10+ Best Email Marketing Apps For Shopify

Are you looking for different ways to grow your Shopify store? 

Or might be figuring out how you can up your email marketing game for your Shopify store to generate more sales. 

Or you might just have started your Shopify store and want to see how email marketing can work for your online store. 

Either way, you’ve come to the right place. Because to really grow your Shopify store, you need to have the required tools or, say, systems and frameworks in place. 

But luckily, there is plenty of Shopify apps and software that can help you with email marketing. 

In fact, there is so much automation you can do, is all you will have to do is create new campaigns, sit back and see how it works, And then, maybe, make necessary changes. 

So, let’s dig dive into the best email marketing apps for Shopify you can get. 

email marketing apps for shopify store

Shopify Email 

Shopify Email is basically an email service platform made ideally for eCommerce, and that too for Shopify stores. 

Since this application is offered by Shopify itself, there is no issue with the credibility. 

Even though Shopify email is a fairly new application in comparison to other email service platforms or software, it has become quite popular amongst Shopify store owners. 

This also becomes ideal for Shopify users who do not want to integrate any third-party email marketing platform into their online stores. 

Shopify email app becomes integral for your online store as it acts as a communication bridge between you and your customer. 

Earlier, Shopify also used to have a direct integration with Mailchimp before they pulled the plug on their deal for data privacy concerns. 

And that’s why Shopify ends up cr0eating their own email service provider to help their own e-commerce store owners. 

So it clearly tells how optimized and specialized it will be for managing Shopify stores and all their specific requirements. 


  • It offers you ready-made designs easily accessible as templates where you just have to put your own branding, change product details, customize your store colors, and are good to go. 
  • You can segment your email list, but it is not an automated email list, so it requires segmentation every time you send emails. 
  • An automated email is a feature where you can send automated emails based on the triggers or certain set actions, such as abandoned cart emails. 
  • You can also easily import the contact list, which will be the customer list, to your Shopify email app to send emails. 
  • It also allows you to track how many times your email is opened or how often or any other related data is on it. 
  • You also get a free trial plan with this tool to try and test with your Shopify store and run a campaign to see whether this works for you or not. 


Omnisend is one of the best email marketing platforms out there, and especially for Shopify, it acts as an all-in-one email marketing app. 

The best part is how seamlessly it integrates with Shopify, where it takes only a few minutes to get started with your online email campaign up and running. 

Not to mention, you get this extensive suite of email marketing tools and features to boost your sales, increase customer engagement, and whatnot. 

It also offers you to add SMS and web push notifications as additional communication channels to use. 

The best part of Omnisend is its ease of use, affordable pricing, and all-in-one email marketing features, which make it ideal for small and medium Shopify store owners. 


  • You get a drag-and-drop email editor to create visually-stunning emails fast and easily. 
  • It also allows you to do A/B campaign testing to see what email subject line or messaging works best for you. 
  • You also get a pre-built automation workflow for sending emails. 
  • An email segmentation feature is also provided to create specific customer groups within your email contacts. 

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If you are looking to automate your email marketing for your Shopify stores, Drip is the best tool to go for. 

It allows you to micromanage your workflows to the tiniest details helping you save time and energy to focus on other essential aspects of your business. 

This tool gives you the capability to automate your entire customer journey by using triggers like order placement, the total amount you’ve spent, higher purchased products or brand preferences, etc.

Drip is an email marketing tool ideally best for email automation which allows you to create triggers based on even the smallest action done by users, such as viewing a product, deleting a product from a cart, etc. 

Especially in the case where you have some prior experience with email marketing, and it worked for you in terms of content and engagement, but you are looking to take it to the next step and make it more automated, then this can be your best choice. 

The tool also offers integration with Facebook customer audiences which means you can easily combine your targeted Facebook Ad with the automated campaigns of your store. 

What is best about Drip tools is that it makes it super easy to automate and create triggers. It is different from other similar platforms where it does some work to do before you do that. 

It offers you a workflow editor, all colorful and visual, making it so easy and fun to edit and customize according to your business preferences. 

The thing is, you can decide how you want your workflow, so you can start by creating simpler ones but then get too complex in time, as much as you want to go in. 

Then, there are pre-built templates of workflows designed for e-commerce in every condition or requirement. For example, there are templates for post-purchase, cart abandonment, and so much more. 

It is also really good email marketing software if you are starting out or want things to be easy. 

Not to mention, the documentation they offer around how their integration works, so much detailed and easy to follow, makes you an expert on it in a short time. 

Any Shopify store owner who is looking forward to getting some easy but effective automation and segmentation features, this is a great one to go for. 


  • It allows you to create and manage detailed customer journey automation workflows.
  • You can do audience segmentation with ease.
  • Drip sends you custom recommendations and insights to tell you what’s working.
  • It offers an easy-to-use visual email builder for making quick email design
  • It provides proven eCommerce playbooks for proven methods to drive revenue. 
  • You can do A/B testing to see what works and what doesn’t 
  • You get the feature of pre-built dynamic segmentation in real-time 

Consistent Cart – Abandoned Cart 

The Consistent Cart-Abandoned Cart is a more niche and specialized email marketing tool that focuses primarily on targeting abandoned cart users. 

With more than 3592 reviews giving whopping five stars, this Shopify app is definitely worth consideration, especially if you see a lot of abandoned carts in your store. 

There is a free plan available to try and test whether it suits your business, then you can go ahead to get its paid version. 

The tool helps you drive revenue on autopilot by consistently monitoring and analyzing cart activity and targeting abandoned carts. 

It has a dedicated full suite of email marketing and SMS marketing automation tools that help you to boost sales. 


  • It allows you to monitor cart activity on your online store. 
  • You can use a suite of email automation tools to boost sales 
  • It has tons of features to automate your email campaign
  • You can use real-time metrics to track and analyze progress 

AVADA Marketing Automation 

AVADA email and SMS marketing for Shopify are one of the best and most reasonable marketing solutions for any e-commerce merchant out there. 

Especially the ones who are looking forward to converting their customers into long-term customer relationships. 

This tool is also very well designed to get results from abandoned cart campaigns as well. This is easy to work on tools if you want to adapt the automation for your email and SMS marketing. 

AVADA marketing tool also helps you to keep tabs on your prospect and remind them to make the purchase. 

Since it is quite user-friendly and has an intuitive interface, it works for all kinds of merchants and online store owners who are selling through Shopify. 

It also offers you to manage automated data sync from your Shopify store quickly and without any hassle. You can segment them to send much more targeted messages. 

AVADA email marketing tool also provides 14 days free trial where you can experience and test whether it suits your needs and preferences or not. 


  • It allows you to optimize the abandoned cart email automation and cover lost sales. 
  • You can send welcome email series on the trigger set anyone signup on your website.
  • There is follow-up email automation to engage with the consumers. 
  • You can send all kinds of autoresponders regarding order confirmation, shipping, return confirmation, etc.
  • It offers plenty of ready-to-use email templates 
  • It provides auto-sync customer data. 
  • You can track the ROI of your campaign and generate advanced reports 
  • It allows you to create newsletter popups and spin-to-win to college emails easily.
  • You can segment your contact list for more personalization. 


ActiveCampaign is one of the reputed brands behind offering advanced email marketing automation to your eCommerce business

The tool is focused on helping you reach out to the right target contacts, sending the right messages at the right time using all email marketing automation and features at hand. 

ActiveCampaign offers all kinds of email marketing tools and features that you can think of, including personalization, segmentation, etc. 

You will have countless integration with other marketing applications which can help your Shopify store generate revenue. 


  • You can set up welcome messages into an automated workflow to get more targeted users with high-quality marketing automation and the right messaging. 
  • The tool allows you to use email automation and email sequences to sell,  upsell and cross-sell a customer. 
  • Send your customers and prospects scheduled and automated email messages based on different set triggers or customized campaigns. 
  • It allows you to track the ROI of the campaign with detailed and comprehensive reports and analyses. 

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Klayviyo is a specialized email marketing software designed for eCommerce, so needless to say how, it is compatible with Shopify stores. 

In fact, their website itself says, “Shopify stores make $85 for every dollar they spent on Klaviyo”. 

That’s what they claim, and to say the least, it is promising when you look at the plethora of features and tools they offer specially crafted to cater to online stores. 

They focus on generating high ROI from their campaign, so their tools in terms of functionality and design are aimed to match that. 

So, if you are struggling to make profits or generate sales with your online store and considering email marketing to work on, you can definitely give Klaviyo a try. 

You can use their free version of the software that is limited to sending 500 emails per month for upto 250 subscribers. 

What is best about Klaviyo is their seamless integration with Shopify giving you this premium experience, easy and quick to set up. 

You also get these tons of attractive, modern-looking email templates to get you started. The dynamics blocks allow you to customize in the way you want.  

The tool also focuses a lot on A/B testing and seeing what works for your business by tweaking little things in your campaign. 

Their A/B testing tool is so easy and comprehensive in highlighting what works that you can get better results in no time. 

Another impressive feature is their ‘Profile’ section that gives you this bird-eye view of your Shopify store about every little detail and update going on. 

Like you can see what purchases have been made recently in real-time, by whom, how much, and other aspects as well. 


  • You get powerful and seamless integration with Shopify and a wide range of other tools. 
  • The tools allow you to do fast segmentation to make your marketing more relevant. 
  • Klaviyo is specially designed to cater to eCommerce businesses through advanced email marketing tools. 
  • You can do A/B testing with detailed analysis. 
  • You also get automation tools for creating autoresponders and transactional emails. 
  • It allows you to monitor, track and analyze progress and performance with email metrics. 


Privy is a promising email marketing automation tool, especially for Shopify stores, as it has a 4.6 overall rating given by 24,382 reviewers to date.  

It is a great alternative to marketing automation tools that are specially built for eCommerce stores. 

The tool focused on helping online stores to grow sales now, at the moment. So that’s something is your objective; this tool might just perfectly align with your business needs. 

It helps you build your contact list, cover the cost of abandoned carts, send emails that convert and generate sales, and much more. 

You can sync it to your Shopify store with just one click. They also offer a plethora of tools and features, such as holiday templates, high-converting displays, customization pop-ups, and flyouts. 


  • It allows you to create customizable, mobile-friendly displays 
  • You can do coupons code integration to your Shopify store 
  • It allows you to do automated A/B testing. 
  • You can use autoresponders, texts, emails, and reminders as well. 
  • The tool provides advanced tools and features in automation, follow-up emails, abandoned carts, and newsletters. 
  • You can create target-based triggers to create automated workflows for better engagement and sales.  


 Well, guess what? Sendinblue is an official plugin for Shopify. It is a free and yet very powerful email marketing and automation app for online sellers. 

The app is focused on helping you send effective marketing and relationship-building messages at the right time to the right people. 

Sendinblue comes real handy in improving your email deliverability and user engagement by sending automated emails. 

It also allows you to track every little detail of your campaign, all the metrics, including open email rates, delivery rates, click-through rates,  engagement rates, and whatnot. 

You are also able to easily sync the user data or customer data from your Shopify store to the Sendinblue account. 

This allows you to create your own customized email automation workflows depending on your business and marketing strategy. 

Sendinblue also offers all the tools required for advanced email marketing, such as segmentation, personalization, automation, and more. 


  • It boosts your email deliverability by making sure that the audience is receiving the transactional emails you’re sending to them. 
  • You can access real-time and detailed email campaign metrics. 
  • It also automatically syncs your Shopify store to your Sendinblue account to get contacts, purchase data, and everything to create custom automated workflows. 
  • You can send scheduled and automated emails under a set campaign using triggers and based on user behavior. 

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If you are looking for a powerhouse email marketing automation platform for your Shopify store, then you ain’t getting better than Getresponse. 

It takes email automation further than any other usual email marketing service out there. 

So this is more suitable if you are intentionally looking for more advanced email marketing to take your automation system to another level. 

For example, GetResponse gives you email automation and campaigns to run webinars, CRM, and landing pages. 

It certainly is one of the best options for Shopify stores for email automation and marketing, actually an overall solution for all your email automation. 

You will also get to do deep data integration to sync your customer data, their product purchases, preferences, responses, etc., to your email campaign. 

All to help you create more customized campaigns and do better at segmentation and personalization of your emails. 

One of the best parts about using GetResponse is their wide range of ready-to-go templates for building automation for your online store. 

It just makes things super fast and easy to get started with any type of campaign you want, including abandoned cart campaigns, post-purchase, lead nurturing, sales, etc. 

You can automate all kinds of emails based on the triggers and user behavior, such as recommendation emails. 


  • Complete, one-stop email marketing and automation solution for Shopify store 
  • Pre-built, ready-to-go templates for campaigns to start fast and easy
  • Easy to use design tools 
  • AI-drive, code-free intuitive, and user-friendly website builder for landing pages 
  • Complete webinar email marketing software inbuilt 
  • Tools for creating autoresponders and  transactional emails 
  • Detailed, real-time, advanced, and automated reports with key metrics to monitor, track and analyze campaign performance
  • Segmentation, personalization, and contact list management for precise targeting

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