Deputy: 15+ Top Alternatives and Competitors

Steve Shelley is the Chairman and co-founder of Deputy. Deputy is a USA-based firm located in San Francisco. It is an all-in-one workforce management solution.

It helps varieties of industries and businesses to save time and money by automating scheduling, time sheets, tasking, performance management, and communication by eliminating manual processes. Deputy is a cloud-based HRM solution that provides scheduling and employee management.

HEADQUARTER: San Francisco 

The rostering software of the Deputy can be used to calculate overtime and schedule staff. Deputy can be integrated with other systems, or timesheets can be transferred to payroll.

List of Deputy alternatives

Justworks Hours

HEADQUARTER: San Diego, United States

This company was founded in 2012 by Matt Bowersox, Noah Lively, and Timothy Suski. Greater San Diego, the US, hosts headquarters for Justworks Hours.

Justworks Hours is the time tracking tool anyone can make use of. It syncs automatically with time cards in Justworks, saving time on payroll calculations and management. The features provided by this company are satisfactory.

It manages employee time by utilizing geo-fencing, customized alarms and reminders, scheduling, shift tracking, and integrated reporting. It’s available on the web or mobile app and on Slack.

When I Work

HEADQUARTER: Minnesota, United States

This company was founded in 2010. Chad Halvorson was the founder and CEO of the Corporation. When I Work is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. When I Work has been the leading shift-based labor management software.

It provides an efficient, user-friendly experience for employees. The company put collaboration at the Center of workplace operations by integrating staff scheduling, time tracking, and communication, bringing empathy, agility, and consumer-level simplicity to businesses of all sizes. +17.

It helps to enhance communication, eradicate excuses and raise employee accountability, track time attendance, and grow your business.

Ceridian Dayforce

HEADQUARTER: Minnesota, U.S.Ceridian

David Ossip is Ceridian’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. The company was launched in 2009 and has Headquartered in Minnesota, U.S.Ceridian is a software business specializing in human capital management.

Payroll, human resources benefits, workforce management as well as management of talent are just a few aspects included in Ceridian Dayforce.

From hiring and onboarding to paying employees and expanding their careers, this platform will assist you in managing the complete employee’s lifespan. Ceridian can help companies of all sizes, from minor to large corporations.


HEADQUARTER: San Francisco, California

The company was founded in 2015, and the founder is John Waldmann. Its Center is located in San Francisco, California.

It has everything you require to run an hourly workforce employees’ schedules, time clocks, payroll, team communications hiring, onboarding, and compliance. Homebase helps smaller (but essential) companies.

HomeBase is an organization committed to long-term value creation for its stockholders and focused on positive growth. The company serves restaurants, retail, food and beverage, catering, healthcare, and other industries. 

QuickBooks Time


Brandon Zehm and Matt Rissell are the company’s founders having headquarters in the Western US.

The fantastic features of this software are that Employees can clock in and out in real-time, manually record their time, and tailor time entry for fields, projects, and activities using comprehensive time tracking options.

Managers, employees, and account managers can get alerts about overtime through email Twitter and text messages if they’re approaching overtime. Managers can quickly and efficiently decide whether or not to hire employees through the review of employee time.

UKG Ready

YEAR FOUNDED: April 1, 2020
HEADQUARTER: Weston, Florida, and Lowell, Massachusetts

UKG Ready(tm) helps to provide a seamless work experience using one solution. Aron Ain (Executive Chairperson) and Christopher Todd (CEO) Hugo Sarrazin (CPO) are all key people. The company was released on April 1, 2020. The establishment is located in Weston, Florida, and Lowell, Massachusetts. UKG Ready offers features such as:

  • Blends of talent management
  • HR
  • Payroll, 
  • Scheduling, and time capabilities to provide an individual 
  • Person-centered experience that reduces stress, 
  • Improves efficiency, 
  • Assists in complying.

All employee data is stored in a single database, allowing for a single source of truth with standard reporting, dashboards, and robust workflows.   



Christian Brondum is CEO, and Anders Frederiksen is the company’s chief corporate. The company has its headquarters situated at Kobenhavn, DK.

This software was launched in 2004. Planday fundamentally restructures workforce software that allows hourly workers and managers to connect through communication, cooperate, and complete tasks.

This provides solutions to various businesses in the market. Shift planning, communication, employee management, online and mobile time clock, reporting, and payroll connections are all part of its solution. The company serves retail, leisure, hospitality, healthcare, hotels, and test and vaccine markets. 


HEADQUARTER: California, United States

Skedulo co-founder and chief executive Matt Fairhurst. Skedulo is Based in San Francisco, California, United States.

The platform includes a single center for automatically scheduling jobs based on predefined parameters and real-time availability and messaging facilities for communicating with people from anywhere. Integrations with Zoom and Microsoft Teams allow you to host virtual meetings inside Skedulo.

Skedulo creates cloud-based software that permits associations to plan, manage and engage their desk-less workforce, regardless of the industry Businesses can get efficiency in working style and develop in this competitive market. 



Danny Wen is the Co-Founder and CEO of Harvest. Launched in 2006 and centered in New York, Harvest provides freelancers and small businesses with time tracking and online invoicing tools and assistance.

Harvest software can be used for time tracking, expenditure tracking, project management, billable hours, task assignment, invoicing, scheduling, and other tasks. Accounting Integration, Alerts/Notifications, Attendance Tracking, Billable Items Tracking, Mobile Time Tracking, Multiple Billing Rates, Offline Time Tracking, Online Time Tracking, Project Management, Time Tracking, Project Tracking, Projections, QuickBooks Integration.

UKG Workforce Central

YEAR FOUNDED: April 2020
HEADQUARTER: Lowell, Massachusetts, and Weston, Florida

Chris Todd is the current president of the UKG group. The UKG Workforce Central suite was created to believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between features, functionality, and simplicity.

It integrates attendance and time scheduling, absence management, payroll and hiring, and labor analytics into one system for managing your workforce.

These features will assist Users’ businesses to be more efficient. It can save labor expenses, decrease compliance risk, and boost employee engagement.UKG Workforce Central (formerly Kronos Workforce Central) is a set of workforce management tools that can handle time attendance, absence, attendance, and schedule.

Deputy Alternatives

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