20+ Actionable Electrical company Marketing ideas

Electrical companies need to connect with their potential customers so as to make sales and earn profit. In this article, we bring a list of marketing ideas for electrical companies that will help you to grow in the domain. Without a proper marketing plan, any business won’t land properly and hence fail to get acceptance in the customer base.

How to promote your electrical business

  • The fastest and the most simplistic method for promoting your electrical business will be by putting up banners and signboards everywhere in plenty so that people can easily find about you.
  • The local distributors are of great help when it comes to promoting your business. So manage to collaborate with them at the earliest to promote your business fast.
  • A unique name for your business will certainly hasten up the business promotion process. So think of a unique name for your business and ease up the things.
  • The business promotion process will be faster when you have a creative and amazing logo for your company so that people can distinguish your company from the others.
  • Do not forget to get your company enlisted in the business directories since they are one of the most useful tools in promoting any business.

Read on to find out the top marketing ideas for Electrical Company which helps you to get more Customers and Increase the awareness of your Business-

-Select a niche

It is important for an electrical company to have a set of target audience to which they can aim their products. For the same reason it is important for the company to select a niche in the domain which can be utilized.

Some of the popular niches in the domain are- Residential electrics, commercial electrics or electrical parts and components. While these are the popular niches, there are other niches too which you can take up for the business.

Without a niche, it will be like selling out the products to everyone and this is fact that if you are selling to everyone then actually selling to none!


In this age of digital boom, it is imperative for an electrical company to have a website. Most of the people search online for a service when in need and hence it is essential that you have a website.

Having a website will bring it to the search page of the customers and hence help you in getting more sales. Hire a professional web designer so that they can make you a professional looking website to attract the clients.

-Pay per click

The top search results in the Google page are mostly paid advertisements. If you wish to get more hits on your website then putting up such advertising on the Google search page will be beneficial. If properly invested upon, these can end up generating huge profits and enhanced sales for the business.

-YouTube videos

It is to be understood that YouTube is the second largest search engine on internet. You can make videos of various electrical know-hows and solve various queries of people. The popularity of such videos are assured if shot and developed in the right way.

Through them you can market the electrical company and its services. If the videos are popular among people then there are high chances of it being shared in various digital platforms. It will work as a tool of advertising for the business.

-Customer recommendation offer

Insist customers visiting your business to recommend it to others. On each of their successful recommendation, the customers will get a certain amount of discount on their next purchase from you.

Such customer recommendation program will help to enhance the customer base as each of the customers will be motivated to recommend because of the discounts offered to them. It also works as a customer loyalty program for the customers and they are more likely to come back to the store again when needed.

-Loss leader advertising

This isn’t something that many electrical companies tend to opt for but it can be immensely effective in growing client base and profit. You can put up adverts regarding a service from your electrical company at very low price available to the customers.

The advertise will allure many people and then you can give them the best service and display utmost professionalism. People will be thoroughly satisfied by the service and hence can ask for more services from you! Sales will enhance in this way.

-Flyers and handouts

This traditional marketing measure works almost every time. Handing out adverts and flyers to people will make sure that people come to know about the business and then can opt for their services.


Yes, you need to create a blog. After creating the website, you need input a link that will direct the viewers to a particular blog. Blogging is a great way to answer quarries about the services your company will provide.

To keep the audience hooked, you must update your blog with some proper contents once a week. By doing this, it will increase the much needed visibility of your website and blogs.

-Customer Service

All the business owners know that it’s healthier to keep your current and existing customer satisfied than to look for the new ones. If the existing customers are not visiting the store for any repeat services, then you’ve got your company a customer service issue.

There are many companies who treat their customer service as a side issue and it’s a huge mistake to make. Having a top-level customer service is the most effective way of growing your company in the long haul.

You have to hire some excellent customer service representatives (CRs) who are well trained in their speciality.

-Generating positive word of mouth

This is the simplest way of marketing your electrical company. The only thing you need to keep in mind is doing an amazing job for the customers.

Doing an amazing falls into the line of having a modest and knowledgeable discussion so that the customers are well invested in what you have to say. Maintaining a good behaviour throughout the process of various quarries by the customers will earn a trust on the company from their side.

Keeping your customer happy and satisfied with all the services provided by the company is a step towards a right direction in generating a positive word of mouth.


Email marketing is a reliable and inexpensive way for electrical companies to increase both new and existing clients. The main objective of email marketing is having a balanced presence in their inbox. It is not rocket science that you should not spam your clients with loads of emails.

A once a week newsletter informing them about the discounts on various electrical products and sending some blog links to keep them interested is enough in the segment of email marketing.

-Social Media

The thing about social media is what new can be done besides setting up a page and profile for the company. Well, you have to think creatively while marketing in social media platforms.

You could live stream some workplace activities with a nice social presentation of what is going on in the live. You can also upload some behind the scenes pictures of the hardworking staff.

Doing this kind of social media promotions will definitely resonate with the audience in terms of social interaction and behavioural approach.

How to drive up the sales of your electrical business

  • The social media must be used constructively as much as possible because it will make your products reach out to a great number of people and thereby raising the sales of your company up.
  • The paid platforms for advertising such as newspapers and TV channels will draw a lot of customers towards you and resultantly the sales will be driven up.
  • The price of your products must be set at a slightly lower level than the one existing in the market. A lower price will ensure higher customers and more sales.
  • Offering discounts on the products at regular intervals will be extremely fruitful in raising sales.
  • The reviews from your previous clients who are happy with your products will ensure new customers buying from you and result in higher sales.

Here are some Important FAQs about Electrical Company to Get more Detail about it.

What does the Electrical Company do?

In general, every electrical business has the task of installing, maintaining and repairing electrical equipment and wiring. How you do every day depends on where you work and in which environment you are specialized.
-Planning of cable layout and installation in a building
-Telephone mount, fire alarm and protection
-Circuit breakers, fuses and cables repair
-Faults or malfunctioning devices checking, detecting and fixing
-Teaching the apprentices  
-An analysis of the research performed by other electricians to ensure that safety requirements are met.

Is it necessary to gain experience before starting an Electrical company?

It will be useful to know how other businesses operate and how the entire sector functions when you launch your own electrical contracting company. And when you first graduate, you might wish to work as a member of staff for a year or two.

Self employment is like a step to becoming a business owner, so you may want to experience it before you take the plunge. You would have more flexibility than being an employee, more money and a chance to develop relationships and a customer base.

Do you need tools and equipments for starting an Electrical company?

You might have acquired many of the resources you need to start your own company already depending on where you are in your career, or you could start almost from scratch if you’re new to the industry. You will be able to make up a significant share of your electrical start-up expense for tools and equipment.

It is a safe idea to buy from a professional manufacturer everything you like. You don’t want price to kill them while you’re on a job and make sure that you don’t scratch them. Invest in a van, which means that you have to travel and transport equipment between jobs, is something that you can consider.

How to market your Electrical business to potential clients?

Customers need to run a profitable company, so it is worth considering setting aside time and resources for marketing.
All is well available at affordable rates for excellent services, but if nobody knows what your business is, you will have a hard time making a living. Let past customers know that you have set up your own business, when they need electricians, will put yourself at the forefront of their thoughts and generate little effort and costs for you.

There’s a lot to be done when your own electricity business begins, and we hope that these insights will inform you and help you to decide whether this is the right way to go.

Starting an Electrical Business is tough to start because you need experience about the terms of Electricity. Here is the infographic which gives you more idea about how to start an electrical business. Read below.

electrical business infographic

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