How To Find Someone’s Email Address: 15 Easy And Quick Ways!

Finding someone’s email address is not something simple; it’s not the phone number or address that can be found in a phonebook.

However, there are different ways that can help you in reaching out to an influencer, prospect a list of potential sales leads, etc.

To find new ways that can help in finding someone’s email address. Here is what might help.

Why It’s So Important To Have The Right Email Address?

For marketers, it’s important to have the right email address.

If you are sending an important email, it’s important that you get the right people too.

It’s important as it’s difficult to get the attention of people.

There are only 8.5% of the outreach emails have no response.

Getting the right people who achieve your email and reading improves the chances of getting what response you want.

So it becomes crucial to find the email address and tweak the message, which is 100 % worth it.

This becomes more crucial if you are reaching someone to whom you have never talked before.

What Are The Ways That To Find The Email Address?

List of the best ways that you can get in tools and different ways that can help you in finding someone’s right email address.

Ways Of Finding Someone's  Email Address

Use The Google

Using search engines should be the first thing that you should do before you try the fancier methods.

You can use this if you are looking for emails using the names.

For that, you can use the following google and search operator as queries in advance search.

However, if a person searches for a common name, it might be difficult, and it might be a unique name that does not get the result.

However,  you are searching for someone who has a common name.

You can narrow it down with the google search operators.

It’s super easy, just add the operator to Google and search for it.

  • Add name and Email or email address
  • Add name and contact or contact information
  • Add name and hometown
  • Add name with email
  • Add name with contact
  • Add name with ZoomInfo
  • Add name with LinkedIn
  • Add name with the company

Consider Using The Email Lookup Tool

Well, one of the simplest ways that you can find someone’s email address is through the lookup services.

Here you just need to enter the name of the person and their website, and the tools can help you in searching for the relevant address.

While they are useful, it’s not always useful.

Free searches have their limits, and paid ones can be expensive if you don’t get the address that you are looking for.

Most of the lookup services work the same; you add the name and refine it as much as you can. And let the tool do the work.

Look at the 15 Free Email Marketing Tools to save your time and money.

There are some of the popular tools you get include:

  • Email Finder
  • Find That Email
  • Finder Expert
  • Voila Norbert
  • eMail Prospector Pro
  • FindThatLead

Use Free Services For Email Lookups

If your budget is not too light, there are some ways that help for free.

There are different lookup services that you can find, such as :

RocketReach can help you in finding the email for you, especially if you are targeting profiles that are fairly high. You can sign up for free and start email hunting.

GetProspect is basically a chrome extension that allows you to find an email address by adding the name and domain.

Cherabit Connect is a Gmail and Outlook, which is an add-on that looks for emails from different sources as well as a database of their own.

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Use DuckDuckGo And

Well, the trick is not that now, but it can help you in finding the email address.

Here you can simply use the alternative search engine to find the email address.

Running the exact match search adding the @domainname, come on the DuckDuckGo, and wait for the result.

You get the email address attached to the domain, which is available to the public.

You can also include the name of the prospect in the search, and you can look at everything in particular or keep it generic.

It’s a handy trick that goes well with DuckDuckGo, or you can use other different engines.

However, Google uses @ for their social media tags, so it won’t work there, and it doesn’t suit being either.

Use Twitter Options to find Someone’s Email Address.

You can also use the options that you get on Twitter.

There are a lot of different users who include their email addresses in their tweets or their Twitter bio.

But they might try to hide it from bits using dot and at instead ‘.’ Or ‘ @’

Well, you can get the Twitter advanced search where you can prospect tweets and search for at and dot.

You will be able to choose what exact phrase to look at, words to ignore, specific hashtags, time frames, and accounts.

You can also play around and see what else you can input.

Also, add words similar to email, reach or contact that can help in filtering better and improving the result.

However, if you want to take the bold move, you can simply ask them to share the email address on Twitter.

Use The WHOIS Lookup

If you are looking for the email address, someone has their own website, as they can be independent business owners, writers, or enterprises.

You can sometimes get their contact information on the website on WHOIS information.

Well WHOIS data is used when the purchasing of a domain happens and it’s one for the public.

You can get information regarding who owns the domain.

Everyone who has their web series to law to share the contact details.

Subscribe To the Email List Of Your Prospect

If you are a prospect, have a blog or website where they feature the newsletter.

You can subscribe to the mailing list and make sure you get a newsletter sent from a personal email address.

This can be much quicker as well as easy to get the email address that you might need.

Even if you get the email info@aaddress, you can reply to their newsletter talking about your opinion or asking the question; make sure it’s insightful so you can get the response.

This also helps you in building a better relationship with your prospect and also to get their personal email address in the future.

Use a Generic Email Address Or Contact Form

There are a lot of websites where you get the contact form on their website.

If not, then you get the generic info@email address for the inquiries.

You can use this but also remember that such things are mostly manned by the staff.

So you can try using them, and there are high chances that you will get your ideal prospect.

Consider Checking The Author Page

The other simple starting point that you get is the author page of your prospect’s website and blog.

This is linked with the name and article that they might have written.

There is often a lot of information you get on the page, especially if they are using the theme and setting of default WordPress.

Check Their Contact Or About Us

Sometimes you just need the simplest solution, and it’s the best one you can get.

There are a lot of websites that include their personal email address on their contact or about us pages.

Sometimes you can also get the email address mentioned in their meet the team pages.

However, it can  be tricky to find it on the site navigation, so if you are not able to see it, you can look by checking the footer or try common URL formats such as :


By Using Facebook You can find Someone’s email.

When people set up their Facebook page, they add too much information and end up forgetting it.

You can head over to the about page of the profiles, and you will see the email address if you might get it.

With this, you can get Facebook as a great place where you can find the email address of the prospects.

Export The Connections From LinkedIn

Linkedin allows you to export the connections/

You can connect with the prospect; you might get the ability to hold their email address.

Check The Email List; Of Yours

Depending on the visibility that you have within the industry, you find some other aspects that have more subscribers to the newsletter.

This quick search for an email list can reveal exactly what offers zero hassle.

Most email marketing software allows you to search from the list.

Take Educated Guess

If you think about this, you can get the email address following some of the patterns, which are based on simple formats.

If you know about the prospect’s name, domain, and surname.

You might get the email address. And you have the email address of someone else at the same company.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

What Is The Easiest Way To Find Someone’s Email?

You can get offers in different ways, including checking the social media page, connecting with the admin, and google it.

What Are The Freeways To Find An Email Address?

You can use Clearbit Connect, which is a free service, and you can do 100 searches per month. Also, it’s a chrome extension and straight from the inbox.

Why Is It Crucial To Have An Email Address?

Right email address is important to find the audience that is better to connect with and target in the right way. 

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