CyberGhost: 12+ Top Alternatives and Competitors

CyberGhost VPN can be used to access any website on the Internet. If users use the CyberGhost VPN, their communication is conducted over an encrypted network. The data can no longer be obtained.

YEAR FOUNDED: Feb 2, 2011
HEADQUARTER: European Union

The user’s ISP only know that they are connecting to the VPN server but cannot discern anything else. Because IP is hidden through the VPN websites, they can no longer keep track of the user. Robert Knapp is the CEO as well as the co-founder of the company.  The company’s net worth is $7.3 million. 

List of CyberGhost Alternatives

Listed below are the alternatives for CyberGhost. Read briefly about their features and services.


HEADQUARTER: Switzerland 

Connecting to the Internet without revealing your identity through VPN is possible. Utilizing VPN is a feasible alternative to keeping your IP address secret. Using ProtonVPN, you send your data over a secure tunnel, and your data ends up securely stored on a server on the Internet.

ProtonVPN is being built on open and secure networks. All the users, including the team members, are in the same network. It blocks all third-party cookies, including Google Analytics.

Andy Yen is the CEO of ProtonVPN.


HEADQUARTER: Netherlands 

SurfShark allows you to connect to content from all over the web and securely access, manage and share your data. SurfShark is an easy-to-use and secure service designed to be your go-to place to get the content you want to access.

Management of Users’ relationships with the range they love and sharing content with friends. SurfShark is free, but you can also subscribe to the SurfShark Pro plan. 

Vytautas Kaziukonis the CEO of SurfShark, and founder too. The company was founded in 2018.


YEAR FOUNDED: 20 April, 2016

Windscribe is a free VPN service that allows you to use your computer to get online anywhere in the world. This service is an excellent method to access websites. Users need while travel to a different part of the world.

This desktop app blocks ad networks and trackers such as AdBlock Plus, while the browser extension works with web pages. It uses a simple API to allow applications to access the windscribe VPN. Yegor Sak has been the company’s CEO since its founding in 2016.


YEAR FOUNDED: 1 December 2006

It is a tool to support Psiphon users in creating a private and safe environment on the Internet for children and teens. Psiphon Open Source is a tool to help the Psiphon community in their efforts to create a safe, private and accessible environment for children and teens.

It is a free software project built on open source and distributed computing technologies that facilitate the creation of open, reliable, and accessible computing environments. 

Michael Hull is the CEO of Psiphon. 


HEADQUARTER: Montana, United States

Snowflake lets you store data processing, processing, and analytic solutions, which are faster, easier to use, and more adaptable than traditional solutions. The Snowflake system is built on various concepts that were developed and tested for use on the Internet.

These ideas serve as the basis of web censoring technology. These are built on the concept of the Internet that is used for The Tor internet network.Frank Slootman is the CEO of the company.


HEADQUARTER: Washington, United States

Riseup is a group of volunteers offering secure email lists of email addresses and a VPN service, chat online, and other online services. The Riseup VPN service blocks the entire Internet to prevent users from accessing sites they are not permitted to access.

This is done using a mix of VPN technologies combined with the addition of end-to-end encryption.

This ensures that no one can read, send or receive the data without Users explicit consent and knowledge or agreement. It encrypts and anonymizes your internet traffic. 


HEADQUARTER: Berlin, Germany

OkayFreedom is a free VPN that uses SSL encryption that protects your data from snooping. Users can utilize this VPN to secure access to websites on the Internet. Some people have special-purpose methods for navigating the Internet.

When setting up your VPN, you can choose from several different SSL encrypted protocols that offer total privacy and provide complete anonymity over the Internet. 

OkayFreedom is a German-based software provider. Gabriel Yoran is the founder of OkayFreedom. 


Year Founded:
HEADQUARTER: Novosibirsk,Russian Federation 

Browsec VPN delivers the best VPN experience at the best price. Its service has the highest level of encryption, speed, and privacy. Its users can benefit from a safe and secure connection without worrying about security concerns.

The cloud network is the most innovative, secure, and reliable cloud network available today. Its network is designed to help you securely and safely connect your business to the cloud. It is a Russian company. 

Valery Kuznetsov is the CEO and co-founder of Browsec.


HEADQUARTER: California, United States

Betternet was developed by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission in 1985 to allow people to download online content. It was also intended to curb illegal online activity through a government-approved system. the primary purpose was to allow people to access the Internet anonymously.

The Betternet system allows users to send simple messages to the World Wide Web. The interface is easy and easy to use and can connect to any computer network.

Justin Sun is the CEO of the company. 

Hotspot Shield

YEAR FOUNDED: 29 January 2019
HEADQUARTER: California, United States

“Hotspot Shield” is a password-protected VPN that encrypts all your traffic and keeps you safe from hackers and cyber predators. Users can browse the web without revealing their identity and connect to the Internet anywhere.

Hotspot Shield is a battery-powered personal firewall that can be attached to any computer or smartphone and gives you the power to protect yourself from online attacks.

It is a USB-based encryption device.

David Gorodyansky is the CEO of the company.


HEADQUARTER: Brooklyn, New York

The Calyx VPN can securely and efficiently encrypt your network traffic and route it to your data center. It can also run a clean install with all your applications and settings and then re-route traffic to your VPN server.

The VPN also supports user authentication (push) and user authentication (pull) through the security key used to connect to the VPN.

Christian Bulacu is the CEO of Calyx VPN. 

The Calyx Institute operates it. 

Cyberghost Alternatives

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