Doddle: 15+ Top Alternatives and Competitors

YEAR FOUNDED:1 March 2007

The present CEO of the corporation is Michael Brecht. The corporation was founded on March 1, 2007. The founders of the company were Michael Naf and Paul Sevinc. It is written in JavaScript. The headquarters are presently situated in Zurich, with many offices in New York. 

Doddle enables businesses to simplify project management by allowing them to create personalized workflows and communicate with each other.

Doddle unites conversations and centralizes communication, keeping all documentation and discussions in one place. Doodle manages all projects and ensures that tasks and projects are completed on-time

List of competitors of Doddle:


YEAR FOUNDED: March 2, 2017
HEADQUARTER: Walnut, California, United States

The CEO and the founder of the corporation are Shihab Muhammad. The corporation was founded on March 2, 2017. The founders of the corporation are Subin Sebastian and Shihab Muhammad.

The headquarters are located in Walnut, California, United States. The best experience for their customers. It is already assessed with 100 experts designed for the quiz and templates, the library for saving time and easily using powerful service software.

It also enables no code charts-boats for their website so that people could interact on their website and get accurate information for conducting their service. 



The CEO and Founder of Calendly is Tope Awotono. The corporation was founded in 2013. Integrated with 365 offices, Outlook offices, I cloud, and Google calendars to determine better preference availability.

It also has an online meeting scheduled for Android, IOS, and PC users. You can directly use it from web or browser extension, email plugging, and desktop apps.

It also includes a notifications buffering schedule between all the meetings and the daily limits of the discussion, which has a minimum feature for scheduling an experience.


HEADQUARTER: Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.

The founders of Hubspot are Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. The CEO of the corporation is Yamini Ragon. The corporation was founded in 2006. The corporation is working hard in the current market.

The corporation allows customers time-ice booking with advantageous invitational emails linked with Hubspot. You can use this tool as per your schedule mentioned in your calendar without any coding.

It also connects your device with CRM software. It captures the recording of new people growing in the nearby list of your contacts. 

Google Calendar

YEAR FOUNDED: April 13, 2006

It was launched on April 13, 2006. The developer’s name is Google. In this application, you do not need to have any third-party apps for scheduling meetings on Google calendar.

The sharing of data is very minimal in this tool, and it allows sessions to be shared easily with the meet tab.

A Reno customer is clicking on the option participant from this tab and then opening against your slot which you have selected—meeting places for the participants and emails that are easily set up.


HEADQUARTER: 41 W 25th St, New York

The CEO of the corporation is Bremner Morris. The corporation is responsible for the awareness and adoption of the creator, with many fans of crypto communications. The headquarters are situated at 41 W 25th St, New York.

The no employees are 56. The corporation was launched in 2016. It allows a quick, easy schedule for group meetings which is very time-consuming with other apps. The meeting details and schedule are settled through a vote in advance.

It is a source scheduling tool. The business can be used or customized and re-distributed without any cost. It is entirely free.  

Assistant. To

HEADQUARTER: San Francisco, California, United States

The corporation’s CEO works with the help of a personal aide or assistant. It also works with daily business or individual tasks, which often rely upon work assistance—automatic detecting or converting timezone tools that are not confusing or Alfine.

It also captures an intelligent insight towards the customers through meeting data-led through the pipeline growing system.

The agency has 4.2 ratings with 106 reviews. The price of the device for use monthly is 21 dollars as it has advanced features when you personalize the means for scheduling your helpful page and time. 


YEAR FOUNDED: July 9,2013
HEADQUARTER: Cupertino, California

The CEO of the corporation is Heather H. Wilson. It is providing leading artificial technology in its commercial industry.It helps its customers interest with every participant in their natural language. It is also for proper workflow management.

You also link emails on your behalf with straightforward configuration steps. Here you will not miss any prospect. Several automatic flows are scheduled at the right time for every customer.

If you sign up with Claris dashboard, you are quickly given a meeting preference with three approved contacts and real asset time reports. 


HEADQUARTER: New York City, United States

The founder of the corporation is Gavin Zucchini. The corporation was founded in 2006, on August 1. The headquarters are situated in New York City, United States.

In this application, you can match your calendar and get notified when new bookings are available. This scheduling app will give you a few dollar alternatives to customize everything with literacy.

You can make online payments through Stripe, Square, and PayPal tools. You can use a seven-day trial; after that, you have to use 14 dollars per month for using the device. 


YEAR FOUNDED: November 15, 2015
HEADQUARTER: Seattle, Washington, US

The CEO of the corporation is Casey Sullivan. The headquarters are situated in Seattle, Washington, US. It was founded in 2015, on November 15.

The founder of the corporation is Casey Sullivan. A unique feature for scheduling the time for the customer’s demand. In this application, you can also have an online booking feature for customers, staff, and group events that will be held for teams.

A free plan is available for a month, and then you have to use a paid plan which costs $9 per month.

Kalender and Werbe ag

YEAR FOUNDED: January 1933
HEADQUARTER: Luzern, Switzerland

With this tool, you can enjoy several features and find it the best alternative tool for doddling. You can also find many appointments with Chrome extensions that are scheduled in this software, as it has a scheduling feature.

It is an automatic time zone that is also suited for international prospects. The booking page of this tool is tinged with different calendars, which give more flexibility in scheduling quick meetings.

You can use it as a free plan with premium features, and you have to pay $6.99 monthly. 

Doddle Alternatives

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