18+ Actionable Doula Business Marketing Ideas

There’s a reason why you chose to be in the doula business. You have also had certain dreams to pump up your fuel while you were completing your doula training.

How to promote your doula business

  • One of the best ways to let people know about your doula business is to put up enough number of signboards and posters everywhere. This will promote your business faster than most of the other alternatives available.
  • You can opt for distributing leaflets among the targeted customers with all the relevant information printed on them. This is one of the most effective options available at your disposal for the promotion of your business.
  • Your business will be more easily distinguishable once it has got a unique name and a very beautiful logo for it. So, make sure that you have both of them and take a step ahead towards making the cumbersome process of promotion of your business more simplified.
  • Business directories are one of the most efficient tools for promoting a business. Get your business enlisted in the business directories as soon as possible.

The only thing that you haven’t given much thought to is how to get the business up and to run. Like many other businesses in the whole wide world, the doula business as well needs proper marketing strategies to reach its full potential.

top marketing ideas for your doula business to cement its rightful place


Before starting any business it’s imperative to select a niche of your business. Niches generally help you in what the client’s expectation is and the ways you can deliver to them.

Having selected the niche, the business now has the proper ground of work for a specific set of clients. In the realm of the doula business, some of the niches are a labor doula or a birth doula who provides support to the mother physically and mentally before, after, and during the birth.

Antepartum Doulas will be there for the patient who is facing some complexities of childbirth during their period of bed rest. A death doula is categorically termed as the doula that will be taking care of an elderly ill person.

-Tie-ups with the Hospitals

This is not the most ethical way to go, but it can prove to be pretty effective in getting clients in the initial stage of business establishment. Ethics shouldn’t come in the way as long as your only goal is to serve the needful, keeping business in mind. Once you have a proper clientele, the general automation of clients will increase without needing the tie-ups.

-Press Release

Writing a press release can be great publicity for the business at the cost of nothing. If you are nervous about how to write them, there’s no need to worry. There are loads of sites on the internet that can enlighten you and educate you in writing a proper press release.

The press release should have all the mandatory knowledge about your business, the services you offer, and the attributes which set your business apart from others. The only thing that remains is to send the press release to a local newspaper and see the positive consequence that comes along with it.

-Website or a Starter Site

In this internet-driven modern world, creating a website is mandatory thing to do for a business to survive. Initially, you can start with creating a starter site; the expansion of it can be done later.

The website has to look neat and professional, with all the links properly working. The site should be easy to navigate, withholding all the necessary information and contact details for the clients to reach you.


You can include Blogs on the website or create them on your own. With the help of it, you can attract potential clients by talking about numerous topics which are great concerns for the clients you are trying to seek and serve.

-Business Listing and Directories

After creating a website, the next step that follows is getting the website and the business listed in the local business listings online and local paper service.

You can also list all the services by claiming your business in online business directories such as Yelp, yellow pages, Yahoo, and Google. By doing so, your business advertises itself in the searches of nearby doulas.


Meeting people from different norms of the profession, such as librarians, bankers, waitresses, es, etc. will help you spread the word about your business.

Interacting with more mothers and knowing about their experience of childbirth can be great homework for you.

Try to friend reporters; if you are lucky, they might write a piece on your profession mentioning your business. Basically, the more you mix with a diverse group of individuals, the greater the chances of gaining potential clients.

-Free Services

Nobody in the world would deny away from the free consultation services that any business has to offer. And it’s a great way to way to showcase what your business has in store in terms of future assistance.

During the interview with your potential clients, be prepared to answer some frequently asked questions. The goal is to make them feel assured about your services. To do so, try and demonstrate some of the ways to show your business does care about its clients.

-Reward your clients

We all know money talks in a very articulate way. Introducing the referral bonus program will help to gain more clients from the existing clients.

So whenever an existing client connects you to other clients with good word of mouth, reward them with some incentives so that they keep doing the good work.

It’s a great way to build more and more clients without shifting the focus from the existing clients. By keeping your clientele happy, you are doing your business a favor.

-Helping and Branding

Try to get yourself more involved with others in your own community. If there are other doula businesses in your locality, promote and market their business in whichever way you can.

Doing so, will make you a wonderful asset within your community. Taking the initiative by serving within the same domain will help you establish your brand, and it can only reflect your business in a positive way.

-Guest Speaker

You could offer yourself as a guest speaker in one of the birth education classes. This will help you reach out directly to your target audience. Explain to them what the concept of a doula really is and how hiring a doula can be beneficial to mothers and the elderly.

-Social Media Socializing

We all know what creating a profile on any social media platform can do to your business. But the business of doula needs something more than that. Through the means of social media, try to locate various groups which are parenting and pregnancy based.

Interact with them, participate with them, get to know them, and build friendships with them. This will only succor you to know more about how their minds work and what their needs are. And let’s face it, people only hire or refer someone if they are acquaintances.

How to drive up the sales of your doula business

  • One of the best ways to drive up sales is by making proper use of the different social media platforms to reach out to more people. This will significantly raise the sales of your business.
  • Traditional advertising platforms such as newspapers and television channels are extremely effective in raising the sales of any business by letting more people know about the business.
  • The price that you are charging for the service that you provide will have to be slightly lower than the one existing in the market. This will attract customers to use the service available at a cheaper rate.
  • Offering discounts on the service that you provide will make the deal more lucrative for the customers. Do not forget to offer discounts frequently.
  • The positive reviews from previous customers will eventually raise sales by making you more trustworthy.

FAQs about Doula Business to Get More Detail and Grow Business

What is the target market for a Doula business?

Your customer base is based on awaiting mothers with a certain path they wish for childbirth to go. A growing woman understands that things don’t always operate as planned and that a cesarean or medications may be required. However, women still felt pressured to take actions that ran counter to their birth plans simply because they were too afraid or lacked adequate knowledge.

This is where you serve as their system of assistance and advocacy. Moms who expect their first child are also perfect doula customers. Most pregnant mothers, particularly those never seen before, are frightened by the very thought of conception.

How do you keep the customers coming back to your Doula business?

The aims of the strategic strategy rely on one thing to achieve: the willingness to communicate more directly with customers. Listen rather than talk and let them laugh. Be frank with yourself. Tell them, above all that you care about going the extra mile. Send out your birthday cards, inquire about new things in your life and observe them when the baby is here. It can be a lonely time to parent a newborn; give them the help they lack.

What is the growth potential for a Doula business?

The growth prospects of your doula company are directly connected with demand in your area, market saturation, and affordability. More and more waiting families understand the benefit of the help of a doula and make it one of the fastest-growing industries. Many Doulas also learned that the long-term success of working with siblings has the same value system.

What marketing strategy can you apply for a Doula business?

DOULA certification is the first phase in your marketing plan. That individual should be properly educated, whether they intend on working as their own doula or vision with a team of professionals. It is important for you to show that you care about the pregnancy and conception cycle when approaching a potential new client.

Your website should be informative and welcoming to gain more acceptance within the community as well as describe what resources a doula provides, identify a target demographic, and discuss issues that are of most interest to you. Make sure your brand name, logo, URL, and email addresses are reflected in the picture you want to convey.

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