Email Hunter: 10+ Alternatives and Competitors

Hunter is a software that allows people to find their email addresses in seconds and connect with people. This tool can deliver messages to the right person and find the correct email addresses.

There are more than 3M users of this software, and mainly caused by leading companies like Google, Microsoft, Adobe, human resources, IBM, etc. ,like to use this, you’ve to give a domain name by launching the search, for example,

This remarkable tool can help you optimize your outreach efforts. Hunter makes it easy to find professional email addresses quickly and connect with people that matter to your business.

List of Email hunter Alternatives

Zoominfo sales os:

YEAR FOUNDED: February 2019
HEADQUARTER: Vancouver, Washington, United States 

Zoominfo is an excellent marketing platform for sales and marketing teams. Sales os provide profile information to millions of business professionals and businesses.

The database and portfolio of ZoomInfo are 100% safe as it does not collect any consumer or credit information. It only focuses on collecting business-related data, like the job title of the company employees or work email addresses.

The CEO and founder of ZoomInfo are Henry Schuck. The company has a valuation of 107 crores USD and good revenue. 


HEADQUARTER: southern California

It is software that accesses our database with almost 95% accuracy. Uplead is based in southern California.

It provides a contact lookup function through which you can easily find your leads’ contact details, including mobile phone numbers, emails, social media, and more.

Uplead was founded in 2017, and the founder and CEO of this software are Canon. The software helps manage accounts based on real-time email verification and targeted sales. Primarily this software is used by freelancers, large enterprises, small businesses, etc.

HEADQUARTER: San Francisco, California (United States)

It is an all-in-one sales intelligence and engagement platform that helps you prospect, engage and drive more revenue. has more than 2M+ users globally and is trusted by over 190000 companies.

Many sellers and marketers use this platform to increase their customers. is based in San Francisco, California (United States).

Tim Zheng is the founder and CEO of Apollo. It was launched in 2015, and the company’s valuation is $900M. Overall, it has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.

Clearbit data activation platform:

HEADQUARTER: San Francisco, California 

It provides a complete view of your prospects, markets, and customers. Clearbit is helping you build the new data with a backbone for recent sales and marketing teams worldwide.

This data activation platform helps B2B teams grow their businesses by providing tools that help them understand their customers, identify prospects and personalize their data. The CEO is Ross Moser, and the co-founder is Alex Macaw.

Currently, the valuation of clear bit is $250M and revenue of $41.4M. The service plan starts at USD 999 per month.

Rocket reach:

HEADQUARTER: Bellevue, Washington, United States

It is software that finds phone numbers, email addresses, and social media accounts from its database of 250 million professionals. Rocket’s reach is trusted by over 12 million users powering sales, markets, and recruiting. Rocket reach is 95% accurate.

It is an automated marketing tool that helps small businesses increase their sales by increasing their online presence. More than 11 million businesses use Rocket’s space, including Google, Amazon, Disney, Facebook, and Apple.

Amit Shanbhag is the founder and CEO. It generates revenue of $240k.


HEADQUARTER: Boston, Massachusetts

The corporation names aquatic data and makes it accessible for building B2B sales with professionals, mainly focusing on up-to-date contact and information.

It is a data enrichment tool by which you can find contact details, such as phone numbers and email addresses. The Lusha chrome extension lets you see contact information via social network profiles.

Assaf Eisenstein and Yoni Tserryug founded lusha in 2016. Yoni Tserryug is also known as the CEO of Lusha. It generates revenue of $29.4M and reaches a valuation of $1.5billion with funding of 205 million dollars.


HEADQUARTER: Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires

Gerard Compte, Cristian Vitales, and Cristian Vitales founded the company in 2014. It’s located in Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires.

The corporation’s primary purpose was to make the best growth, leading to the strategy and generation for assessing all the marketing sales with experts in the world’s business strategy.

The corporation’s objective is to have a professional idea for growing the business. It defines a better manner of people working and completing the shape to find a true passion with curiosity and love to do their work.

HEADQUARTER: Dublin, Ohio, United States

Brandon Bronachin is the CEO of the company. The company’s headquarters are located at Sawmill Road, Suite 341, Dublin, Ohio 43016, United States.

The current revenue of the company is $20 million. It helps customers build new relationships and get new opportunities and revenue; It is an Organization for creating sales with quick-release orders for successful and profitable relationships with many people for organizing the world’s contact with universal access and team management. 

lead 411:

HEADQUARTER: Boulder, Colorado, United States

The CEO of the company is Tom Blue. Lead411 is the best source of verified lead data, and this includes inbox response verified email that is 96% accurate and the most industry-specific B2B direct-dial phone numbers.

When looking for new clients, they also look at the price plan, the goal, and the budget, which fits our choice. Therefore, They can look at the options and custom plan of the list. It has business revenues with an online presence and visibility in international marketing.

It also promotes the growth of small businesses and startups that are typically unable to reach their specified customers with proper day management.

Linkedin sales navigator:

HEADQUARTER: Sunnyvale, California

Brynne Tillman is the CEO of LinkedIn sales navigator.LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides a selection of subscription-based offerings from LinkedIn.

It is organizing a team to build a relationship with clients interested in the features and unlocking the expansion of the company’s network. It provides multi-year discounts and volume dedicated to the manager’s relationship.

It has tools for managing pipelines which reduces the sales risk. It also has a team that is organizing introductions and unlocking features. They also target companies giving job opportunities by providing new alerts to their customers.

Email Hunter Alternatives

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