How to Write Etsy Product Descriptions: 25 Tip [+Examples]

Etsy product descriptions are important yet one of the most overlooked points. Not just it determines whether your visitors will click on the listing, but it also improves sales

However, creating a perfect Etsy product description is not the biggest challenge. But it can be complicated and confusing if you are not well aware. 

So to make sure you are writing with a mindblowing product description, this article will cover all important points, including tips and how you can write one on your own.


The Secrets To Writing Etsy Product Descriptions:

There are lots of people who are least interested in writing product descriptions on Etsy. 

However, writing a product description is important in selling and connecting with your buyers. Also, it plays a crucial role in SEO and search results. 

You can draw your customer’s attention by writing a good and appealing product description. And to start, here are some basic tips. 

1. Focus And Get Your Own Voice

Since there are many sellers on Etsy, some buyers might just copy and paste the product descriptions from another similar listing. 

Not just you should avoid doing that because it’s not good for SEO and Etsy has strong rules against plagiarism. But it won’t affect as much as it should. 

Image source: wordstream

Writing your own will help you in getting the attention, but effectively selling the product Focus on what you are selling, why you are selling, and to whom you are selling. 

However, if you are new to this, you can get the ideas by reading the other product description, but make sure you are not mixing it with yours. 

Add your personality and your own voice will keep the product descriptions more genuine as well as interesting for the buyers. 

2.  Write For People Who Read

Well, not everyone reads the product description but for those who read, you need to target those people. 

Those who read will need all the details that you can add to your product description for them.

The buyers need information so they can purchase and decide if they want your product or not. 

There will be lots of people who skip the detailed reading, but those who will read each line, make surveyor product description writing is focusing on that. 

The more you are keeping it descriptive, the better your SEO will be. 

3. Add Why People Should Purchase, Paint The Clear picture 

This is an important point to remember, as your customer is wont to be able to touch or try what they are buying. 

It’s important for them to know everything so they won’t feel skeptical about purchasing your product.  

Here ask 20 questions to yourself as a buyer, why you want to purchase the product, and what are the details you will look at that can convince you to purchase it 

Use your words to make sure you are creating a clear image of your product. Even without photos, your product description should be enough to tell what your product is all about. 

With this, you can help your buyers, but also it saves your time from answering questions from the individuals on Etsy. 

4. Keep Paragraphs Short & Easy To Understand 

When you are writing the product description, focus on your word sentences and formations. It should not be a long para as it will make people confused or they will skip. 

Also, it doesn’t mean that your short sentences should have words that are too hard to understand. Keep your sentences easy to understand and simple so no one who is reading them, it’s easier for them to get the picture. 

5. Proofread Twice 

There are different tools out there that can help you in making sure that your product discussion doesn’t contain any kind of mistake. You can use it for checking the spellings, sentence errors, or wordings. 

However, even if you use tools, make sure you are doing proofreading at least twice before you post it. 

This will make sure that nothing is missing and your product description is good to go. 

6. Include Your Sales Pitch 

Well if you would run a store as brick and mortar, you will be able to get the chance to strike a conversation with your customers. This gives you much more than an opportunity to get sales. 

However, when you are running a shop on Etsy, these options are not available. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t get people interested in your product. 

Here you get the product description which is the next best thing you can consider.  You can use the product description for telling the customers why your product is the best to choose and how it will affect their life. 

You can also add keyword phrases that will boost your SEO. 

This tip is crucial for your call to action, and this one falls right to that.  Here you will need the  Etsy shop link and add it to your product description. 

With this, you can direct your buyers to get more items and visit your shop to browse the listings. 

Here make sure you are adding the link and check it so you know it’s work. The links are clickable and people can easily browse your further items. 

8. Add the CTA At Bottom 

A call to action is one of the important parts that you need to add when you are writing your product description. 

Image source: mymodernmet

You can put the CTA at the bottom of your product description so it can be easy to notice and people have a clear vision of what they need to do. 

9. Answer More To Buyer Questions

If your customers have questions, it may be difficult for them to convince and purchase the products. 

That’s why it’s crucial for you to address as many as questions you think your customers might have during the buying process.  

With this, your customer will know more about the product and you don’t have to answer the questions separately. 

Image source: crazylister

If you are selling a shirt on Etsy,  cover the basics questions like what’s the size of the shirt? Who can purchase it? What is the fitting, dimensions and headband, etc 

Add pointers like the manufacturing product, what material has been used, what is the overall shipping time etc. Give more answers simply and concisely. 

10. Include Titles To Sections 

Well, this will help your customer to get the information that they require. This also helps in holding the attention and keeping the product description much more clear. 

You can add the titles such as Size,  Customization,  Process time, etc. 

Image source: printful

To make sure you are not bombarding with the information, you can add the bullet points, and to stand out, you can put all caps on the titles. 

11. Break Product Description Into Sections 

When the customers browse to purchase the products, they have to go through lots of products and listings. Every product has its product description. And reading every one of them is tiring. 

To make sure your buyers get the information without tiring yourself, you can divide your product description into small sections. 

Adding everything in one long paragraph can overwhelm the buyers and they will not look at the information properly. This causes problems for the future and also you don’t get the results you are hoping for. 

So divide your product description into small sections which can be readable and understandable for the buyers. 

12. Set Your Tone, Audience, And Authenticity 

Well as mentioned earlier, it’s important that you have your voice when you are writing your product discretion. But also make sure you have your understanding when it comes to the audience and tone. 

As a seller you get the opportunity to communicate with your audience through your product description,  this gives you a chance to target your audience and get the listing saleable. 

When you are writing your product description, consider who you are targeting, it will help you in setting the tone. 

If you are selling your products to young adults,  and you are keeping your product description too hard, it will not just decrease the number of sales but you eventually use your targeted audience. 

It’s important that you have the authenticity that reflects your real personality or the brand personality you want to show. It’s an underrated but effective way to connect with your audience. 

13. Add What Are Frequently Bought 

The buyers purchase more if you suggest the right thing when they are buying one. This trick is used by Amazon and different there shopping sites online as well as offline. 

With this, you can suggest the products that go well together, however, make sure your suggestions are relevant and actually help the customers. 

Add hyperlinks to your product description, it will help in getting a direct link to the products. Also, make sure it complements each other, so the people can find benefit when they purchase it together. 

14. Make It Mobile Friendly 

According to Etsy, around 50 % of traffic comes from phones to their site. It means that your audience is using mobile to shop from the platform. 

When you are writing the product description, make sure it’s friendly to the different devices. 

This means you need to keep the description as concise as you can do. The pointers should be memorable and add all the needed information while reading.

Keep your description mobile-friendly so the people can easily read. 

15. Focus On Google SEO 

The description is not really a part when it comes to  SEO on Etsy. However, it’s still extremely important. 

SEO of Etsy is shifting towards keeping the search personalized for their buyers. This means pay close attention to your shop stats. Focus on what brings the customers to your shop, what are the search words and keywords which are working in your favor. 

Even though ist not part of the SEO of Etsy, still it will be helpful to google SEO.Google pays extra attention when it comes to adding keywords to your product description. 

This boosts the chances of how your customer will find your listing on google search. Also, remember that google keyword and search words keep changing, so make sure you are leading, pay attention to the changes. 

16. Focus On The Benefits Of Product 

Well as a seller you want to list all of the quality that your product has, including the best features and all specs that make it unique. 

There are high chances that your buyers don’t want to know about everything. This is why you need to focus on how your product is important for them or help their lives and in what way. 

Image source: expertphotography

This is the point where you should focus on showing the benefits of your product. There is a difference between the features and benefits. 

With features, you are talking about the technical information about the product.

Whereas with benefits, you are mentioning the benefits that the buyer will have after they purchase it.

17. Tell The Story Behind The Product 

When you are writing an appealing product description, you are going to add all the relevant things that can help the buyers to connect. This also includes the story behind your product. 

The story will help you in building the emotions and it affects the buyer behavior, The product description is perfect to add the story so you can build up the emotional connection with your buyers. 

When you are telling your product story, you are going to add answers to few questions such as : 

  • Who made the product?
  • What was the journey of making the product?
  • The inspiration behind the product 
  • How would it look to the buyer’s personal life?

This is not just effective but also helps you in selling the product without any much struggle. 

18. Keep It Natural And Conversational 

Reading your product description, if you feel like it’s easy and sounds like a conversation that you would have with your friend, then it’s good to go. 

But if it sounds hard to understand and computer-generated, it’s not you should choose to post it. 

The professional tone is important but also make sure that it adds life to that. It should not sound dead, and the product description should have a flow and natural tone while reading. 

Use the natural language and keep it friendly. Don’t use empty adjectives or claims. Build your trust with your language and keep it natural so your customer can connect. 

19. Use Power Words That Boost The Sales 

There are different sets of words that you can use for adding the power and emotional response to the customers. For that, it can help you in boosting the sales on Etsy too. 

With these powerful words, you can convince your customers and they can take the leap as well as make a purchase. So it’s important to be mindful when you are using it. 

These words include: 

  • Amazing 
  • Courage
  • Breathtaking
  • Blissful
  • Eye-opening 
  • Hero 
  • Magic
  • Miracle 
  • Sensational 
  • Wonderful 
  • Triumph 
  • Hope
  • Jaw-dropping 

When you are writing your product description, add words that make your sense look more dressed up. For example, instead of using nice or high quality, you can use words like sensation and stunning. 

By adding these words smiley to your subscription.  You can subtly indicate that your product is worth the purchase and it will impress the buyers when they will buy it. 

20. Make It Scannable 

Well, the research says, only 16% is what the person read on the page as they have an extremely limited attention span. 

This is why you need to focus on keeping your product description scannable, so it can effectively scan the 16% 

Your product description should be scannable and easy for the eyes. The buyers should get what they are looking for when they see your product description formatting. 

This will be more effective when you will add the bullet points, white space,  size fonts.  Few sentences etc.

Image source: picupmedia

When you are writing the description for your own, look for the structures that can be easily followed. 

You can add the specs and ingredients in bullet points whereas the story and highlights can be added into a short paragraph. The product title can be in the headline which will hold the attention.

This will also help you in holding the attention of potential buyers and during the process, you can boost up your sales too. 

21.  Add Appealing Images 

When you are writing a good product description, you are going to need images that can help you in keeping your whole thing more impressive. 

Around 63% of people believe that using images is important, even more than reviews or product descriptions. 

Make sure you are adding quality images that show your product description more clearly. It will be helpful for the buyer to know what you are talking about as the evidence will be there in photos. 

Image source: wordstream

Also highly your features with using the photos, and it will improve the understanding of what customers will learn from reading your product description. 

This works better because the customer can’t touch or hold the products, with images they can get the idea of what they are paying.

That’s why you need to add quality images with clearly displaying all the benefits.

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