20+ Best Email Marketing Books You Must Read

Marketing is a self-education that stretches beyond marketing, and it is deeply connected to design, journalism, coding, technical skills, copywriting, etc.

Here you can’t afford to miss out on the new methods in marketing, new tools or software, or policy updates by Facebook or Google-like giants.

However, there are several books written by experts which can help in guiding you to self-education.

Here is the list of the best email marketing books that you can read in 2022.

E-Mail Marketing For Dummies By John Arnold

The book is ideally helpful for you if you have just started or do not have much experience in email marketing.

This one is not that advanced, but it can help you understand email marketing and its general components, along with the tech behind email deliverability.

The book is written by John Arnold, especially for those who are beginners and pros. Also, it can refresh the knowledge of the basis.

Email Persuasion By Ian Brodie

The book was released in 2013. However, it’s a gem that should be in your must-read book. It’s an information-packed book for all email and digital marketers who are planning to enter online marketing.

There are a lot of marketers and readers who mention the book. 

The book is great for email marketing book with a lot of strategies, advice, and understandable theory. 

Email Marketing Mastery By Tom Corson Knowles

Another book that you can consider for covering the basics of your email marketing, also it’s an ideal book for newcomers in the field.

Written by Tom Corson Knowles,  the book will not just help in understanding the ways email marketing works but also help in analyzing the time and place for implementing the email marketing campaign for the company.

Here you get the eight factors in the practical checklist that you should be considering for the email campaign setup.

It contains actual practical advice, which is perfect for the beginner, and it’s a must-read for email marketers who have the experience.

Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing For Business By Susan Gunelius

If you own a small business, it can be online or offline; with this book you can learn all the basics, including learning how to build the email list to revenue generation by using the email marketing technique.

This practical book can help in learning how you can stay effective but with simple techniques.

You can understand conversion funnels, targeting methods, basic list segmentation, etc.

In The second part, you can cover the email list analysis, along with key metrics for keeping the eyes on proper usage of personalized information along with the automation mechanics on a basic level.

The New Email Revolution By Robert W Bly

Well if you are looking to understand email campaigns, launching as well as building a list of email subscribers, you need to have the time and skill.

But what can help is the email, and with this book, you can learn how your subscribers are reading themes.

Also, here you have the secret tactics of email copywriting and learning how to choose the right temples depending on the campaign.

Not just that, you can learn about how to implement visual as well as video content in your emails etc.

Content Chemistry By Andy Crestondina 

Content is a crucial aspect of email marketing. No matter if you are a solopreneur or specialist in email marketing,  here, you have to be a pro to make the content for marketing 

Email copy can help you in improving people’s engagement and push them to get more active. It’s the most popular and sought-after email marketing book.

Andy‘s Content Chemistry can help you in learning about how you can use content in email marketing, search engine, social media marketing, and digital marketing. 

It includes examples, case studies, and a lot of practical seniors that help in understanding different aspects of content marketing. 

Email Marketing By Jack Stone 

The email marketing book is focused on email marketing. Here, Jack stone teaches you to increase email engagement and revenue-generating email campaigns. 

The book is also great in the e-commerce niche, so even if you are not the prime email marketer, it will still work for you. 

Also, it includes the tested strategies, real cases, examples, etc.  The book helps in learning about growing the list in an efficient way, creating outstanding CTA messages, and giving discounts that can be resisted. 

Jack Stone also helps in providing the tested strategies and showing the real cases along with examples/ 

Email Marketing For Profit By Jason Morgan 

The book was released in 2018; it has strategies and guides related to email marketing which is fresh and relevant. 

Also, the book is helpful as it’s a complete guide that offers you everything from basic and advanced techniques in email marketing and revenue generation. 

Jason Morgan helps you in learning about creating a business that is based mostly on email marketing. Also here it completes your automatics to give the best results. 

It has the effect of list building, most common mistakes, competitor analysis, and how you can avoid making mistakes. 

Apart from this, it includes CTAs and conversion optimization. 

Here you can find the examples, real cases, temples for email messages, landing page templates along with a curated list for email marketing all in one package 

Zero To $1 Million By Tiz Gambacorta 

The book helps in learning about email marketing, including from the beginning to generate revenue from it. 

Also, Tiz has more than just there, as he is an entrepreneur and online marketer with 15 years and more of experience. 

He also worked with dozens of businesses on digital space while earning five to size figures per month. 

With his book, you can learn about the right way of building a list, running your email campaigns, optimizing messages and offers also how you can create emails to generate revenue. 

Not just that, the book promises that you can learn how you can make 4 to 7 figures by doing email marketing. 

Marketing Automation & Online Marketing By  George Pain 

Well, even if you have a business or digital marketing team, here you need to know about automation as it’s a key scalable result. 

You also need to understand how everything processes to run, and the ways to scale as well as switch to revenue generation. 

Blog Writing By Anthony James 

Email marketing requires the understanding of technical skills to some degree but along with that, conversion and copywriting skills too. 

Also, if you are a beginner, this can cover the basics of copywriting, content marketing, SEO, etc. 

For that, you can consider Blog Writing by Anothony James, as with this book, you can learn about the right ways of making the content noticeable. 

Also, you can grab more traffic without putting in too much effort. And they have plenty of tips that you can use for email copywriting. 

It includes learning about content marketing, pays per click, search engine, guest posting, pay-per-click marketing, etc. 

Email Marketing Rules By Chad White 

Chad S.White is one of the top experts in email marketing who gained popularity through Twitter. 

As the top manager at Litmus which is known about email marketing software since 2005. 

With the book, you can get precious info about building an email list. 

It contains checklists, frameworks, and step-by-step methods for email marketing. 

Especially for you if you are skipping theories and starting on practicing, so you can start this one. 

Integrated Digital Marketing By Eric Carlin 

Eric Carlin is one of the top-selling authors in marketing. Also, the book offers strategies and guides about all things, including digital marketing. 

Here you get everything from pay-per-click marketing as well as social media to email as well as content marketing. 

Integrated Digital is a great book if you are starting your self-education journey. This book can help you in learning about tried and true email marketing tricks. 

It has information about other niches in digital marketing. And learn about communicating ways with the targeted audience via online channels. 

This book is ideal for beginners and mid-level or full-stack digital marketers. 

This one covers all the important aspects of digital marketing, including email marketing, with a case study and practical advice. 

Digital Minds By WSI 

WSI is one who is leading in the market when it comes to digital agencies, and the book is a great guide, especially for marketing managers, business owners, junior-level digital marketing specialists, as well as email marketers. 

The book can help you understand digital marketing and its complex structure. 

Digital Minds have helped you to learn about email marketing tricks, SEO, marketing automation, building websites, and eCommerce. 

Mastering Online Marketing By Magnus Unemyr 

Well, if you are looking for a book that can offer you all-around information and help in becoming a pro, you should consider Mastering Online Marketing by Magnus Unemyr. 

This book can help in understanding how online marketing generally works.

Not just that, it can help you in seeing the bigger picture as well as learn the right way of creating the website and landing pages. 

Apart from this, you can get help in optimizing for better conversion, nurturing the subscribers, etc. 

The Email Lifeline By Anik Singal 

Email Lifeline is a book that should be on the list if you are looking to achieve something but with no hassle, challenge, or results. 

It will help you in learning about how to build a first email list without much-complicated research, advanced strategies, and planning. 

Email Marketing Demystified By Mattew Paulson And Elisa Doucette 

The book helps you in learning about the actual strategies as well as methods for growing a list from 0 to 300,000 subscribers. 

It also helps in a case study with a lot of practical steps, which is tested by Mattew Paulson and Elisa Doucette. 

However, this book is not for complete beginners, but you can consider this if you are comfortable with smaller email list building. 

But it can help you understand the massive expansion of the email campaign. 

The Ultimate Marketing Engine By John Jantsch 

This book is ideal if you are learning about step-by-step systems for creating customers and clients. 

It is difficult for business and marketing professionals to learn about the right way to create relationships with customers. 

An organization that focuses on converting more customers to members as well as being helpful. 

Magnetic Words By Alina Swanson 

With this book, you can learn about how you can have high conversions mail to drive more sales and receive the email. 

Also, you can learn what to ignore and what to follow. The book is helpful for telling you about the secrets behind good email marketing, understanding subject lines, and reasons behind how your conversions are not working. 

So you can consider this book if you want in-depth knowledge about email marketing and learning the right way to start one for yourself. 

Email Marketing Blueprint By Steve Scott 

With this book, you will learn about building the email list that can bring you results. 

Regardless of what market you are choosing or what income goals you have, an Email marketing blueprint helps you understand how to get into the mind of subscribers. 

Also, learn how to offer what your subscribers might be looking for and use it for growing the business. 

You can also learn about the right way of building custom connections that will last for years. 

300 Email Marketing Tips By Meera Kothand 

The book is packed with a how-to guide that helps in branding and learning email marketing. 

Also, you can learn about the welcome email, what you should do, and whatnot. 

The book has been divided into different parts, including learning the lead magnet, planning the media editorial calendar, and questions and answers. 

This can help you in getting more knowledge along with the right tips to understand how you can make your email marketing better as well as effective. 

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