25+ Email Marketing Blogs And Websites For Aspiring Marketers And Business Owners

Well, B2B marketing is competitive, and it means that marketers are required to be on top of their game in order to be in the competition and also hold their place in the industry. 

As for marketers, there is no end when it comes to learning and having information for improving their work; there are different blogs and websites which can help in that. 


Moz is well known in the marketing as well as the SEO industry. 

It was founded in 2004 by Gillian Muessig and Rand Fishkin. 

Both are known for being the first companies that are creating SEO tools. 

However, in 2013. They rebranded it from SEOmoz to Moz and focused on all different areas of digital marketing. 

Why You Should Try:  Moz offers the latest information about SEO, and they also have algorithm updates related to Google. 

Not only do they have excellent guides on link building, local SEO, content marketing, etc. 

You get information about link building, keyword research, SEO audits, and everything that you need to know about SEO. 

Uplers Email 

With a team of more than 150 experts, Uplers Email is an email marketing agency offering its services since 2013. 

However, earlier, they were known as Email Monks, but they changed their name to Uplers Email in 2019. 

They focus on dealing with email marketing campaigns and helping in achieving goals regarding email marketing. 

Why You Should Try It: The blogs they offer are the best ones in email marketing, not just frequently updated but also have relevance. 

They have tips that you can use for your campaigns as well. 

You can learn about email design and coding from their blog, as they have great resources for that. 

Neil Patel 

Well, one of the biggest names when it comes to the marketing industry, Neil Patel, received recognition from Barack Obama, the former US president, as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under 30. 

Also, boats to clients like eBay, Amazon, and Google. Neil Patel’s blogs are the ideal ones to follow if you are looking to keep track of multiple ventures as well as digital marketing strategies. 

In his blog, you will get a wide range of marketing articles, also in podcast and video form. 

Why You Should Try:  It’s best for you as his blog offers you well-rounded marketing knowledge of the business. 


Well, VWO was founded by Paras Chopra in 2010, and they focus on the enterprise and mid-market enterprise. 

Paras Chopra is a respected leader in the SaaS industry and known for being a genius for accessing the personal blog In red Passion. 

Also, they offer tools for A/B testing, website analytics, and product. 

Along with website personalization, they also provide services to eBay, Target, and Disney, like notable names. 

Why You Should Try It: You can consider getting the insight regardless of whether you are a beginner or have mature CRO companies. 

The article contains a lot of statistical data, recent trends, comparison of methods for A/B testing and mobility topics. 

The websites they have are detailed content that can help you in conversion rate optimization. 

Social Media Explorer 

This one was created by Jason Falls in 2009, and it was formed to combat the noise inherent in the marketing industry. 

The blog is helpful in large displays of all recent articles, black headers, and categories. 

You can get the categories found in their sidebar, and they have a lot of tips & tricks, cartoons, and satire. 

Why You Should Try it: The website is ideal if you want to be updated on the latest marketing news. 

They have the flexibility in choosing the materials depending on what you consume.

Living To Roam 

Created by Maggie Stara,  Living To Roam was initially a blog for lifestyle travel that sometimes posts about providing tips for freelancers. 

But now, it’s evolved into a digital marketing blog as Stara is new to the industry as well. 

Why You Should Try It: The blog is especially good for you if you are a newbie, as Stara is learning and helping through the blog. 

Also, she knows the struggle of learning and shares what can help in making your process easy. 

The blog features those who are seeking freelance marketers along with traveling.  

You can get articles that have testimonies about freelancers who are earning through marketing. 

They have a lot of marketing tips and strategies, and the blogs are available in both video as well as transcripted versions. 

WSI Blog 

WSI are the largest digital marketing agency network in the world; the blog has extension and guides which are extremely relevant and offer a solution for several topics, including: 

  • Social media marketing 
  • Search engine optimization 
  • Email marketing 
  • Lead generation 
  • Content marketing 
  • Customer experience 

The writers also often publish practical tips along with stages that you can use on the digital marketing campaign in order to boost the growth of your brand. 

Why You Should Try It:  WSI blogs have a lot of focus on explaining the so what topics related to business, covering topics which are the best email platforms, as well as how voice search in digital marketing. 

Here you get the information about forming digital marketing, especially knowing what’s going on in the market and aspects of digital marketing. 

And here, you can learn about best practices in content marketing, customer experience, etc. 


GetResponse works on a global level, and it’s an email marketing platform; they have offices in Canada, Poland, Malaysia, Russia, and the US. 

The company helps in building the subscriber list which is targeted and offers tools that are useful for email marketing. 

Why You Should Try It: It has a blog where you can get the tips and tricks provided by experts to understand the action of the marketing world. 

There are different topics, some of which are for beginners, along with best practices that you can try. Also, you can understand the importance of email automation and why it’s important to use it. 

The Colibri Digital Marketing Blog 

Well, for the digital marketing professional and for those who want to make a significant boost in sales.  You can consider this one to follow. 

Also, here you have the topics covered in improving brand visibility, better customer engagement, etc. 

They have all the top-notch contents which can level up digital marketing, 

With this, they keep the blog fresh with their updates on the events going on in the digital world. 

Why You Should Try It:   The Colibri Digital Marketing blog offers you the best practices of digital marketing, and it covers vital areas, including copywriting, SEO, email marketing,  branding, etc. 

Here you can find the success stories which can help in inspiring real life, and the guest blog is insightful. 

You can try it to get the latest tips, tricks, and practices for aspects of digital marketing. 

Not just that, the blogs are multilingual, and posts can be read in Spanish and English versions. 


Agorapulse is known for resourceful blogs for anyone looking in the depth of social media marketing

Along with that, they offer highly strategic insight, helping in knowing how to use social media for connecting with customers, generating awareness as well as increasing sales. 

Why You Should Try It: You will learn about driven marketing, social media campaigns, competitive social intelligence tips, etc. 

They have a blog that helps you in building and engage the community on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with a lot of attention with practical advice. 

You can stay updated with the latest developments in marketing and from insiders and experts on social media. 

Social Fresh 

In 2008, Social Fresh was created by Jason Keath, and it was a self-aware marketing agency. 

They are the ones who acknowledge the chaps that the internet brings, but they have a better understanding and grip on the strategies. 

Why You Should Try It: The blog is ideal if you want to keep the up to date on the marketing news and navigate social media. 

They keep boosting their blogs on a daily basis and have a significant focus on social media and navigation. 

They have the top on having the later marketing strategies. 


AdVisibles are the traditional resource instead of a community, it is filled with content that is actually useful, and it’s about everything in marketing and solid education trends. 

It offers you insights and predictions, and it has tons of effective ideas which can help in improving the marketing of a brand. 

advisable covers the current trends going in digital marketing. 

Why You Should Try It:  Well, since the pandemic is going on, they offer a strategy that can help your marketing. 

The best part here is that they provide the best value as their contents are concise and short. 

If you don’t have much time to spend on reading blogs, this is actually time-saving and you can gain something. 

So if you are running a digital marketing campaign for clients or even for your own business,  you can read the blogs here to learn about everything that can help in getting successful as well as maximizing the ROI. 

Social Beat 

Social Beat was founded by Suneil Chawala and Vikas Chawala. The blogs here are for helpful information and practical tips for digital marketing. 

They provide caseful studios and list posts along with relevant trends and the latest news. 

Not just that, they cover the different aspects of online marketing, including social media marketing, SEO, video marketing, content marketing, branding, etc. 

With that, they have the mission of sharing the opportunities to the digital marketer for boosting the success rate with their tips on osmolality, conversion, and CEO. 

Why You Should Try It:  The posts they do are well-researched and frequent. 

Not just that, they include proven steps that are actionable. 

In business, they provide the devices which are practiced for the brands as well as the market. 

You can get information about brand and design, SEO, content marketing, influencer, and video marketing. 


MailJet is a French-based email marketing platform as well as a tracking system. 

They have their headquarters in Paris, and tech hubs in New York, Toronto, Ho Chi Minh City, Sofia, Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, Berlin, and Dusseldorf.

The company focuses on simplifying email delivery, and they have blog sections too. 

Why You Should Try It:  The dedicated blog talks about email deliverability, digital marketing strategy, and everything related to email each week. 

You can easily get the newsletter m and get the email marketing strategy that suits the business along with great news and tips. 

JUST Creative 

JUST creative was founded by Jacob Cass in 2007, and it also won awards for branding agencies as well as industry-leading design blogs. 

The blog updates new articles almost every day; here, you ensure that you always get the latest trends and research. 

Why You Should Try It: Well, this one is best for you if you are looking for marketing tips and tricks, also it has self-care as well as decision-making skills. 


In 2015, Daniel Kempe and Mattew Surr founded this blog. However, it was a struggle, but they did it. 

The motto here is to save the world from content that is bad, but one piece at a time. 

Why You Should Try It:  The Quu blog features different aspects of marketing but is geared towards quality and brand visibility. 

Also, if you are a creator or business owner who needs to develop good quality, you need to maintain the visuality and traction. 

With this blog, you can learn about the importance of and understand brand visibility. 


Founded by Solomon Thimothy. He is a marketing professional focused on growth. 

Well, the website aims for B2B marketing with an emphasis on optimizing growth. 

The resource section provides a wide range of information.  They have guides, events, podcasts, blogs, and an ROI calculator. 

Why You Should Try It:  Well the website is ideal for the B2B growth hacking strategies, and along with that, they are ideal for the new business and startups who are looking to use the strategies for boosting growth. 


Hubspot is a famous and well-known website for everything related to sales and marketing. 

It was relaunched by Brian and Dharmesh in 2004, and after that, it became a huge success. 

The site includes everything that a salesperson and marketer might need. 

Why You Should Try It: Hubspot is for you if you are content and inbound marketing for pretty. 

They have a blog that is easy to understand and ideal for the beginner and the expert both. 


Here you get the information related to SEO, email marketing, customer experiences, sales prospecting, etc. 

They have the tools and resource links for guiding and improving the results of Wakeup Data. Wakeupdata was founded in 2014 by Dennis Cassoe and Allan Jorgensen. 

It’s an e-commerce feed for management businesses, based in Denmark and aims for a global outlook in order to provide information as well as tools for agencies and businesses. 

The primary aim is to simplify the data for store owners online and e-commerce agencies.  So with this, they can understand how to use it for taking effective action and boosting e-commerce sales. 

Why You Should Try It: Well, if you are an agency and business owner, this place can be ideal for getting valuable information that can boost conversions. 

They have a comprehensive blog section; you can find a lot of articles for optimization and data management. 

They have articles on topics such as : 

  • Ecommerce 
  • Case studies 
  • Facebook & Google ads 
  • Data insights 
  • Product feed optimization etc 


GHAX, or Gee-Hacks was founded in 2012 by Antonio Calabrse. The target market is all the small businesses that are looking to establish their presence online. 

Also, they have the information, but it’s not too much at once. They provide a clear trajectory of what you, as a reader as well as the business, might need. 

Why You Should Try It: The blog is ideal for you if you are a business owner looking for information on boosting market reach. 

Adlib Web

Adilbweb is a  digital marketing resources agency that was founded in 2001 by Nick Loggie and Pilar Viduera. 

However, the agency was called dyPunto, but in 2006, they renamed it Adlibweb. 

It also specializes in global digital marketing solutions, which offer a range of strategies to plan and execute. 

Why You Should Try It: The blog is ideal for navigating to cater effectively to international clients. 

The blog features references that are end-to-end marketing problems; it has articles for help. 

Five Channels 

Five Channels are created by Jason Hall and it helps in telling about the marketing which you might not be aware of. 

Why You Should Try It: The five channels blog which provides you with a straightforward layout, and it’s ideal for beginners. 

The feature is for the new business before you complicate the subjects for network planning and data trends. 

Hop Online 

Hop online was founded by ex-Googler Paris Childress in 2009. They are someone who believes in doing the traditional and linear marketing strategies, which are enough for the digital age. 

Why You Should Try It: The site is ideal for those who are looking to reference flexible marketing strategies.

The online blog does not have frills, but they have a clean-cut layout which makes navigation easier for navigation. 

Also, all the features on their articles and you can find the latest articles as their what is new in a blog? 

You can even find the blogs by using their browsing category. 

Content Marketing Institute 

Content marketing institute was launched in 2007, and it was known as Junta42 previously. 

And it was an instant leader when it came to providing content marketing education to a wide range of businesses. 

Well, the CMI brand was launched by Joe Pulizzi in 2011, who is also a speaker and expert in content. 

Why You Should Try It:  You can try this if you are interested in content marketing. 

Also here you get the articles, they have the tips which are from the experts for different types of the business and suitable for the expert as well as novices both. 

You can get advice regarding how to increase the response from the audience, improve the quality of content, advice regarding telling stories, optimize content experiences, etc. 

It includes all the advice which you need. 


Mailchimp is a US-based email marketing company; the team approaches email marketing and has three prime focuses designing campaigns, data analytics, and health contact management-related practices. 

Why You Should Try It: Even though they are email marketing service providers, Mailchimp also has a blog that can help in learning about the basics of email marketing. 

They have success stories and case studies too. 

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Campaign Monitor 

Campaign Monitor is a software development brand that has a blog dedicated to email marketing. 

They have email marketing platforms for two types, one is for the brand, and the second is for e-commerce. 

Why You Should Try It: The blog focuses on personalized emails, e-commerce, lead generation, newsletter, etc. 

The blog has email marketing tips and industry updates too. There is a team of experts in email marketing, with which you can get the craft, send and optimize for the email marketing campaign. 

Have a look at CampaignMonitor Review (2022): Features, Pricing, Pros, And Cons

Email On Acid 

Email on Acid is a Colorado-based software company that provides email pre-deployment solution for making sure that you are client’s email is optimized as well as reviewed for the deployed/ 

Why You Should Try It: The blog here is effective if you are looking for great additions to the strategies in email marketing. They also offer the Q&A workflow, which can help you understand the process. 

Marketing Land 

Marketing Land was founded by Danny Sullivan And Chris Sherman, it’s a marketing publication that specializes in different aspects related to digital marketing. 

They have all the articles which are about SMO, social, SEO, Display, Analytics,  Retail, etc. 

Why You Should Try It: The blog is for you if you want to stay up to date with trends that are going on in marketing. 

They upload new content daily, along with webinars, research reports, events, etc. 

Here you get a wide range of information that can help you in staying informed. 

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