17 Digital Marketers on Twitter That You Should Be Following

Today digital marketing has become a buzzword to the world. Anyone who is using digital marketing approach is gaining success better than normal marketers. They need to take motivations from some businesspersons who are providing it via social media.

Today we will discuss these most followed persons on twitter which you should follow to become a pro in the digital marketing sector.

1. Joe Chernov

He is on the top of the list as he is very energetic and cheerful and his post is very informative and authentic that his posts are too much insightful and informative and people enjoy his posts.

2. Scott Galloway

He is famous on Twitter for his very much informative posts where he comes to this point after promoting his self-industry via twitter, he shows many insights about bestseller business on social media. His posts are very much informative and lucrative as no one will be providing this much information which other won’t be posting on the social media

3. Ann Handley

She is famous for various reason in the twitter as she provides guidelines to make infographics and many seminars on marketing and blogs on the website to show insights to the follower about marketing. She is so good in marketing and blog writing and website to give insights about marketing to the audiences. So a marketing pro should follow her account.

4. Danny Sullivan

You can’t properly claim to be a digital marketing without following him on twitter for his marketing post in his several pages. He regularly posts via live twitting and his blogs about digital marketing on the twitter. He is a digital marketer who is very much authentic and informative.

5. Gary Vaynerchuk

He is one of the must-follow digital marketing post writers. He is a motivational person who can turn anyone into an entrepreneur and a leader in the sector of marketing and entrepreneurship from a business motivator. He has a by which he motivates people and gives marketing insights to the audiences.

6. Heidi Cohen

This person is famous for his “Actionable Marketing Guide” by which she provides guidelines to her followers. He writes a blog to motivate people by providing guidelines to them. This blogger focus on the quality of the marketing activities rather than the quantity of the products.

7. Larry Kim

He doesn’t post something to achieve fame via social media. He provides insights just to make the businessman aware of the future opportunities and threats which can attack the business. He provides info graphs and trend analysis to the businessman to make the way much easy for them. He provides first-hand insights which he has gathered via experience to the social media.

8. Mike Troiano

A person worthy of following who converts people into a businessman by providing motivations. He shares personal experiences and insights to make the people interested in taking business as a profession.

9. Oli Gardner

He posts some proven idea which is that much useful that whatever he posts get viral within a few moments matter. He posts his personal experience to his account which had been proven in various time to the business world, for this, he is supposed as a very important person to the digital marketing world.

10. Rhea Drysdale

She is very much useful as in her share some of the most prominent contents in the twitter that’s why anyone can follow her tips useful for marketing pros. Her contents are a little bit different which suggests avoiding some marketing faults and myopia and some major mistakes which can ruin your whole business.

11. Sonia Simone

She is focusing on how women businessman can break into the digital marketing world by taking necessary measures. Her posts contain motivations for women follow copyright guidelines, creating podcasts and other necessary things which are needed by women to start own marketing.

12. Jay Baer

He is a writer of best seller book and has won multiple awards for his social media activities. He is the owner of a multimillion dollar farm. He a seasoned marketer who is basically a keynote speaker who delivers a highly motivational speech to motivate and provide a guideline to start and continue your own business.

13. Joe Pulizzi

He is supposed as a godfather in the content marketing area for a various reason. He is the founder of a content marketing institute after realizing that advertising isn’t good enough to capture the market. He has a great expertize on content marketing which has provoked us to keep him in the list of digital marketing mafias.

14. Jeff Bullas

You need to follow this man if you want to achieve expertize on Facebook ads and learn to become a proactive profitable social media marketer. He supposed as the king of the contents which are easy small and readable which will make you a marketing pro if you follow him regularly. He is one of the best for social media marketers who can grab quick attention of the audience.

15. Rand Fishkin

He is supposed as one of the honest people who provide perfect and transparent and accurate contents to make your strategy as a success. He is worthy of following for his posts.
He provides huge content to help you in your marketing to keep you in the competition by giving you a competitive edge over the competitors in the crazy world of digital marketing full of advertising.

16. Barry Schwartz

He posts about contents regarding online advertising and marketing in which he is supposed as a first guy to provide insights by his posts.

17. Pam Moore

She is the CEO of marketing Nuts which provides marketing consultation and social business marketing strategies to continue its operations. He is one of the top 5 most influencing women in social media according to the Forbes magazine. Her articles and blogs contain insights into social media marketing.

These are the digital marketers whom you can follow on twitter in 2018 to take motivations to start or continue your business as a successful one.

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