Top 7+ Duckduckgo Alternatives For Confidential Web Surfing

Google is the most widely used search engine. Although DuckDuckGo has gained steam as a private alternative to Google, we even have a few private sector search engines to mention.

Year Founded: 2008
Headquarters: Paoli, Pennsylvania

The fundamental necessity for a decent DuckDuckGo substitute is privacy. Search engines that don’t store your browsing history, IP address, specific user agent, or any other data that could be utilized to trace this cover you.

Typically, search engines use this data to generate relevantly customized adverts and search results according to your preferences.

For instance, Google records your search terms each time you search and exploits them to construct a feed of results tailored to your preferences.

Pros– Trustworthy privacy policies, No targeted advertisements

Cons– Fewer integrated services, No personalization

Best Duckduckgo Alternatives You Should Try

Swiss Cows (Formerly Hulbee)

Year Founded: 2014
Headquarters: Egnach, Switzerland

It claims not to keep user data and employs metadata mining to provide quick replies to inquiries. Swiss Cows similarly describe themselves as family-friendly, excluding all results that are overtly sexual.

Geographically outside of the EU and the US, the engine’s servers are located in underground cloud services beneath the Swiss Alps.

Pros– Watch Youtube anonymously, Good accurate results

Cons– Semantic map is gimmicky; occasional errors show up. 


Year Founded: 2014
Headquarters: Egnach, Switzerland

Gibiru is a search engine that guarantees to deliver raw search results to users. The search engine asserts to be free of political influence and provides users with access to content that other browsers have blocked.

In response to what was thought to be Google’s censorship of the 9/11 attacks, Gibiru was established in 2008. The engine has drawn flak for providing unreliable and offensive results.

Gibiru employs various strategies to get around censorship, such as domain fronting and IP address cloaking. To guarantee that visitors can always access its search results, even if the website is blocked, it also uses caching and mirroring.

Pros– No cookies are injected onto users

Cons– Doesn’t store or trade personal data, May monitor server logs from time to time.


Year Founded: 2013
Headquarters: Paris, France

A search engine that prioritizes user-friendliness and privacy is what we need. Both user data storage and targeted advertising are not supported.

Qwant supports almost 40 languages. Qwant stands out thanks to several features. One such example is Qwant Junior, a secure browser for minors that blocks adult content. 

Additionally, there is Qwant Music, a subscription-free music streaming service. Qwant is among the few search engines that a major corporation doesn’t run.

The services offered by Qwant have been rising as the business grows. In 2017, Qwant introduced Qwant News, a news site that gathers items from more than 3,000 outlets.

Pros– Faster than most other search engines, No users’ data is tracked

Cons– Android application needs to be fixed


Year Founded: 2003
Headquarters: Paris, Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany

YaCy is a Java-based distributed search engine that is free and open source. It can be used to create a distributed peer-to-peer web, an intranet, or a search engine for a website.

It operates in two ways: It could be used as a standard web search engine in server mode. It can be used to build a global search engine in peer-to-peer mode, where users’ computers work together to index the web and produce results.

YaCy respects users’ privacy by not collecting or disclosing any of their personal information. Anyone looking for a confidential and safe search engine or wanting to contribute to developing a decentralized web should choose YaCy.

Pros– User-friendly interface

Cons– Lack of proper privacy policies


Year Founded: 2014
Headquarters: N/A

A free and open-source metasearch tool called Searx collects information from over 70 various search engines while maintaining privacy and neutrality.

It is an alternative search engine that would respect users’ privacy after realizing that several search engines were gathering and selling user data.

Searx has become a well-liked substitute for popular search engines like Google and Bing. 

Pros– Customisable search engine aggregator, Privacy focussed

Cons– Image search is not accurate


Year Founded: 2004
Headquarters: Brighton, United Kingdom

A search engine with a twist, Mojeek does not track you. Therefore, there won’t be any cookies, advertisements, or customized search results. Additionally, Mojeek is the world’s only independent search engine. 

It has been an independent business and remains so. It will never be sold out; any other organization does not own it. A group of enthusiastic people who support an open internet run in Mojeek.

Pros– Simple User Interface, Unbiased Results

Cons– Needs more frequent updates.

Brave Search

Year Founded: 2019
Headquarters: San Francisco, California

There are numerous search engines on the internet, each serving a vision and mission. Brave Search stands out from the others. To discover the most precise and pertinent responses for your web searches, use Brave Search. 

It is a web browser that utilizes artificial intelligence. Thus, its outcomes are continually evolving and improving.

Brave Search is a privacy-focused search engine that does not track your search history or collect any of your personal data. People who are worried about their online privacy should definitely consider it.

Pros– Automatically block 3rd party cookies, No advertisements

Cons– Lack of extensions


Year Founded: 1998
Headquarters: The Hague, Netherlands

Search engine Startpage respects users’ privacy and doesn’t collect any user information. Startpage does not gather or divulge any user-specific personal data. To safeguard user privacy, everything is anonymized and encrypted.

Startpage is a fantastic substitute for Google and Bing, and other search engines. Although it does not track user data, it is equally quick and trustworthy. Because of this, it’s a fantastic option for those who value their privacy. It is well-respected and simple to use.

Pros– Award-Winning privacy policies, They use HTTPS

Cons– Lacks some important features, Needs regular updates.


Year Founded: 2009
Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

Ecosia is a charitable business with a social objective; Ecosia is distinctive. Additionally, it is open and honest about its spending and tree-planting initiatives. On its website, Ecosia posts monthly reports on where and how many saplings have been planted.

Environmentalists and social entrepreneurs have commended Ecosia’s business model as a means of funding sustainable development initiatives. Because the trees planted can take decades to mature, some critics have questioned whether Ecosia is offsetting its carbon emissions. 

Pros– Privacy-friendly, No 3rd party cookies

Cons– Sometimes search results aren’t very relevant


Year Founded: 1996
Headquarters: Germany

German search engine MetaGer enables users to locate and contrast results from several search engines. Other capabilities it offers include searching for news, videos, and photographs. The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology is funding the initiative.

MetaGer aims to give a search experience that is more thorough and user-friendly than what is provided by conventional search engines.

MetaGer offers a variety of other capabilities, such as the ability to search for images, videos, and news, in addition to letting users compare the results from many search engines. 

Pros– High data-privacy standards, No third-party ads

Cons– Needs regular updates, Lacks plug-in features

Duckduckgo Alternatives


How to select a good private search engine?

Make sure the search engine is well-known and reputable; check to see if the search engine has a privacy policy in place.

How do you customize your search engine to my specific needs in DuckDuckGo?

Identify the types of searches that you want your search engine to be able to handle. Use a custom search engine plugin or tool designed to meet your specific needs.

What kind of support does DuckDuckGo offer for users of your search engine?

A search engine typically offers support for search operators and syntax, search results filters, and sometimes customer support for users who are having difficulty finding what they’re looking for.

What are the DuckDuckGo search engine’s privacy policy and terms of use?

A search engine’s privacy policy and terms of use should state that the search engine will not sell or share personal information with third parties and that the search engine will not track a user’s online activity.

What are the DuckDuckGo search engine’s main features?

The main features of our search engine are its speed and accuracy.

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