27+ Actionable Dating Consultancy Marketing Ideas

Are you a newbie in the dating business and having a problem finding new clients? Or do you find it hard to retain your old customer? Or maybe your growth in the industry seems stagnant.

Check useful dating consultancy marketing ideas to help you reach out to your potential clients and take your business to a new height.

How to promote your dating consultancy business?

  • Make a mobile-friendly mobile application to get in touch with users.
  • Try to get the attention of the people by sponsoring a charity or an event locally.
  •  Ask Your Client for a Referral to grow your business faster.
  • A partnership with restaurants or clubs is an excellent strategic step for business growth.

Important and Practical Dating Consultancy Marketing Ideas to Grow your business at Next Level.

Paid Advertisement to Promote Your Dating Consultancy Marketing Ideas

The most effective and easiest way to reach more clients is by paid advertising through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

This helps you to reach a broader audience without much hassle and draw attention to your dating website.

Get Your Dating Site on Google My Business

Get listed on Google My Business. Google My Business is where all marketers advertise their businesses and is an ideal place to promote your dating site. It has a vast customer base.

Organize Photo Contests on Facebook and Instagram

Another fun way to help you grow your online business is by organizing a photo contest for your customer on Facebook and Instagram.

You could ask customers to click photos with their partners in their funny moments together or cute couple competition etc. to win prizes. You could then post these in your photos on your dating website to promote your business.

Video Contest on Twitter

Video contest is another tool to advertise your dating site on Twitter. You could ask your existing clients to post a video of their proposal or do pranks on their respective partners and so on. You could advertise these contests on various platforms to get noticed.

Create a YouTube Channel for Your Dating Website

Creating a YouTube channel is easy and economical. There are millions of followers on YouTube, which will help you get hold of a new client.

You could also give updates and information about your business by making YouTube videos.

Make a Film Video and Post It on Vimeo

Make a film video about your dating consultancy marketing updates and optimize it to show keywords on Vimeo. You can give information about new launches and updates of your dating website.

Give Facebook Ads

It is among the most followed social media platforms. You could advertise your dating site via Facebook ads.

With the maximum user being the youth, it could be a useful tool to promote your dating site. Create a Facebook page for your business and post updates and videos regularly.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile Regularly

LinkedIn is the platform where you can answer questions or queries related to dating sites. This will help you to direct the right client to your dating website.

Other sites, such as quora, help you promote your dating consultancy marketing ideas. Update Your LinkedIn Page from time to time and develop the USP of your dating site.

Give Free Merchandise and Give Away

You could give free merchandise like mugs, photo frames, heart-shaped pillows, etc., and giveaways like food coupons to your old and loyal customers.

Offering a discount or coupon on a special occasion like Valentine’s day or an anniversary can help you build customer rapport.

Form Partnerships with Restaurants or Club

Forming a partnership with restaurants or clubs is an excellent strategic move for your business growth.

You could promote each other on various platforms and gather potential clients. You could give discounted coupons for restaurants or free entry for clubs to your existing clientele to improve your dating site.

Ask Your Client for a Referral

If you want to expand your business, don’t be afraid to ask your existing client for a referral.

It is the best way for you to grow your business as your clients are aware of your work, so they have firsthand experience before referring to others. You could offer rewards for the referral too.

Participate In # HashTag Theme

Participating in the # hashtag theme contest helps you get noticed. These themes are often trending on social media platforms and are open to a broad audience. You could print T-shirts with your dating sites and ask people to hashtag them.

Follow Up On Existing Client

You could ask your clients for feedback after using your services. As for dating sites, you could ask the clients to post pictures of them before and after dating.

The image with the glow-on-the-face postdating is a success story in itself. It also enhances the goodwill of the business.

Write a Blog for Your Dating Site

The blog helps you post information and updates on your dating sites. The more interesting blog content ideas you have, the more you become popular.

You could also follow other blogs and give links. You can even hire someone to write a blog for your dating site.

Email Marketing

This method may not be new, but it is quite an effective way to get new clients. Sending emails to your potential clients through MailChimp or other email marketing sites could help you grow your business.

Cold Calling

This may sound surprising, but it works.  This is the most direct way to reach your potential customer. You can get a database from surveys, fairs, etc.

Recruit a smart employee to effectively pursue your potential clients from the database collected and turn them into customers for your dating site.

Be a Guest on a Podcast or Radio

Become a guest on the podcast or radio. This would help you to have a standing in your industry. You could also give new updates and information related to your dating websites.

These Podcasts are heard by a broad audience, which could turn into a potential client base for your dating consultancy business.

Conduct a Webinar

Another Effective way of getting a new client base is by inviting the audience to attend the webinar. The webinar is the easiest and most economical way of attracting customers. One can visit the webinar from any part of the world.

Make Vines

Vines are quick six-second videos where one can make fun content on dating sites and post these online.

These videos focus on quality rather than quantity and don’t take much time to prepare. This is an exciting and fun way that promotes your dating business.

Create a Contest on Facebook Page

You could organize a caption contest for your existing clients on your dating Facebook Page.

You could ask them to write a fun caption on numerous photographs and win discount coupons and vouchers. You could invite people to participate and attract new customers.

Make a Mobile App

One can develop a mobile app so that customers can access the dating site anywhere. An app helps you cater to a broader audience, as accessibility is very easy. There are so many Dating Mobile Apps available, like Tinder and Bumble.

Feedback from Clients

You can ask your existing customer to post their feedback online. The reviews are often read by a large number of people online.

This will help the potential client to know more about your work and services provided by you through the actual customer.

Distribute Brochures in malls or fairs

You can print attractive brochures and distribute them in shopping malls, festivals, and events. This will help you to reach a much broader audience in a short period.

Hire a Social Influencer or Expert

You could hire a social influencer or Expert who will get you more followers and likes on your dating sites.

This will make your dating site popular online and much more accessible to everyone. This will also drive traffic to your dating site as well.

Sponsor a Charity or an Event Locally

Another way to get noticed is by sponsoring a local charity or event. The people who come to the event or charity will come to know your dating sites through your sponsorship. It also helps you to build rapport among your existing clients.

Organize a Meetup Event for Your Dating Site

You could organize a Meetup Event for your dating site for your existing client base. Call for experts to head these meetings.

They can answer queries and give current clients valuable information regarding the business.

Create Exclusive Deals for Your Dating Site

Creating exclusive deals or offers for your dating site will help you get more sales and keep your clients more interested and engaged.

This will lead to a win-win situation for both you and the clients. You can offer a 25% discount on a subscription or one-month free service for new admission.

Make Pay per Click Campaign to Reach Your Customer Directly

Launch a direct campaign such as Pay per Click (PPC) to reach your clients. This is the most effective way to get customer feedback and queries and give them new updates about your services.

Launching a direct campaign is a sure way to know that the clients get to know about your dating site.

Go ahead and use these tips for your dating consultancy marketing, and you could find a significant growth in your business development.

How to drive sales to your dating consultancy business?

  • Offer a discount or coupon on a special occasion like Valentine’s day or an anniversary to build rapport.
  • Update social media platforms regularly with new offers, packages, and other upcoming events.
  •  Grow your online business by organizing a photo contest or a #HashTag theme through Facebook, Instagram, or another mode.
  • Hire a professional blogger to spread dating ideas and build new connections.
  • Try to take help from Cold calling and turn the database into customers.

FAQs about Dating Consultancy Marketing

What are the ongoing expenses for the online dating consulting business?

Ongoing costs for Dating professionals shall be as follows:
-Maintenance of the website
-Services (paper, stylus, smartphones, portfolio).
-Costs of advertising

What is the target market for the Online dating consulting business?

Dating consultants decide on their target market themselves. Usually, a busy professional is an ideal person who cannot understand the rules or tricks behind creating a dating profile. The majority of consultants select a particular specialty to take into account the region they represent

For example, a young person in Denver might want a spouse and children more often, while a younger person in NYC may only want to be accompanied. However, you can probably build a base of customers with your expertise and passion if you feel strongly about one demographic or another.

How the online dating consulting business makes a profit? 

In general, online dating consultants charge their time. A business enterprise can charge for access to its whole team every week (in contrast to an independent consultant). However, more often, consultants charge a rate that includes a certain service level for a specified time.

How much profit can online dating consulting businesses make?

There can be significant profits. You could potentially make close to 95% profit from your services or more depending on how much you spend on advertising.

How to make your online dating consulting business profitable?

The Dating consultants may want to teach online classes to attract fewer people. You may also start holding group sessions in which people can share their experiences with them and receive advice about how to make online dates easier.

There is a blast on online dating sites. Different sites claim different features to attract more customers. Here is the infographic which aware you more about online dating sites.

online dating site stats and trends

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