15 Best Customer Service Techniques Used by Top Companies

Brands claiming they have exceptional customer service is very common and doesn’t mean anything. 

The quality of your customer service can be ultimately determined by the level of customer satisfaction you get in the business. 

It also will reflect in your sales of the business. The data, on the other side, is a true reflection of how great your customer service. 

What you really need to understand is that exceptional customer service isn’t an event or just one strategy or hack, it is a consistent series of practices and efforts under an umbrella of brand values. 

So you have to learn different customer service techniques and come up with creative solutions to customer issues. 

Well, just to give you a headstart, here are some of the top companies that are known for their high-quality customer service and the technique they use. 

Warby Parker

Warby Parker is an eyewear brand that revolutionized the market of pricey glasses and came out as a most affordable alternative. 

It didn’t take time further to surface as a popular brand overthrowing many competitors out of the water. 

They came out with various smart ideas and changes, such as home try-out programs or much more affordable frames as well. 


One of the most popular customer service stories of Warby Parker is this one! 

There was a customer who accidentally left his pair of glasses on the train only to find a replacement waiting for him already. 

Image Source: Hubspot 

Apparently, his seatmate on the train was the former General Counsel of Warby Parker, Anjali Kumar. 

They have such a talented team of customer service. However, it is true that you cannot just replicate such practices on a regular or everyday basis. 

What you can learn is their drive for customer satisfaction, business values, and even the business model. 


  •  Always grab onto the opportunity to go the extra mile to impress the customers with their customer assistance quality.
  • Offering your customer “free trials” or “try on” gives them a chance to learn about the product, and feeling more confident in investing in it.
  • Give your customers options on how they want to interact with you, how often, and about what as well. 


CVS is the brand that is empowered through its products for a healthier lifestyle. Over the 30 years, it has become quite pivotal in people’s lives as a pharmacy. 


CVS came up with their CVS good sanitarian van serving customers who are stranded in the middle of the road with car troubles. 

And they don’t charge anything to the customer. All the customers have to do is fill out their comment cards. 

Their free services help people get out of these tough situations and get on with their journey.  

They don’t make it about themselves or put a catch in it for the customers, just a great experience for the customer and building long-term relationships. 

This makes customers feel cared and that’s what aligns with the brand’s values. That’s what CVS wants them to feel when they walk through the pharmacy. 

The brand has also made previous value-based decisions, such as stopping the sales of tobacco products even if it hurt their sales. 


  • Focus on bringing value to the community, and helping people, even at least once per day.
  • Prioritize your brand values even if you have to go through some minor losses. That’s how you play long-term.
  • Make sure you offer the products, services, or another take. Every strategy must align with your brand values. 

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Whirlaway Sports 

Whirlaway Sport is an equipment and apparel store situated in northern Massachusetts. 

They have really impressive ratings on various social media platforms and review platforms. 

The brand focuses on differentiating itself from its competitors by offering an extraordinary customer experience. 


It is impressive how more and more people who check the reviews of their products online mostly end up buying them. 

This is due to overwhelming responses from the customers with ultimate purchasing satisfaction. 

Customers mentioned how well-treated and warm-welcomed they felt just by entering the store. 

The store owner talks with you about your preferences and price range, which brands you would like, what you don’t want, and much more. 

It is not rushed towards making you just buy an expensive one. Rather take time to give you suggestions on the products that suit your needs the best. 

They also are open to lowering their price if that’s come as common ground for a mutually beneficial purchase. 


  • Be consistent with your customer service experience that begins right from the first impression of your brand.
  • It doesn’t matter how small a business you are; the customer assistance needs to be qualitative and consistent throughout.
  • Interacting with customers, giving them time to know about their needs, wants, preferences, dislikes, price range, brand choices, and much more. 

Flexibility To Bend The Rules To Give Better Customer Experience –  Trader Joe’s 

Trader Joe’s is a ginormous following on its social media platform, and people are quite excited about its products and services. 

They are privately-owned grocery chains available in multiple locations across the country. 

Trader Joe’s is known for prioritizing their employees and customers and for extraordinary customer experience as well. 

The company focuses a lot on providing additional benefits, discounts, and promotional gifts to its team members. 

They also pass all the collected savings from their private-label approach, the products of their own brand, “Trader Joe’s, “ to their customers. 


What special goes about their customer service is a story – 

It is about an 89-year-old man who got stuck in a snowy Pennsylvania home during the holidays. 

His daughter was worried about facilitating him with the food, so she checked various stores to see if any of them could be delivered to the house. 

Trader Joe’s came forward, breaking their policy to deliver the man all the items based on a low-sodium diet- all for free of charge. 

They delivered it in less than 30 minutes with a full delivery. 


  • Give your team members the flexibility to bend the rules for the greater good of customer experience.
  • Allow and always encourage your staff members to do the right thing beyond the company’s policy.
  • Focus on providing extraordinary customer service, especially standing up to the times when no one is.
  • Don’t be afraid or hesitate to take your customer experience and satisfaction to an upper notch. 


Rackspace is a well-known cloud infrastructure company offering top-notch solutions at premium prices and with extraordinary customer service. 

The company has won various awards over time for its customer service strategies. 

They have this unique approach towards what is said to be a “fanatical support”. 


A great example of their “fanatical approach” towards customer service has to be this. 

Once, their employee was helping a customer through a continuous string of troubleshooting sessions. 

The employee heard a customer saying to her colleague that she is hungry. The support professional at that time put her on hold and ordered her a pizza. 

When the pizza arrived, they were still on the call, and that made her so happy. 


  • You don’t have to spend a fortune to do something extraordinary in customer service. 
  • There is always a way to turn around a difficult situation when dealing with customers. 
  • Sometimes the situation only requires an act of generosity and spontaneous action at the moment. 
  • Don’t step back to do something outrageously extraordinary at the moment or improvise if that gets your customer relationship back on track. 

Elevating the Overall Quality Of Customer Service: Wistia 

Wistia embodies such hard-working and talented people primarily focused on delivering amazing customer support. 

They are especially extremely helpful for all those newbies or beginners in video making. 

One of the most commendable traits of this brand is its ability to adapt, which is a game-changer for a lot of businesses today. 

Lots of businesses, in fact, die as they fail to adapt or evolve in the market. 


It is easy for businesses to ignore the customer’s phone number or remove your business phone number from the website.

This might be because you are quite focused on ignoring your customers rather than resolving their problems. 

Wistia makes a great example where you don’t have to be even “extraordinary” or “amazing,” so to say, in order to bring exceptional customer service. 

What was exceptional about the Wistia crew was how dedicated they were to their customer assistance, phone support, and customer service team. 

They primarily focus on the quality of their customer support by switching towards personalized emails. 

By adapting the personalized email system to customers, the phone volume got reduced to 25% down. 


  • Even when it becomes tough to continuously offer or produce superior customer service, one should focus on the overall quality of customer assistance.
  • The quality you offer consistently over time must overweigh the specific medium to use such as particularly emails or phone calls.  

Santa Cruz Bicycles 

Santa Cruz Bicycles sells high-quality off-road bicycles, which are known for their top-notch performance and deeply care for customer assistance. 

Their bikes offer optimum performance, but that’s not the only highlight of their customer experience. 

Santa Cruz’s customers are loyal to the brand as they stand quite well on product quality, services, and support teams. 

Customers feel much more confident in trusting the company to resolve problems quickly and smoothly. 


The company is focused on resolving long-term issues and roadblocks in its customer assistance strategies. 

For example, when the company was first started, it grew exponentially. Customers started loving the bicycles as fast as their customer support grew as well. 

Their customer service agents are consistently working, so much so that their inbox almost reached its full capacity. 

They also consistently expand and evolve their customer service experience.  

Santa Cruz Bicycles adapted various customer service tools to help their support team. 


  • It is obvious to expect some problems while your company is experiencing growth. 
  • The problems at hand require attention and sustainable long-term solution to fix them permanently. 
  • Customer assistance and service can actually be a determining factor in generating high-octave sales, especially when you are starting out. 
  • You need to take immediate action once you recognize the flaw in your system. 
  • Facilitate your team with the tools and technology they require to deliver high-quality customer service. 


Buffer prioritizes their customer like anything. They are dedicated to giving the best customer support possible, prioritized over everything else.

It is the top-most thing that they do every day. It is also the reason why their customer support team is called the Happiness Team. 


Buffer believes that instead of going out and telling everyone about how awesome their company is, they encourage people to come up with their problems or questions. 

They believe the latter route is way more effective than the earlier one or a traditional one. 

Rather they focus on spreading awareness about their values and how they are capable of helping them. 

This generates an amazing amount of positive word-of-mouth and referrals in the market. 


  • Buffer is such an ambitious example of how you can utilize quality customer assistance to turn into an effective word-of-mouth strategy.
  • Word-of-mouth is a powerful marketing channel; it doesn’t fail, especially if it comes from genuine appreciation of the product and customer experience.

Incentivizing Your Employees On Delivering Amazing Customer Experience: Ritz-Carlton 

They have an empowering team at Ritz-Carlton when it comes to delivering an amazing customer experience. 

They have assured us that their extraordinary and personalized customer assistance and services are more than what is needed to justify their premium prices. 


To really understand their optimum customer assistance, you need to learn about this story that got covered on Bloomberg as well. 

It was about this family staying at their Ritz-Carlton in Bali who has brought some kind of specialized eggs & milk for their son with multiple food allergies. 

Apparently, when they arrived, they found eggs to be broken, and milk spoiled.

They put their dining staff, managers, and other members as well on to search the whole town to get those items, but they couldn’t. 

Fortunately, their executive chef managed to get all these items from a store in Singapore. 

He contacted his mother-in-law there and asked to buy all the products, fly to Bali and get them delivered. 

And, surprisingly, she did. And they managed to arrange these specialized milk and eggs for their guests.  


  • Encourage your team to control and deliver extraordinary customer experience, even at the expense of policies and set practices.
  • Provide your team resources and incentivize them to facilitate such experience in a priority. 


Ride application Lyft is another great brand to look for its extremely well-done customer assistance and service strategy. 


They are a perfect example of a brand putting its money where its mouth is, and that should also be the values that care about the customer. 

They also announced their commitment towards minimizing the environmental impact of millions of car rides as they are making their rides to be carbon neutral. 

It all happened as they started to buy carbon offsets for their rides.

 They did their research and cited how the majority of the city population contributes to climate change. 

In fact, according to the Pew Research Centre, the major part of climate change happens due to pollution in particular 40 countries. 

The company also donated $1 Million to ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) against the executive order on the restriction of immigration from Muslim-majority countries to the United States. 


  • One of the most important takeaways you can have to implicate in your business is to serve customers the big picture of their brand.
  • Small businesses should communicate those larger missions to their customers, so they can feel proud to support the business.
  • This also promotes brand loyalty and encourages your customer to share about the brand to their friends and families.
  • It gives you more authority and a catalytic environment for the growth of referral and reward marketing for your business.


JetBlue is a reputed airline service with an ambitious goal of fulfilling ultimate customer satisfaction at the sky level, literally! 

They came up with the Customer Bill of Rights revolutionizing big changes and setting up new standards for the industry.

JetBlue put up a new customer service team remotely again, bringing the best example out for an effective remote work setup. 

They started with a mission to, as they put it, “bring humanity back to air travel”; the focus was to build a culture of extraordinary customer service. 

The idea was to establish an environment that prospers a culture of trust, communication, and respect among each other. 

JetBlue has these mysterious, called “ People Officers,” surprising customers on flights out of nowhere with various gifts, coupons, or rewards. 


Once, their people’s office made a stand in the mid-flight and started hosting the game of trivia. 

It was announced that the winner of the game would receive flight vouchers and giveaway a dozen tickets. 


  • The best foot forward in developing a positive culture that automatically becomes capable of inhabiting exceptional customer assistance and other services.
  • The culture should start developing in the teams from the very beginning only. 

Studio Press 

StudioPress is quite known for its support forums as it is always active and engaging with customers with issues. 


Customers don’t have to wait for a long time to get their answers.  The best part about their forum is emphasizing their content.

They give flexibility to the platform so more and more people can participate in the answers and help others. 

Plus, not all the time one has to be technically sound to answer the questions as they feature a wide range of blogs and extensively detailed tutorials to help. 

These tutorials and blogs are so rich and diverse that they can make you self-sufficient to help yourself and others in tackling various problems. 


  • Effective customer service can also be facilitated through a diverse and wide array of helpful and informative content.
  • Customer service can also be about facilitating the customers only or empowering them to resolve their problems by themselves. 


Glossier is a leading makeup and skincare brand that disrupted the industry with its “skincare first, makeup second” approach. 

Not just that, but also their customer-centric business model with a highly effective customer service model is quite a responsible factor. 


Emily Weiss, the founder & CEO of the company, built the brand from the opinions of real women, their points of view, and the preferences of the selected product ranges. 

She put a lot of work and research into learning about the ongoing problems, concerns, and queries of the potential target market. 

Glossier found out everything that was going on wrong with this space and tried to bring the best solution possible. 

They actually listened to the market, the demand, and the root buyers of the products on their preferences and actual issues. 

Glossier further updated its products very soon to be completely cruelty-free and vegan. 

Image Source: Hubspot 

They highly prioritize what their customers are telling them through Instagram DMs, comments, and emails. 

They created this dedicated customer service team called gTEAM that collects and responds to all customer feedback in all forms on social media. 


  • Responding to every customer feedback doesn’t mean anything if you aren’t really listening and adapting it.
  • Make sure you respond to every customer feedback and utilize it in your primary marketing strategy or product development.
  • It is important to establish that you listen to your products. This should be communicated to your users. 


Lego is a company that has been around since the early 1930s, and one of its strengths has to be customer service. 

They have a friendly and highly interactive staff and a smooth self-service experience, along with a diverse line of products and services. 


One of their examples to stand by is their cases of missing pieces in the Lego packaging. 

Just to address this issue, they started a missing-pieces standalone service that delivers the particular missing breaks to the customer left out of the packaging.

Not just that, it also comes with a personalized apology note from the company. 

So basically, they are proactive in their customer service strategy concerning a potential mistake. 

Even if a customer does not feel good about getting the whole package, the delivery of the missing piece with an apology covers for it. 

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  • If a few giveaways or some once-in-a-while gestures toward your customer wins you a positive image of your brand, it is more than a fair deal.
  • Don’t be hesitant to send free gifts, or giveaways, or other such free sends to customers in case of special requests or occasional cases. 

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