15 Danone Competitors and Alternatives

Founded by Isaac Carasso, Danone is a transnational corporation dealing in food products. It was initially based in Paris and was founded in Spain.

According to reports, with a staggering revenue of $25.3 billion, this stands as a hugely successful food and nutritional product company.

Almost half of its revenue is generated from dairy-based and other plant-based products, while the rest is carried by different nutritional food. It has acquired more than 120 markets, growing in about a century since its founding in 1919. 

List of Danone’s Competitors

1. J. M. Smucker Company 

Also mononymously known as Smucker is one of the top food-product manufacturers in North America. It is headquartered in Ohio and was founded in 1897, and it now majorly deals in consumer and pet foods and coffee. .

Jerome Monroe Smucker founded this widely trusted company from Orrville in the U.S. Smucker also has some subsidiaries raising its stocks, namely the Big Heart Pet Brands, LLC, and a few others. 

2. Unilever

Operating under CEO Alan Jope, Unilever has acquired revenue of $ 52. 44 billion. It was founded in September 1929 in the United Kingdom, and it still has its headquarters functioning in London.

Parented by Unilever plc, it moderates several subsidiaries, including Hindustan Unilever, Ben & Jerry’s, etc. In a research project in 2019, this company was valued at $4 billion, giving it the position to compete with several other MNCs.

Moreover, unlike many other companies, Unilever has a stronghold on the market of many other countries.

3. PepsiCo

Estimated having its revenue at $36.26 billion, this top American beverage and on-the-go snacks corporation has had an astounding rise in its trade since its formation in the year 1965.

It has made its products available in more than 200 countries and even holds under it many famous brands such as Quaker and Pepsi-Cola.

It also ventured into the gaming world with Sweetos Run. PepsiCo has its headquarters situated in the area of Harrison in New York, U. S. 

4. The Kraft Heinz Company

This multinational company is formed from a well-thought-out merger between Heinz and Kraft Foods; this multinational company produces and distributes food-based products.

It has headquarters both in Chicago and in Pennsylvania. Its revenue collections round off at $26.o4 billion, while it continues to grow in the big numbers.

Starting as Kraft Heinz Company on 2 July 2015, it has continued producing beverage and regular food items and snacks, expanding the ideals of its founder Heinz.

5. Ingredion 

Ingredion Incorporated is based in Illinois, United States, operating under its CEO James P. Zallie. Founded more than a hundred years ago in 1906, Ingredion has now finally achieved a revenue of $5 billion.

It mainly depends on the department of starch and sugar for its significant sales. Having accumulated more than 10000 employees, it also manages its subsidiaries of National Starch Food Innovation, TIC Gums, Penford Corp., and more. It indeed has a sweet tooth and for a good cause!

6. Nestle Ltd. 

Standing tall with a heavy revenue of $63.8 billion, Nestle has become a household name with its widespread access throughout multiple nations.

It deals with a wide variety of food and nutritional products and operates its very famous dairy and confectionery business.

It is based in Vaud in Switzerland. And to several reports, this is the earth’s largest food company. It was founded by Henri Nestle years back in 1866. Subsidiaries like Garden Gourmet and Garoto are only a few to name. 

7. Cargill 

It should have been at the top of this list, as its mind-boggling revenue of $114 billion suggests. It is a privately held multinational food company based in Minnesota, United States.

It is the largest in terms of revenue in the U. S. It is owned by the Cargill family and has been operated by David W. MacLennan since 2013. Grains and other farm services qualify as its primary market.

8. Tyson Foods

This one has a place at the top, with a total value of $42 billion. It is headquartered in Springdale, Arkansas, in the States.

It has also been the second-largest company dealing in beef, pork, and chicken. The United States sees a significant part of its beef export going from Tyson Foods Inc.

John W. Tyson founded this in 1935, and it currently worked under its CEO Donnie D. King since 2021. 

9. JBS Foods

It is a food processing company based in Colorado, United States. It boasts a massive revenue of $52 billion in the market, making it one of the strongest and biggest corporations selling in the food processing unit.

And it turns it into Danone’s competitor as well. It saw a massive acceleration in its trade with the growing demands from China in the year 2019 when the growth percentage turned a striking 12.6%. Founded by Gustavus Franklin Swift, the company is now run by Andre Nogueira.

10. George Weston

The next on the list is a Canadian food processing and distributing company, also known as Weston’s.

The Weston family currently owns this, while the functioning is taken care of by Galen Weston Jr. Working from Toronto in Canada, Weston’s creates around $50 billion of revenue.

It also holds subsidiaries, namely the Weston Foods Canada and Loblaw Companies, parented by Wittington Investments. It has been 140 years of its successful running. 

11. Mondelez 

This funky-sounding company deals with confectionery, beverages, snacks, and regular food items. It is also otherwise called Mondelez International if we take the full name.

It functions from Illinois, U.S., while under Dirk Van de Put. Its revenues are $26 billion, getting it the image of one of the most demanding businesses operating.

Additionally, it has its base in almost 160 countries, getting a broad customer range. 

12. Associated British Foods plc

At the end of the list, we have this British transnational company that works in food processing and marketing.

Working with sugar and yeast has got it the title of being the second-largest producer of both in the world. It is based in London, parented by Wittington Investments, all while having revenue of around $13 billion. 

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