15 Best Email Marketing Strategies To Drive Blog Traffic

Email Marketing is one of the easiest yet most powerful methods to drive traffic to your website or blog. 

More than 60 percent of marketers believe that email marketing gives them the best ROI for marketing methods. 

In fact, research states that you are 6x more likely to get traffic on your blog or website from emails than from tweets. 

99% of people check their emails daily, at least once or twice a day. It is still the most severe and intimate form of communication compared to social media or other states. 

Not to mention, the nature of traffic you get from email is returning as through your contact list, you will have a constant influx of people reaching your website. 

The only question is how you drive traffic to your blog or website through email marketing.

Best email marketing strategies to drive blog traffic. 

email marketing strategies to drive blog traffic

Driving Email Leads From Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

One of the best ways to boost traffic is to grow your email list and generate email leads through your social media marketing campaigns. 

Generating email leads through social media marketing can be done in many ways, such as through contests, discount offers, sweepstakes, and more. 

The idea here is to use your social media reach to increase your email contact list, which can be targeted back to your blog to boost traffic. 

Social media contests are a popular and highly effective method to get email contacts from a targeted user. 

Contests on social media platforms help you increase the reach of your brand. It helps you target more and more relevant users. 

But more importantly, it is extraordinarily effective to collect email addresses. The same thing happens with running sweepstakes on Facebook, Twitter, or even your blog website. 

You can collect email addresses from any of your social media marketing campaigns

Create A Call-to-Action For Email-Gated Content

This is quite a simple yet very effective trick to drive traffic to your blog by leveraging your Twitter and Instagram followers. 

All you have to do is create a CTA and the respective link and insert it in your Twitter and Instagram Bio. 

For Instagram, you can enter the link in the link section of the bio. Make sure to give a clear, compelling, and promising value offer in the biography with clear signs to click on the link. 

Now, the link can be the email sign-up letter because you don’t just want them to go to your website and then lose them. 

So, instead of direct links to your website, use the link to the email subscription form, which can be hosted on your website only. 

In a way, it will still drive traffic to your website, but you will also have this audience as a subscriber. 

Just make sure the value you offer is compelling enough to click through and sign-up. You can also provide additional benefits or some lead magnets once they reach the email newsletter

It is also called email-gated content, meaning they must give their email address to access the content. 

Email-Gate Your Giveaway Contests 

Giveaways are a trending marketing strategy for brands on the web to reach more and more people and boost traffic and engagement.  

Whether you’re running a content-based business or blog in your business niche or industry, it can help you : 

  • Increase brand awareness 
  • Reach more and more audience 
  • Generate leads 

But to make it even more effective and leverage that giveaway traction you’re getting temporarily to convert into permanent blog traffic, you need to email-gate it. 

It simply means you have to gate your contest were to participate; one must enter their email address which gives you email contact to retarget. 

Another interesting way is to connect your giveaway contest to your website by creating a contest page on your blog. 

This means to participate in the contest or giveaway or to know more about it; they have to click through the given link bringing them to your blog. 

So basically, all the giveaway participants will be landing on your blog, from which some of them might check out your other content as well. 

Make Checking Your Blog Part Of the Giveaway Task 

If you do not want to create a contest or giveaway page on your blog to get instant traffic but prefer more quality traffic, there is another way.

First, you must get email contacts from your giveaway participants and send them a custom email regarding their participation. 

Once they sign-up for the giveaway, you can send out automated emails regarding the rules of participation in the giveaway. 

Now, you must ensure that these giveaway contests ask the participants to check out your best or listed blogs. 

You can also tell them to check out all of your social media profiles, follow, like, and subscribe. They include visiting your website and enrolling in a newsletter. 

Giveaway tasks can be leveraged to promote your website and boost its traffic for some time but then email marketing. You can retain those to bring back to the blog. 

This traffic can be converted to regular returning visitors for your blog, who will be more engaging than others on a long-term basis. 

Have a look at the Perfect Marketing Giveaways Guide.

Optimize Your Emails For Different Devices

You have to make sure that your emails can adapt to the respective devices on which your target audience prefers to read on. 

Emails need to be optimized according to mobile devices where the design and content stick together and still be presentable. 

If not, you will lose the subscribers and won’t get click-throughs with your emails and hence, no website traffic through the emails. 

To get blog traffic, the emails you send need to be engaging and helpful to the readers, enough to pique their interest and curiosity in your blog. 

So, ensure your emails are highly readable and optimized according to the various devices. In fact, it is better if you think of a mobile-first mindset while crafting the email. 

Fortunately, almost all those email marketing platforms provide features to optimize emails into responsive designs according to the device. 

Segment Your Email List Based On the Interest of Your Subscribers 

This can help you to get more and more open in your emails. If you want to increase your email open rates and boost engagement rates, this can be really helpful. 

Segment your contact list according to the specific interest of your subscribers. 

For this, you must utilize all your data on your subscribers, including their previous interactions, interests in a particular type of email, responses, etc. 

Analyzing all this data will give you insight into which of your subscribers are interested in which particular topic or a specific type of sub-niche or anything, depending upon your blog. 

When only the specific interest-based emails are received by the respective subscribers, they are more likely to click on them and, in fact, click through to your blog. 

It boosts your website traffic to a tremendous effect. Along with this, you can actually ask your subscribers to choose a particular topic or sub-niche they are primarily interested in 

You can also see the list based on their goals; for example, if your blog is about digital marketing, you can ask them who newbies, who are learning for business, etc., are. 

You Can Design RSS Feeds On Your Blog 

One of the popular methods to increase traffic on your blog is to design an RSS Feed for your blog. It becomes more accessible for people to keep in touch with your blog. 

Creating RSS Feed will help you make it easy for people to re-visit the website after first checking it out. 

You can design and put an RSS subscription button on your blog website where first-time visitors can click on it to get back to it after some time. 

This can increase the returning visitor traffic on your blog. Make sure this button is highlighted and easily visible on your blog page. 

Make sure you put the correct text to make them understand how this can help. 

Use Sign-Up Pop-Ups 

Pop-ups may appear annoying, but it doesn’t take away the fact that they are highly effective in collecting email addresses from your blog visitors. 

Having more and more blog visitors’ email addresses will help you send out emails to bring them back to your blog. 

They can become regular readers of your blog if you can develop a long-term relationship through the emails you send. 

Make sure you are using the suitable placements and timing of the pop-up. Use email-marketing tools to design this op-in pop-up to get more and more sign-ups. 

To take more email addresses, you must offer them some incentive to exchange their email address with a lead magnet. 

Depending upon your audience and the content they seek, you have to develop a value-oriented lead magnet. 

It can be an ebook, PDF, cheat sheet, or freebie. Just make sure it is precious for the target visitors, enough so they can give you their email addresses. 

Using Your Email Signature 

You might be sending hundreds of emails daily that include your personal, business, and blog-branded email account. 

One of the most innovative ways to promote your blog and increase its traffic is using this quick but intelligent hack. 

All you have to do is put your blog link into your email signature, which means every time you send an email to anyone, the link will show up. 

Make sure you make it short and concise, mentioning it as a CTA for your recipients to check out your blog or website. 

Don’t make it too formal or just too much of a big deal. It should be casual and friendly. Do share in one line what your blog is about. 

You must give them a reason to click on your blog. Also, do not forget to link your social media profile to the blog as well. 

In fact, you can also insert the link to the sign-up opt-in landing page where one can sign-up for your newsletters. 

Personalize Your Email To Generate More Traffic 

You may get more open rates on your email for plenty of reasons, but at the end of it, if you want those email subscribers to become the regular traffic on your blog, there is more to it. 

You would want to increase the click-through rate of your email campaign. 

This means they must have enough good reasons to click on the link to reach your blog, something valuable enough to call them in. 

To do so, it is essential to personalize your email. Make it about the target customer, reach out to their particular needs, problems and desires. 

Share with them the exclusively hand-picked content that can help them at the particular time or stage where they are at. 

Rather than just encouraging them to check out your blog’s good value, it is better to focus on their problem or fundamental desire and connect it to your blog. 

If you personalize enough of your emails to specifically target the subscribers and share with them the content they want or need, you have a higher chance of more regular traffic. 

Interact With Your Subscribers

Interaction leads to engagement, which drives people to know more about you, your brand, and your business. 

And that’s when they become more curious about your business and explore your website, increasing the website traffic.

It can be one of the primary reasons such as : 

  • Incentive 
  • Information 
  • Content 

The incentive is your traditional lead magnets and freebies for which subscribers can visit your website. 

Information is when they become curious about your business and know more. So they would like to see how you started, what you offer, where you’re based etc. 

For that, they will land on your website or blog to know more. 

And another thing is content when they want to know more about the content you offer, whether it is articles, blogs, guides, etc. 

But in any case, you need to interact with them and engage with them on different fronts. 

Send them content that they can engage with and even reply to, share their opinions or react to in one way or another. 

It is essential to hold their attention and engage them through high-quality email content, offers, and personalized content recommendations or resources. 

Segment Your Email List For Maximum Exposure 

You need to reach out to more and more subscribers because even if you have an extensive contact list if they aren’t opening your emails, you won’t get traffic on your blog. 

To get traffic on your blog, you have to get the attention of these subscribers. 

It will only be possible if you have a more targeted list with specific needs and wants to offer more personalized content. 

In fact, your subject needs to be more personalized, catering to your targeted list’s specific needs and problems. 

Segmentation helps you create segments from your list depending on a particular factor or basis. 

It helps you to hyper-personalize your emails to be more effective, increasing the open rates and click-throughs, and engagement rates. 

Genuinely Try To Help Your Audience 

In the long run, gaining massive traffic is about getting a consistent influx of visitors from your audience base. 

And that can happen only when you are genuinely trying to help them.

The Best way is to offer them value-driven content highly relevant to the niche, industry, or type of content you have selected.

Focus on creating content that resolves their problem or helps to achieve their goals. If your content is really helpful, it is eminent that you will get high traffic to your blog.

But more importantly, you can send quality content through emails pinpointed to help people with their specific problems.

This will boost your email engagement rates and open rates as well. And through those emails, you can redirect consistent traffic to your blog regularly.

Since this will be returning traffic or revisiting traffic to your blog, the overall monthly or yearly traffic on your website will be amplified.

Utilizing Automation To Increase Traffic 

Automation helps you build consistency in the sending frequency of your emails to the subscribers. 

You can create triggers, events, or actions taken by users that automate the particular type of emails or sequences to be sent to specific target users. 

Using email automation, you can save time and effort in your email marketing, boost your traffic, and increase efficiency in marketing a hundredfold. 

You can use autoresponders to boost engagement between the brand and the customer or prospect.

Automation saves much time for marketers and owners, so they can focus on creating more content and leave it to automation for sending to their segmented contact list.

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