Why Email Signature is Crucial: 10+ Tips with Examples

In today’s marketing, email plays an important role. Not just it one of the most checked by customers, but also it’s much easier when it comes to connecting with them. 

Having an email signature is like giving a business card to a person every time you click on the send button.  Not just it’s important to make it look professional but effective at the same time. 

An email signature should briefly contain information and look attractive so your person can get more customers and better communication. 

Having a proper email signature also boosts brand recognition. And to use this effective tool to its full potential, here are the best examples of well-crafted email signatures

Why Does Your Small Business Need an Email Signature?

There are lots of reasons why a well-crafted email signature is important for your business.  You can exceed your networking and gather more potential people to help the growth of your business. 

Apart from that, it can help in the following ways too : 

  • Creating your cohesive image, which is designed throughout your company and makes your business well established, creates more professionals and legitimacy. 
  • It’s also useful for creating a brand and using the opportunity can deliver the message you want to send
  • With this, you can make your brand easy to recognize so when you send emails to people, they receive the logo and create better awareness. 
  • Your email signature also works as a digital business card. You can connect with potential customers and convey your options in communications. 
  • Adding the picture to your email signature creates a personal association that allows people to connect better with you. 

How important is an email signature?

When it comes to business communication, you are going to choose something that can leave a long-lasting impression. Even though it’s hard, when you use email, it becomes harder. 

Well, having a strong email signature can help you in getting more attention. Even though you can choose the way you want, keep it professional instead of flashy.

To write one,  here is how you can write one along with the examples to understand better. 

1. Limit Signature to Four Lines

When you write one, make sure you limit your text to three or four lines.  You just need to add the following:

  • Your name 
  • Your title or company ( add your website link)
  • Phone number 

When you write one, it might look like this 

Image source: mailsignatures.com

Once you get an understanding of the basic format, consider personalizing it to keep it better in sign-off. 

To keep it  personal, here are a few examples to consider : 

Adding social media profiles 

Considering adding your social media profiles. It gives better options for your customer or client to get in touch with you. 

Image source: mailsignature.com

Also, with the options in the communication, you get more people in touch with you as they can choose the option they find comfortable or most available. 

Adding content to show off your expertise 

You can add the product link if you have written a blog about it.  Use the outlines or add the link to keep it much easier to connect or click-to-read options. 

Image source: yesware

Adding CTA 

When you add CTA or call to action, you give a prompt that helps the recipients to understand what actions they can take. 

Image source: newsoldstamp

You can add the CTA depending on what actions you want them to take. It can be scheduling a demo, downloading the eBook, etc. 

2. Avoid Adding Your Email Address In Your Email Signature 

According to the Slate analogy, which describes the common practice of adding an email address to your email signature. 

With that, it describes placing two return two address stickers on an envelope. 

Also, it wastes space.  

Save the space for adding value to important information like social media links and profiles. Also, you can attach the blog, portfolio, etc. 

3.  Try Using the Sent From iPhone Option 

According to Stanford researchers,  they studied sending misspelled emails with and without the “sent from my iPhone” signature. 

The results found that using the signature helped to improve the overall image. 

Also, the one with mistakes and sloppy writing but used the sent from my iPhone signature received more forgiving, and the recipient ignored the errors.

4.  Add Your Company Logo & Address 

The company name is the most obvious element that keeps your email signature solid.

Also, people will know whom they are talking to and keep your marketing straight to the point. You can use a logo added to your email signature. 

Image source: dynasend

Adding this can help you in keeping your email more attractive as for the recipient to identify your company and you as well. 

Also, when it comes to exchanging your business emails, it adds more professionalism. 

5. Include an Image Of Yours And Add Colors 

When it comes to remembering something,  visuals have better results and are far easier as compared to text. 

However, adding certain kinds of images can help you in keeping the email signature more memorable. 

Image source: custoemertherometer

Also, according to the researchers, people remember photos that contain people’s faces. Using colors in images has a better response as compared to adding black and white.

Add your photo with your name so people know whom they are contacting. 

What To Follow & What To Avoid For Email Signature?

Understanding what to follow when you create one is important. You can save a lot of time and keep it professional for others. 

Also, you can keep it eye-catching and professional. Here are a few tips that you can consider. 

  • Try using 3 or 4 social media icons for your signature block. 
  • Use one type of font and stick to it. Keep it safe. 
  • Make sure to minimize your color platelet; best to stick with  2 or 3 colors. You can add your business colors too. 
  • Keep the banner size low and maintain the dimension. 
  • Add the contact  details, which is absolutely important 
  • Keep your signature responsive, so it makes perfect for the mobile device too. 
  • Add vertical and horizontal dividers to keep important parts separate. 
  • Add the disclaimer text below to the signature block. 

When you are done with this, here are a few points that you can try to be attractive and professional. Make sure not to add these things and maintain them. 

  • Adding unprofessional photos 
  • Using different fonts in your signature block 
  • Adding too much color to the signature 
  • Adding not needed contact details 
  • Using graphical elements, sizes, and styles. 
  • Too many images,  data, and text make it harder to read. 
  • Adding inspirational quotes 

Examples To Consider For How Well Crafted Email Signature Looks 

 A well-crafted email signature can reflect how professional and deeper the impact on your business is.  This is an inevitable form of a marketing platform for small businesses. 

There are more than 293.6 billion email signatures that have been sent every day.

Here are a few of the best examples that you can consider for your email signature. 

Image source: customerthermometer 

Image source: customertherometer

Image source: wisestamps

Image source: Ippeiblog

Image source: wisestamps

Image source: mailsignature.com

Image source: realestatebees

Image Source: Knightsbar.com

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What your small business should have in the email signature?

The ideal email signature requires a few basics that include your company name,  full name, qualifications if it’s needed and your position in the company. 

Why should your business have an email signature?

An email signature is required to link your business and you with your audience.  Also, for the recipient to keep it add the details that are required.  It gives a better way for others to know about your brand personality. 

How does the email signature effects it?

Adding your email signature is alternative contact details, titles, and company names.  Here you are offering better touch to those whose emails are not responded to. Also, it gives your email a much better approach as people know whom they are talking to. 


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