15+ Top EY Competitors and Alternatives 2023

Ernst & Young Global Limited, commonly referred to as EY, is a private company formed from a merger between two accounting firms, Ernst & Whinney and Arthur Young & Co., in 1989.

The company has its headquarters in London, England, and is among the most prominent privately-owned service providers. Its clients are primarily from tax consulting and advisory services.

It was founded in 1989, and as of 2021, the company had annual revenue of US$40 billion.

The company employs over 312,250 employees(2021) across its 700 offices spread over 150 nations. It brings $29 billion in revenue in its fiscal year from its global offices. It helps capitalize on business opportunities and workforce analytics for companies worldwide, including media and healthcare.

EY Competitors and Alternatives

McKinsey and Company   

McKinsey and company are a global management consulting firm started in 1926 in the US. The company is the trusted advisor to the world’s leading businesses, institutions, and governments, which work with leading organizations across the public, private, and social sectors.

It is an incorporated partnership firm with over 30,000 (2019) employees with a revenue of $10.5 billion (2019). Its current valuation is $244.24 Million.

HR and product departments experience the highest internal support. It provides a flexible working environment, and more responsive quality makes it a competitor of EY. 


Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, since 1845, is a private management consulting firm based in New York. It provides financial advisory for businesses, auditing, and tax consulting services.

It provides services like audit, management consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax, and legal with 345,374 (2021) employees globally with increased revenue of US$50.2 billion (2021).

It is the biggest competitor of EY after PwC as it is more professional, more responsive, and easier to do business with them. 


Accenture plc is a public company based in Dublin, Ireland (since 2009), founded in 1989, formerly known as Andersen Consulting(1989–2000).

It gives professional services, information technology, and consulting industry divisions. It started as a technology consulting division of an accounting firm named Arthur Andersen in the early 1950s.

It serves globally with increased revenue of US$50.53 billion (2021). It gives equal competition to EY.

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Price Waterhouse Coopers is a consulting firm headquartered in London, England, since 1998 as an audit, assurance, advisory, and tax service provider to automotive, insurance, and real estate firms.

It has 295,371 employees with a revenue of $43.6 billion in 150 locations globally. It is the biggest competitor of EY after KPMG due to its better execution quality. 


Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler is a management-based consulting firm KPMG in the Netherlands headquarters in Amstelveen, Noord-Holland. Risk assessment, internal auditing, and taxation for financial and retail firms are the services provided by the company.

It employs 236,000 people with a revenue of $32.1 Billion. Each KPMG firm forms its independent legal entity.

It was created by Klynveld Main Goerdeler (KMG) and Peat Marwick’s merger in 1987. It is the biggest competitor of EY.


The company was established in the year 1972. The company was founded by Hans-Werner Hector, Claus Wellenreuther, Dietmar Hopp, Klaus Tschira, and Hasso Plattner in Weinheim, Germany.

It was initially a small, five-person German startup company that has grown to a multinational enterprise and a global leader in business software.

SAP has become one of the world’s leading software producers, with more than 107,415(2021) employees worldwide and a revenue of €27.842 billion (2021). This public company is an application and cloud service provider. 

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Established on June 16, 1911, by Charles Ranlett Flint in Endicott, New York, United States. Currently located at Armonk, New York, United States.

It helps clients to provide business services in more than 175 countries with 2,82,100 (2021)employees and revenue of 5,735 crores USD (2021). Whenever you’re talking about EY Competitors, IBM should be on the priority of list.

The brand is based on its unique technological progress and capability to transform tech values for clients. The company offers services that are versatile and help in meetings ll the requirement of the firm.


An American-based multinational company is providing information technology services and consulting. The founder of the Company is Francisco D’Souza and Kumar Mahadeva.

The company has its headquarters in New Jersey, United States. Cognizant had a fast-growing period in the 2000s. It was founded on January 26, 1994, 28 years ago, with a revenue increase of US$20.2 billion (2022).

The company deals with financial services, healthcare, manufacturing/retail/logistics, and others, with several 340,000 employees. 


Mazars, a private unlisted company set up in Rouen, France, in 1945 by Robert Mazars, has become an independent and integrated global organization to provide audit, tax, accounting, and consulting services.

It is one of Europe’s huge accounting and audit firms, with a worldwide turnover of 1.081 billion euros for the fiscal year ending in August 2014. It operates as a single entity for its integrated partnership.

It has globally connected partners and joint ventures in over 21 countries and a revenue of 190 crores EUR (2020). Mazars is most highly rated for its Culture, with employees 42,000 (2021)

Grant Thornton International

Grant Thornton International Ltd. is a professional service industry founded in 1980; headquartered in London, England, U.K.

The US firm is a not-for-profit, non-practicing organization with no share capital with the highest turnover in the history of $1.9 billion, which was a year-over-year increase of 5.4% over the previous year.

It has a global network of 62,000 employees in over 130 countries.

RSM International

RSM International, an independent accounting and advisory firm, has an international network forming the sixth largest accountancy professional services network in the world with 51,000 employees and a revenue increase of US$7.26 billion (2021).

It is a Limited Liability Partnership Industry with members having different legal structures providing professional services.

It was founded in 1964 in London; the United Kingdom got rebranded as RSM on October 26, 2015.

BDO Global

BDO, or Binder Dijker Otte, is the fifth largest accounting network that performs professional services tax consulting, founded in 1964 by Hassan Muhammad, Hans Otte, and M. L. Seidman, headquartered at Zaventem, Belgium.

Provide professional services such as career development, empowerment, collaborative and personal flexibility, and advisory firms. The company has 97,292 (2021)employees and a revenue increase of USD 11.8 billion (2021).

Ey Competitors

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