22+ Effective Dog Walking Business Advertising Ideas

A dog walking business is distinctive in itself. Now, this doesn’t mean that you will have no challenges to face. Recollect the general business storyline in your mind. Don’t you think that marketing is the lifeline of any startup nowadays? Then what are you waiting for?

How to promote your dog walking business

  • You can opt for putting up of a sufficient number of signboards and banners everywhere so that people can know about your business. This will ensure the faster promotion of your business.
  • The idea of distributing leaflets among the people with all the relevant information about your business in them will lead you to hasten up the promotion of your business.
  • Your business will be promoted faster once you have a unique name and a very beautiful logo for it because this will provide the customer with easy distinguishability. So think of a name and design a logo soon.
  • Business directories are one of the most important tools in promoting any business. So get enlisted in the business directories as soon as you can.

Attract More Dog Walking Clients with These Advertising Strategies.

-Let Your Website Talk About Your Dog Walking Business

At first, you may completely neglect the idea of building a  fine website for your business, but after a while, you may feel the need to create one. Hence, your dog walking website should have the following:-

  • Engaging information
  • Your services are listed in bullet points
  • Some dog-related interesting facts
  • Contact details
  • A page dedicated to FAQs

– Be a Regular Blogger

If you believe in inbound marketing, then you will also be in favor of blogging. Blogging is the smartest and most accepted way to get customers for your business intentions. But remember, keyword stuffing has no space in a remarkable blogging plan.

Great content with the finest use of popular keywords at regular intervals always gets the maximum attention on search engines.

-Make Something Creative Like a Bark Card

One fantastic way to force dog lovers to visit your office is to put before them bark cards. Yes, the bark cards with pictures of barking, excited dogs, and vital information at the back will encourage clients to try your services.  Hang these cards outside your business area on the main gate.

-Gain Acceptance From Local Businesses

Forming associations with closely related businesses in your professional field can make a huge impact on your money inflow. You have to stay consistent in your relationship efforts with local businesses like pet shops, dog training centers, etc.

Once any of these businesses accept a partnership with you, then you can expand your dog walking business even to their customers’ homes. So, keep investing time in fortune-filled partnerships and learn more.

-Offer Discounts On-Time

There is a psychological thing that happens in the mind when one hears about a discount. Discounts are also great for getting customers during the early days of your business.

Offer discounts on your dog walking services for the first week when you get a client for the first time. This way, you are connecting him with you for a longer time, and he will consider your business as a perfect fit for the walks of his dog.

-Get Yourself Educated

A dog walking business is all about spending most of your time with dogs. As such, the more knowledge you will have about the behavior and habits of dogs, the more you will be able to handle them properly.

Additionally, knowing abundantly about dog collars and leashes will give you a chance to recommend them to your clients so that the dog walk becomes an easier task for you.

-Research in the Market About Your Target Clients

Obtaining data about the number of customers who are in actual need of your services is an important part of planning your marketing strategy.

Most likely, people who have adult or overweight dogs can be your permanent clients. They may not be able to take their dogs for a walk during the day due to busy schedules. You can be a major help in such scenarios!

-Publish Press Releases in Newspapers

An accurately written press release can be the need of the hour for your business. Ask a local newspaper to get your press release published in one of its animals or pets sections.

You can highlight the details of your dog walking business in a brilliant manner and focus on the advantages of associating with you. This sufficient media coverage will get you more than enough client queues.

-Attach Business Cards on Bulletin Boards

Veterinary hospitals daily see many dogs on their premises. The owners of the dogs usually wait for their dog’s turn in the waiting area.

You know that there may be bulletin boards in the waiting area, and people may often look at them. So, why not attach your dog walking business cards on the bulletin boards and improve your chances of business promotions?

-Make a Presence on Online Listings

Online listings are given immense importance these days by people looking for different types of services. If there is a dog owner who is in desperate need of a dog walker, then he will look for him on Bing Local and Google Places without wasting much time.

You, too, can think ahead of time and get your business name placed on these listings to achieve more customers for you than you can ever imagine.

-Hold Small Events for Wider Promotions

Small-scale events where people are openly invited give them an open window to peep into your business type.

For your dog walking business events, you can hire some adoring puppies and make them show stoppers. Let people play and interact with them for a good amount of time and you will witness that people are getting drawn toward your business services.

-Provide Funds for Dog Shelter Homes

The awareness level about animal care has reached a very high point in recent times. This is the main reason why numerous dog shelter homes have proliferated in many areas across the world.

You can make a contact with any nearby dog care organization and ask them to take donations from you. This makes you totally interested in your dog care, and you may receive certificates for making major contributions to a particular organization.

-Get Social on Facebook

Many pet businesses are known to promote their services on Facebook. You, too, can pick this platform and learn from the posts of other animal businesses what is the supreme way to get the most likes on your posts.

Accordingly, work on your own page and acquire the title of the best dog-walking business from your followers.

-Let Referrals Speak About You

If a customer reaches you for a dog walking service do ask him how he came to know about you.

If a previous customer told him about you, then grab a moment to thank your loyal customer. This is the energy of a good referral that will be pleasant for your business and your old and new customers too.

-Start Automation Now

Begin automation for your marketing process right away. This will ensure that you send automated email cards as greetings to your clients on special occasions.

These will appear to the customers not just reminders or greetings but warm gestures which will be truly loved by them.

How to drive up the sales of your dog walking business

  • The sales of your business will go up as more and more people will get to know about you. You can enlighten a huge number of people by properly using social media platforms.
  • The paid platforms for advertisements, such as newspapers and TV channels, are the conventional methods to raise sales by enlightening more people. 
  • The price of the service that you are charging will have to be in accordance with the one existing in the market. So set the charges only after a comprehensive study of the market.
  • The customers will be inclined towards using your services once you start offering them lucrative discounts. So make sure to discount your services at regular intervals so that the number of customers rises.
  • The positive reviews from your previous clients are going to increase the number of customers by making you more trustworthy in their eyes.

FAQs about Dog Walking Business to Get more Clients

How can you make money by starting a Dog Walking business?

The remainder of your initial buying will last a number of years, while maintaining a constant supply of dog cupboards open. Mainly the fuel expense, car repairs and insurance are included in your budget.

Such costs depend on where you are and the size of the region you represent. Many dog-walkers recruit individuals as freelancers to escape the costs associated with recruiting men. Also make sure you allocate some of your budget for “employee” background checks because this is vital to the long-term sustainability of your company.

What is the target market for your Dog Walking business?

Anyone who has a dog and works outside the home should receive your services daily. Yet your perfect customer is the individual who worries for the animals because he or she stays alone and has the means to pay annually for your services. Every canine you walk will generate revenue for your company. Many dog professionals provide extra services in order to increase the profits of their company. 

How can you make your Dog Walking business profitable?

It takes time to develop a loyal customer base. Several techniques have been developed to ensure a more successful company by many dog walking professionals:

-Offer dog running for those strong dogs. Wanderers can charge $30 a 30-minute run in larger cities, or $200 a week for 5 45-minute runs.

-Include more facilities such as food, irrigation, strength training and endurance exercise
Include the options you sell for overnight / pet boarding

-Get accredited trainer for dogs

-Teach dog obedience / pedagogical training – this can be completed online or in person.

What marketing strategy you can apply for your Dog Walking Business?

Much as in all modern companies, the marketing plan will involve online marketing. Have a forum on your web with ideas, tricks and advice from the pet owners about how to raise a canine. Please post your social media blog and ask to participate in other well-known blogs in the industry.

Add your listing to the dog service quest to help customers find the services they need. When your company starts, publish announcing your opening in the press release to local papers. Network with the pet shops, dog groomers and veterinarians. Above all, show them why / how your services are beyond competition.

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