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Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval (SEC ) is an online public filing database maintained by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Public corporations must make certain information available to the public according to the Securities Act of 1933. EDGAR can also search for public filings of the mutual fund, variable insurance products, and other securities.


Electronic filings weren’t required until 1995, even though EDGAR was implemented in 1992. EDGAR was used to locate quarterly or annual reports for public corporations back in 1995.

List of Edgar Alternatives

Below are some of Edgar’s Alternatives, along with their features.If you are searching for an option other than Edgar, choose an appropriate one.


HEADQUARTER: Stockholm, Sweden 

ContentStudio is one of the most potent alternatives to Edgar. If you’re seeking a complete social media management solution to help you grow your audience and regularly share the most effective content, look no further than ContentStudio.

ContentStudio will not only present you with highly relevant and trending content recommendations but also actionable insights to adapt to any topic depending on your content marketing plan.

The founder of ContentStudio is Alex M. Its annual revenue is $5M per year, with its head office in Stockholm, Sweden.


HEADQUARTER: Paris, France

Agorapulse allows you to manage your social media with ease and quickly. Agorapulse is a social media management application that combines content production, communication, and reporting.

The program has an all-inclusive inbox that displays your followers’ contacts in one spot. Agorapulse, unlike Edgar, does not require a separate tool to respond to various comments received on your social network postings.

Agorapulse’s co-founder and CEO, Emeric Ernoult, is based in Paris, Ile-de-France, France. In 2022, Agorapulse will have $13.9 million in revenue and 6K customers.

Sprout Social


SproutSocial is a game-changing social media management platform ideal for businesses looking to enhance exposure and sales through social media.

This powerful tool can quickly improve your social media marketing skills. Sprout social provides a more in-depth analysis of your audience based on demographics like age and gender.

Sprout Social offers 24/7 support via webinars, manuals, and in-person training. Justyn Howard, founder, and CEO at SproutSocial, was valued at more than $800 million in 2018.



Loomly is a social media management tool that helps you and your team build successful branding. MeetEdgar’s alternative to MeetEdgar includes publishing, collaboration, and analytics capabilities that can be used to help marketers expand their online reach.

All accounts can be managed from one dashboard. When compared to Edgar, Loomly also provides more outstanding customer assistance.

Loomly also has a variety of alternatives with flexible plans, whereas MeetEdgar has two. Loomly’s co-founder and CEO are Thibaud Clement. Loomly’s revenue run rate will reach $4.2 million in 2022.

Zoho Social

YEAR FOUNDED: 17 March,1996
HEADQUARTER: Tamil Nadu, India

Sridhar Vembu’s Zoho Social is another social media management toolset to give Edgar a run for its money in the future. This user-friendly tool includes all of the functionality of MeetEdgar.

Zoho Social is a social management tool that assists agencies and businesses in expanding and growing their social media presence. Zoho Social has a well-designed dashboard. It also allows you to construct a monitoring dashboard based on your needs.

Furthermore, this tool will let you monitor all people who have tagged you in various social network postings. Zoho Corporation’s yearly revenue is presently expected to be $1 billion.


HEADQUARTER: California 

PromoRepublic differs from Edgar because it has a content library and an integrated graphics editor.

You can use PromoRepublic to create and store content, schedule content using artificial intelligence, run local advertisements, and manage locations or clients. Furthermore, its comprehensive dashboard allows users to easily manage all social media networks across numerous sites.

Max Pecherskyi, the CEO of PromoRepublic, founded the company in 2014. Promorepublic’s income run rate will reach $1.5 million in 2022.


HEADQUARTER: London, England 

Intelligent que is a tool that helps to decongest a network with many clients and constant load. It relies on fq_codel as its base.

SmartQueue has a robust analytics solution that assists customers in distinguishing between material that drives the most traffic and content that does not. Suppose your social media channels are not producing the intended results. This tool can bridge the gap between your social media activity and your business results.

With one click, you can make data-driven business decisions. Claude Schneider is the CEO and Founder of SmarterQueue. Its yearly revenue is presently expected to be $1.6 million.


HEADQUARTER: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

There are several alternatives available, ranging from a single user account to a customized corporate account suitable for considerably larger businesses.

Ryan Holmes created Hootsuite in 2008 as a social media management tool. The dashboard-style user interface of the system includes Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and other social network connections.

Ryan Holmes, Dario Meli, and David Tedman founded it, and its headquarters are in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The current CEO is Tom Keiser. The company’s net worth is expected to be between $700 million and $750 million in 2022.


HEADQUARTER: Houston, Texas, United States

MeetEdgar, founded and led by Laura Roeder, is a cloud-based social media management service that assists users in organizing and publishing content across numerous digital platforms.

The key features are automation, a content library, image/video capabilities, email updates, and link tracking. Its automation tool enables businesses to produce and publish category-based content.

In addition, the solution offers variation analysis to assist customers in split testing their messaging and receiving weekly email updates. MeetEdgar’s yearly income is presently expected to be $2.3 million.


HEADQUARTER: Columbus, Ohio, United States

Contactability LeadManager is a cloud-based marketing tool that enables businesses to follow leads through the sales pipeline and track finished agreements. This solution includes tools for managing interactions with existing and future consumers.

Contactability’s portfolio includes marketing and sales automation, customer care and support, self-service, and a call center. Their process assists agents and reps in planning their daily responsibilities.

Contactability can take leads from various online forms and interfaces with third-party lead sources. Lev Barinskiy is co-founder and CEO of Contactability, with yearly revenue expected to be $10.6 million.

Edgar Alternatives

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