Ultimate Guide To Facebook Group Marketing For Small Businesses

Facebook groups are helpful for small businesses in lots of ways, The point is to understand how you can use and what really matters. 

Do you know how many of the groups you have joined? When you think about this, there will be only a few that came immediately, the reason is you are getting some value from it. Maybe it’s increasing your engagement or boosting the relationship. 

Every group has its standard and something that you get from it.

facebook group marketing guide for small businesses

To understand more about how the Facebook group can help and how you can market this to achieve your business goals, here is what you are going to need. 


Why Your Small Business Needs a Facebook Group?

Over the past years, it’s evident to see lots of groups popping up on Facebook. Different people are coming up with the groups, all these branded and allowing more people to join them.

There are some important reasons why your small business needs such Facebook groups.

For Creating Better And Build Long-Lasting Bond 

Facebook groups are general and valuable in general. When you are doing the marketing strategy, this can do a big impact on how you are pursuing it. 

Also, the groups are around the brand including the subscription services or not, it helps build the community for your brand. 

With this, you can make your brand as well as what you offer value to your audience.  Also, it makes your customer closer to your products and brand.

Also, it affects the digital sales funnels, you are not just aiming for people doing the purchase for one time. You also want them to move more than that and become loyal or much better advocacy. 

The Facebook group can help in connecting more with people, it’s one on one basis, this is also important for increasing rapport. 

Offering More Additional Value To Your Customer 

Groups have their own exceptional features, it’s important to understand how to use these ways and include the important factors to filter the audience. 

You can add different things such as learning blocks, mentorship opportunities,  live parties, etc.

You can also be creating exclusive content focusing on group members. With this, you can encourage more users and get more customers for gaining access to the virtual club. 

Boosting Your Reach To Organically 

Facebook started their algorithm which is known as Facebook Zero in 2018, and this is what keeps your group content dominating the news feeds. 

Mark Zuckerberg said that the idea is too outright for hearing more about their friends, family, and groups. 

It gives more to the groups and how you are using it frequently on staying top. Also, people do join the groups faster and it’s a key point for community building that you need. 

Group content has an organic reach unlike then the pages, it’s much better to reach is 5.20% if the high performing.

You are posting the same content and get a high engagement and reach to your group. 

Why Content Is A Make Or Break For Facebook Group Marketing?

The reason why your customer will stick for the long run is the content you offer. It’s an important and harsh reality. 

Also, there are lots of points that you need to consider is : 

  • Make sure your content is not too pushy or self-promotional
  • Don’t share links without context
  • When you are in doubt, choose the less is more rule of thumb
  • Focus on communicating well with questions

The key point here is to keep your content as engaging as possible. When you focus on content, it will help you in getting your people back. 

Well when it comes to content, you have different things that you can use for offering value. This also helps you in getting more active and contributors that are enthusiastic to be a part of the group. 

Share Tips, Support & Advice 

The groups are the ideal way to offer exclusively what people are looking for. Most of them are joining either for support or help. As an admin, it’s your responsibility to make sure that their requirements are fulfilled. 

Share the related tips to your products, services, or something that can help the customer and at the same time related to what you do.

It’s helpful for the audience and something that they will look forward to. And since you are offering something that they want, there will be more engagement and joining in the future. 

Post For Inspiring 

People never ignore the content that can help in inspiring them. 

Image Source: Coschedule

Also such content gets more response because it makes the people feel pumped up. Also, they take much faster action. 

It’s good to share something that can help people in boosting and going through their bad days. 

Q & A Sessions 

All of the people look for services where they can directly connect with the professional. It’s an invaluable service that customers don’t let go of that easily. 

Doing the Q & A session for the weekly threads can help in tackling the questions that the customers have. 

It will help in driving more engagement and it’s an opportunity where you can show off your expertise.

Success Stories Of Members 

Share your member’s stories with other people, it will help in motivating and getting more engagement

Also, don’t be afraid to do this and share the content, it makes your customer feel closer to the brand. 

The case studies are one of the valuable content and have massive returns too. 

Community Discussions 

Groups are created so people with the same interest can come together and share their thoughts. 

This is a good exercise and exchanges the knowledge, finding the common practice,  ground, and trends. 

Facebook permits everyone for sharing their thoughts and ideas. The group is an ideal way to get all of these people together and let them do the discussion. 

Special Offers 

You can use the offers as it’s a brilliant way to do it on your Facebook group.  You can encourage your new as well as existing customers to use the deals and do more shopping. 

Make sure you are pushing too directly and let the people choose their decisions. With this, you can win more audience and get new buyers for your product. 

Also, you can promote your brand and have a loyal base as well. 

Effective Ways For Using Facebook Group Marketing 

Facebook is an effective platform, understanding how to make it best for your understanding so you can get sales, customers, and reach the audience. 

ways promote facebook group marketing

There are lots of ways, and here are some clever ones that you can follow. 

Provide Value To Your Customers 

Creating a Facebook group is not about you, it’s about your customer. 

Image Source: Thinkific

When you are creating the group, it should focus on the customer, allow them to discuss, and allow talking about services, goals, and people who share the same mind about the topic. 

Add the links, emails and invite people to join. You can use the group for following up with your customer and ask different customers. 

Discuss Different Events Including Current Ones 

The group should be active, also keep up with the events that are going on. 

You can discuss different changes that happen in the industry,  business, and other non-concerning topics too. 

The point is to keep the discussion going, the better you do, the more needed you will get. 

However, avoid getting too much into certain topics especially those that are not related to your business. 

Do Your Community Building 

Marketing is important and it’s not about you. 

Your group should be serving the members and provide the group the value. 

The better value you are providing, it will boost the community. It helps you in bringing more people together and converting to the community who shares similar thoughts. 

Community building is important for a brand as it gives you a more potential customer base. 

Communication With Brand Ambassadors 

When you are looking for more ways to use your Facebook group, you can keep in touch with the fans and brand ambassadors. 

This gives you much better communication and connects you well with the people who are being your advocates and ambassador. 

Not just these people are valuable but also you need to stay in touch so you can boost more elements and better sales. It helps keep your brand value for more people. 

Keep Your Team Strong 

You can use this for keeping your team connected. Especially if you have a team working from different locations, creating a group can establish a common communication option for better and hassle-free understanding. 

With this, you can easily reach the people you need and boost the speed of work too. This is also helpful for keeping your team strong and staying connected to that element of the chances of miscommunication. 

Doing Promotions & Events 

You can use this for promotions including your products, events, or something that you are celebrating. 

The Facebook group is helpful for creating a strong base of people who are interested in every activity that you do. 

This is also good for the business to grow and have its own audience. You can use this for boosting the promotions and sharing the event that you are holding. 

It’s handy if you are organizing events for promotions, also you can ask people to share their photos and thoughts especially those who joined the events with other people. 

Tips For Building Stronger Community With Facebook Group Marketing 

Well, when you get an understanding of your group marketing, It’s important to understand how you can use Facebook group marketing for your business growth and connecting with customers. 

benefits of facebook group marketing

Since lots of brands focus on building their community and making it stronger, here are some tips that can help you in growing the base of your loyal customers.

Keep Your Rules & Regulation Clear 

The most important part here is to establish the rules and keep them crystal clear. 

Even though it didn’t sound too much fun, it will guide your content and members to understand what can be tolerated and what is strictly avoided.

Image Source: Social Media Examiner

Also, you can keep your group away from spamming and disorganization like problems.

To understand how you can make the rules, the first thing you need to question is your goals and what you want from the group?

Now, consider the post that you expect from the members or guidelines that they need to know before they interact. 

Well apart from this, here are few basic rules that you must have : 

  • Respect the privacy of your members
  • Outlaw the irrelevant links and spams 
  • Take actions against hate speech or bullying
  • Encourage people to share positive comments
  • Boost the feedbacks and healthy conversation

Make sure that you are properly enforcing the rules and take care that in no consideration or situation, these rules should be violated. 

Prioritize The Daily Discussion Basis 

The better you are having discussions, the more elements you are getting. 

With this, you get more activities but also you can get more likes, shares, and posts on the feeds. 

Well, when you do the discussion on a regular basis, it becomes too much of a commitment. 

The best way is to keep it weekly or monthly, so you can come up with something exciting and people can take more participation. 

You can choose a theme like lots of groups to have their motivation Monday thread. Or you can have a weekly post where you can encourage sharing stories and content. 

With this, you are giving something that the members will look forward to. 

Make Your Presence Known 

Don’t avoid getting involved in the discussion or having a chat now and then. It’s important to establish your presence and let people know that you are active in the group. 

It’s important to keep your eyes on the notification and do the replies. Focus especially on the discussions that you created or related to yourself directly. 

This gives your members that you are listening to them, also make sure you are responding back to the tagged post. 

But here is the important thing, don’t get involved in every single conversation. Restrain yourself from too much talking and give some room to your customers to talk.

Don’t jump in conversation if the questions are not directed to you. Take a step back now and then too. 

Half of the population out there hesitant to get involved in the group just because they hate the spammed messages. 

Not just its distraction but also you are getting out of the main topic. To avoid this, never send the links or direct sales 

If you are sharing something, make sure to explain the reason behind it. Your customers deserve to know why they should go to the website or take any actions. 

For example, you are sharing a blog link, make sure to give the reasons explaining what customers might get from there and what else is there for them.

Keep your pitches and promos to direct messages instead of groups, and also offer to those who are interested in those things. 

Consider The Benefits Of Closed Groups 

There are lots of closed groups on Facebook and there is a reason why it’s a successful method. The closed groups mean nobody can join without answering the questions and accepted by the admins.

Groups are secretive in nature and promoted as something for your eyes only concept. The content, offers, and other things are just for the interested people. 

Instead of targeting everyone, closed groups have their own small and tight-knit audience. Also for the admins, it becomes much easier to access and control the activities. 

Do Experiments With Different Formats And Contents 

The idea is to understand what attracts the people and how you can get the most of the engagement.  For this, you are going to need to experiment with your content and formats. 

Image Source: engagement ceremony

Not just ist suitable for an algorithm but also you are keeping your content fresh. This helps your customers to keep excited about what you are going to do next and you can be creative with your post. 

There are some posts that you can consider are : 

  • Sharing images, infographics, and Gifs
  • Facebook live and native videos
  • Promote user-generated content 
  • Interactive content such as polls and votings

Don’t Keep Your Promotion For Facebook Only 

The group is not going to form on its own  You have to find people who are interested and want to be a part. For this, you are also going to focus on different ways to promote your group. 

Instead of focusing on Facebook and depending on one channel to promote your group. Make sure you are opting for different ways too such as email newsletters and social media platforms.

Keep your customers interested and request to join 

When you have customers who are interested and trust the brand, inviting them to the group will be easier for you. 

Search For Pain Points & Common Themes 

The group is a good idea to understand what makes your customers struggle. Since you are into this business. You have a clear idea that the pain point is important to understand. 

The more you have an idea, the better you can offer the services and keep your product related to them

Keep your eye on what questions or problems are arising frequently in group Tak ideas from blogs and other places where people do discussion, you might end up getting ideas to help your customers better.

What Are The Best Practices For Facebook Group Marketing?

The business requires understanding the importance and impact that group marketing can do. And might be the reason why these numbers of groups are increasing on Facebook. 

However creating a Facebook group is not just the end, there are lots of things you are going to do to keep the group active and to get the benefits you are hoping for. 

Here are a few of the best practices that you can follow : 

Post Welcome Messages Regularly 

There will be always someone who is going to be a newcomer in the group. So it’s important for you to post the welcome message regularly. 

Image Source: Social Media Examiner

This is crucial to not let your important message be lost in the conversation. 

Make sure to let the new users know what are rules and regulations they need to follow. Also, you can give them a hint about what they can expect in the group. 

Scheduled Your Post For Peak Hours

Not everyone is going to be in a group or in the mood of having a conversation. Your customers have a life apart from this and it’s important to respect that. 

That’s why to choose the time when you get the peak hours, and use such times for scheduling your post. So your information can reach the customers with overall effectiveness. 

Also, it gives more time and a better segment to your customers. 

Scheduling it beforehand also saves you from doing it again and you can use the peak times for best too. 

Keep Your Content & Group Unique 

There might be some points where your page followers and group can end up overlapping. Also, keep your focus on making the content different and unique for the group.

Do not cross posting and it will keep your both options boring. And no one wants to have the same kind of information from two different channels. 

You can announce your upcoming product on your page. Also, you can use videos to show the overall look. 

As for the group, you can strike the conversation by talking and sharing more about the product. It can include the features and what customers will get new from this. 

Here you are not boosting the interest but people will feel more anticipated to get the product before its launch.

Edit Your Membership List When It Needed 

There is no doubt that your group needs more people but it doesn’t mean you can tolerate all kinds of people.

It’s important to keep your membership edited, so you can remove people who are disrespectful or making trouble for others. 

Keeping such people in your group, not just making your other potential people leave the group. but also you are making your brand image affected. 

Since you have a code of conduct from the beginning, if not then make sure you do. You can use the rules against taking action and throwing people out of the group. 

Offer Something Unique & Special 

Giving a reason why they should join and why they should not leave is crucial. It’s also become important because there are lots of groups out there, and most probably, your customers are joining there too. 

For a person to handle lots of groups and taking part is tiring. So it’s important to give them a reason why they should be your member. 

Give them something exclusive that they will only get in your group. Offer them the reasons and check-in regularly. 

Keep The Trolls And Bot Out 

There is a reason why people are joining the groups, especially the private ones. Well if you are going with the same, then you might need a mini-application form for visitors which they need to fill to request for joining. 

Here is something you should keep in mind, don’t make these questions too hard or brain-busting. 

Keep it easy, simple, and something that interests your customer.  You don’t want your customer to leave the group just because of this. 

Best & Ideal  Facebook Marketing Groups For Leveling Up The Skills 

Facebook groups are helpful in providing much more information and advice to your marketing. But there are some amazing marketing groups that are doing the ideal job. 

Also here are the listed best examples that you can consider for your next marketing strategy. 


This one has more than 267,000 followers on their pages and their instant pot community reached 2.5 million members. 

There are more than 1000 posts that happen in the group every 30 days. This shows the high level of engagement. 

Image Source: Social Media Examiner

InstantPot is an electrical cooker brand that is using the Facebook platform and group for allowing their customers to do the questions, sharing unique recipes and what makes them feel happy about the product. 

They offer limited troubleshooting, with those customers who are having any kind of doubt or problem, they can share it on the group. 

The surprising part here is, the company doesn’t do the promotions, even if they do it’s extremely rare. However, they do giveaways where the group members are free to join and win prizes. 

This is not just the ideal Facebook group but one of the examples which shows the importance of commodities. 

National Geographic 

This one focuses on the art of inspiring and voice for change. The group which is also known as women of impact is about a clever thing, the world-shaping powerhouse. 

They also encourage people who are interested and encourage women to break the barriers in the fields. 

National Geographic is a great example that shows you don’t have to create a group that is focusing on the product.  You can start out with something different and start the community on your own. 

This one started as a magazine and now the publication is using Facebook groups to keep their audience connected. 

With this, they keep their audience aligned and informed about their changes. 


Elementor is a WordPress that builder plugin, they have their group that includes more than 50,000 members. 

Elmentor is using the Facebook group for driving engagement. On average they get 4000 posts per month. 

This is an ideal case of how the business should use their groups to drive more engagement with their groups. 

Also, google prioritizes the groups just like Facebook for the content. 


Canva group or Canva Design Circle is product specific, from which the customer can use the tool for different design purposes. 

With their group, the customers get updates, insights, tips, and other support directly from the team. 

Canva is an example that you can consider if you want to understand how the group can navigate the help and product to the larger community. 

This helps other users who are facing similar problems and like Canva, sharing and connecting directly can be helpful. 


Tasty calls their public group the Tasty Community. It’s a global potluck where the group connects with all different communities around the world with one interest that includes a love for food and taste. 

Here members are encouraged to share their ideas for substitutes,  recipes, and tips for cooking. 

Also, they ask their people to share the recipes and in return, they offer the chance of getting their recipes featured on their site.

With all of these competitions or incentives for supporting the people as well community to connect with more.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Why does a small business need facebook group marketing?

Facebook groups are helpful for the business to connect with their customers on a personal level. It’s perfect for building the community and connection to get more loyal customers. 

Apart from this, you can get a much more engaged audience who is interested in your products. 

Why is Facebook group marketing profitable?

Facebook group marketing is a profitable tool and it attracts new customers. The use of Facebook is profitable and powerful for connecting more with the audience.  This is community-based and good for sales and future marketing purposes. 

What are the ways to promote the Facebook group?

The easy way to promote the Facebook group is basics, you can use the link on your email and ask your people to join. Use its mention on the author bio,  podcast, thank you pages, or website too. 

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