23+ Powerful Facebook Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Facebook advertising tips for small businesses can be revolutionary in terms of how they reach their target audience, how they sell their products or services, and more. 

However, It has been often said that organic reach on Facebook is declining, and even dead for that matter. 

This specifically becomes even more challenging for small businesses. Because they don’t have the same budget as giant brands invest in their paid posts. 

Even it is said that only 1 of the 50 followers of your page will come across any single post on your Facebook page. 

where does it leave small business owners?  

Well, there are two points to take home, first; focus more on investing small budgets in the content. 

And second, there are indeed some efficient Facebook Marketing Tips for small businesses that help you grow on either low or no budget. 

Facebook Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Start With Optimizing Your Profile Page 

Facebook Marketing Tips

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The very first thing a user will see on your Facebook business page is the profile. Tabs you see on the profile page help a user to navigate through your profile. 

It is important you keep it well organized. Restructure their hierarchy by including or removing tabs. Make available all the information about your company.

This helps a user to find information about your business quickly and easily. Optimize the tabs such as ‘About’ to improve the user experience on your page. 

Make sure the review table is activated, especially if you’re a service-based business. Add your other social media page links and group them together. 

Also if you are promoting any event, new product, or offer, make sure relevant tabs are active and all information is advertised. 

These are simple tweaks that might seem obvious but are often overlooked. This can impact the user’s experience or first impression of your business. Make sure users don’t have to look so hard to find information on you. 

Targeting The Right Audience 

This might seem like overstated advice but also undeniably most overlooked. Finding the right audience, and then targeting them should be the first step for any social media campaign including Facebook. 

Whether you are creating content on Facebook to promote your products or services or running Facebook Ads, you need to target the audience that is actually relevant to your businesses. 

Research on the basis of demographic variables, locations, interests, gender, age, and other aspects of what the audience caters to your product or selling. Who you’re referring to? Who do you want to sell? 

For example, If you sell sports energy drinks, you must target athletes, sportspeople, and other prospects with such interests or professions. It should reflect in your content and marketing strategy as well.

Highly targeted Facebook marketing leads targeting only the preferred audience is more likely to grow. 

Having an Intent Behind Your Facebook Posts 

A lot of small businesses fail to understand that Facebook marketing is more than just posting relevant images and links. You need to be more mindful of what kind of content you put out. 

You can’t just hope people discover whatever you throw on your Facebook business page. You have to decide the intent behind what you post, and also a further strategy for the post. 

It means your post must communicate specific values to your targeted audience. Decide whether it is promotional, informational, statistics, questionnaire, poll, or what is it and how it helps. 

Also, you have to give a lot of thought to which content to boost the budget. Also, there must be a good posting rhythm, variety of content, and content mix on your Facebook business page. 

Use Content Calendar 

Facebook Marketing Tips

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Content Calendar is the most effective content management plan to maximize the content flow and minimize the time you spend on Facebook advertising. 

You can schedule the content for a week or a month with the help of scheduling programs such as Hootsuite, Sprout Social, or Buffer. 

It allows you to automate content publishing on your Facebook business page. You just have to monitor and focus more on increasing engagement with the audience. 

Go Live More Often On Facebook 

Facebook advertising Tips

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24% of marketers consider video the “main disruptor” as per the 2017 State of Inbound report. Videos have way more engagement rates than any other kind of content. 

People tend to enjoy more casual content, especially when it is in video form, and better if live. It allows viewers to get behind the scenes of your business.  

Facebook live for businesses has been a tremendous changer. For small businesses, they can connect to their followers, interact with them, provide value, and create a bond. 

It doesn’t have to be scripted. Just try to provide value to your followers through good content. You can go for Q & A as well. It can be a quick unboxing, some announcement, or just live interaction with your audience. 

These live videos can further be saved and published as featured content on your page for other people to watch. 

Create Video Content 

Facebook Marketing Tips

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Since you know how effectively penetrating video content is on social media in comparison with any other content form, there is no excuse to not make video content for your brand. 

You don’t have to hire videographers or video creators to start. Go with your smartphone camera. Or even using images, videos, and music altogether you can craft engaging content to engage the audience on your Facebook page. 

Keep them short, crisp, and informational.

Small businesses are often caught up in the trap of thinking they have to invest a fortune, to begin with, in video content. But that’s not true! 

Just start with what you have and start investing in video content as you go up. Videos on your Facebook business page will increase the reach and boost engagement. 

Establishing a Community Page 

You must know that Facebook community pages or groups tend to provide more organic and consistent reach than commercial business pages. 

If you create an invitation-only community page, it will make your customers feel special. They are more inclined to make a long-term relationship with your brand. 

Since community members instill trust in your brand as you help or guide them through, they engage more and more. 

It also helps you gain more members, and eventually customers over time. 

Engage With Your Audience 

Facebook advertising Tips

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The more you will be responsive to your users, the faster and longer they will connect with your brand. It is something small businesses have leverage against big brands. 

Big brands often fall into the trap of not caring about their customers or online audience. They lose the basic connection. 

Encourage conversations in comments. Try to reply to every single comment on the Facebook business page. 

Tell your users to tag their friends, share the post, and comment about what is their experience with the product. A Facebook post with higher engagement has a wider reach.  

Caring about your customers is a unique trait, and it surprises people. Also, you will get valuable opinions and great suggestions from your end-users to improve your product or services. 

Blend, Don’t Push 

When a post is coupled with a link to just take the prospect on the buying page, it doesn’t engage with the audience. The Facebook algorithm detects and determines such posts taking an overtly promotional approach. 

And that’s why such posts fail to perform, and hence the brand as well. 

The second approach is to blend with people and provide information or entertainment value to the user. 

It tends to work at least 15 times better than just plain promotional content. You create posts that engage the people without necessarily being promotional or providing links to click. 

Testing Waters

If something worked for the first time, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work again as well. Make sure you are not just recycling the same or similar content on your Facebook business page or group. 

No matter how wonderful it has been done in the past – you can’t be doing it. The same goes for Facebook ads or any other content marketing strategies on Facebook. 

If a strategy worked, do try it again but not with the same content. The idea is to find new and exciting ways to connect with an audience, so they don’t get bored. 

Also, try to reinvent the brand through new strategies and content every once in a while. This will keep you growing, and your audience hooked.

Post Content When Your Fans Are Active 

Go to your Facebook Insights. It’s a huge mistake for any marketer or brand to not use Analytics or Insights. 

You can specifically check and identify the kind of content that is working! It tells you which content drives traffic to engage. 

Now, see you can also find out exactly when your fans are online or most active. Once you find the peak engagement hours, lock the timeframe to post around that time. 

However, since there is still a lot going on, it means your post still might not reach your fans. A simple trick is to post late at night when fewer people are active. 

Due to less competition, people who are indeed active will find you easily. This gives your posts a significant engagement jump.

Never Stop With Facebook Story

Facebook Marketing Tips

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Facebook Story doesn’t have to be something related to company news or announcement. Posting stories is a powerful tool to reach the audience. 

You can post anything whether it is some interesting statistics, facts, funny questions, or some sharable video. The aim is to engage the audience and keep them aware of your brand.

Don’t overthink while posting a story from a business profile. It is supposed to be something on-the-go feeling or casual. 

Facebook Group Is Altogether a New Game 

Facebook groups are not for promotional purposes. It is not for selling. 

When you understand this, Facebook groups will start working for you. Most marketers or small businesses make this mistake. They just start sharing their product or service links right away in the group. 

That’s the reason why the Facebook group fails! 

You should make Facebook groups to allow people to exchange information related to their businesses. The idea is to empower them. 

The key here is to find a niche around your customer’s interests and relevant to your brand and give them space to interact. Then, as the group grows over time, you can start sharing the relevant articles and links. 

Use Facebook For Customer Service 

Use Facebook For Customer Service Facebook advertising Tips

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82% of consumers expect excellent customer service from businesses on Facebook. Facebook can be a significant way to delightfully satisfy your customers and provide them effective customer service. 

And that’s what is happening as well. 

Since, Facebook is a much more intimate way to connect to your customer, not forget the fastest. You can really utilize the platform to increase your credibility and customer satisfaction amongst the users. 

Also, for a customer, being able to reach the business on Facebook gives them a positive signal. They will be more inclined to opt for you. 

After all, customer service is a huge differentiator while choosing a brand for a service or product. 

Use the Product Catalog 

Use the Product Catalog - Facebook advertising Tips

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Another remarkable feature you might be missing out on Facebook is Product Catalog. Especially if you’re a small business selling products, this feature can help you create a rich product browsing experience for shoppers. 

Something you wish or want to give to your prospects. It encourages product discovery, so more and more people can reach you. 

The products in Product Catalog reaches the relevant interested audience through which they can discover you. It also increases engagement at your Facebook business page. 

You can implement dynamic targeting using this tool. It means your products will be constantly visible to people who showed interest in similar products of yours. 

Not just that, it also allows you to connect a different catalog from another website such as Google. It can be revolutionary for small businesses with physical products to sell.  

Try Posting With A Small Budget 

Don’t hesitate to add a budget to your posts to ensure better reach. The aim is to kickstart your posts with some budget, not invest a lot at once. 

Utilize the in-built A/B testing system of Facebook ads. Learn by experimenting with changing the differentiator factors such as visual creatives, content, publishing hours, and others as well. 

This will allow you to understand what a few bucks can bring to the table. Also, remember that posting without the budget all the time is too much of wasting time. It is better to post occasionally and strategically with some budget. 

You need to make sure the content reaches your target audience and prospects. 

Either you can create tailor-made ad content for your brand or sometimes it’s even better that your ad content seems just like any regular Facebook post as well.  

For small businesses, it is suggested to keep trying A/B testing with different sets of content and see what works for them. 

Also, give priority to video and image posts because those work the best. 

Testing Ad Placements

Testing Ad Placements - Facebook advertising Tips

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While you’re at it with post ads, you must try different ad placements on Facebook. You can test both the Newsfeed ads and right-hand-side ads to find out what performs the best. 

The right-hand side ads are cheaper than newsfeed ads however they may not give you the same results or conversion as the latter one. So, it’s better to find out what works for you in terms of ad placements. 

Prefer Posting Visual Content 

You can totally rely on preferably posting visual content on your Facebook business page. Whether there are images, creatives, or videos, try to post more amongst these. 

Don’t just publish links and text-based posts. Any visual content gets 40X more engagement as compared to other types of content. 

Using Custom Audience To Retarget Users For Ads 

Using Facebook Ads, you can create a custom audience on the basis of how long people have watched your videos. 

This custom audience can be further used to retarget the users who have already watched your videos for a new ad campaign. 

Since you know that this audience was already interested in your video. So, they are indeed potential prospects, and more likely to convert. 

 You can create a unique ad, which might be a more tempting offer or discount specifically designed for this set of audiences. 

 Use Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts Together 

Facebook marketing Tips

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The strategy here is to use Facebook Ads and boosted posts in a consecutive sequence. 

What small business owners can do is create two ads by investing a minimum of $50 just for initial engagement and see which ad generates the most engagement. 

The goal here is to use the exact boosted post which performed well instead of using a new Facebook ad post. It will further boost the likes and shares already on that post. 

Just go to your business page, find the boosted post, and copy the unique post number in the post URL.

Now, Copy and paste the ID under creative while creating an ad by clicking on ‘ Use Existing Post. 

Use Better Cover 

Use Better Cover - Facebook marketing tips from Tips themktgboy.com

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If you just want to fill the space at the top of your Facebook Page, you can use any generic cover. But using just a logo or any branding image, instead, post a video cover. 

You can post a series of short clips representing your business, recent events, infrastructure, and happy employees. 

Think of this space as a showcase for your brand. It will attract more prospects than any usual brand image.


Test Various Bidding Strategies 

A lot of marketing experts suggest one of the best Facebook marketing is to test various bidding strategies.  

Create four or five different ad groups for an identical ad. Just choose different bidding amounts and types. Now, run the campaigns for around a week or two. Shut down the ad sets which are not performing well. Let the best bidding result reach the end. 

According to Facebook, an ad set requires 15 to 25 conversions per week minimum to consider successful. 

But this can be very difficult for small business owners or if they have just started advertising. The conversion biddings on these ad sets seem to be far less than the suggested ones. 

The point is if your ad set doesn’t hit 25 conversions per week, be free to try different settings and different bidding strategies. Change your deadlines according to what you are promoting. 

Focus On What Matters

Don’t get too obsessed about what feels temporarily good such as likes and reach. Initially, it can be difficult for small businesses to grow. 

But at those times, you need to remember your priorities. Focus to provide value to your targeted audience. Stick to producing great content. Engage with followers you have. 

Focus on what makes the difference towards bigger goals, like building a reliable brand. Analytics or metrics can help you understand the audience and decide on content marketing strategies accordingly. 

But that’s it! Don’t overdo it. It happens with businesses starting out new on digital mediums. Focus on what matters, and that is your target audience, followers. 

FAQ ( Frequently Question Asked) about Facebook marketing for Small business

1. How Facebook Can Be Used For Marketing?

You can use Facebook to build your brand as a digital presence, and platform to connect with your prospects, generate leads, and eventually for sales conversion. Facebook can be utilized to spread brand awareness, and information about your products, services, and events. Create relevant and versatile content for the target audience to find prospects. 

2. What Are Some Best Facebook Marketing Tips?

Here are some of the best Facebook Marketing Tips : 

-Targeting a very specific audience makes reaching your prospects easy. 
-Make tons of video content and other visual content to stand out. 
-Optimize your Facebook page 
-Have a video showcasing your business achievements, people, happy customers, etc instead of an image. 
-Put some small budget to promote posts
-Engage with your audience all the time. 

3. How to Promote Your Small Business On Facebook? 

You can promote your business on Facebook by creating a business page. Here’s the process of how to do it : 

-Create a Business Page on Facebook. Never use your personal Facebook account. 
-Be consistent in posting enticing content. 
-Engage with your followers in comments and in the inbox as well. 
-Post creatives and short videos. 
-Do Live Q&A sessions to engage the audience. 
-Promote your page. 
-Try Facebook ads every once in a while with A/B testing strategies.
-Conduct online contests. 

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