Top 10+ Feedly Alternatives for 2023

Most of us frequent a specific collection of preferred websites, blogs, news portals, etc., on a regular or almost daily basis.

And nothing works better than RSS feed aggregators, like the massively popular Feedly, for keeping up with the most recent information from all these different web sources. 

Year Founded: 2008
Headquarters: Mountain View, California, United States

Nevertheless, while being a pretty fantastic RSS reader, Feedly is not without its drawbacks. The expensive cost of its Pro edition is another issue for some consumers. Don’t worry—there are plenty of other feature-rich RSS feed aggregators you can use in its place.

Pros– The free plan also offers a lot of features, Highly customizable

Cons– Information overload, Might be laggy sometimes

Best Feedly Alternatives and Competitors:

The Old Reader

Year Founded: 2011
Headquarters: San Francisco, California

The Old Reader is a social bookmarking site that enables users to store and share their preferred websites and articles. The ability to follow other users and see what they are reading makes it special. This makes it a fantastic location to discover fresh and engaging reading material.

The website also contains several user-friendly features, such as the capacity to import RSS feeds and store articles for offline viewing. The Old Reader is certainly worth checking out if you’re seeking a fresh way to find and exchange material.

Pros– Clean layout, Easy to use the navigation

Cons– Lacks a lot of useful features, No mobile application.


Year Founded: 2007
Headquarters: Sofia, Bulgaria

Inoreader is an RSS feed aggregator and reader that runs on the web. Users may arrange and view all of their preferred news sources in one location. Several additional capabilities are available with Inoreader, such as editing articles, storing them for bookmark sync, and doing news source searches.

For a few years now, Inoreader has been the preferred RSS reader. Favorite news sources may be added and arranged conveniently in one location. Additionally, great for use when traveling is the offline reading option. And when you are searching for certain items, the search feature is helpful.

Pros– Allows unlimited searches for users of the free plan, Easy to use

Cons– Sometimes lag, Needs regular updates


Year Founded: 2012
Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Feedbin is a straightforward, quick, and attractive RSS reader. In addition to an iOS and Android app, it provides a web interface. The fact that Feed Bin is quick is its finest feature. In a matter of seconds, you may easily navigate through your feeds to discover the content you want. The UI is also very uncluttered and straightforward.

Easily saving items for later is another fantastic feature of Feedbin. A bookmarked article will appear in the “My Favourites” feed when you click the star next to it. This is incredibly helpful when you find an article that interests you but that you don’t have time to read right now.

Pros– Along with the app, it also offers a web interface

Cons– Lacks regular useful updates

Reeder 4

Year Founded: 2019
Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland

The user interface of Reeder 4 is clear and uncomplicated, which makes it simple to navigate and read RSS feeds. The program allows users to add several feeds to keep track of their favorite websites, and it supports both Atom and RSS feeds. 

Both novice and advanced users will love Reeder 4’s RSS reader. This user-friendly program provides all the capabilities you want to keep up with your favorite websites. Reeder 4 is a superb RSS reader if you’re seeking one.

Pros– Synchronises the data from added accounts, Relatively cheaper

Cons– Doesn’t support non-Google RSS readers, Comparatively complex interface


Year Founded: 2009
Headquarters: San Francisco, California

NewsBlur is a social networking platform and news aggregator that allows users to browse and share news items. Users of NewsBlur may filter stories by subject, region, or source, giving them a distinctive perspective on the news. This makes it simple to get others.

The website also features a social component that enables users to follow other users and see what news topics they are discussing. This is a fantastic way to keep up with the most recent news and learn what people say about it.

Pros– Compatible with all major web browsers, The subscription plan is lucratively cheap.

Cons– The free version has a limit of just 64 sites.


Year Founded: 2010
Headquarters: Palo Alto, California

Flipboard is a social networking platform that enables users to share and curate material from the internet. On Flipboard, users may build “boards” that function as digital scrapbooks and add material from various sources to them.

Flipboard is a fantastic tool for finding new material and staying up to date with trends and news. Flipboard is a must-have for everyone who appreciates social media because of its simple, user-friendly layout and capacity to curate material from several sources.

Pros– Magazines are visually appealing

Cons– Less frequent updates to keep up quality


Year Founded: 2016
Headquarters: Singapore

Feedspot is an excellent tool for discovering and reading blogs. It maintains track of the blogs you follow and makes it simple to locate new ones to read. You may categorize your Feedspot feed by topic to discover the content you’re interested in quickly.

The blogs on Feedspot cover a wide range of topics and blog formats. Everything is available online, including personal financial, culinary, and design blogs. There is always something fresh and intriguing to read.

Pros– Good customer support team, Allows social sharing

Cons– Organizing tools are not consistent


Year Founded: 2010
Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Users may keep track of all of their favorite websites and blogs using G2Reader, an online RSS reader. It is a fantastic method to keep up with the most recent news and data from the resources you rely on. Sharing articles with friends and coworkers is another feature of G2Reader. Articles may be shared by email, social media, or even embedded on a personal website or blog.

G2Reader makes it easy to maintain organization and locate the data you want quickly and efficiently. Your G2Reader account allows you to add RSS feeds from your favorite websites and blogs and then arrange those feeds into folders. This makes it simple to locate the data you want at the appropriate time.

Pros– Supports OPML uploads, Including support for Google Alerts.

Cons– No mobile application, Updates are slow sometimes


Year Founded: 2005
Headquarters: Paris, France

Users may combine and personalize their internet material in one location with Netvibes, a customizable homepage and RSS reader. The fact that it was one of the earliest web-based RSS readers and that it can interact with so many different third-party services has helped it maintain its popularity. To make Netvibes more than just a news reader, it has included a variety of functions. 

There are several third-party services that Netvibes can link with, like Google Calendar and Evernote. Support for social networks like Facebook and Twitter is also provided. This enables individuals to maintain their whole online life.

Pros– Highly customizable

Cons– Less frequent updates


Year Founded: 2002
Headquarters: Seattle, Washington

NetNewsWire has been one of the most popular RSS readers for macOS and iOS since its inception. The program includes several capabilities for users to personalize their RSS experience and has a clear and straightforward user interface. NetNewsWire has integrations with several external services, including Twitter, Pinboard, and Evernote.

For consumers who seek a straightforward and stylish way to stay up to date with their favorite websites and blogs, NetNewsWire is a fantastic RSS reader. The program is simple to use and provides a wide range of features and integrations to allow users to personalize their RSS experience.

Pros– Convenient keyboard shortcuts, Contextual menu support

Cons– No feed-sync options, Limited sharing options

Feedly Alternatives


Where can I locate RSS feeds?

Many of your favorite websites have RSS feeds. Look for an RSS, XML, or Feed button or link. You may get the RSS feed by clicking this button or this link.

How do I sign up for an RSS feed?

Typically, RSS feeds are free. You need an RSS Reader or News Aggregator to subscribe to an RSS feed. You may easily subscribe to the RSS feed using this program.

How can I find a news aggregator or RSS reader?

There are several accessible RSS Readers or News Aggregators, both free and paid.

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