25+ Facebook Ad Campaign Examples For Businesses 

In today’s era, there is no doubt that Facebook advertising is a powerful tool to expand the reach of businesses. 

Especially for businesses, you can create ads targeting the audience without investing much.  

facebook ad campaign examples

Looking at the best examples you get in Facebook ads helps you learn how you can run a Facebook ad campaign for your business. 

To understand more ongoing trends and examples, here is the list you should consider. 



Image Source: Medium

In the blackout video of gymshark where the ambassadors are fighting over who will purchase the clothing ends up in line to buy what they collected. 

The Facebook ad showcases the ambassador of the Gymshark, which makes the customer feel excited and also brings Black Friday’s main emotion, which is excitement. 

This ad made the people feel excited to get their items at a steep discount. 

Apart from that, the editing of the video is well made, and used to target the audience and the right emotion. 

Takeaways : 

To understand the important ads, here are some of the key takeaways to know : 

The Use Of Blackout 

The brand has been mentioning the blackout for months; it can be their Instagram page, website, email newsletter, or Facebook page. So creating a memorable name and using it can help in finding what the ad is all about. 

Clear Benefits 

The brand also stated the reason why they are running the ad as there is a 50% off sale and free shipping where the customers can purchase now and pay using afterpay later. 

The Smart Video 

The video shows their brand ambassador, it’s a genius take as most people would love to see the influencer swearing the clothes,  also it adds the thought that if ambassadors are fighting over clothes, then they should have to hurry as well. 

Fashion Nova 

Image Source: K6 Agency

Fashion Nova is a fashion company that started to create clothes for plus-size women Afro-Americans. 

Then they expanded their reach to the men’s fashion market industry with the Facebook ad they showcase the product on models who resemble the custom avatar of the brand. 

Also, they use strong A/B testing with their 6 products on rotation. 

Takeaways : 

To understand the Facebook ads of Fashion Nova, here are some of the key takeaways that can help: 

Product-oriented Pictures In Big Size 

The Facebook ad includes the product which they are going to sell, and for that, they use the big picture which is product-oriented. 

Using Well Known Emoji 

Fashion Nova has been using emojis since they started and now it’s familiar to all of their customers, it becomes easier to recognize. 

Also, that helps Facebook ads much more easily spot, and stays in the mind of their customer. 

Using Strong A/B Tests 

They are using 6 different pictures for the same ad, this is highly recommended when you are trying any kind of ad on any platform. 

The truth is, you might not know which ad can turn up doing better so the key here is to do as do A/B test. 


Image Source: Wordstream

Quickbooks offer accounting software especially targeting self-employed individuals and small businesses. 

The ad is a great example because it uses the carousel and format to emphasize the strong benefit the brand offers. 

It also mentioned the 50% save which is another benefit point. 

Takeaways : 

It’s Overall A Great Deal 

The most attractive feature you get in this ad is offering 50% off, it’s a huge discount and anyone who wants to use the software would consider the opportunity. 

Strong And Original Visuals 

The Facebook ad uses a small image next to the big one, this creates curiosity and also a different way of using the carousel format. 

Also, it makes the ad different from others, offering a much more creative side without making it complex. 

Clear Benefits

The benefits that the ad offers couldn’t be more clear than this, it manages the business anytime, and that’s why people like using QuickBooks. 

Also, they just need to have access to a phone and the internet which highlights the ease of use. 


Image Source: Motion Ave

Mailchimp offers an all-in-one marketing platform, however, they are marginally focused to provide email marketing. 

But to those companies who initially started using email marketing, the company is a great solution. 

The ad from Mailchimp on Facebook offers dynamic videos and uses the growing metric which attracts business owners. 


Learning the simple yet effective Facebook ad that Mailchimp do, it can help : 

Growing Metrics 

If you can quantify your result that it’s important to use it in your ads, make sure you are putting it in the right way. In this scenario, the people can show the subscriber count when they started Mailchimp. 

Experience Using Product 

Showcasing what people about they would experience when they purchase or use the product. 

This is smart to use to showcase the positive experience through the Facebook ad. 

Thumbnail Importance 

The importance of video and the thumbnail you use is important. Also, it can cause drastic change. It’s why you need to test the multiple thumbnails and understand which one is important and working for the video. 

As for Mailchimp,  using the yellow background is working well for the brand. 


Image Source: Medium

The next ad all small businesses should consider is CoSchedule; well is a company that offers project management software. 

All of the ads are focused on what benefit the customer will get once they purchase the product. 

The ads are simple, but the designs attract attention. 

Takeaways : 

To understand the Coschedule ad example, here are some of the key takeaways for small businesses: 

Design To Spark The Curiosity 

The design of the brand is simple, and still, it manages to spark curiosity among its customers. 

However, the graphics they use are referencing something that their audience can understand, it goes and then comes out. 

The End Benefit 

The ad comes with maximum project output written at the bottom left. This creates curiosity about what they would maximize in the project output which leads to customers making the purchase. 

Giving Clear CTA 

The ad is made for those people who are already aware of the brand, as with the clear CTA or Call To Action it gives the right to the point instruction. 


Image Source: Cooler Insights

The company offers communication software, they provide a seamless and organized way for sending emails back and forth. 

Also, the ads of Slacks are much more solution-oriented. 

They tell why their customers like other software and what solution they provide for the problem. 


Well, here are some of the takeaways, including : 

Keeping The Brand Intact 

It’s important that people can recognize the brand with just a single glance, and that’s what Stick does with its Facebook.

They have been using purpose and multicolor logos for their brand for a very long time. 

Expressing Problem For Resolving 

Slack helps in breaking out the inbox and helps in keeping the organization much more organized. 

Also, communication can be annoying and complicated, so stating the problem that a lot of businesses might be following.

Slack makes the customer feel curious and excited to use the project. 

Using The Colors In Right Way 

Every color has its different purpose and meaning, and what kind of emotion it will evoke depends on the type of colors you are using. 

The brand uses purple which evokes peacefulness, it comes with a tint of blue and action with a red tint. 


Image Source: 60 Seconds Marketer

Blinkist offers the book summary software, it helps in reading around 300,000 within 15 minutes or even less than that. 

They have great designs in branding too.  Their Facebook ads are carousels that are much sleeker 

The picture comes with an awesome design along with an adapted call to action for every book. 


Blinklist Fa Facebook can help you understand more about it, including the takeaways such as : 

Offering The Unique Design 

With the unique design, it can be the key as the Blinkist is created for their book covers. 

All these covers of the book can be different colors but use the same template which creates pleasing for the eyes. 

Brand Congruence 

All the design which is created for the ad is brand congruence Blinkist brand. 

The logo, time, book covers, and help in getting right which helps in boosting the brand image and improving the congruence. 

Showing What Brand Have 

Using the text space for writing the number of times and steps in taking the people to read the book summaries to be smart.  People who are using the Blinkist for reading much faster, and the ad truly shows it, 


Image Source: Doordash

Doordash is similar to Uber Eats; they are a food delivery company and just like a customer company of double-sided. 

However, they do ads that bring customers to their restaurants. 

The ad focuses on offering great offers and is based on niche. 

Takeaways : 

To understand this one, here is what you need to focus on : 

About Audience Related To Niche 

This type of ad is made for the owners of restaurants who want to boost the source of their revenue. 

So targeting a certain segmentation, it’s important to know about it as clearly as it can be. 

Free Trails Offers 

The type of offer are part of the offer of SaaS, this can help the audience who want to purchase, 

There are more and more companies who are using this for their company. 

Question Mark 

When the question mark is in an ad copy, it makes the people stop and the question makes them think, and when they do, they don’t scroll down. 


Image Source: Pinterest

The New York Times has one of the strongest copywriting.  The Facebook ad is an example of the copy talks regarding movement and why it should support it. 

The help creating the movement can be the strongest way by which you can get people to turn to your customers. 

Takeaways : 

Here are some of the takeaways: 

Using The Mass Desire 

The best way that can help in selling things is not to create a new desire but to link the product to the desired people they have. 

Since people want to receive the truth, NYT is offering exactly what they need. 

Vary Copy 

Every text space comes with something different in ad copy in the Facebook ad. But it doesn’t mean the same thing, showcasing messages from different angles, it can help in understanding the ad copy. 

Creating The Movement

This can be a helpful strategy because they tend to buy into a movement or idea when people purchase their service and product. 

Adding a movement around what you offer can help you in attracting much bigger customers and supporters. 


Image Source: Core DNA

MVMT is a united states based company that offers watches, also they have a Slogan that says ‘ a watch that doesn’t break the bank.”

The brand boosted up because of social media, and that’s why their ads are much smarter for small businesses to consider. 

They have their own style, and since their debut, MVMT hasn’t changed its strategy in Facebook ads. 

Also, they have no CTA, big pictures, and one-liner ad copy along with ad copy for CTA. 


Well, some of the important takeaways you get here are : 

Using Images With High Quality 

The brand always picks the pictures which are their ad and also sells focusing on their goal. 

Emphasizing On Features

When you are selling physical products, it’s important to focus on their features. 

Watches are that much in use, but still, it’s fashion accessories. So showing the product in the center of a Facebook ad can show exactly what it is all about. 

Using Designed Ad Copy 

Since the brand didn’t change its strategy, it kept the ad copy short and sweet. They put more focus on the picture and the world would not make the effect. 

EA Sports 

Image Source: Facebook

EA Sports FIFA is one of the number of soccer video games across the globe. So anyone who is playing soccer would love to try their video games. 

The video is entertaining, focusing on giving the experiences and providing dynamics. 

Takeaways : 

To understand what EA sports do with its Facebook ads, here are some of the takeaways to understand : 

It’s About Entertainment 

Facebook ads are for entertaining the people who are scrolling through them, so social media is made similar to Netflix, it’s for binge-watching and for easy scrolling. 

So the goal here is to capture the attention of the people, the brand offers the video for creating unique and dynamic. 

It’s For Experience 

Facebook ads should make people want to enter the world and want to own the product. 

By seeing the soccer plays in the game, anyone who likes to see the EA Sports FIFA ad on Facebook will be able to get their picture playing it. 

Having No Strategy Ad Copy 

Some EA sports forgot the ad copy, there is tons of money for hiring the best agencies, and it’s all calculated. 

All the power their ads carry is the same, and sometimes you don’t even get the copy to help the audience in video or image. 


Image Source: KK

Calm is a mobile app that helps in staying calm through sleep and meditation. It helps those who are going through anxiety or helps in making them feel better. 

Calm’s Facebook ads are examples of creative ways to show an app and how it can help. They also create goodwill among the users. 

Takeaways : 

Calm Facebook ad is helpful in learning how to make a better understanding; it includes : 

Make Content Native

The picture is native; there are tons of similar pictures on social media. Making the advertising helps in appearing much more helpful in goals. 

Content To Create Goodwill 

Creating Facebook ads can help you in making the strongest relationship with the customers, 

Helping people can be a great way of making friends and goodwill among consumers. 

Showcasing The Social Proof 

Since people are not aware of the brand, it’s less if it is legitimate. Showing the social proof signals such as certification and awards can help in getting serious consideration from your audience. 

Design Pickle 

Image Source: Design Pickle

Design Pickle is a company that offers unlimited graphic design services for other owners of businesses who are in need. 

After watching the ad library,  it’s ideal for those who need no bullshit business, and don’t like to waste their time. 

The ad is ideally for being polarizing and meaning people either love or hate you. 

Takeaways : 

Design Pickle Facebook ad is an example that is straightforward and on point, well to understand well; here are some of the key takeaways for you : 

Using Strong Color Congruent 

The ad uses pink, which clearly stands out on social media, and using the poop emoji is congruent. Also, the color and poop emoji suit the brand and report the message straight. 

Getting To The Point 

Picking the design that shows if you are making a problematic design, can help and be a good strategy.

But be careful as it can be too polarizing; either this can boost customers and improve the sales process, it can reduce your conversion rate. 

Having a Strong Guarantee Game 

Showcasing the guarantee inside the ad can be a great way of giving a  push to those people who are on edge to purchase the product. 


Image Source: Penji

Trello offers project management software regardless of what kind of business you do to improve your organization and efficiency. 

They have a desktop and mobile for using the software. 

This ad is an example, you can use this for a good slogan, and the ad creative is congruent. 

Takeaways : 

Understanding what can help you in understanding the key takeaways can help. 

Facebook Ad Which Is Congruent And Creative 

With the orange-pinkish background and help in working people at the table, this can be the same type of creative across multiple ads to recognize the brand. 

No Obligation Of CTA 

The call to action of trying now can be strong since Trello offers a free plan. This can help you in trying the product for free. They have no reason for doing that but it can help you in understanding. 

Sleek Slogan 

Trello has the slogan which is turning meetings into doing; this is not just very appealing but also relates to doing unproductive meetings. 

This can help in resolving business problems. 


Image Source: Pinterest

The brand is a French multinational chain that includes beauty stores and personal care. It has a very unique strategy for its social media. 

The ads for using Sephora on Facebook, it shows their card, which is physical and mysterious, focusing on their copywriting. 

Takeaways :

To understand the Facebook ad of Sephora and what small businesses should learn from it, here includes:  

Exclusive And Access 

The tagline of Sephora is on point as it makes them two worlds, one for inside and one for outside. 

Those inside are one step above the rest of the others and have access to what Sephora sells and access. 

Headline Which Is Mysterious Driven 

The tagline of the brand ‘ it’s better on the inside, it’s considered as one of the great taglines as it makes people wonder what it would be like to go invisible. 

Also it also makes them curious to know what members-only benefits and what they get which makes them different. For this, they have to visit a website. 

Gift Card View Physically 

This show is the physical aspect of the gift card which makes them the best way for selling to people. 

Since people like to get physical things, it can help in attracting more attention to the Facebook ad. 


Image Source: Pinterest

One of the straightforward Facebook ads that small businesses should consider is Nike. 

The call to action and benefits are clearly highlighted, and there is no hiding of the message. 

With the 50% offer, it shows clearly to the right audience who want to purchase the product.

But apart from that, the brand has its own trust and loyal audience. However, such big names are still using the discount to offer the product, which is quite interesting. 

Takeaways : 

Here are some of the takeaways to understand : 

Offering Clear CTA 

Nike wants the people to know that they are offering a 50% sale, and it’s clearly written on the image. Also, they are aware of the attractive offer. 

Simple Design 

The use of simple design helps in creating an ad without stars that they are offering the product at 50% only to people who are aware of the brand and also offer the contextual ad. 

Discount Code Method 

People love getting discounts, and they are more eager when they get good products for less money. 

So this can help in offering a clear ad and getting the attention of the right audience. 


Image Source: InVideo

One of the funky Facebook ads that you can consider is what Porsche does. They are a luxurious car company and started with a magazine known as Type 7. 

The ads of Porsche are honestly creative and stand out, along with its copywriter who focuses on eliciting emotion. They also aim to connect with the values of their customers. 


Even though Porsche is one of a luxury brand, the contrast of using funky Facebook ads helps the theme in standing out; the important key takeaways you need to consider : 

Funky And Creative Ads

The creativity used in the picture helps you in sending out more than it is; all colors are used and work due to their first step, and also get in hands of costumes. 

This is helpful in getting the attention of those who are scrolling through their Facebook feed. 

Relevant CTA 

The call to action in this ad is simple and very much clear, with this, the customer knows what to do, and is clear to connect with them. 

Eliciting Values And Emotions 

The Facebook ad copy used by the brand helps in connecting with customers by seeing if they are connecting with the right customers. 


Image Source: Shopify

Shopify offers an easy-to-use e-commerce platform for helping entrepreneurs create their stores and manage them easily. 

With the content strategy that revolves around helping the owners in general. 

The Facebook ad offers congruent with their content strategy for Shopify, a call to action, and a message which is attractive. 

Takeaways : 

With the important key takeaways, you can understand how Shopify ads work. 

This include : 

Use Logo More Often 

Shopify logo is the image and logo on their page. This helps you truly in making people recognize easy and understand much better in the future. 

Link Product To Mass Desire 

Most people want to generate money and also want to do what they want to do. 

Shopify is aware of it and has the desire to link the product. This is one of the powerful ways of doing marketing in the right way. 

Let Customers Dream 

With the use of Facebook ads, they say to craft the business in the way you want. 

This helps consumers imagine for themselves and understand the things that they want to do. 

Pura Vida 

Image Source: Pinterest

Pura Vida is an authentic brand that sells bracelets and is fashionable, and wants to feel exotic. 

This is an ad example because of their picture which is captivating, and the writing spaces utilizing well. 


Some of the important takeaways you get are : 

Show Product In Creative Way 

It’s creative for showcasing the bracelets, including 20 in one picture. But it helps you stand it out. People are tired of seeing the same images over and over, but they also improve in being creative. 

Optimizing The Font Size 

It’s important to use the font size,  it can help in avoiding the 50% off, and there is a reason why it is used in the center of the ad. 

The most important message with using different colors and bigger font for making a difference is much more clarifying. 

Showcasing the Essence Of Brand 

This might seem complicated, but in actuality, it is not. Using the picture which can be very revealing and attacking who Pura Vida wants. 

The image which is used in the brand can also help in seeing the customer avatars such as travelers, surf, and Bali. 

Dollar Shav

The company sells the product for grooming as a subscription. However, the brand is famous for using advertisements and making them funny. 

The Facebook ad of Dollar Shave is based on the product image. Also, it’s super native and has a clear extension of what they are selling. 

Takeaways : 

Dollar shave uses funny angles in their Facebook ad, which is considered one of the highlights; well to understand their ads, here are some of the key takeaways: 

Showing What’s In Box 

If you are like dollar shave and have a subscription-based product, then it’s important that you showcase them together so the customer knows what they are getting. 

People make their decisions based on visuals, so using the visuals dollar brand attracts attention and trust. 

Be Congruent With Brand 

Dollar Shave Club loves using humor when they are doing advertising, and it might increase the chances of taking the whole thing in the wrong way. 

Seeing them having success doesn’t mean you are required to add humor, but it should be congruent with the brand. 

Make Them Feel They Get All 

The use of the ultimate shave gift and everything you need in the bathroom helps in making people feel that they are going to get everything. 

People who want to purchase the product feel like the product is giving them the reassurance for the customer to be in the whole sales process. 


Image Source: Cooler Insights

Starbucks is a company that sells the $5 macchiato grande; they are also known for being the highest margin. 

Starbucks ‘ Facebook ad is ideal as using the penguin image for compelling and offers great offers to push people to get the app downloaded. 


To understand the Facebook ad for Starbucks, here is a takeaway for help: 

Using Mascot 

Using the animal mascot in advertising can help in bringing much more emotion and meaning depending on whom you are targeting. 

It can be a great way to connect with the audience, also showing them what they might already know and associating with the brand. 

Offer For The Life 

This is one of the most attractive offers that any brand can offer; however, not all brands do it. If you have the SaaS or Tool, this can be the lifetime subscription you can give. 

Call To Action To Install Now 

The CTA is good when it comes to mobile apps; the ad focuses on downloading Starbucks and its mobile apps. 

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