eBay Account Suspended: 12 Tips to Fix It Quickly!

Selling on eBay can be your hobby, or you may be running a business.

Anyone who is relying on eBay for income suddenly sees that eBay suspects your account. Well, this can be devastating, and it can do a major setback to your full-blown business.

That’s why it’s important to be familiar with policies and other aspects that can protect your account from getting suspended.

Also, the policies on eBay are extensive, and It keeps changing. That’s why even if you are the most conscientious seller on eBay, you can still get your account held, restricted, or suspended.

To make sure you have a solution beforehand, here is what you should know.

What Is eBay Hold, Restriction, And Suspension?

Well when you are selling on eBay, it’s important to know what types of suspensions are serious because not all are the same.

Some of the suspensions can be considered minor issues. For example, eBay can hold your account if you have an expired method of payment or you are paying late.

Well, here, your account can get back once you clear the dues and resolve the problem.

However, eBay sometimes restricts the account and this can be seriously based on where it’s placed.

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For example, if you failed to meet the seller’s minimum performance standards on eBay.  You can get the restriction on certain items and get your placement lower in the search results.

To get rid of this restriction, you need to meet the standards on eBay.

If your account gets suspended, then it must be a serious situation.

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It means you might break some serious policy of Etsy; it can be selling illegal merchandise or getting involved in hate speech.

Why eBay Suspended Your Account?

eBay suspends the account on their platform for two basic things i.e. to protect their reputation or to protect the customers.

eBay needs to ensure that its reputation is safe. Also, they keep other sellers’ reputations protected too.

That’s why they have to protect the brand image in order to do business.

reasons why ebay suspend accounts

When eBay finds their user violating the policies or a string of complaints from customers, they take strict actions.

If they don’t, then customers won’t trust the platform anymore and may cease buying as well as selling both together on eBay.

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eBay needs to be aware of the issues that are going on with its users. And according to the situation, they put the hold, restriction, or suspension.

However, apart from that,  eBay has different other reasons too, for the exam it can be :

  • Payment methods are out of date
  • Non-payment of fees on eBay
  • eBay failed to verify your account information
  • Voeileting eBay’s rules and regulations
  • Using stock images or other manufactured photos
  • Selling items that are prohibited
  • The low rate in  case resolve
  • Shiping the late orders
  • Delay in Updating the tracking information
  • Defects in transactions more than once.
  • What Happens When eBay Suspends Your Account?
  • If your account gets suspension from eBay,
  • you won’t be able to edit the existing listing.

The bidders are allowed to retract whatever bid they want to make. Also, you can’t get in contact with them or reply to any questions.

what happens suspended accounts on ebay

However, the effect depends on the type and reason behind your suspension.

Your listings can also end early. Or if you have violated any policy, then it can get removed too.

What To Do When You Get Suspension?

Well, it’s obvious to feel overwhelmed and nervous, especially when you are earning based on eBay.

However, when you get the suspension, the first thing you need to do is calm yourself. Once you do that, now get the facts right.

Do the reinstate on eBay, and see what caused you the suspension. Find the problem because of which eBay suspended your account.

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If you are new to eBay, then you can use ignorance as your best defense.

Lots of sellers don’t pay attention to what is allowed and what is not.  Even using stock photos is not allowed, and you should not use Velcro in the title either.

Once you get the notification email, keep your head clear and calm yourself.

Read the message and look for the reasons. eBay explains the reasons why the account is getting suspensions.

  • You might find some of these reasons or more :
  • Not paying the fees on time
  • Recalled items
  • Expired payment method
  • Voilitening the police as Vero, this is a
  • intellectual property rights.
  • Listing items that are not permitted, such as counterfeit items
  • Offensive material, including hate speech
  • Using stolen, unauthorized photos
  • Selling drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • Selling Alcohol
  • Listing  any hazardous material like explosives or homemade weapons

Sometimes you don’t even get what is not allowed; eBay has lots of things that sellers need to pay attention to.

That’s why you need to look for the reasons first if it’s easy to fix then eBay can help you understand what to do and how you can get your account reinstated.

Get in Touch With eBay To Discuss

You can get in touch with eBay and discuss how you can get the account back. 

Instead of making a new account yet,  get in touch with eBay on call. Explain your situation and the reasons behind the suspension.

It might take time, and you need to talk to lots of people so you finally find the right person who can help.

When you are talking to customer service representatives, here are a few things that can help :

Ask For Supervisors 

Instead of wasting your time with someone who does not have a solution for you, ask for a superior. However, make sure you do it politely.

There are chances that the customer service representative you called has not have complete knowledge,  wait for 10 minutes and then ask for someone who has more experience to talk to you.

Gather The Facts Beforehand

It might take time; you don’t want to repeat the cycle just because you don’t have enough information and facts.

That’s why get the paper and pen, and write down the important things that will be asked:

  • Date of the email
  • Email associated with your email account
  • eBay user ID
  • Print the email
  • Reference number in the email

Keep Yourself Calm

Getting your account suspended as a seller can be scary, and there might be lots of things going on inside your head. 

Sometimes all of this can get out of hand; that’s why make sure you calm yourself before you do the conversion.

Remember that a customer service representative is a regular person who has nothing against you, and they are doing their job.

Do not start doing the investors here, it’s important to get facts.

Keep your voice professional, calm and rational. Your goal should be to find someone who can help you.

Know About The Policies

The best way to avoid suspension is not getting one.

If you are new or already doing business on eBay for a long time, make sure you are well aware of the policies that eBay has.     

Educate yourself and hold the knowledge; keep yourself updated.

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Do not avoid eBay emails,  you night get something information that can be important for you.

Click on the messages and keep your account updated.

What Are Tips That Can Help In Getting Suspended Account Back?

It’s upsetting and disheartening when the accounts get suspended.

However, if it’s possible to get the account back, then you should consider everything first.

To help here are some tips that might help.

Do The Verifications And Review It

Any sellers who get the suspension email or notification.  The first reaction is always confusion, upset, and anger.

It’s understandable, but make sure you keep your emotions in check and get the point straight about what and why your account gets the suspension.

Read the reviews, understand and verify the reasons. It will help you in talking to customer care as well.

Request For The Second Chance

If you fail or break the rules, it means that you don’t have a choice anymore.

Here you can either walk away, or you can request eBay to reopen the business once more.

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You can get in contact with eBay and tell them the reason for the suspension.

Contact The Customer Care Through Email

You can get in touch with eBay, make sure you have the documents ready, and write down things that are helpful as well as important to remember.

Writing an email gives you an additional advantage in that you can write out the responses and review them later.

  • Refer your eBay ID, reference number, etc., to your email.
  • Clearly state whatever your concern is and keep it appropriate, as well as provide the documents.
  • Focus on your tone; it’s easier to notice what kind of voice you are using when you are writing the email.
  • Make sure you are not going sarcastic and negative.

Call The Customer Care

When you are on call, it’s easy to get angry or feel too overwhelmed. On top of that, if your store is suspended and you have that prime source of income, this can be scary for you.

That’s why make sure you are ready for the conversation.  Also, before you call, get everything you want to say and ask.

  • Avoid pressuring the operator; overstating your case just to get sympathy is not going to work.
  • The representative has heard tons of stories like yours, so instead of that focus on explaining your account getting suspended. Tell about why it’s wrong and why you should get your account back.
  • Keep your voice polite, composed, and professional. Regardless of what happened, it’s not the representative fault.
  • Make sure you get the name and record your call. This will help you in keeping the information, and you can get some help from it too.

Avoid Getting The Suspension

As a seller, you need to look for lots of

things, however, focus on not dealing with anything that can cause suspension to your account.

Here are some points that might help :

  • Read the eBay rules and policies and ask for clarifications if you are not getting them. Take notes of things that eBay doesn’t permit to sell. Make sure you have the knowledge of what you can sell and what you don’t.
  • Trust your instincts, so you don’t fall into the trap of any scammers. No sale is that much worthy, and you should not want to harm your business because of that.
  • Develop a multi-sales channel approach, and get more platforms that can help.
  • Be careful when you describe your products. Keep it accurate and add flow if there is anything like that.
  • Investigate if you have the suppliers before you merchandise on eBay.
  • Add an accurate description of the product to your listing.

Contesting Your Suspension Reasons

If you think that your suspension is not your fault or it’s unfair, first collect the documents that can help you in backing up your claims.

Make sure you have the right documents, and it’s based on what reasons are mentioned for the account suspension.

It can be due to late shipping, selling counterfeit items, or maybe drop shipping. Prepare your documents according to that.

Should You Open Your Stealth eBay Account?

For lots of sellers, starting your stealth eBay account can be a tempting deal,

However, it’s not a good idea, especially if you are selling the items on eBay for a long time.

When the seller accounts get suspended, some of the sellers choose to open or purchase the stealth account.

Stealth account is those which are not connected to the seller’s first one, or it can be a third party.

With this, sellers get another way to sell the products on eBay. Also, these accounts are not connected to their IP, address, name, banking information, etc.

If you are considering something similar thing, it’s not really necessary to fix the suspension. Also, it’s not a good way either. Here are a few reasons why :

Start All Over Again

You invested a lot of hard work in gathering positive reviews and feedback to build your seller’s reputation.

It took time to build trust and establish with your buyers,

When you choose the stealth account, you need to start all over again.

You don’t get the feedback which makes the chances of getting sales less.

Account Can Get Suspended

It’s not common, and you get high chances that you end up getting the suspension on your account again.

You could make some mistakes, and without knowing what went wrong with your initial account, the chances are likely high to encounter the same problem again.

eBay Could Caught The Account

If your account gets caught by eBay, there are lots of restrictions that you can get. 

Also, there is no assurance that you won’t fall for the suspension again. There are chances that eBay will suspend your account due to some serious suspensions.

This can be serious, and it will ruin your reputation in the marketplace. It’s better not to prefer this option.

Why Check Your Suspension Notice?

There are chances that your suspension notice is not even real and not from eBay.

It can be a fake eBay suspension notice or maybe a phishing email. So before you get in touch contact customer service or make any kind of changes to your account as well as listing.

Make sure and check again if the suspension notice is real.

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To check if it’s from eBay, go to your eBay messages. If it’s a copy, you did not receive any suspension.

You can check if it’s a fake or phishing attempt by these points :

  • It has the unsolicited attachments
  • It has generic greetings, such as “ Attention eBay Member.”
  • It has addressed that similar to eBay but also added the typo or extra number
  • It has an urgent or threatening tone.
  • It’s asking for confidential information.

What To Do In Meantime?

Suppose your account is suspended for a temporary period. , you can consider selling somewhere else.

This will help you in keeping your income flow smooth, and you don’t have to put all of your eggs in one basket. 

Apart from this, it’s better to have multi-channel options for you to sell, this gives you more opportunities, and you don’t have to worry about your account suspension as you will earn money through different platforms. 

Also, a different marketplace has its own features that can help you in selling better, and you can start once the suspension gets lifted on your account.

You can consider Amazon, Jet, Walmart, etc.

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