15 Best Websites To Create Your Small Business Logo For Free

Businesses of all types and scales need a logo for their brand. One of the major reasons why businesses are serious about their logos is the first thing that makes an impression. 

Having an attractive and easy-to-remember logo can boost brand awareness. Also, it would be easier to recognize even in the crowd. 

create free business logo

It’s one of the most visible elements that leave a great impression if it was made carefully. 

Designing a website logo can be costly. It can be anything from $500 to $5000 depending on what you are looking for. 

However, for small businesses, investing so much in the logo is not advisable. But since the logo is important, you can’t take it lightly as well. 

Create Your Small Business Logo For Free

Here are some of the best websites online which allow you to make a logo without costing you. Consider the options if – 

  • You don’t have much budget and you are a startup 
  • You don’t own many skills and ideas about logo creating 
  • You are looking for options and ideas for creating one for you

1. Wix Logo Maker : Create Your Small Business Logo For Free

Image source: Wix

Wix logo maker is ideal for creating attractive logos. 

There are some basic questions that they will ask and it will create an automatic template for your logo. 

Image source: Wixhelpcenter

After it’s completed, you can customize it as per your liking. It’s completely based on preferences. you can pick font, size, and text. 

The best part of using a logo maker is to custom look at the logo without any cost. But with that, you get commercial rights too. 

It means you can use the logo for business profit without worrying about the license. 

The logo can be downloaded in SVG format. And you can print it anywhere you like. 

The first thing you have to do is to create an account. It will give you access to the logo maker. 

Takeaway- Wix is good for a one-stop-shop as you can not just create a logo but build the whole website too. 

2. Squarespace

Image source: the3rdcartblog

For people who are looking for everything in one place, Squarespace offers services in variety for small businesses. 

It is helpful to create your website but you can use it for the logo as well.

With the free maker, you can get icons, customize your design, and use it as per your liking. 

Image source: Pinterest 

You can use the logo and download it. But the free version is available in low resolution. For high resolution, you have to pay $10.

If you have a membership of Squarespace, you can also get a high resolution without paying anything. 

Takeaway-  The low-resolution logos are free to download. But the high resolution will cost $10 ( Free for membership)

3. Tailor Brands 

Image source: Tailorbrands

Tailor Brands are helpful to get a customized logo. However, the platform is all in one graphic with creative designs and tools. 

When you start the process of creating the logo, there will be some questions in quiz form.

The quiz will be about your brand, industry, preferences, etc. Once you complete the process you will get the logo done. 

Here you can choose it from the alternative as the Tailor brand offers some more options. Also, customize the logo until you feel satisfied to use it.

Takeaway – You get ready to use graphics for ads. Once you are done making your logos, you can simply download it in EPS or SVG files. 

It can be used for merchandise, business cards, and websites too.

4. Canva 

Image source: rebrandlyblog

Canva is one of the popular names which is a free design market for a while. 

The website is offering free and paid both templates. Here You can use the template for making flyers, social media pages, business cards, etc. 

To start for free, you can choose from their ‘ free’ templates and change them according to your requirement. 

You can add fonts, text, and colors, and customize them to match the standard of your brand.

Image source: Canva

Once you finally get the result you like, you either upload graphics if you have or you can choose from the library for free. 

In the end, download it in formats like PNG, JPG, and PDF. It can be used for making free logos, business cards, and letterheads. 

Takeaway – Canva gives a professional touch. However, the downside you can get is a similar design used in some other places. 

Add a bit more creativity to get a professional and original logo without spending money. 

5. Logo Maker 

Image source: Logomaker

Logo Maker is in the market for more than a decade. The website helped more than 3 million small businesses and entrepreneurs by offering free logos. 

They have 10, 000 icons that help in saving time and building a suitable logo for the company. 

However, there is a fee that you have to pay for downloading it in high resolution. 

Meanwhile, it’s good to use for experimenting with tools and getting some inspiration for your logo. 

Takeaway – The logo maker is not exactly free especially when you are downloading it in high resolution.  

But you can use the logo as an HTML code snippet. It will be for your website and free of cost. 

6. Free Logo Design 

Image source: Howtocreateawebsite

For creating a logo free of cost, Free Logo Design is an easy and simple website to use. 

Especially if you are looking for simple but unique-looking logos. Here you can choose from the 20 multiple categories. Just type your brand’s name and previews will be on your screen. 

Pick the one you find suitable. You can customize colors, font, and shape, and download the design. 

Takeaway – The Free Logo Design is free to download. However, if you want to invest in a high-quality and resolution logo, you can pay $5 for it. 

7. Design Hill 

Image source: zacjohnson

Design hill offers multiple services at once. Including they have a logo generator too. 

They have thousands of customizable icons, colors, text, and free designs to pick and make the logo for your brand. 

They also have free tools for cover photos for social media like Twitter and Facebook, QR code generators, etc. 

8. Graphic Springs 

Image source: Software suggest

Graphic springs have multiple features and a variety of templates to pick from. Also, they have categories from where you can choose tagline, image, logo, and edit as per your requirement. 

You can filter to get new popular logos too. To get more creative freedom, there are options with shapes and different symbols.

You can add to make your logo look different and unique. Download it in PNG, JPG, and SVG. 

Here you get unlimited edits and tweaks in the future. 

Takeaway – Graphic Spring is free to make your logo but to download the final result, there is a fee of $19.99. 

9. LogoMakr

Image source: AlternativeTo

If you are looking for something really simple and easy to use, logomakr is the one you should use. 

The software program offers to drag the shape you want and text right where you like to.  

Start browsing shapes and different icons from the options. Add the colors, and edits, change sizes, and keep going until you find your logo ready. 

To crop, you have a smart button to crop the logo in the perfect size and make it fit for you. 

When you are done editing, save the design. Download the results. The low quality and an agreement for giving the site credit for making the video will be added. 

Takeaway: The free download is available but it’s limited. To a high-quality version and without credits, you can download it for $19.

10. Zyro 

Image source: Hostinger

To avoid creating an account and following additional steps, Zyro is ideal for saving time. 

Zyro is a simple website and it offers you the hassle-free process to create fascinating designs for the logo.

Start with writing the brand name and add a tagline. Choose which shape you want to make the base. 

Image source: Zyro

They have thousands of options, you can use a keyword to find what you want. Now you just have to adjust the logo.

Start adjusting and positioning your tagline, name, etc. Change the style of font, shape, color, etc.

When you find your logo is ready to download. Get it in PNG format. You can use it anywhere, including business cards and websites. 

11. Online Logo Maker

Image source: onlinelogomaker

Online Logo Maker comes with an easier-to-start interface. 

You can start making your logo as they have tons of options in templates. Choose font selections. 

They also offer pre-designed symbols that you can add. They have hundreds of options if you like to choose from. In case you have your own, you can simply upload yours too.

Online Logo Maker offers a free account. You can save the design for later editing. 

They have unlimited downloads that offer to tweak design anytime you like. 

Takeaway: Online Logo Maker has a premium account too. They have high resolutions and offer transparent downloads in PNG, SVG, etc.

12. Logotype Maker 

Image source:Oberlo

For those who are not professional logo designers but looking for something which can offer the same result, Logotype maker is for you.

The site has more than 200 fonts, 1000 professional templates, and 600000 vector shapes easy to use anytime. 

Logotype maker featuring vector-based SVG for download along with unlimited modification. It allows you to change the fonts and change them anytime you like. 

With their free model, you can get a non-customizable logo.

Takeaway- Here you get the design in 300PI, and the format of PNG or JPG for download. You can pay one time, around $24.99, or $39.99 for getting more features. 

13. Designmantic 

Image source: Sur.ly

Design mantic is fast and you can start by selecting the preferred style in logo, font, colors, and type. 

Now start with your business name. They have more than 30 categories in industry types. 

Choose the logo you like, color, and fonts. The tools are free, and you can download them without cost. 

It offers you a high resolution as well as file-based on vector-based. You can use it for printing on a larger scale. 

However, you don’t get unlimited downloads. So you can also use it for getting ideas and taking inspiration. 

14. Shopify 

Image source: NimbusThemes

Shopify offers all-around tools and a range that can help online businesses.

It also has tools for generating the name of the business, logo, and QR code.

Enter your business name and select the icons. Edit the logo, and change colors, and sizes. They have four layouts that you can choose for icons and text. 

The logo will be sent directly to your email box.

15. Ucraft 

Image source: Pinterest 

Ucraft is a website builder. Here you can get different web templates along with free cloud hosting. 

However, they also have a free logo maker to start with. Ucraft has more than 220,000 icons in which you can choose the design you want.

 Similar to other options in logo makers, you can start with choosing icons, and names, and keep customizing to get the result you want. 

Get your design in high resolution, transparent, and in PNG format for free. 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Start with basic steps like understanding what you require, find the identity of the brand, get inspiration, and choose the right type of color, typography, and style to represent the logo. 

For easy recognition and establishing the brand identity, the logo is important for small businesses. 

It also conveys the message and connects with important customers as well as clients

What does the logo mean?

The logo is a logical appeal, designed to attract the attention of the potential audience. 
It’s an important part of a business, as it shows the identity of the brand. It’s the first element that affects the overall brand value. 

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