Convertkit: 15+ Top Alternatives and Competitors 2023

Bloggers can use ConvertKit, an email marketing, and advertising platform, to design and distribute newsletters via email. Nathan Barry, Brian Spero, and Nate Kontny are the brains of ConvertKit.

In response to an email marketing software error, Nathan Barry created ConvertKit. He founded ConvertKit in December 2012. they have established the firm together with two additional partners.

YEAR FOUNDED: December 2012
HEADQUARTER: Boise, Idaho, United States

Writers and bloggers can utilize ConvertKit to produce higher-quality online content. Users should be able to benefit from the capabilities of ConvertKit through a seamless and straightforward user experience.

List of Convertkit Alternatives

Constant Contact

HEADQUARTER: United States; Waltham, Massachusetts

Randy Parker founded Constant Contact in 1998. It is located in the United States, Waltham, Massachusetts. Constant Contact comes with all the vital tools to design and manage successful marketing campaigns via email and various additional features.

Additionally, the top-rated plan offers the most excellent features. One of the most exciting features is creating custom templates for your designs with the builder and contact management tools.

They can generate pop-ups to gather information and then analyze the reports displayed using the mobile app.



The business was established in 2012 by the late Armand Theberge to provide the most efficient marketing channels available to every business. The corporate headquarters are in Paris, and offices are in Seattle, Berlin, Noida, Nd Toronto.

It’s run by over thirty thousand active users throughout the United States. Utilizing the vast opportunities for email marketing, it is possible to create customized, personalized, and even send out emails to your desired group of customers. Sendinblue provides a wide array of options available. 

Campaign Monitor

HEADQUARTER: Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Ben Richardson and David Greiner, Two of their childhood buddies of Sydney’s Sutherland Shire, established Campaign Monitor in 2004.

Furthermore, the feature to manage templates is a tool that allows users to secure specific elements of your design to ensure they stay in place, which could be beneficial for those who are renowned creator who has a loyal group of followers.

Campaign Monitor’s drip campaigns feature helps you nurture and transform your target audience. In addition, using time zone emailing will increase the email’s open rates and conversion rates.


HEADQUARTER: Atlanta, Georgia, United States 

Ben Chestnut and Dan Kurzius created The Rocket Science Group, a web design company, nearly two years back.

However, it was primarily focused on large companies. Instead of the heavy, expensive email software that was popular at the beginning of 2000, it was developed to provide a less expensive alternative.

If you’re searching for an alternative to ConvertKit, consider Mailchimp one of the most popular. To create emails from scratch or speed up the process using templates pre-designed by the software’s easy-to-use email editor.

Bonus: Best Mailchimp Alternatives And Competitors In 2022


HEADQUARTER: Gdańsk, Poland 

GetResponse’s founder and CEO name go to Simon Grabowski. Twenty-five years ago, in 1997, the GetResponse story started.

Thanks to its easy-to-use building tools for emails, GetResponse is perfect for people who are just beginning to learn about marketing via email. Customers can pick from various pre-designed email templates for their emails to help them appear more appealing.

Marketing automation can streamline marketing by using various triggers and activities that allow you to stay up-to-date with the most recent trends.


HEADQUARTER: Chicago, Illinois, United States

The CEO and co-founder of ActiveCampaign, Jason VandeBoom. ActiveCampaign, founded by Jason VandeBoom in 2003, has become the sole automation platform to ensure a superior customer experience.

Its vast capabilities are perfect for experienced creators looking to streamline their marketing processes and improve engagement.

Automated emails, like welcome emails, re-engagement sequences, and many more, can be designed using the automation tool’s recipe.

The option is to make a new campaign or use one of the many templates offered by the software.



Ignas Rubeius was the founder of MailerLite in 2005, an internet design firm. We now have MailerLite, an easy email marketing platform ideal for creatives and bloggers.

Making emails with MailerLite’s email builder is easy due to the Editor’s custom HTML and a broad selection of newsletter templates. Additionally, you can make use of the online form builder to build pop-ups that increase the size of the number of emails you send out.

The software’s email open rates by location tool will help you identify the location of your intended users when it comes down to reports and analytics. 


YEAR FOUNDED: June 30, 2016
HEADQUARTER: Greater Philadelphia Area, East Coast, Southern US

SendX co-founder and email marketing guru Mayank Agarwal. If you’re searching for the perfect automation software that’s recent to the market, SendX is an excellent alternative. Like ConvertKit (usability) and ActiveCampaign (functionality), All mature!

SendX isn’t a one-way pony in the automation of emails, and its assistance can make it easier to automate pop-ups, forms, and landing page pages! SendX, however, on the other side, isn’t the kind of thing you’d describe as an “all-in-one digital marketing suite,”

SendX, however, on the contrary side, is focused on marketing through email, which eliminates the complexity that competitors with omnichannel typically are.

Campaign Monitor

HEADQUARTER: Nashville, Tennessee, United States.

Campaign Monitor’s founder and CEO are Ben Richardson. Campaign Monitor is a worldwide technology company that provides an online marketing system that’s easy to use yet incredibly efficient.

The group of companies that CM Group owns gives top businesses the tools for marketing via email that they require to create lasting impressions with their clients. Different industries rely on email marketing to grow their business, and a campaign Monitor can be the instrument to help them accomplish this.

It features a drag-and-drop builder, a visual journey design, innovative marketing strategies, and real-time performance indicators.


HEADQUARTER: London, England, United Kingdom

Rytis Lauris runs Omnisend as its Chief Executive Officer and co-founder. Omnisend is an online retail marketing platform that Omnisend uses to send out emails. Multi-channel customers are central to their main capabilities, including SMS and email marketing, Web Push alerts, Google Customer Match, and Facebook Custom Audiences.

There are three automated templates for customers who shop online within Omnisend. These steps are employed for Welcome Series, Product Abandonment, and Cart Abandonment.

Welcome Series, Product Abandonment, along with Cart Abandonment. Segmentation recommendations are based upon this data, past purchase patterns, and subscriber engagement time.

Convertkit Competitors

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