EngageBay Review (2023): Features, Pricing, Pros And Cons

Well, as for today’s customers, companies are focusing on creating the customer journey, which can be effective.

From the moment they engage with their customers, they require to understand what they need and how to interact along with what makes them drive a conversion.

Enaggebay offers all-one solutions for marketing, and it includes everything that is needed for landing pages, email marketing, online marketing automation, etc.

However, to understand if Engagebay is relevant to your requirement or not, here is a detailed review that might help.

What To Know About EngageBay?

EnageBay is one of the in-field business marketing software for startups, growing enterprises, and SMBs, and it combines marketing, combining as well as services into one package.

Also, it’s a robust platform that helps in conducting lead generation, email marketing,  business automation, and landing page, everything in the same place.

  • Enagagebay also offers users to have powerful but simple integrated sales and marketing software that can help in gathering, nurturing, and gathering leads.
  • They also enable the companies to get those leads into the paying customer.
  • They have the module suits which compromised the three products, including Marketing Bay, Service Bay, and Bay.
  • Also, each of the modules has its specific features, which are designed to enhance the automation of the process and workplace.
  • With that, you can allow the users to pick what features they require, and the modules are built to work with each other.
  • This also gives the option to the users that they can combine more modules together if their business needs them.

What Are The Features You Get In EngageBay?

Engagebay has all-in on sales with easy-to-use CRM.

They have the purpose that is to align the sales, marketing, and support.

Also, if you are looking for a combined view of the customers, then it makes it much easier to make decisions.

Also, they have amazing marketing tools as well as resources, which build the solution, so you don’t need separate services or new providers.

List of features that you get:

  • Double Opt-in
  • Automation of Sales and Marketing
  • Management of Contacts
  • Compliance of GDPR
  • Triggers
  • Analytics
  • Automation of Processes
  • Testing of A/B
  • Appointments
  • Dealing
  • WebForms
  • Engagement with Social Media
  • Proposals
  • Live Chat
  • Segmentations
  • Auto Responders
  • Facebook Ads
  • Marketing through Email
  • 360 Customer View
  • Management of Ticketing
  • Clean and Simple Design
  • Sequences for Emails
  • Templates for Emails
  • Management of Pipeline
  • CRM
  • Landing Pages
  • Products

What Should You Know About Marketing Bay?

The whole purpose of that engine bay is that they want a comprehensive suite for the business where they can handle the marketing sales and understand needs easily.

Also, it makes it worth checking the sections of individuals before you make the final call.

The first thing here is a marketing bay which allows an easy way to grow the business. As here you use this for attracting new customers.

It also promises the marketing platform that you will need as it gives a complete view of the journey from beginning to end.

Here are the tools that you get to engage with customers.

Image Content Features Of Marketing Bay

Lead Capture Forms

Creating the responsive as well as beautiful lead capture form that works as you want it to be,

Here you get both the standard page and popups.

Rich Email Template

You get to build the perfect emails as here they have the rich email template, which includes all the messages from welcoming to marketing content.

Landing Pages

You get a landing page that is attractive and helps you in convincing the customer to connect with the business.

Social Media Marketing

Within the platform, where you get all one like option, you can also access the tools for social media marketing.

This helps you in managing the profiles from templates and replace and track everything regardless it’s Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Site Messaging

You get the feature of live chat that ensures that you can follow up with the visitors on-site immediately.

Especially when they are most into engaging with the brand.

You can make changes in icons, colors, imagery, and layouts that match the brand and personalize the message so you can send the audience who are interested.

SMS Marketing

You get SMS marketing that gives you a different way to connect with the customers by using another channel.

Also, you can personalize the message depending on the customer’s location, age, etc., attributes.

You get the option of triggers that you can deliver the SMS message.

You get the drag-and-drop designer that keeps texting easier for you.

Have a look at the Guide On SMS Marketing For Small Businesses.

Complete Automation

The users are not restricted to email marketing. Also, you can get the automated data syncing process, unsubscribing, subscribing, event tracking, etc.

Video marketing Templates

Here you get the templates for video marketing; with this, you can connect with the customers by using video content.

Here you get tons of options that give you more to choose from; the block spent makes the customized experience easier.

Here you get the option that helps you in generating the thumbnail images for your video that link with the content online.

Also, have a look at the Effective Tips For Creating Video Ads For Your Small Business

Push Notification

Enagegebay delivers the push notification, which is intelligent and can help you in engage kg the customer whenever they want.

What Do You Get From CRM and Sales Bay?

The next is to connect that marketing workplace to the engagement bay; here, you get the comprehensive solution which is for sales automation and CRM SaaS.

The CRM software allows you to examine each relationship with the customer that can emerge and maintain them satisfied as well as happy customers.

There are great things about the CRM solution that there is no need to learn about it.

You can simply track the outcomes, and it’s easy to understand.

You also organize the same team along with the information regarding the specific tasks and contact deals.

Here are some of the features that you get.

Features of CRM and Sales Bay

Simple Contact Management

You can get an insider view of the interaction that you had with your leads. Also, you can do the information carefully and build a happier customer base.

Target The Marketing Companies

You can organize B2B marketing by focusing on the key people who are within each company.

Visual Deal Pipeline

The tool gives you the opportunity to examine the potential of each deal and individually track the status of leads no matter what you want.

Task Management

You get a streamlined process, and you can deal with creating tasks and assigning tasks to the sales team.

This gives you enhanced productivity by offering the employees what is needed.

Appointment Scheduling

With this, you can ensure that each person has the sales team, which has an individual calendar that offers the appointment with the leads you can potentially.

Unlimited Mailboxes

The unlimited mailbox offers the feature where you get the two-way, ensuring that capturing the email to the team and sending it.

Task Management

In CRM and Sales environment, you create task individually linked to different deals and assign the people with the team to the one who has the talent or no experience.

Complete Integration

Reducing the miscommunication risk between marketing and sales along with the comprehensive CRM platform.

This is integrated with a sales solution; you are able to get the detail about the customer in the marketing place.

Contact Management

You get compressive with the contact management system, which ensures that you can keep valuable deal information in one place.

This is ideal for targeting and personalized marketing campaigns.

Also, here, you get the option that searches through the filters.


You can integrate the calls with the CRM solution for free. You also get everything in getting context with each call.

Email Syncing

You can link the CRM with your email solution; this allows you to track the communication between the prospects.

Sales Reporting

You can learn about driving outcomes with the sales strategy, which gives the complete reporting module.

The reporting secure gives the graphs and charts with a visual representation of data to boost the revenue.

Delighting the customer also means that you get assistance whenever it’s needed throughout the customer journey.

Enaggebay offers a segment of services that helps clients. Also, features are available to track and solve the problems that the customer might be going through.

Here you get the options, including –

  • Unlimited tickets
  • Ticket views
  • Service Automation
  • Unlimited group
  • Canned responses
  • Live chat
  • Customer experience tracking
  • Organization
  • Complete visibility
  • Fast responses
  • Productivity
  • Save time
  • Reporting
  • Macros

What Do You Get From All In One Package?

Enaggebay offers startups and small businesses an excellent way you can sell more as well as improve the sales pipeline.

However, you get them all in one package, which allows you to have features like

Comprehensive marketing hub: It includes email marketing tools, template builders, marketing automation, lead generation, landing page builder, social media connection, etc.

Customer relationship or service hub: You get full of the stack that has services that include the deal pipeline, contact management, appointment scheduling, task management, etc.

Helpdesk software: here, you get to resolve issues which have faster and delight the customers, which comes with a wider range of support. It includes chat software available.

What Are The Pricing Plans You Get In EngageBay?

There are three different plans that you get here.  it includes :

All In One

The first one is that you get them all in one plan,  the subscription requires you to pay a certain amount per month, and you get the features as well as services according to that.

With the one-time payment, you can use the unlimited, and the basic plan starts at USD 8.99.

Marketing Plan

You get the type of subscription where you need the payment, and you get the services. This starts at USD 7.79. 

CRM and Sales Bay

Here you get the basic price that starts at USD 7.79

Also, as for the pricing plan, you  get the

  • Free trial
  • All in one for free
  • All in one basic that costs you $8.00 per month
  • All in one growth that will cost $17.99 per month
  • All in one pro at $47.99 per month
  • All in one custom, however for this, you need to get the custom pricing

What Are The Benefits That You Get Using EngageBay?

Well, engage bay to have certain benefits that they provide to the business. It’s mainly beneficial as they centralize the data related to your business so it can improve understanding.

Also, tracking the marketing campaigns target all the leads which are high quality.

Here are some of the biggest benefits that you might find.

Understand The Customers Much Better

You can use the energy as you get a complete view of your customers.

Also, you have a better understanding of the motivation and reasons for seeing things from their point of view.

Apart from this, you get a powerful system that collects the related data of your customer in multiple marketing channels.

You can act and comprehend their formation as they all are automatically dissected and brought to you in a detailed report.

You get what your customers are looking for, and the insight into the customer triggers, trends and behavior.

With this, you get all the needed information in one place, which allows you to execute the newsletter, which can be effective.

You Can Centralize All The Related Data

The engagement bay also helps in generating powerful and innovative sales through marketing software.

It also gathers all important information in one place, so it makes it much easier to manage, organize, and access all of it.

Drive insights; you can create the reports using the aces of data you need much faster.

This also allows you to see the business in clarity and set priorities much more accurately.

If you have the data right at the right time and right place, it can generate a picture of the current situation.

You can make changes, strategies, reactions, and data-driven decisions at the moment.

Its Highly Affordable

Engage provides software that is affordable and has integrated sales and marketing that includes all the collection of capabilities.

Also here you are not just limited to CRM, marketing automation, funnel management, and lead management.

The platform offers an all-in-one dynamic as well as a complete solution that can provide the solution without being too expensive.

Also, they have premium sales and lower prices, so the software got you covered.

You Get The High-Quality Targeted Leads

Even when it comes to converting leads, it’s complex and difficult.

But with the engagement, you don’t have to suffer through it. It becomes much easier, and you can identify the best leads so you know whether your effort and energy are required to focus.

The software also comes with an effective tool that gives you the filter of the leads and determines what qualities you need to set the parameters, which can be based on the engagement metrics, designation, location, etc.

Easy To Use

Enaggeabay is highly easy to use even though the process, like the complicated one, can be simple.

Also, it keeps them seamless and really easy.

The software does not ask you to use any sort of extension technicality or understanding related to the marketing or sale platform.

However you might find a little learning curve, but it’s not that hard even though you just started.

You Can Track And Optimize The Marketing Campaigns

Here you get all the monitoring of your campaign with the bird’s eye.

You get all the important information in real-time about your campaign performance.

Also, you get the banality that helps in determining if it is working for the campaign or slowing the results.

This is helpful if you are making the strategies and making adjustments that help the campaign to lead the success.

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What Are The Pros And Cons of Using Engagebay?

Well, the engagement baby has its own set of pros and cons that you get.

Here are the pros that you might find.

  • The pricing is budget-friendly.
  • It has top-notch customer support.
  • The combination of CRM and email or newsletter is sophisticated-site
  • The line contact magnet is top
  • Live chats are there to solve until the problem gets fixed
  • Subscribers through different engagement channels by using the tools
  • The software is performance-oriented
  • It has an interface that is clean and user friendly
  • It has the complete value to what you pay for.

Even though there are no major cons, here are some that you will find.

  • It doesn’t support SMS marketing automation.
  • You might have to annually optimize pages that are on mobile devices.
  • They could offer more templates that are predesigned. 

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