Gen Z Email Marketing: A Quick Guide For Brands

Generation Z is the cohort of people who were born after the millennials. They are supposed to be kryptonite when it comes to the digital market. 

As compared to millennials, Gen Z are different; they have a short attention span, which makes them less on use email and grow up in tech environments. 

Because of this, some marketers even announced that email is dead for this new generation, but it’s not. 

Since the generation has changed, your email marketing requires you to adapt too and to learn how you can make it engaging with gen z. This is a quick guide for you. 

Why Your Email Campaign Should Focus On Gen Z?

The first thing you should know is email marketing is not dead, not for Gen Z or any other generation. 

Even now, emails are an essential part of modern life. You require an email address to sign up, and this is how teens apply for their first jobs. 

According to research, 58% of gen Z check their emails multiple times in a day, despite the fact that they get less than 20 emails. 

The estimate is 121 emails per day as compared to what older generations receive; this means when it comes to gen z, the competition for their attention is much less. 

The overall population of Gen z is more than 32%, and in Us, they make up around 40% of consumers. 

So if your focus is still not on them, then you are just leaving the money on the table. Not just that, it can be putting the business at risk as gen z will grow up and gain much more purchasing power. 

What Makes Gen Z Different And Unique?

To understand how you can engage Gen Z, the first thing you should know is what makes them unique and different from millennials.

Millennials have been interested since they were young, but Gen Z grew up in an environment with technology as they never knew a life without it. 

Since Gen Z is living through rapid technological, environmental, and societal changes, because of this, they have created a unique perspective. 

Here are some of the fats that an email marketer should know when it comes to Gen Z, it includes : 

Gen Z is much more enthusiastic when they receive emails from the brands, more than 30% want to receive emails from brands a couple of times a week, and 27.5% want to receive emails from a brand on a daily basis. 

  • There are around 66% of Gen Z who use adblocker. 
  • Gen Z tends to have the most progressive generation; they have professional views as compared to others. 
  • The generation has much more interest in entrepreneurship. Around 72% of gen z want to start a business on their own. 
  • Gen Z supports business that shares their values. According to the survey, it was discovered around 77% of Gen z favor brands that promote gender equality, and 61% are willing to pay more for the products ethically as well as sustainably sourced. 
  • They want to feel a personal connection with brands, and as a result, 63% of Gen Z prefer to see real people instead of ads filled with celebrities.
  • Gen Z has much more struggle with mental health issues; there is around 47% feel stressed, sad, and anxious.
  • They use the internet in order to make decisions; 68% of Gen Z shoppers look at reviews before they make a purchase/
  • Gen Z has 50% more likely to leave reviews instead of millennials.

What Are The Challenges With Gen Z And Marketing? 

To make sure you know that focusing on Gen z is going to help, however, there are some challenges you might face while dealing with Gen z and marketing. 

There is no surprise that the attention span of consumers is going down. However, this goes worst for Gen Z. 

According to the research, the average millennial has 12 seconds of attention span, whereas Gen Z has less than 8 seconds. This makes it the most challenging generation to target for marketing. 

That means that marketers only have less than 8 seconds, four seconds on average, to convince Gen Z with the post, ad, and email with the time. ‘

email marketing challenges with Gen z

When it comes to Gen Z, the pattern in marketing requires to shift from being informative to delightful, from using celebrity to authenticity, and from being generic to being predictive. 

This generation is around 59% interested in connecting with the company and brand,  as compared to the previous generation. 

This is because of the prevalence of social media and access to smartphones.  If you are focusing on putting marketing efforts, it makes the generation skeptical, and they are more into authenticity. 

According to comprehension research done by a marketing group in collaboration with Harvard College Consulting,  they report that Gen Z has low favorites for the brand and its commercial aspect. 

The research says Gen Z expects that brands would show their human side and characteristics, embrace social responsibility and communicate transparency. 

The generation has inherited skepticism and it makes them much more difficult to deal with in marketing. 

Does Gen Z Use Email, And What To Know About It? 

Those marketers around 65% of marketers tend to increase their spending by focusing on marketing to this generation. 

If you want to know if it deserves the focus or which channel deceives the majority of the marketing dollars. 

While most marketers might believe that gen z cares only about social media, this makes the marketer focus on there instead of what email marketing can offer.

But the study shows that Gen  Z remains an active user of email. 

How Often Do They Check Their Email? 

According to the results, 58% of gen z respondents check email and do it multiple times a day. 

  • Further, 23% say that this generation checks their email at least once a whole day. 
  • 12.1% report checking email a couple of times per week 
  • 5.2% check their email once a week
  • 0.98% say they don’t check their email ever.

How To Engage Email Marketing With Gen Z? 

Gen Z is developed sophisticated toward the content filter from being subdued by information all the time. 

Since they have the understanding of how fast they discern and check if the email is worth their time. So email marketing requires to be the best; there are some of the strategies that you should know to engage gen z. 

improve email marketing for Gen z

Keep The Emails Much Shorter 

When it comes to email marketing, and you are looking for the engaging Gen z, then focus on keeping the sentences short. 

Also, add a few images to make it interesting, if you are not doing that, then they will end up deleting it. 

Avoid the length of writing in the email; just keep a few blocks of text.  They will not read and end up unsubscribing as fast as they can. 

Keep Your Email Personalized 

Gen Z understands that you have access to what data they put online. So you can use it without being afraid. 

Send them the coupon after they purchase something from you. If you are seeing a particular segmentation, always end up clicking links regarding a certain topic. 

You can offer the resources, which are in addition, see what your readers are doing and adjust the campaign depending on it. 

Make Sure You Are Identifying The Brand 

Since people receive emails a lot, then you should be sure that the identity of your brand is clear. 

You can remind them why they are getting the emails and be extra sure of what your brand is. 

Write The Subject Lines Of Compelling And Engaging 

The subject line is important, especially when you are engaging the gen z, 

You should make it compelling and engaging; this requires you to understand what attracts the generation’s attention. 

Consider Using The Email Marketing Professionals 

If you believe asking for help can improve and use the copywriter can make your emails much more engaging and compelling, you can consider hiring professionals. 

Skip those messages that seem like you are pushing too hard to sell or risk putting them off with them. 

Use the web designer to create modern and entertaining emails that the generation will look forward to. 

Explain How Your Brands Fit Their Identity 

Gen z wants to know more about what you sell,  but more than that, they want to know if your brand fits their personality or not. 

This means showcasing what value your band hold, language use, and developing the relationship along with what experience you are delivering them. 

Send What They Want From You In Email 

Most gen z looks for special offers, coupons, and special in email. If you are sending the links to blogs, company updates, and other resources, then they will skip it. 

They expect to receive all these updates on their social media, so focus on what message you are sending them on what channel. 

You might have preconceived ideas when it comes to the generation, especially those related to email marketing. 

But they still use email, so use this for accessing the message. However, shift the budget to other channels, including social media. 

Highlight What Values Your Brand Hold 

Perhaps one of the important things you should focus on is showing that you are on the same side, especially when you are targeting gen z. 

This generation they don’t make an allyship statement in major crisis hist.  To them, it’s nothing if there are no actions backing them up. 

During the Black Lives Matter protest in 2020, the corporation that made the allyship statement, around 67% of gen z, said it influenced their purchasing decisions. And how well those companies lived up to what they said. 

To impress gen z, you need to show the values and how it’s impacting the business. 

Keep The Treatment Equal 

Gen Z is categorized as kids. but it’s not true. The oldest members of this generation are in the 24 age group and end their college. 

They are doing jobs and paying bills, so no doubt they are adults, and they expect you to treat them equally. 

But it’s important you are treating the Gen z younger members the same. Those age groups are online, surrounded by the ads, and familiar with all kinds of tactics throughout their life. 

So they get skeptical when it comes to traditional marketing and feel tired when companies try to sell things to them. 

With the help of a few ways, you can adjust the marketing to show Gen Z then you are treating them equally. 

  • Make sure you are using a candid and friendly tone.
  • Emphasize the contribution and help they are doing, not just focus on how you are helping them. 
  • Don’t hide things from them, it means no lying or manipulating the facts to serve the purpose; since gen z lived with all these around them, they can see right through you. 

Focus On Lifting Their Personalities 

For a long time, most marketing tactics focused on praying for the insecurities of people/ Since the whole industry is built on this, it’s time to change the way how you do marketing. 

This style can be effective, but it won’t work if you are targeting gen z. As they are aware and very much tired of all of those techniques

So focus on lifting their personalities, the generation is already stressed out, help in making them feel better. 

Show them how you can help and how you value them. Also, choose a tone that is friendly and cheerful, and make it a pleasant experience for them. 

Don’t Skip The Personalization 

Personalization is mentioned in every guide you get in marketing. 

It’s one of the best ways that can help you in improving the campaigns and focus on how to do the marketing. 

This is especially true when you are focusing on gen z. 64% of consumers expect to receive email brand experiences and personalization. 

Focusing on personalization, you need to go complicated. The email marketing service has the tools to help you in making your campaigns effective. 

Here is how you can make personalize the email marketing; it includes : 

  • Use the subscriber name 
  • Send your email basis on the user activity 
  • Do the segmentation of your audience 

Add And Share The Social Proof 

Social proof is anything that can help you in showing that people are enjoying what you offer them; it can be services and products. 

Also, your social proof can be testimonials, reviews, and pictures of people using your product or anything else that shows they are enjoying your brand. 

If you want to connect with the generation, they focus on reading the review before they make the purchase, and for them, this is important to read the content. 

If you do not have social proof, then don’t worry about it since there are different ways that can help in encouraging testimonials and reviews. 

Here Are some of you can consider : 

  • Creating WordPress autoresponders, this asks the users after leaving a review for 1 or 2 weeks; it can require shipping after they do purchase. 
  • Ask the followers to share about what they like reading about your brand on their social media. 
  • You can also run the contest; this helps in requiring people to post their pictures and how they are interacting with the services and products. 

Let Them Choose How Often They Would Like Receiving Emails 

Well for the brands, it’s actually tricky to know what is the right frequency of sending the emails. 

So to maintain the balance between not being spammy or overbearing and staying in the presence of the inbox of your audience, you can let your audience decide. 

This works especially well when you are targeting the new generation. Let them choose how and what type of emeralds do they like to receive, 

Keep The Readability Top Notch 

Gen Z famously has the shortest attention span, even though they are on their phone most of the, but they don’t like reading content that is long and hard, especially on a small screen. 

To make your email readability top-notch, you can follow some basic rules such as : 

  • Get straight to the point, don’t give them space to wonder about what they are actually reading
  • Limit the paragraphs you are using and keep it limited to 2 or 3 sentences. 
  • Use images if the text is going in a big chunk
  • Choose a template that allows you to have a lot of white space
  • Organize the content using headers, so people choose what they are interested in reading
  • Make sure you are not adding two links closely, and take care to avoid the vertical stacks of the links
  • Before you try the new template, send the temple in the email to yourself and then check it on the mobile device. 

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