Drip: 16+ Top Alternatives and Competitors

The CEO of Drip Organization is Pushkar Mukeswar. Photos of a drip are located in Minneapolis, MN. It has two headquarters located across the nation. It is known as an E-Commerce marketing engine.

You can also build it as a personalizing tool and experience it to drive revenue. Some outstanding features are segmented with operations of reporting and automation of non-touch.

HEADQUARTER: Minneapolis,Minnesota, United States

Everyone does not use the stool as it has many user-friendly features. Still, it lacks supplement features, which companies derive from as a great alternative. Also, make your templates in the email. 

List of Drip Alternatives



This organization was launched in New Zealand. It’s an Android app that delivers personalized and rewarding content to users. It’s an Android app that provides personalized and rewarding content to users.

The app also brings a customized content feed, including many personalized advertisements with engagement to the user’s lock screen and rewards with pocket money and cash out in their bank account.

The paid plan of the tool is $25 per month. It is a drag-and-dropping email builder perfect for new users and beginners with limited email marketing experience. It is also a web-based application that works on the web. 


HEADQUARTER: Atlanta, Georgia, United States 

The corporation was founded in 2001. The revenue of the corporation is $700 million (2019). The CEO of the corporation is Ben Chestnut.

The parent organization is Intuit. It is one of the most popular email marketing apps. It includes the following features: defining email templates; drag and drop for editors, designing templates; and integrating 100 apps and other services to Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

They have different segmentation levels and groups responsible for the delivery and time zones with filters and Diagnostics. 

Active Campaign

HEADQUARTER: Chicago, Illinois, United States

The corporation was founded in 2003. The revenue of the corporation is $165 million. The founder of the corporation is Jason VandeBoom. According to the most recent list for 2022, the number of employees at the corporation is 1,000.

The CEO of the corporation is Jason VandeBoom. It provides a marketing strategy that improves your customer with proper interaction and automation.

It has many cheaper plans that are advanced with valid sales and automation features by best support. It has an extensive library of different email templates.  


HEADQUARTER: Gdańsk, Poland

The CEO of the corporation is Simon Grabowski. The corporation was founded in 1998. It also allows its customers to make an essential marketing list of the syllabus to meet growing connections and other vital things raised with flexible and thriving clients.

The system of over-killing is also given for making simple marketing emails. The last time the employees joined was within 30 days without any charges.

The costly plans are also getting well-assessed features when they are built with the addition of CRM—having the outstanding automation quality to create automatic email campaigns based on different conditions and triggers. 


HEADQUARTER: Boise, Idaho, United States

It has different logos on different marketing platforms created to distribute email newsletters. In this, there is no need for third-party employees to send emails. It handles all the technical parts of email marketing projects.

Brains of the corporation are Nathan Barry, Brian Spero, and Nate Kontny. The corporation’s co-founder is Nathan Barry and two others.

It is generally used to produce better online content by providing fully utilized product capabilities and having the same list and ease of use to experience the work. 


YEAR FOUNDED: April, 2008
HEADQUARTER: Brooklyn, New York, United States

It is known as a simple marketing platform used by several corporations. It allows you to share, create, send and track new email newsletters online. It is the best marketing tool among people with a simple working structure.

This tool lets you send 40 million emails daily and track them powerfully with their service directly. It gives a free trial with no credit or card required.

It provides a basic plan of 500 subscribers at $100 Pro and 42 dollars for 10000 subscribers, with silver priced at 199 dollars for 50000 subscribers. 

Benchmark Email

HEADQUARTER: St Louis, Missouri

The CEO of the corporation is Jonathan Herrick. The corporation was founded in July 2004. The founder of the corporation is Denise Keller. The headquarters of benchmark email is located in St Louis, Missouri.

The number of employees in the corporation is 120—a friendly platform that increases its sales through user-friendly features.

The corporation is setting off customized email marketing campaigns and becoming a UN challenging thing for new campaigns and editors. The tools offer additional features to create impulse with your email marketing efforts.   


HEADQUARTER: California, Denver

The CEO of the corporation is Sameer Dholakia. The headquarters are situated at 1801 California St # 500, Denver. It is used for designing and simplifying email campaigns and driving them towards a successful business.

It led to generation from contact forming and signing up with the great so that you can automatically synthesize new contact information in your contact list. Transactional and marketing email solutions are appealing to developers and marketers.

It is very easy to intricate API triggers into external pages, or AP links to be forwarded to third-party marketing stack providers. 


YEAR FOUNDED: November 14, 2017
HEADQUARTER: United States 

The corporation’s CEO is Sreedhar Ambati, the corporation’s founder. The corporation was founded on 14 November 2017. The headquarters are situated in mountain houses in the United States.

It provides a service of countless email templates with quick upcoming and suited email campaigns which are needed. In this application, you can also create your templates, and you can message many kinds of personalized approaches for further conversations.

It is said that several customers have missing features with underdevelopment of current available and find work. 


HEADQUARTER: San Francisco, CA, US

The corporation was founded in 2017. The corporation’s founders are Eduardo Vivas, Alex Vauthey, and Peter Ombres. The Head Offices are located in San Francisco, CA, US. This tool is used to make booklets with Chrome extensions with personal email addresses by saving the articles.

It also adds comments or import or export links within a scheduled issue. You can also share your original image and send the list of your composing messages using this tool.

Customers are also compelled to consider the sum of optional and documentation features required in this tool. 

Drip Alternatives

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