25+ Actionable Daycare Business Marketing Ideas

Marketing is an important aspect of any business. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, give top priority to your marketing strategies. Marketing a daycare business is not that easy. Parents should feel confident to send their children to your daycare center. You need to provide top quality services to convince them.

How to promote your day care business

  • The best way to enlighten the people about your day care business can be done by putting up of signboards and banners everywhere in plenty. This will ensure fast promotion of your business.
  • You can opt for distributing leaflets among the targeted customers with all the relevant information printed in them. This is one of the most effective alternatives available to you for promoting your business.
  • The burdensome process of promoting your business needs to be disburdened and this can be done by thinking of a unique name for your company and also by designing a very beautiful logo for it.
  • The business directories are extremely powerful tools when the promotion of your business is concerned. So, waste no time and get your company enlisted in the business directories.

Promote your services through online and offline advertisements. Be efficient in marketing your business, it will help you to survive the competition in the market. Think about innovative ways of marketing your daycare center that will help you to reach out to your target audience.

Try to stand out in the market and make your business an obvious choice for the clients. Here are a few marketing ideas for a daycare business.

Open House Events

Consider hosting open house events where parents can visit your center, have a look at the facilities and know your staff. Parents can hesitate in sending their children to a child care center that is unknown to them.

They will feel confident to send their children to your daycare center when they are satisfied with the facilities that will contribute to the growth of their children in a safe and secure environment. Try to organize open house events each month.


Request the parents of the children who are enrolled in your center to refer your daycare business to their friends and any other family whom they know.

Parents are much more likely to send their children to a child care center that are trusted and referred to by any of their friends, neighbors or relatives.  Provide the parents with incentives like a monthly discount on fees that will encourage them to refer more.

Contact with New Parents

Try to establish contact with women in your locality who are expecting a child soon. It would be best if you are able to find out families in which both the parents are working and are unable to take proper care of their children. Talk to them about your daycare center and convince them to choose your services.

Business Cards and Fliers

Invest in designing attractive business cards, brochures, and fliers. Mention all the information related to your child care center in them. Distribute the brochures and fliers in strategic locations where you can reach out to your target audience. Put up banners and billboards in your locality displaying the name of your child care business.


Build a website that will help in enhancing your online presence. You can hire a professional to build a website for you or design it yourself using templates that are available online. The website should suit the specific needs of your business. It should be user-friendly so that customers are able to access it from any device.

Provide detailed information about your business on the website. Your website should be registered with online search engines so that potential clients are able to find it out when they search using keywords that are related to your business.

Social Media

Use social media for marketing your daycare business. Open a page on social media websites that are dedicated to your business. Post all important updates regarding your business in social media. Interact with parents in social media who are looking for reliable daycare centers.

Share all that is special about your child care center through advertisements in social media, this will help you in reaching out to a greater number of people.

Give Items for Free

In order to create a good impression among the parents, you can distribute free items to the children in an open house event. Gift them a teddy bear, t-shirts, comic books, toys and other things with which they can relate to. This will make your center popular and different from others.


Print advertisements in local newspapers that are widely circulated. Also, promote your business through advertisements in radio and television. Contact a celebrity to promote your business in TV commercials.

Design a logo that represents the brand identity of your daycare center. Be creative in designing a logo that looks unique. The logo should depict the vision of your daycare business. Don’t forget to place the logo in all your print and electronic advertisements.


You can write interesting articles about child care in blogs that are related to it. Start off as a guest contributor to gain exposure and move on to open your own blog. Share valuable content in blogs that are linked to child care. People will come to know about your expertise in childcare when they go through such blogs. Hence, blogging qualifies as an important marketing tool for you.

Offer Best Services at Affordable Prices

Research and find out the kind of facilities that are being offered by other daycare centers in your locality. Your daycare center should offer facilities and services that are missing in others. You should come up with something unique to attract new clients.

Coordinate with Local Businesses

You can contact local businesses and coordinate with them in promoting your daycare business. Keep some of your business cards and fliers in their stores and ask them to give it to their regular customers. In return, you can promote their business in the same way or share a percentage of your profit with them.


E-mail your old and current clients to stay in touch with them. Request the parents to share their e-mail address with you at the time of enrollment. Communicate with them via e-mail and keep them updated about the growth and development of their children. Inform them about discounts and deals through e-mail.

Ask for Reviews

Give respect to the opinion of your clients and ask for their valuable feedbacks and reviews. This can go a long way in promoting your daycare business. Reviews will encourage you to offer better services. Clients can write their reviews and testimonials on your website and social media page. Positive reviews will help in influencing prospective clients.

Create or Collaborate with Childcare App

You can create a child care app that will help your clients in booking appointments, enrolling for your center, paying fees etc. Parents can access any information related to their children by logging into the app.

How to drive up the sales of your day care business

  • The easiest alternative available to you to raise your sales by reaching out to more people is the one of using the social media platforms constructively. Make proper usage of the social media and watch your sales going up.
  • The traditional method of advertising in the paid platforms such as newspapers and the TV channels are extremely efficient in raising the sales by many folds. 
  • The price that you are setting for the service you are providing must be slightly lesser than the price existing in the market. This will make the customers attracted towards using the service that is cheaper.
  • The customers will be more willing towards using your service once they are getting enough discounts and lucrative offers. So, make sure that you are offering discounts frequently.
  • The positive reviews from your previous customers will make your business more trustworthy in the eyes of the ne customers and eventually the sales will go up.

here are some Important FAQs about Daycare Business to Get more Detail and Grow Business

1. How can you make your Day Care business profitable?

While cost reduction is a good way of boosting income in some sectors, childcare isn’t one of them. Quality treatment is what all parents are looking for, and your company will usually expand to the extent that you meet the standards of parents and keep your children happy. Additional benefits for parents, such as children lessons in music, yoga or dance, may also be used to boost their income.

You can also employ a cook for your children to prepare nutritious and delicious meals and to reduce ingredient and work charges monthly per child, thus saving parents time required to prepare their children’s meals every day.

2. What is the growth potential for a Day Care business?

Since high quality childcare for most American families is important, there is a steady stream of customers in the childcare sector. Your capacity for growth will rely in large part on your area’s demographics. Check the local population’s age breakdown. What are the numbers of young people? So many people get married or marry in a long term.

3. What is the marketing strategy for a Day care business?

The complexity of your marketing campaign depends on the scale of your daily job. You do not have to employ a Web Development Team or a graphic designer for a billboard commercial if you’re just beginning and plan to work from home with three or four children in full-time.

Your company is expanding, so you’d at least need a website if you want to lease or purchase a physical center that can house a dozen or more children. This enables parents, who are your prospective customers, to find out your business on the Internet, your personality, the core values of your child care centre, and the kinds of activities you have for your children.

4. What is the target market for your Day Care business?

Your key client will be working parents of young children who need someone to help their kids watch during the day. You may also choose to tailor your services to a certain population based on your position and the unique needs of your local group. The type of customer you attract will also rely primarily on how much you charge and the level of service that you can deliver.

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