Effective Email Popups: Complete Guide with 15 Practices

Email popups are a useful asset, and they can help you in building email lists. 

It’s one of the ideal ways that you can use it; however, if you do not understand its importance. You might be missing an easy and effective way to generate leads and add more subscribers to the list. 

Well, to understand this, here are some of the best practices to consider for improving the results. 

List Of Practices To create Email Pop-Ups:

There are chances that you might have used email pop-ups, but it doesn’t affect you. 

Well, it might be not understanding the right way of using it, or maybe you missed some of the important points. However, here is the list of best practices for email popups that can help you in getting high-quality leads. 

Have The Clear CTA For The Email Pop Up 

When you are creating the email popup, it’s important that you don’t go overboard with the Call to action and pick one single and clear CTA. 

It’s also important to remember that the visitors are probably reading or browsing, and your pop-up is going to disturb their activity.  No matter how and where you put it, Pop-ups cause interruptions. 

If you want to get this, get their email address as quickly as you can. 

That’s why make sure you have the limited or best only one CTA on the popup, so your recipient knows what they need to do. 

Personalize The Email Pop-Ups 

Personalization can help in keeping the popup friendly and with less instruction. 

Since you don’t have much personal information about the visitors, then how you are going to make it personalized? 

Well, you can personalize the pop-up depending on the referral source. The use of referrer detection technology can help you understand the specific domain of where your visitor is coming from, and you can use this information for customizing the pop-ups. 

When you do the personalization, this helps in making the visitors feel like they are offering something which is exclusively for them. 

Offer The Incentive Which Should Be Irresistible 

There is no doubt that incentive is something that people love no matter what. 

So adding the incentives and special offers, including free shipping, coupons, or free shipping, can help in getting your email list built fast. 

But again it doesn’t mean that you should just offer discounts to anyone and every visitor. Incentives hold value, and they should be used in that way. 

Keep Design Eye Catching For Email Popup 

Pop-up has a tough job when it has to meet conflicting ideas at once. Not only does it have to blend with the existing design of your site, but it also stands out enough to draw the attention of your visitors. 

Lightbox popup works well because you are creating the design which stays on your brand, and when it appears, the rest fades into the background, focusing on the pop-up. 

Also, you can opt for more whimsy and fun pop up, but make sure you’re staying on message and brand. 

Create Email Popup Targeting Mobile And Desktop 

Well, there are some basic differences when it comes to user experiences of mobile and desktop. And because of this, the behavior of the pop-up might differ too. 

Where mobile users are limited to certain SEO rules, touch controls, and bandwidth, here, you should create a campaign that is platform-specific. 

This ensures that the visitors, regardless of the medium they are using, are fully engaging with the pop-ups. 

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Use Exit Intent For Abandoning Visitors 

There are more than 70% of the visitors abandoned the site with no intention of coming back. 

Here you can still convert 2 to 4 % additional visitors to the email subscribers and then into paying customers by using the exit intent pop-up. 

With this, you can track the mouse moment of the visitors, So when they are gesturing to the top of the page, this can trigger the popup. This allows you to get the opportunity to capture the abandoned visitors before they decide to leave. 

Use The Popup At the End Of the Post 

To those visitors who are getting all the way and to the end of your post, they are not just engaged but interested too, 

This makes the end of the article important, especially if you want more email addresses and want to join the mailing list. 

So make sure you are adding the pop-up here; this will trigger when the visitors cross 80% of the page. 

Use Floating Bar For Keeping Requests Noticeable 

You can consider using the floating bars, which is a great way to ensure that your CTA is clear and noticeable to the visitors without getting in their way. 

You can consider the placement of the floating bar at the top or bottom of your page. Not just that, it can move as the visitor scrolls. 

Build The Landing Page Dedicated For Email Popups

You can consider the dedicated landing page as a full-screen email popup that allows tons of flexibility along with the space for showing off the design to impress visitors. 

You can use this to make your audience amazed by turning the filled screen email popup into the landing page. 

Well, the landing page focuses on a very specific and single call to action. This is especially helpful for lead generation tools. With this, visitors don’t feel distracted, and you can encourage them to provide more information with additional offers for them. 

Ask For The Feedback From Visitors 

Well, you can use the pop-up survey, which can help the business in several ways. 

Feedback Email Popups that help you: 

  • Discover the visitor and how they are interacting with your site of yours. 
  • Figure out the potential problems that might cause in the way by sales, conversions, and leads. 
  • You can also get real-time feedback from visitors and customers. 
  • You can reduce the site or cart abandonment and also increase the conversion by boosting the interaction with the visitors before they leave the site. 
  • You can segment the visitors for your digital marketing in the future. 
  • You can also grow the email list. 

Creating The Slide-In Request But Friendly 

The next thing you can consider is a slide in the campaign; it’s a gentle way that can collect information about the visitors without interrupting their experience. 

With such email, popups don’t appear as these visitors need to view some of your content, and then it gets simply slid to the side of the page. 

You can make it eye-catching; however, avoid getting unobtrusive. 

Choose the themes which are professionally designed for improving the slide-in campaign. 

Use The Welcome Gate For Home Page 

Create the welcome gate for the home page along with the feature box. 

A feature fox is an opt-in form that is placed on the website’s top. Usually, it can be just below the navigation header and above the blog posts. 

This is an effective option form that can help in collecting the email subscriptions on the sites above. 

Add The Sidebar For Your Email Signup 

When you go for the email signup form, make sure that you always add this at the top of the website or sidebar to the blog. 

These are some of the places which are considered to be ideal for the email signup form to the visitor. 

Use The Progressive Profiling For Making Forms 

Progressive profiling is a method that can help you in collecting the information, which can help in improving leads by asking simple questions using the input fields in fewer and instead of asking everything at once. 

So when you use progressive profiling, here you can ask for the name and email address for getting the first signup. 

Once they get all this information, you can ask further throughout their journey. 

Create Plans For Your New Subscribers 

For those who are new to email subscribers, you are going to need the plans exclusively for them. 

It includes : 

Send Them a Welcome Email 

Welcome emails have more than 86% higher open rates as compared to any other emails. And it’s important to send the series in 5 to 7 emails to introduce the new subscribers to the brand. 

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Onboard The New Customers And Users 

Onboarding actively guides users, as well as your customers, and can help in finding the new and ongoing value of what you offer; it can be the product you sell or services. With this, it can help in boosting the access of your customers. 

Segmentation of Your Email List 

Personalized emails have more than 6X higher transaction rates. You can do the segmentation of the email list. Also, you can do the personalization through it.

Use The Pop Up Types Which Are Less Aggressive 

When it comes to email popups, it often gives the image of an aggressive model popup. However, there are different types that you can consider for the email pop-up. 

Not just, it’s less in your face and annoying for the people who detest the popup. 

There are some of the options that you can consider are : 

  • Notification bars 
  • Slide ins 
  • Floating action buttons 

Apart from this, you can also do the A/B test to check which popup type is going best for the target audience you have. 

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