ConvertKit Review (2023): Features, Pricing, Pros, And Cons

ConvertKit is a relatively new tool that is considered to be a new player in email marketing software. However, the product has its own set of features and pros and cons.

It’s important to understand to make sure if it’s for you to use or to skip it.

Here is the detailed review that will help you in knowing more about ConvertKit.

What To Know About ConvertKit?

ConvertKit offers its product, especially to professional podcasters, bloggers, course creators as well as YouTubers.

The software is designed in order to serve this kind of audience which makes it much easier to understand and access.

They also help the creatures which connect with the fans and earn through using email marketing.

ConvertKit also introduced a freedom plan to those who have lower than 1000 subscribers.

Even though it’s limited feature-wise, they have the cheapest paid packages that are offered at $29.

Even though it’s not that low cost, it is surprising that their targets are usually solopreneurs.

The intern signs niche features which help in selling the digital products and subscriptions along with that, some available on their marketing platforms.

What Is The ConvertKit Pricing?

ConvertKit pricing is pretty straightforward; here, you will get the free plan and two other plans which are paid.

The Creator Plan, which is a paid plan, starts at $29 per month. It’s for 1000 subscribers and increases depending on the number of subscribers you get.

And the next plan you get is the Creator Pro plan, this one starts at $59 per month, and it comes with more premium features.

Here it depends on the subscribers, as the more you get, the higher price will be.

The next one is Free Plan, this one allows you to manage 1000 subscribers.

If you consider the free plan, there are a few things you get. it includes –

  • Tagging
  • Unlimited email broadcast
  • Access to the premium landing page templates, it’s similar to the one available to the paid plans.
  • Unlimited forms and landing pages

But if you are considering the free plan, this also means you might not get some features too.

In the free plan, it doesn’t include features like –

  • Visual automation builder
  • Automated email sequences
  • Reporting
  • Integrations
  • Free concierge migration is for email service providers
  • Premium support

However, this one is suitable if you are just starting and want to collect the emails, send the occasional broadcast email and have the great option.

Apart from this, here are some of the points that the free plan can be considered –

  • If you have rated the product yet, but you want to capture the emails, so for when that day might come.
  • If you want to test out the weather, email opt-in ideas and it won’t work for you.
  • If you want to capture the emails as it’s essential, but right, you are not ready to send the automated email responders.

Features And Benefits Of ConvertKit:

There are the key features that you will get in the Convertkit; these include –


The customizable as well as opt-in forms direct subscribers and get the calls to action for their relevance, personal and immediate.

Visual Automations

Convertkit offers the if it is, then automation rules which create the distant workflow in order to develop the individualized journey of the customer.

Everything is linked with a click, no matter what action, action, and condition are required.


The homepage of the dashboard displays the subscriber data and conversion tally for an opt-in.


The email content can start editing and ends once you click on the items in the workplace.

All emails are constructed using plain text, which helps with penetrating the spam filter.


ConvertKit also allows the users to automate their email site caliber for one-off messages, RSS feeds, etc.


Automated emails can also be personalized as the drag-and-drop sequence is effective, which helps in boosting the list of subscribers and offers growth.

Subscribers Management

Tags and segments are options in order to help in managing as well as manipulating the subscribers within using the single list.

Now, to understand what different features of ConvertKit offer and its benefits.

Ease Of Use

One of the benefits it comes with is that ConvertKit has ease of use.

There is no need to look up for help or reach out for support,

Since the convertkit focused on keeping the experience easy and simple.

Everything is designed in order, and only one clicks away whether you need the advanced features or the simple features.

Even when they add new features,  they make it easy for the user to use.

The Email Editors

Another best feature is the Email Editor. Here you get the two versions, which are divided into “ Legacy” and “ New.”

The user can use it for broadcasts or sauces.

Well, the Legacy is what made the tool famous. It’s considered to be the most straightforward text editor that any email marketing software uses.

In the legacy editor, you get all the basic tools and options in formatting options, such as :

  • Bold
  • Dividers
  • Links
  • Filed
  • Italics
  • Orders and Unordered email list
  • Pictures
  • Idents
  • Font Size and Color
  • HTML Editing
  • Personalization
  • Strikethrough

Apart from this, they have a new editor where few things have been changed.

You don’t get the top tab with tools; and this is a “+” sign that is getting, and you can click on the left edge of the editor.

With this, you also get the additional tools such as –

  • Blockquotes
  • Buttons
  • Snippets
  • Automatic Youtube Embeds
  • Instagram Integration
  • Media Library
  • Unsplash Integration
  • Email Personalization
  • Personalization of emails can be helpful for both email sequence and broadcast.

Here you get some of the options like subscribers’’ first name, subscriber email address, subscriber tags conditional, etc.

But here, the problem is it might be confusing if you have never tried the code before.

Email Sequences

The next feature you get is the email sequence editor, where you can schedule your emails based on hours and days.

Also, you can add as many emails to the sequence, and you don’t need the new tab.

Apart from this, you get the filter option. This means you can exclude subscribers from individual emails using the filters such as tags.

Broadcast Emails And Split Testing

Broadcast email can be used as the editor as sequence editor.

For this either you can use the legacy and new options.

Here you get the options when you choose the subscribers to your broadcast emails.

You can dial it down by using the And and OR operators; it will filter who will get the emails.

Apart from this, you can do the split test headlines and resend them to others, only for those who don’t open the emails.

Form Designs And Customization

You can also create forms that are quite simple. Here you get the options such as

  • Sticky Bar
  • Inline
  • Model
  • Slide-in

Apart from this, you can get seven more options.

Here, you get the customization that allows you o –

  • Adding custom CSS
  • Changing the background image
  • Changing the color in the background
  • Changing the border-radius

As for the display options, –

  • Frequency
  • Exit Intent
  • Scroll Percentage
  • Timing
  • Devices to Show on

Link Triggers And Rules

One of the different features you get is the link trigger and rules.

You also get the options for both options.

As for Trigger, you get :

  • Subscribers to a sequence
  • Subscribers to a form
  • Click a link
  • Complete a sequence
  • Tag remove
  • Tag added
  • Purchase a product.

For the action, you get

  • A subscriber to a sentence
  • Unsubscribed from a sequence
  • Subscribed to a form
  • Unscripted to a form
  • Add or Remove tag
  • Set customer field.

Customization And Design Of Landing Page

ConvertKit recently added a lot of new temples for the landing page.

You can preview the template, and once you choose, there are edit options using the new editor.

This allows you to rearrange a few things, such as :

  • Heading Font
  • Adding custom CSS
  • Chasing the background-color
  • Changing the opacity of the image
  • Changing the background image

You can add the Anaalauctis information and SEO,

  • Pinterest
  • Segment
  • Facebook
  • Google Analytics

Workflow Automation Or Automation Templates

The software can be beautiful and complex at the same time.

Here you get the automation where –

  • You can connect the forms to the senses
  • Creating the rules if someone does or does not purchase the product
  • Creating if or then rules if subscribers have the tags

Apart from this, you get the selection of premade template which is used for the automation, such as

  • Host a webinar
  • Evergreen Newsletter
  • Product launch
  • Evergreen product pitch
  • Personalized content based on survey results
  • Follow up with the customer who are not purchasing

Email Templates

There are mostly three options that you get when you are using ConvertKit.

It includes Text only, Classic, and Modern.

However you can create your own, but you should have the knowledge of HTML for that.

Email Snippets

ConvertKit Snippers is a new feature that can use shortcodes which help in adding the frequently used content.

The features are great if you are using them for segmentation and tagging.

What Are The Pros Of ConvertKit?

To use the convertkit, it’s important to understand what you need to know about it.

Here are some of the pros that you will find –

It Offers The Landing Page Editor

This one helps you in creating a simple page, even if you don’t have the websites on your own.

This can be convenient if you are running social media campaigns.

They have attractive templates, which are plenty, and a big advantage is that you get your own custom domain. It’s for the free plan.

It’s Flexible For User Subscription

The tagging system helps the users to make it easy to add or remove the observers.

Also, it’s flexible for user subscription management.

It Has Responsive Support

They have a support team that is helpful and also fast when it comes to answering quickly.

It Has Paid Newsletter

Convertkit offers the charge readers a copy of the newsletter.

This can be a good option if you are adding another revenue stream for the business.

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What Are The Cons Of ConvertKit?

The convertkit is useful. However, you also need to understand the cons of using the convert kit.

Here are a few of the cons that you might find.

It Can Be Extra Pricey

The more advanced tools, as compared to the other tools available in the market.

This can end up being cheaper, but the price too if you don’t have the budget for this.

It Has Poor Options In Design

The options you get here are three in the template, as they are text-based.

They should offer more options in design which can be better for visual results.

It Has Reports that Are Lacking The Depth

They have the basics, which include the open rates, click-through rates as well as new subscribers.

Apart from this, they don’t have geo-tracking, click maps, and bounce rates.

Why Is Convertkit For You And When It Is Not?

Using Convertkit is surely helpful. However, it depends if you have certain requirements.

It’s recommended when –

  • You want the segment and tags your subs.
  • Convert kit allows users to create the forms when they self-segment and tag themselves for sure.
  • It’s also good for segment subscribers to make sure they are on the right email list and getting the right message.
  • With ConvertKit offering flexible tagging as well as a segmentation system,  you can use this if you are running ultra-targeted campaigns.
  • This can help in running laser-focused automated campaigns, which can be extremely specific.
  • Also, it offers an inbuilt landing page editor that helps in managing end-to-end campaigns.
  • It’s recommended if you are selling the subscription or the digital products, music, courses, images, etc.
  • The convertkit features help in great addition for the creative purpose.
  • You can add the custom domain, and it’s simple to add the product.
  • Also, it’s for free, and it charges around 3.5 % + 30c transaction fee after you start the selling.

However, it’s not recommended when –

  • You are looking to send out emails that are in the correct style and need a lot of visuals in them.
  • Since convertkit is much more focused on text-based emails,  and it allows you to create visual meals.
  • But here, you will need the email template, which requires HTML knowledge.
  • Apart from this, if you don’t have the budget that can expand, it’s not for you.
  • The Convertkit is aimed at bloggers and creatives, but the price was more for businessmen.
  • They do have affordable tools that can be used.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Are There Any Free Trials For ConvertKit?

Even though it’s not on the pricing page, you get the 14-day trial and you can use the free features.

Is It Better Than Mailchimp?

The question is subjective, they have better features that make the Convertkit which have smoother sailing.

Is Convertkit For Free?

If you have subscribers which have more than 1000, and you don’t need access to creator or creator pro plans. You can use the freemium plan.

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