17+ Actionable Dried Fruit Company Marketing Ideas

Every business has to follow a certain set of marketing principles so that they can reach the top and make profits from their products. Dried fruits are something that is immensely popular amongst people; however, due to the splurge of suppliers in the market, it has to be marketed well so as to become popular.

How to promote your Dried fruit business?

  • List all dried fruit items on your website to sell online.
  • Decorate your shop counter with attractive packing, hang new offers on window displays, and place signs to grab the local visitors.
  • Join hands with nearby sweet shops and relevant food stores to get orders in bulk.
  • Organize a ‘Sale’ at your premises frequently to attract new faces to your store.
  • Participate in food fairs, exhibitions, or food events and offer free food samples to attract people.
  • Distribute business cards to partners, shop visitors, and other team members to make your brand accessible.
  • List your store in the business directories to provide easy access.

If you have a dried fruit business, then this article will help you in a great many ways to market the product in a better way

Select a niche

It is essential that you target your product to a consumer base so that they can be connected to the brand. Unless you have a predefined target audience, the product won’t take off in the market and hence fail to gain significance.

Some of the niches in the fried fruit industry are – Desiccated coconut, cashew nut, dried apricots, groundnut kernels, and raisins. While these are some of the top niches in the domain, there are various others too which you can select from a unique list and make connections with the target audience.


Marketing is a major aspect of the business, and hence it is advised that if you are a big business, then hire staff in the marketing department who will look after the various strategies and implement them.

Professionals will make sure that the business reaches out to people. If you are a small budding business, then it is advised that you outsource the work to smaller marketing companies who will work on the project and ensure growth.

Web directories

Due to the onset of online marketing, web directories have become immensely popular for businesses. You need to make sure that the dried fruit business is listed in some of the top web directories so that when people search for such products, they get your brand and business name listed in it.

More often than ever before, people tend to search web directories to get better recommendations for the kind of product they are looking for.

Print newsletters and initiate campaigns

Dry fruits are good for health and hence need to be consumed regularly for well being of the human body. It has many benefits to the skin, heart, muscles, and sex, but the same has to be conveyed to the customers so that they get enticed into buying these fruits.

Print newsletters with proper branding and write-ups about the benefits of such dry fruits to health. Spread out the newsletters to all the people so that they can get to know you, arrange campaigns where you can share the pamphlets with people on the streets, and create a connection with them to sell the product.

Shelf design

Your store needs to be designed with marketing in mind. Certain shelves of the store should be targeted towards the customers who opt for such fruits as they help in maintaining health.

The niche shelves will rake in a lot of people surely and help the business to grow.

Set up competitions

A dried fruit campaign can be run by you in various ways. You can organize a street-side dried fruit tasting combination where the participants will be blindfolded and asked about the name of the dry fruit they are given to eat.

The winner will get goodies and a dry fruit package or coupons from your store. It will market the product better and help it gain popularity in the market.

Create a website

For a business to get prominence over the internet, the website is the ultimate tool. With a well-designed website, you can reach out to a host of customers who are interested in the domain or may have visited your store.

You can also use it to take orders and deliver them same to the customers at their addresses. You just need to add a shopping cart to the website and it will enable you to earn online sales too!

Social media

Most of the people that come into your consumer base are obviously on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Create a Facebook page for the business and post regularly so as to make people aware of the business.

Do not always post sales-oriented things; you should maintain a semblance between sales and facts in your posts so that people are interested. No one likes to see only promotional material from a page!


Your business is of a genre that needs better education of the people regarding the product so that they come and buy dry fruits. The blogs section of your website needs to be updated regularly so that the customers can read about the product and its various aspects.

Also, SEO experts can use keyword targeting in the blogs so as to drive in more readers, and these readers can be turned into buyers once they land on your website.

Location-specific selling

Suppose your business is located in a tourist area that offers dry fruits as its primary attraction. You can use it to your advantage and offer such dry fruit packages as a memoir of the location to the tourist. It will enable greater sales if your selling spot is around a tourist location.

Direct mail campaign

People can register themselves on your websites so that they can receive regular emails from your business. Send out promotional emails to the customers so that they can be informed about the various offers which are ongoing in the store. It will keep the customers updated and connected with the business, which will, in turn, help make a better relationship with the business.

Do you know slogans are very important for your business or company? So check out the Catchy Dry Fruit Company Slogans and Taglines.

Quality and packaging

For the business to take a leap in the domain of dry fruits, it is essential that quality is the foremost concern of the makers. You should ensure that the dry fruits are of the utmost quality so that they can get the perfect response from the customers.

The packaging has to be well branded so that it spreads out to the customer base and creates a stir in the market. Well-packed and designed products will surely have more takers in the market than those which aren’t!     

How to drive sales to your Dried fruit business?

  • Do not forget to post daily new food pictures, store activities, new arrivals, and promotional offers on social media platforms.
  • Give discounts, organize the sale, seasonal offers, festive deals, and referral benefits to clients.
  • Make your brand accessible through Video marketing and hashtag.
  • Connect with existing consumers with the help of Emails or SMS alerts.
  • Announce your tasty items among the public through a newspaper advertisement or radio ad.
  • Distribute pamphlets, brochures, or fliers at community places to attract the people.

here are some Important FAQs about Dried Fruit Company to Get more Detail and Grow Business

1. What is the target market for the Dried Fruit business?

Your target market will consist of dried fruit buyers and low-price products. Both residential shoppers and chefs and cooks are drawn to you, searching for new or local alternatives.

2. How can you make your Dried fruit business profitable?

You may start selling similar foods as well as fruits and goods. Sweet spices, cane syrup, nuts, vegetables, jams, and jams are also good ways to increase your sale, and baked goods such as bread and cookies are also fantastic.

Ask clients what they want or want and seek to fill this void. Customers also check in supermarkets or in chains for unique products not available. The market will start meeting the public’s needs and encourage the development of your local businesses.

3. How to keep the customers coming back to your Dried fruit business? 

Your clients are the lifeblood of your business. Your company will fail without a constant stream of clients. Therefore, building individual relationships with your customers is so critical.

In addition, you build confidence and a good reputation for great client service by building dialog and interaction with your customers. The fruit and consistency are the other components of this equation. You should always aim for good produce, a good variety, and fair, reasonable pricing. 

4. What is the growth potential for a Dried fruit business?

Customers are constantly finding safe and cost-effective food choices. Both products are sold to customers by a fruit market. Dried fruit markets often tend to be very small in terms of operating costs.

Most societies do prefer to fund local and national businesses. So long so you regularly supply dried fruit for sale, the capacity for growth will increase gradually.

5. What marketing strategy can be applied in your Dried fruit business?

Social media and corporate websites provide you with advertisement and marketing access to a wide audience. You must also ensure that you use the resources to their full advantage.

Local retailers and entrepreneurs, and local or national organizations, who are involved in your community, connect your website or Facebook and Instagram accounts. Remember that the purpose behind all advertising is to make your “brand” or name known to you publicly.

Frequent social media activities will help to create visibility and will allow people to find your location.

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