Top 10 Fabric Stores In New York: #3 Will Surprice You

New York offers a wide variety of attractions and shopping options. There are numerous fabric stores among them?.

There are countless alternatives, from straightforward cotton materials for professional attire to exquisite silks that would make stunning party clothing and plush, touchable textures for upholstery and home decor projects.

New York’s elegant fusion of fabric colors, textures, and styles can be overpowering. If you are wondering where the people in New York get their gorgeous fabrics from, here are the top 10 fabric shops New York artisans and designers suggest as follows?:

10. Mood Fabrics

Mood Fabrics is the place you should go for all your fabric requirements, located in the heart of New York City’s fashion district?.

You may browse Mood’s collection of designer fabrics from your comfortable couch in Brooklyn.

The unlimited selections include Liberty of London cotton, Anna Sui, Burberry, Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Tanya Taylor, and Mood’s unique Italian fabrics.

And that should convince you that Mood Fabrics isn’t your typical fabric vendor, whether you buy from them online or in person.

The shop features one of the most extensive stocks of top-notch ladies’ textiles, home textiles, notions, and tools in New York City and the Tri-State area?.

Mood provides something for everyone, whether shopping retail or wholesale, including an online wholesale site where you can buy lots of premium textiles at steep discounts.

Mood Fabrics Location

9. Zarin Fabrics

Customer service and online retail are both elevated by the family-run company.

They offer a large variety of high-end fashion fabrics and specialize in fabrics for interior decorating?.

Additionally, Zarin offers a wide selection of premium threads, yarns, buttons, zippers, and other finishing touches.

A wide range of high-end textiles is available, such as velvet, chenille, and silk. Polyester, rayon, linen, and nylon are among the textiles they carry in novelty cotton.

Famous manufacturers like Kravet, Robert Allen, Fabricut, and Holly Hunter are the source of their upholstery textiles.

Place an online order and have your fabrics delivered to your Brooklyn residence or place of business?.

Their user-friendly website includes a blog section with helpful advice on choosing and using fabrics.

Zarin Fabrics Location

8. Nesco Upholstery

Nesco takes great pride in offering the best service and upholstery fabrics available. You don’t have to go to the Brooklyn store because it operates throughout New York City.

Visit their website, select the fabric you want, place an order, and then wait for delivery if you need fabric for an upholstery project—all from the convenience of your home or business?.

On their website, Nesco sells several well-known brands, including fabrics from Mitchell, DVC, Kravet, Charlotte, and Robert Allen, in addition to JF and Greenhouse.

There is nowhere else to go if you live in the New York City region and need fabric for new furniture or reupholsters. 

Nesco Upholstery Location

7. Fabrics-Save-A-Thon

Fabric Save-A-Thon, as the name implies, offers a variety of materials at steep discounts. In fact, it’s Brooklyn’s biggest discount retailer for all things creative.

There are locations for this chain of stores throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens. Additionally, they transport goods all around New York?.

A favorite among New York craftspeople, Save-A-Thon stores are a paradise for stylists, designers, and clothing producers.

In addition to fabrics, the shop offers threads, ribbons, trimmings, buttons, yarns, needles, and sewing machines, among other supplies and tools for sewing and knitting. 

Fabrics-Save-A-Thon Location

6. Feel Fabrics

Visit Feel Fabrics if you’re interested in fashion fabrics. The shop has an extensive selection of spandex, sequins, silk, lace, and other trendy fabrics at affordable pricing.

On New York’s renowned Fashion Avenue, Feel Fabrics got its start as a small, charming store.

But it has developed over time and is among the top online fabric retailers serving Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the neighborhood?.

The shop takes pride in its high-caliber customer service, an extensive selection of high-end fabrics, and a user-friendly online buying platform.

With the help of this Brooklyn retailer, everyone in New York can purchase spandex and upscale clothing materials. 

Feel Fabrics Location

5. Brooklyn Craft Company

?Many Brooklyn craftsmen consider The Brooklyn Craft Company to be a favorite local hangout. It functions as a workshop, a school for artisans, and a fabric shop.

Additionally, the business leases out its spaces to people and other businesses for celebrations and other unique events.

It has various fabrics available that can be used for clothing, upholstery, drapery, and other craft projects.

The materials offered here are of good quality and are quite cute, despite being a little costly. There are also several colors, prints, patterns, and textures to choose from?.

You can shop offline or online. The customer support representatives online and in-store are excellent. They are incredibly polite, watchful, and helpful.

Brooklyn Craft Company Location

4. FabScrap

Look no further if you like sustainable business practices and slow fashion. Your go-to fabric store in New York, FabScrap also has warehouses in Brooklyn and Philadelphia?.

It is a nonprofit organization that focuses on upcycling and downcycling fabrics for recycling.

A volunteer program at FabScrap allows you to sort fabric scraps and recycle materials from your favorite brands.

They also provide incentives like 5 pounds of free fabric and 30% off all in-store purchases.

In addition, FabScrap offers a staggering range of fabric colors and types for both retail and wholesale sales. As I previously mentioned, the retailer has a real warehouse in Brooklyn?.

FabScrap Location

3. Fabric Barn Corp

Over 20 years have passed since Fabric Barn Corp was founded. Long before online buying became commonplace, it began.

Today, this family-run company is among the most reputable online fabric retailers in Brooklyn and nearby neighborhoods for wholesale and retail orders?.

Cotton, linens, velvets, trims, notions, and a variety of other textile materials are among the specialties of Barn Corp.

They offer carefully chosen fabric varieties, hues, and textures. The helpful and pleasant staff lets you browse the textiles at your own pace.

They go out of their way to assist you if you run into trouble trying to find what you need. As a family-run firm, they don’t have rigid yardage regulations. They cut the fabric to your specifications?.

Fabric Barn Corp Location

2. Brooklyn General Stores

A craftsman’s dream is exactly how you might describe The Brooklyn General Store.

On the western side of Carroll Gardens and the northern side of Red Hook in Brooklyn, New York, there is a store with a retro appearance?.

Everything from fabrics, yarns, and fibers to notions, threads, needles, buttons, and other sewing instruments is available at the store.

They also sell dry goods and handmade gifts. In this store, you’ll find a huge variety of fabric types and manufacturers.

The Brooklyn General Store has a rather rustic interior, but everything within is stylish and modern.

A wide variety of designs, prints, textures, and colors are available in high-quality fabrics. Oh, the yarn as well. The selection and caliber of yarn available here are astounding?.

Brooklyn General Stores Location

1. Nur Jahan Fabrics, LLC

Nur Jahan is the place to go if you love to sew but hate the long walk or bus journey to Manhattan’s clothes area?.

There are many various kinds of cotton and Lycra in this fabric store on Fulton Street, as well as silk, velvet, fleece, denim, sequins, lace, and linen.

You can choose from a variety of textures and colors for these textiles. Nur Jahan is one of the few stores in Brooklyn that sells fabrics with African prints.

They provide a surprisingly large selection of Ankara textiles in vivid hues and distinctive patterns.

You can find Ankara prints for formal, religious parties, weddings, homecoming, Black History Month, or family reunions. The store is somewhat small, and the goods are stacked everywhere?.

Nur Jahan Fabrics, LLC Location

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does NYC still have a garment district?

The Garment District is now situated west of 6th Avenue, between 34th and 41st Streets. Although the neighborhood doesn’t extend quite as far north as 42nd Street, at its prime, 42nd Street served as a major thoroughfare.

2. Can anyone go to fashion week in NYC?

Even while there are possibilities if you want to see models walk in person, many NYFW shows are invite-only. You can purchase tickets to some of your favorite fashion designers or use guest cards to enter events.

3. Which New York street is famous for its fashion stores?

Fifth Avenue, between 49th and 60th Streets, is New York’s most well-known shopping street. Eye-catching stores for luxury brands are located there.

4. What is the most fashionable place in New York?

Seventh Avenue in New York City is referred to as Fashion Avenue; it passes through the Garment District and serves as the focal point for anything fashion-related in Manhattan.

5. Where do rich people shop in New York?

Rich residents and posh high-rises can be found on the Upper East Side. The rows of high-end department stores and designer retailers on renowned Madison Avenue are right behind them. Consider brands like Valentino, Prada, Tiffany & Co., Louis Vuitton, and many more; they have it.

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