A Guide to Create the Perfect Facebook Page for Your Small Business

Perfect Facebook page enables the businessman to achieve a competitive edge over the competitors. You need to follow some steps to make a perfect Facebook page which includes these steps.

If you follow these steps, you may have a better business Facebook page for your business page. But you also need to provide some quality products and services to get success. T

Steps to Create the Perfect Facebook page for your Business.

Filling up business’s basic Info

At first, you need to click on the top sides drop-down menu to create a page by selecting “Create Page”. There will be two options. These options are  

  1. Business or brand
  2. Community and public figure

You will choose what type fits best for your business. As you are opening the page for your business, you need to choose the option of “Business or brand” to create the page.

There are some field’s data to be filled up after you have chosen your page category to open the page.

And these fields are:

  • An official name for your page which will be shown on Facebook.
  • The category of the page will be also needed to show in one category
  • The address the business in running in needed to be provided as the customer may need to find out the business.
  • The contact number or email by which they will contact you need to be provided.

Choose the Profile and the Cover photo

When you will insert the basic data of your business, Facebook will tell you to add a profile photo and cover photo to distinguish it from other same types of business.

Profile photo

The profile photo will be shown in front as the identity as the page is searched by anyone. The most preferable size of the profile photo is 170*170 which will show the perfect show of the picture. Each and every activity of the page will be shown by the page via this picture.  

Basically, everyone uses their brands or business logo as the profile picture or some contents focusing the brand’s name is used as a profile photo.

Cover photo

The cover photo is shown at the top of the page when it is open by any visitor. So it needs to be focusing on the brand’s identity and need to get the attention of the viewer at the first instant. Its show brand current offers or any recent activities for which the brand has become known to everyone.

The preferable size of the cover photo is 820*462 which is not mandatory. But if you use this resolution, the picture will be shown in the perfect dimension.

This cover photos size can be different in a different medium. The size of the cover photo to be used in smartphones are 820*312 and the preferable size of the cover photo for desktop computers is 820*462. But the standard ratio is 820*465 which is approximately perfect in every medium of the cover photo. You can hire an employee or outsourcer to make the cover photo perfect.

Many types of a photo can be used as a cover photo as there are no mandatory rules to use or upload a cover photo on the facebook. You can use a designed photo or captured photo on your wall as a premium identity of your page. Many pages providing the cover photo for the business-related page in an exchange with certain fees.

After adding all the information and profile and cover photo, the page turns into a new distinguished page open for everyone to like or continue their activities through a very small number of the audience can see it at this time.

It doesn’t matter if the size of the picture isn’t exactly the size mentioned above. But it will be perfect if the picture is used as the mentioned size here.

Now the facebook has enabled the user to use video or slideshow to use a cover of the page which is more lucrative than the still picture.

Complete the full information of your page

You will be provided some direction to fill up some information to complete the overall information about the page. There will be some option named “See All Page Tips”, you can follow the steps by clicking on it and follow the instruction and fulfill the information desk to complete the page registration.

You can also use “Setting” and “Page Info” and follow the instruction to complete the registration. There will be some information to be filled up. They are:

  • You have to fulfill the description of the page within 155 characters which will shortly describe your business.
  • You will have to choose the page category which will help the people to find your page from a chosen category within the three categories.
  • You need to provide contact information by which customer will contact you. You need to provide a phone number, email, address, website details etc.
  • The location the business will be run needed to be shown here on the page for the customer to find out the business in case of any offline needs.
  • The hours the business will be an open need to be  shown here for the convenience of the customer
  • You can show the price range of your product here on your page.

This information will be shown in the about section of the page when the customer will search for the detailed information of the page.

You can use some buttons to make it convenient for the user to send you a message which is very much useful for businesses nowadays and you can also use a username for your page to make it easier for the user to find out.

Customization of the page:

Facebook will provide you the chance of customization by which the Facebook will enable the user to customize the design of the page template in “Templates and Tabs” which will allow you to customize the page settings as you want.

You can use different tabs and templates in your page to increase the facilities in your page which will make the page more user-friendly and increase the customer number of the business.

You can use shopping, business, venues, movies, services various templates to make your page more user-friendly.

Here are some possible ways to customize your business in the following ways. These are described below:

  • You can provide the list of your business’s offer on the page
  • You can add the specifications of the service you provide on the page
  • You can show the products line you offer in your business
  • You need to allow the customers to write their review which will assure the others about the quality of your products.
  • The photos  which are posted on the page are shown here
  • This will show page’s facebook posts
  • The videos  which are posted on the page are shown here
  • The live videos  which are posted on the page are shown here
  • The events  which are posted on the page are shown here
  • The information’s of your page will be given here.

You can link your page with your business group to get more audience and more publicity to your group’s customer base.

Add Roles of your page

You need to make a team of a pro makes the page accessible to various kind of people. The groups consist of these roles which are described below:

Admin – They have the authority to control the page’s overall activities and necessary actions to control the page’s activities with their all force.

Editor – They can use their power to edit the content of the page, make the contents, reply the messages and create ads off the page by their given power

Moderator – They can post anything, see what the admins are posting, edit or delete any posts and they can do literally everything that an admin can do without adding or removing an admin

Advertiser –These people can create ads and publish it to the business’s page

To change or ad the page roles, you need to go to page settings and go to “Page roles” section to change or add any roles. All you need to do is to type the name of that persons and select a role for that certain person.

Post Your First Post in the Page

You can post anything by your page whenever you want to increase your audience base and promote your business via your page. You can add photos videos link, events or fresh or old contents to attract your customers to your business.

These are the ways to start a business’s Facebook page and make it profitable to the customer base. Many marketers use many strategies to capture the customer base. You need to follow exactly these steps, it’s not like that.

You can follow these steps, but you can distinguish your business from others by providing better quality and less price as only a quality Facebook page is not enough for the business to succeed.

Here is a very useful infographic that gives you more ideas on how to create perfect Facebook for your Business. Here is the Simple Process.

create perfect facebook page process

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