Customer Appreciation Ideas: 101+ Easy things to Do (Guide)

The phrase of saying Thank you is not just a way of curtsey. Saying these words shows that you appreciate their support and help. 

When you are in business, establishing a relationship with your customer is a door to gaining a loyal, trustworthy, and beneficial base. It helps you keep stable and make sure to grow in the future.

No matter what you do, everything revolves around your customer. Making them understand that you appreciate and prioritize them is what is known as customer appreciation

For a small business, these customer appreciation ideas are important for growing good value and image. Here is what you are supposed to know and what you should do. 


Customer Appreciation: Meaning & Why It’s Important For Small Businesses?

Customer appreciation is the art of expressing your gratitude toward your customers. It’s about conveying to them the message that each of the customers is appreciated and important in success.

Making your customer in the top prioritized list helps in improving your relations. It is also the right thing to do for a business which is depending on the customers completely. 

Showing your genuine appreciation sparks the feeling of positivity and the customer feels important as well as valued. It boosts their contribution and uplifts the overall mood as well.

perfect customer appreciation guide

By appreciating your customers, you also focus on customer relationships with your brand, It helps you in straightening your bond and you get loyal customers as well. 

Well, it’s not always about measuring the benefits but it’s about making your customer feel seen, heard as well as valued.  Appreciating them builds a positive outlook toward your brand. 

Reasons Why Customer Appreciation Should Be Your Priority

For every business, their customer is the result. No matter how great quality you are offering in services or products, if your customers are not buying, it will be nothing for you. 

So the customers are the ones whom you require to please and feel appreciated. The reason why it’s important is that you want your customers to feel good when they are purchasing from you. 

Your customer should feel good and valued. By this, you get a stronger base in the market. The data collected from the U.S Small Business Administration says, 68% of customers stop buying because they believe the company does not care about them. 

why prioritize customer appreciation

The percentage is huge and without paying attention to your customer, you can’t grow as well. Customer appreciation is based on how the company is making their customer feel.

Showing them that you feel grateful for choosing you and you value them as your customer can bring more business to your brand. 

Apart from this, here are a few more major reasons that you must appreciate your customers.

Better Customer Retention Rates

 As per the data from the US. small business, the percentage is too high to ignore. The appreciated  customer will buy again and again as compared to the one who feels the opposite

Also, not all customers like to switch brands if they are getting what they are looking for. Lots of people like to stick with one until they meet with something they don’t like. 

When you are making them feel appreciated, you are also encouraging them to stick with you for a long time. 

When the customers do a positive association with the brand, it shows in overall results too. 

Get Benefit Of Doubts 

In business, you don’t always end up satisfying your customers. Sometimes or some days you fail to meet their expectation, and those times the appreciated customer will give you a chance to explain. 

The situation can be anything from late deliveries to wrong orders. The appreciated customers will likely try to understand you, 

The benefits of doubts can help you in getting one more chance to improve and solve. Instead, the customers who feel not appreciated will switch to a different brand. 

High Profits Along With Loyalty 

The customers who keep coming back to you are also helping you in boosting sales. As per the research, the loyal customer buys 90% more frequently while they do 60 % spending on every transaction. 

The chance of boosting your profits along with getting loyal customers. The business runs due to the loyalty of their customers, you can get a chance to boost the numbers.

Positive Effect On Market 

The appreciation of your customers shows you a business with value. Not just it uplifts your image in the market but more feels to join you as well. 

You also get positive word of mouth from your customers. They recommend and refer to more people to buy from you. 

In the market, people believe in words from other customers more than the business.  You can get more leads and it can help you in getting benefits too.

Ideal Ways For Appreciating Your Customers 

To say thank you, you don’t have to wait for the perfect time or need a budget. You don’t have to build a bigger base or stronger presence, you can start appreciating people who helped you so far.

Saying thank you to your customers is not about achieving something. 

It’s about making momentum that helps you to carry you throughout the journey, regardless of how many ups and downs you face. 

To find the best ways for approaching your customers, here are the best customer appreciation ideas you can start with. 

Use Handwritten Thank You Note 

Customer Appreciation Ideas - Use Handwritten Thank You Note
Image Source: Sola Salon Studios

Handwritten notes are much-appreciated especially when you are using it in the era of texting and messaging. People use handwritten notes for special and important events now. 

When companies use email or message options for connecting with customers. It’s not ideal to use for saying thank you too. 

Use a handwritten way for showing your appreciation and write a thoughtful card for your customers. Not just it adds a personal touch but also shows your sincerity as well. 

Those who will receive it will feel special and emotional as you put the effort into it. 

Well to write an ideal thank you note, make sure you mention why you are writing and for what you are feeling thankful for. 

Show how they are making a difference as being your customer for your brand. And be sincere while writing it. You can add personalized gifts or something to make it more special. 

Connect To Those Customers Who Are Going Beyond And Above 

Connect To Those Customers Who Are Going Beyond And Above  - Customer Appreciation Ideas
Image Source: Green Web Media

There are always some customers who are more kind, attentive and appreciate your work. They are not just the people who are buying the services or products but also writing you back when there is something not right. 

Some customers share many detailed queries which help the business to find the people and fix them sooner before it causes any more damage.

Such customers are special as they are doing more than your normal customers. To thank them, you can show your appreciation by connecting with a positive note. 

Write them back or appreciate their help by showing special benefits. It will make your customers feel happy and they would like to help you more in the future as well. 

Host Networking Event But In Disguise of A Party 

You can throw an elegant, special party for your customers. You can choose your office or small places to host the party. 

Hosting such a party helps you in interacting with your customers and vice versa. It will introduce your customers to each other to mingle. 

You can use the popularity to know more about the customers and use this for networking. 

Start Your Customer Loyalty Program 

Customer Appreciation Ideas
Image Source: Lead Quizes

The customer loyalty program shows that you care and appreciate your customers. It helps you in rewarding your engaged audience and boosting their involvement with your brand. 

The ideal customer loyalty program can keep your customer interested and eager for your content. It contains sending deals, rewards, and discounts whenever they do repeat purchases. 

Offer Free Services When It’s Needed 

During the period of the pandemic, lots of businesses came forward to help their customers in some ways. 

Handling new situations but offering services to help the customers in need, you can show your appreciation as well. 

You can offer some services for free or deduct some hassles during the experiences. There is no greater way of showing your appreciation when you help the customer in such a situation. 

Gift Something Thoughtful & Relatable 

Gifting your customers is not a new trend but doing something thoughtful can help to make a difference. You can give something that your customer needs and will help them.

You can use your product or services, or it can be something different. The idea is to think about what your customer might need and add a personal touch to it.

Also it’s not about gifting something costly, it’s just you are thinking about your customer when you are gifting it. 

Do Something Extraordinary Sometimes 

To make someone special, you also need something which they don’t expect from you. For example, bending rules in some cases.

Sometimes your customer is more important than the rules. And if bending a little can make them satisfied and happy,  make sure you do that.

A business that is customer-focused helps its team members to do the judgment on when and how to help the customers.

Maybe your customer is late for asking for a refund, if the situation is urgent, you can help them by bending your policy a little bit. 

It’s a great way for showing your appreciation and customers will feel happy too. 

Surprise With Unexpected Upgrades 

Surprising your customers with unexpected upgrades can make them feel excited and happy about being part of your brand. 

Giving surprise upgrades can help you in appreciating your costumes and surprisingly it doesn’t cost that much either. It shows you are generous and this will make your customer feel good too. 

Features Your Customers On Social Media

You can host a customer appreciation week. Here you can pick your customers and tag them as a fan of the week, you can also host Q&A.

This will help you in sharing how they become your customer and highlight their experiences. Your other customers will also feel excited to be a part of the event. 

Featuring your customers, sharing the appreciation note along with best wishes. It’s another way that you can use for making them feel good. 

Tips To Make Your Customer Appreciation More Valuable 

A customer is the lifeblood of any business. When they are appreciated and valued, they like to stick with more time duration even though you end up making some mistakes. 

Having loyal customers means more lifetime value, leads, and truth in the market. To make it more valuable and effective, here are the tips for you. 

Add Details In Your Personalized Thank-you Notes 

Customer Appreciation Ideas
Image Source: The Buzzing Blonde

Sending a personalized note is one of the effective ways of showing your appreciation to the customers. Choosing handwritten notes are more valuable and give personal touch too. 

However, you can choose email too, to stand out, and prefer the personalized handwritten note.

points add customer appreciation note

Also while writing the note, don’t make it basic. 

Or just thanking your customer card, instead of that you can add details to it. 

This is an opportunity for making your connection strong. It can be used for helping your brand to get more highlights. 

Be specific about what you are thankful for and what contributions of your customer are useful for you.

Do The Regular Check-Ins 

Your customer would like to get someone who can listen to them. You can be that person and keep some time where you can interact with them.

You can do video calls, person, to a person talk, or conversation via calls. Get some time for your customers to do the regular check-ins. It will show that you care but also want to know about them.

You can listen to what they want to tell you. Make sure you are not limited to your business only. It can be anything else that is not related to your business too. 

Do not impose anything for sales or promotion when you are having a conversation with them. Keep it genuine and focused on your customers.

Also, focus on interest and personal liking or disliking. You can also use this for more engaging conversations in the future.

You can also get feedback and share your heartfelt appreciation for joining them on your customer list.

Well, you can invite them to share either opinions and ideas for helping you to grow in the future, 

Host Your Customer Appreciation Days 

April 18, it’s the official date for customer appreciation day. You can choose the exact date or anything close to that.

Well, you can also pick your company’s holiday, anniversary, or important dates for celebrating customer appreciation days.

Make sure what date you choose, that your customer is well aware of the event. Invite them to enjoy the extras and perks with other customers.

Keep The Regular Customer Highlighted 

Why keep the appreciation of your customers between you both? You can do the customer spotlight on your sites, social media, and blogs.

Let other customers and visitors know about the appreciation days as well as weeks. You can ask your customer to share their details with you like photos etc, 

You can add the details on yourself like when they first purchased and how far they stayed with you. It will make them feel good and excited about the future as well. 

With that, you can also share the gifts and discounts to make the appreciation special for them. It’s how you are thankful and appreciate your customers

On another side, you are doing your brand publicity and growing your presence as well. It’s indirectly generating your good image too.

What To Do If You Are Choosing Customer Appreciation Email?

When your business is attracting more business, you need to do something so you can keep them. It’s not just becoming crucial to strengthen your customer-brand relationship but it’s the requirement too.

To keep the loyalty of your customer toward your brand, you are going to need focus on them more. Appreciating your customer ensures that you are doing that properly. 

However to any other methods maybe it turns out a little bit hassle, but email appreciation can help in solidifying your relationship. 

What is Customer Email Appreciation?

Customer email appreciation is the same as a handwritten note you give to your customers. But here, it’s not in the card but via email for naturing the relationship between you two.

Sending an appreciation email to your customer, adding points for what you are thankful and fostering the feelings of loyalty  gratitude, etc helps in making your customer feel positive toward your brand,

The email focuses on showing your gratitude and feelings in different ways. It can also include discounts,  offers, personalized gifts, etc.

With the help of customer email appreciation, you can make a stronger connection to your customer. 

Showing that you appreciate their contribution also encourages them to do more in the future, along with that they share with their people as well. 

Different Aspects To Know About Email Appreciation  

The email appreciation is not like the usual email you send to your customer. There are basic aspects which different, including – 

Subject Line 

Your subject line should add words like Special, thank you, Gift, etc. It adds the feeling of VIPS. and since your subject line is interesting, your customer would like to open the email to check it out. 

Greeting Subject 

Addressing your customers is important. However, it is based on how your email usually addresses your customers. Always mention their first or full name to add the feeling of knowing them. It makes the email personal and warm too.


When writing an appreciation email, make sure you are going specific. Mosty in the first line points out why you are thankful and what customers did to make you feel that way. 

Do not bluff while writing as your customer will know. 

Best Thank You Messages & Quotes For Your Small Business

It is important you put your word of appreciation to your customer in the most elegant manner, and that too with very limited use of words but yet impactful.

when send customer appreciation message

Here are some best Thank-you messages, quotes, and words of customer appreciation that you can send to your customers.

  • Thank You for making a purchase from [Company Name]. Please let us know if anything else we can do to help you.
  • Thank You for doing business with us.
  • Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.
  • [Company Name] has the best customers. We’re so glad to have you!
  • Thank You for being our valued customer. We take the utmost pleasure in serving you.
  • Thank You. We hope you had a great experience with us. And We can’t wait to see you again soon.
  • Thank You for always shopping with us!
  • Our Brand Innovation wouldn’t have been possible if you haven’t been giving us valuable feedback every once in a while.
  • Thank you for doing business with us for the past 6 months.
  • We are proud to have you as our loyal customer.
  • Thank You for making your first purchase with [Company Name]. We’re glad you found what you were looking for.
  • Thank You! Your feedback is deeply appreciated.
  • We sincerely appreciate the trust and confidence you have to put in our brand. Let me reassure our dedication is intact to serve you the best in the coming days.

How To Send It – Ways For Customer Email Appreciating 

To know when you can send the emails, here are the best ways from which you can choose. Also, make sure you are following the basic point to write a valuable email to your customer. 

It should hold importance, include all the aspects and something extra. So your customer will like to know more and feel appreciated by your brand. 

A Thank You Email 

Image Source: GetFeedback

When your customer does shopping with your brand, make sure to send a thank-you email to your customer.  

In the email, you can ask your customer to share his or her experience with your brand. It will help you in getting feedback. 

A Gratitude Email 

Image Source: Hubspot Blog

You can choose the layout to keep this kind of email different in look.  Those people who subscribed to your newsletter, you can use this method to show your gratitude.

Welcome them with a warm and heartfelt greeting so your customer feels like they are important for your brand. 

A Special Offer 

Image Source: LiveChat

To increase engagement, you can also send an email along with an offer or discounts. Not just it will make your customer happy but it will add more value to your words. 

Sending offers especially for them to boost their loyalty toward you. Also, they will look forward to buying more items and spending another year. 

An Appreciated Feedback Email 

Image Source: Automizy

For businesses, the feedback can help them to know where the loopholes are and to fix it quickly. Some of your customers may be working that for you. 

Not just these customers send you the important and detailed feedbacks which help you know the exact place and area that need work on, 

You can send an appreciation email for their valuable feedback to you. Also, they will like to engage more with you and you can expect more valuable feedback from them in the future. 

A Reward Email 

No customer would not like rewards or offers. Not just they look forward to such occasions but you can help to boost their loyalty toward you by offering such a small girl. 

The reward can be personalized and depends on the occasion. But it should be something that can help your customers. To make them feel like they are important, but the effort into knowing what they would like to have.

A Birthday Wish Email 

Well, these days most of companies send emails to their customers wishing them a happy birthday. So what makes your email different and appreciated?

You can show your gratitude by offering something only for them. It can be a small gift or discount. 

You can make their day special and people remember such happy feelings with the brand for a long time. 

Do & Don’t To Follow For Writing Customer Appreciation Emails 

Imagine yourself as a customer, and the brand is appreciating you. Does it feel great instantly? And the chances of buying from them also increase in the future, 

Writing a simple email can make your customer feel the same about you too. However, to write customer appreciation emails, there are few things you must follow. 

Do Celebrate & Share The Experiences Of Your Customers With You 

To any business, its customers are the fans and supporters. They cheer when you do the right thing and help you in sharing more with others. 

As a business, why don’t you celebrate their experiences with you too? By this, you can make them feel closer and connected with you. It can help you in building loyalty as well. 

You can use social media platforms too. Share their experiences and give credit to their shared images, experiences, etc. 

Do Share The Meaningful  Milestones With Your Customers

There are lots of meaningful milestones that you can celebrate with them.  You can make it more valuable and something where you can achieve both things together. 

Some of companies use the badge for celebrating the years they have been together. Not just do badges look cool but it gives special feelings to your customers as well. 

Don’t Send Empty Appreciation Emails

‘Empty’ means the content you are sharing in your appreciation emails. It means don’t end something which is not interesting or makes sense or not. 

Lots of customers don’t want to receive emails just for wishing them a birthday or anniversary without having something valuable in it. 

It causes mental and digital culture which is unnecessary for your customers. People will feel annoyed and they will believe you are just wasting the time. 

The chances of your emails getting dumped in spam mail are high as well. So when you are sending an appreciation email to your customer, make sure it’s worth their time to open and read it. 

Share with them something in return for their loyalty, you can offer deals or offers. Not just you are setting more rates in your customer opinion than your emails but also you are making them feel good too. 

Don’t Recap Your Brand’s Year Without The Customers

Sending emails for celebrating the ‘Year In Review’, don’t forget to add your customers to it. No one wants to know a company‘s product or services for an amazing year. 

People are not interested in knowing how many products you launched, where, and whom you followed on social media. Well, the data is important for you but is not exciting for your customers to know. 

Instead of that, you can recap the year with your customers. You can show and provide the stats based on how many times they ordered, complaint numbers, ratings throughout the year, etc. 

It will allow your customer to reflect on the relationship they had with you for the time being. It can help you in boosting engagement and they will feel excited too. 

Do Provide The Freebies & Discounts 

Image Source: Business 2 Community

When you are offering something with a thank you email, the people will not just feel excited but also it will keep them feeling like you appreciate their presence too. 

You can send them the details but with that add freebies, discount, offer, or something like that. It makes your image in the market good but the customers will look forward to completing their years with you. 

Don’t Keep It All About You 

The customer appreciation emails should be about them, not you, not your brand or company. The idea of sending customer appreciation emails is to show that you care about their journey with you too. 

The email should not contain how many times you do the sales or profit you earned. The bragging won’t help your customer to feel anything or excited. You just end up scratching your own back. 

To make them feel appreciated, the email should contain the data which must focus on them. Like where they did the first shopping, how were things processed for them, and why you are thankful so far. 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs) about Customer Appreciation

How should I make my customer feel appreciated?

To show that you appreciate your customer, start by saying thank you. Express your gratitude from time to time and pay attention to what your customer is saying to you.

Most of the customers feel happy and appreciated when the brands listen to their queries. Also, be presentable and never bluff without addressing them properly. 

When is Customer Appreciation day?

The customer appreciation day is officially on 18th April. But the companies can change the date as per their liking. You can choose your day or you can even celebrate it for the whole week.

Why is customer appreciation important for small businesses?

Small businesses are more focused on customers since the business scale is limited. You need more customer support than anyone. To make that happen, your customer should well appreciate it. 

Also when your customers are appreciated they help your brand to grow and achieve the milestones you targeted. 

How to make my customer happy?

To make your customer happy, it’s important to give them VIP treatment and understand their retirements. Ask your customers about what they expect from you and where they want to see changes. 

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