sign up.
  • You can get a subscription for $19 per month.
  • Flodesk also offers the best value that you find in email marketing platforms.
  • Convertkit offers a range that goes from free to $119 per month.
  • You can also sign up for free if you have less than 1k subscribers. However, you don’t get the sequence and automation.
  • Here you get the full-service plan which costs you $29 per month in case of having 1k subscribers.
  • If you have 3k subscribers, it will charge $49 per month. If you have 5k, it will charge $79 per month, and if you have ten subscribers, it will charge $119 per month.

What Are The Reasons You Should Consider Flodesk?

Well, there are different reasons why Flodesk can be your ideal option; however, to choose Flodesk, here is what you are getting.

They offer a Flat Rate Pricing Plan.

One thing that makes email marketers choose Flodesk is they have a flat-rate pricing plan.

So no matter how many subscribers you have, here you need to pay $38 per month.

This plan includes unlimited emails as well as subscribers.

This also makes it excellent for beginners as well as advanced business owners who have a big email list.

They Create Beautiful Emails Within Minutes

Flodesk offers you options that offer tools for creating emails that make your brand look beautiful and professional.

The Flodesk team has built an email editor that comes with advanced technology to add custom fonts to your emails.

You can add the images and media files along with the brand colors in order to make the email stand out.

It Offers You The Zapier Integration

Even though you are not getting too much integration, it allows integration with zapier.

With Zapier, you can connect with more than1500 web apps.

That can help you in growing the list, boosting increased sales, boosting engagement, etc.

Here you get integration with different platforms including Woocommerce, Shopify, Crwodcast and Webinarjam, etc.

It’s Easier In Create The Workflows

Workplan or automation is the email sequences or autoresponders sent to the subscribers once they sign up to the email list or trigger the actions.

Flodesk can offer an intuitive platform that allows it to be set up to send automation sequences.

What Are The Reasons You Should Consider Convertkit?

Convertkit has its own way that you can; however, if you are considering Converkit, here are some of the reasons you might consider choosing this one.

They Have The Visual Automation Builder

With a visual automation builder,  you can see the subscribers and where they are in the funnel.

For example, if your subscriber has purchased the product, it will let you know, and it won’t send emails that are offer or discount-based.

In other words, with this builder, you can avoid sending the wrong emails to your subscribers.

Also, you can tailor the email sequences, it can be that every subcarrier receives the emails that suit the stage they are in the sales funnel.

It’s Easy To Create And Embed Sign Up

Convertkit allows you to create the function signup forms that come with ease, along with embedding the website with the HTML code or the WordPress plugin.

This makes it easier for others to build the list from a website. You can also find it helpful if you are a beginner and looking for excellent email service.

It Gives You The A/B Testing

However, this might not be as comprehensive as others might want, but it can be helpful.

Convertkit allows you to split test subject lines in your broadcast emails that one performs better.

In other ways, it gives you a boost to the open rate by offering silt testing for the subject line.

They make it possible for people to split-test other email marketing aspects.

They Offer The Integration

Convertkit allows you the integration that hosts the native software apps it including Strips, Woocommerce, Shopify, Leadpages, Zippy Courses, teachable, Zapier and Gumroad.

This integration makes it easier to execute the different tasks which relate to email list management, engagement, and sales.

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