25+ Effective Dental Clinic Marketing Ideas & Strategies

Marketing and advertising is an instrumental aspects of any new venture and a dental clinic is no different. In the present times, multiple dental clinics have sprung up on every street and almost everyone has their own designated dentists already.

How to promote your dental clinic?

  • Design a unique logo and put a signboard to attract local visitors.
  • Collaborate with other related business partners like hospitals, dental surgeons, orthodontists, paediatric dentists for more patients. 
  • Design a website and optimize the page with contact number, hours of operation, address, service area, and specific service.
  • Make sure to keep a strong presence online through social media, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Host a health fair or seminars within the premises to compel people to visit your clinic 
  • Send out mailed offers and postcards within a set radius of your clinic to hit target customers.

Carving out your customer base is not as easy as it sounds, especially if it is in a posh locality. Things get all the more difficult for young dentists as there is always a certain lag period since people still associate a doctor to be more experienced when they are a little aged.

Host an event even in schools on dental hygiene and get involved by attending festivals, sponsoring a little league team, health camp, and other volunteer work.

Therefore, if you are a budding dentist and have to open a clinic or feel like your clinic needs to get more patients in order to function better.

Here are some of the Dental Clinic marketing strategies that you could follow

Identify your customer niche

There are multiple branches of dentistry that comply with different patient bases. You need to identify your own as soon as you start.

For example, if cosmetic dentistry is your main area of expertise, your advertising will mostly resort to women and young men.

Similarly, if you are a maxillofacial surgeon, you may make trauma patients your specialty. Knowing your niche will help you market your clinic making them your main USP.

Give the highest quality treatment at a minimal price

The best marketing for your clinic will depend on how good a treatment you can give to your patient and how reasonably priced it is.

Some clinics don’t flourish because they make the mistake of overcharging for the service they provide.

Once patients are satisfied with your quality and find your treatment charges reasonable they are automatically going to spread the word around and more and more patients will invariably start coming.

Organize camps

Camps are not only a way of marketing it is also a method of social welfare for the less privileged in society. Organize dental camps in localities that have all kinds of niches and make them free.

People like the idea of free camps and you will be startled by the number of people getting their checkups done. More people means more advertisements and the word will spread around soon.

Discounts and offers

Though this may not sound very appropriate for a health setup, it is one potent way of getting more people to your clinic.

There is no denying the fact that the profit margins are generally kept pretty high in dental treatments.

You may have to let go of such margins in the initial days by giving discounts on treatment charges. Offers like a combined package for esthetic treatment are also a good idea.


Digital marketing is more important than traditional marketing these days which makes a website for your clinic an absolute necessity.

The first thing that people who have heard about your clinic will be to look you up online and you should be ready to make your presence felt.

The website should be easily navigable and should include the dentist’s contact number, the clinic’s address, and the facility to book appointments compulsorily, along with other features.

Social media

There is no other way to reach a maximum number of people like social media applications and you too should make use of this craze.

Create a page on popular social media sites like Facebook and Instagram and keep posting stuff related to dentistry and the facilities available in your clinic. You could even attach a redirection link to your website on these pages and you will notice the increase in traffic soon.

Free health check-ups in schools

Pediatric dentistry forms a large part of dental treatment and what other better way to reach out to children other than through schools themselves?

Children of different age groups have different types of problems. You can organize health camps in schools and screen them and refer the ones needing treatment to your clinic. What’s more? The people who accompany the kids are potential patients as well.

Enroll in appointment booking websites

The Internet is a book for a lot of things and a lot of people resort to it to book appointments with doctors and dentists as well.

Therefore, it is important that you have your database saved on these websites so that your clinic is visible on its roster. Once people start going to you and giving you good reviews, you will remain on top of the list for a long time.

Bonus and reward points

This is a modern way of marketing. Once a patient of yours refers you to someone he or she knows and the new patient comes and tells that they have been sent by a particular person, you can give reward points to both the parties which they can redeem in getting discounts for the treatment that they are going to get. You may also give bonus free esthetic treatments if feasible.

Advertise in newspapers and magazines

This is to appeal to that section of the crowd that still believes in glancing through the newspaper daily or reading magazines.

Though the customization won’t be as easy as the digital marketing system, it is going to be definitely worth it, based on the amount of revenue you will generate from it.

Distribute leaflets

Another orthodox and traditional method of marketing is to get relevant leaflets printed and have someone distribute them to people.

This doesn’t require any screening such as almost everyone can be a dental patient, making the job a lot easier. The design of the leaflet should be simple yet classy and should be reflective of your clinic nicely.

Spread through word of mouth and references

You can ask your friends and relatives to spread the word about your clinic to the people they are acquainted with. There is no denying the fact that once someone recommends a place, a sense of trust is automatically built.

Speak at conferences

This is important not only for your personal growth but for the growth of your clinic as well. It brings you on the radar of bigshots of dentistry and who would not want to go to the clinic of such a reputed dentist?

Organize fun activities

This approach is to break the myth that dental treatment is only related to pain and injection and blood. Call your patients for a get-together, and organize fun events. For your pediatric patients, maybe go out for a meal as well. It can be an ideal way of following up with your patients too.

Maintain a cordial and friendly relationship with your patients

Last but not least, since any medical profession is built on trust, the kind of relationship that a dentist maintains with their patients is an important part of marketing as well.

Be cordial, take nicely to your patients, shed that pompous attitude and you will guarantee yourself a lifetime of patients along with their future generations.

Remember one thing, once you open a dental clinic, you have a responsibility toward your patients and the community.

Once your clinic becomes popular using the above-mentioned marketing strategies, you should concentrate on rehabilitation to the best of your ability.

How to drive sales to your Dental clinic?

  • Put on hoardings, banners, and signboards in the community areas to attract people.
  • Provide an exclusive offers like free cleaning or teeth whitening to new patients and discount services for existing patients.
  • Don’t forget to advertise your dental clinic through radio and newspapers.
  • Do not forget to show off the result of your happy, healthy mouths to attract new people on social pages.
  • Make it easy for people to contact and connect with your potential customers.
  • Do not forget to send appointment reminders, and schedule appointments in the form of email, texts, and phone calls.

Here are some Important FAQs about Dental Clinic to Get More Detail and Grow Business

1. What marketing strategy you can apply when starting a Dental Clinic?

Particularly in the early years dental offices work on a small budget. Because a dentist is frequently indebted because of school loans, additional loans must be carefully taken into account to start a practice.

All costs, including marketing expenses, must be justified. Therefore, most dentists rely on reference marketing or local advertising in newspapers and newsletters. Email marketing is also successful, since patients have to return to cleaning regularly. When an email is confirmed by a dentist, current customers may provide referrals.

2. How can you keep the patients coming back to your Dental Clinic?

Specialization is important to differentiate yourself from other local offices. Most are general practitioners. It is difficult to differentiate yourself from the competition in a highly competitive industry.

You will charge more and have a more established niche with Specialization. Many dentists have been trained in endodontic, dental, maxillofacial, or gum, maxillofacial and dental surgery. But other specialties are available, including:

-Dent facial orthopedics and orthodontics
-Dental pediatrics

3. What is the growth potential for a Dental Clinic?

Dental offices are typically comprised of one dentist, a few healthcare professionals and a few receptionists. You need a sufficient number of “core employees” to provide basic services when you open a dental office. In addition to the main dental staff, accounts and HR are typically also expected for financial and employee management. The market demand for dental services depends on growth. A dentist may have either one or two clinics in a small town. In a larger community, partners and multiple locations are not uncommon for a dentist.

4. What skills are necessary to build a successful Dental Clinic?

Before dentists can practice legal dentistry, they need to take a large number of courses. Nearly often a dentist is the director of a dental. The first step to start dentistry is to earn a bachelor’s degree from this. The next move is to pursue a doctorate in dentistry after this has been completed.

If you start your own practice, dentists do have a strong sense and experience in company. Many patients are also unfavorable to a dentist. Of this reason, the dentist wants to learn how to plan the office and the atmosphere so that the experience for the patient is a little more pleasant.

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