21+ Actionable Delivery Company Marketing Ideas

You need to have several marketing ideas in mind if you plan to start a delivery company. Focus on both online and offline marketing to attract new clients. You will have to compete with hundreds of delivery companies in your area.

How to promote your Delivery company?

  • Invest in a website and branded logo and introduce a mobile app to build online brand awareness.
  • Take part in field events to get exposure.
  • Join hands with companies, business partners, or traders to gain more clients.
  • Put signs, distribute business cards, and sponsor your brand at charity events to make people know your brand.

Creative marketing techniques can set you apart from others. Here are a few marketing ideas for a delivery company.

Marketing Strategy For Delivery Company:

Connect with People

You need to build a strong network to promote your delivery company. Meet people at local events, conferences, or workshops. Talk to them about your delivery company. Give your business card to anyone interested in using the delivery services of your company.


Promote your delivery company through advertisements in print and electronic media. Place advertisements in local newspapers and magazines.

You can also post online advertisements on different websites. Use a tagline in the advertisements that highlight your specialty. Let people know the benefits of choosing the services of your company. Also, go for advertisements on television and radio.

A Mobile App

Use technology to offer top-quality services that set you apart from your competitors. Create a mobile app that will allow your clients to register for your services online. Clients can check the delivery status of their parcels through the app.

They can also give their feedback by rating your services in the app. Clients can avail exciting deals and offers when they log in to your app.

A Press Release

Consider writing a press release that gives a detailed account of your business. Go through websites that will help you in writing a wonderful press release. Write about the special features of your business in the press release and get it published in a local newspaper.


Design a professional website for your business. The website should look attractive, and it must be user-friendly.

The website should contain information like the types of services you offer and their prices. Upload a list of your current and ex-clients in the website, this will let prospective clients know that many reputed companies have opted for your services.

Social Media

Use social media as an effective marketing tool. Promote your brand identity through advertisements on popular social media websites. Most of your customers visit social media websites daily, allowing you to interact with them daily. Share promotional content related to your business on your social media page.


Blogging can help in making your business popular among potential clients. Write interesting articles as a guest contributor to any well-known blog. Start your own blog once you feel confident to do so.

Ask for Referrals

You can ask your loyal clients to refer your business to their friends, family members, and relatives. Use word of mouth advertising to promote your business. Customers will naturally refer your business to other people if they are satisfied with your services.

You can encourage them to refer more by offering incentives like discounts, gift coupons, cash vouchers, etc. It is a cost-effective way of spreading goodwill about your business.


Email serves as an important channel of communication between you and your customers. It allows you to add a personal touch to your promotions.

Send promotional offers to respective clients via email. Ask them to share their email addresses once they register for your services.

Register your Company

You can register your company with reputed courier exchange services. This allows your business to gain more exposure as more people will come to know about your company.

Also, register with online business directories that list your company under delivery services. Enlist your website in well-known search engines to help people trace out your company online.

Business Cards and Fliers

Use business cards and fliers for offline marketing. Distribute business cards and brochures strategically to reach out to your target audience. Mention all the information about your business in the brochure.

All your business cards and brochures should carry your company’s logo. Make them look attractive and stylish. Put up banners and billboards in and around your locality to spread awareness about your delivery company among the locals.

Tie up with E-Commerce Websites

Your business can gain maximum popularity by collaborating with reputed E-commerce websites. E-commerce websites are your ideal clients as they require delivery services from a reliable company that will help them reach the products to their customers smoothly. Get in contact with E-commerce websites and offer your services to them.

Identify Your Niche

Your marketing strategies will depend on the type of delivery service you wish to focus on. For example, you can opt for a food or garment delivery service. Research the market to know what is suitable for you.

Reviews and Feedbacks

Request your clients to share their feedback and reviews on your app, website, or social media page. This will help you in improving the quality of your services. Positive reviews will help in creating a good impression among clients who feel hesitant to choose your services.

A Loyalty Program

Conduct a loyalty program that gives you the opportunity to thank and appreciate your loyal clients for choosing your services and sticking on with you for a long period of time. Send them thank you messages and wishes through the mail. You can also offer gifts to them.


Offer discounts and lucrative offers to your clients on a weekly or monthly basis. You can give a discount on the rates of delivery to your regular clients once in a while. Collaborate with a daily deals site that can provide you with ideas of daily deals like cash back or limited-period offers.

Be Unique

You need to have a unique selling point to stand out in the market. Offer the kind of delivery services that none can offer in your locality. Hire delivery boys and girls who are experienced and reliable. Your delivery company should be able to send products to areas where other companies are unable to reach them.

How to drive sales to your Delivery company?

  • Advertise your business by placing an advert on your car.
  • Increase your sale through loyalty points offers for loyal customers.
  • Ask clients to write a review on your website or application to gain the trust of new clients.
  • Give referral awards, welcome discounts, and group offer to grab more leads.
  • Be active on social media platforms to get attention and demonstrate your expertise.
  • Advertise through print advertisements such as newspapers, brochures, or pamphlets.
  • Announce your service at the local level through radio ads.
  • Connect with existing clients through email newsletters or SMS marketing.

FAQs about Delivery Companies to Get more Detail and Grow your Business

How can you make your Delivery business profitable?

A service provider will produce more profits by investing in more fuel-efficient cars. While this does not raise sales, production costs will be greatly decreased because fuel is one of the highest ongoing costs. The net result would be a sustainable rise.

What marketing strategy can you implement for your Delivery business?

In addition to placing signage on the car for deliveries and going to very desirable places for potential customers (such as florists and pizzerias), two of the most successful ways to commercialize a service business include calling for ads and even partnering with the business. Other free and cost-effective marketing strategies, such as developing a website and social media, may also be useful. 

What experience is required to start your Delivery business?

However, most delivery companies rely on cars to pick up packs at their destination. Consequently, a conductor license is required for most supply services business owners. Interested business owners who are not licensed should contact their State’s motor vehicle department to learn about the process of authorization and licensing.

Customer service skills are also relevant in the delivery industry, as customers change their orders regularly. You may need a package to be received at a different address than the package originally specified, or you may want a package to be shipped as quickly as initially agreed.

How can you keep customers coming back to your Delivery Business?

By offering short delivery times, a delivery company will attract customers. It is, however, one of the key reasons why people do not use large companies but prefer local delivery services. In turn, you can create a broader customer base by offering an opportunity for consumers to contact friends and family, such as a discounted or free delivery.

What is the target market for your Delivery Company?

The ideal customer of a delivery service company is a business that needs a lot of quick local transfers. Partnerships, cake shops, and pizza stores with nearby flower shops may provide a profitable market.

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