Top ConvertKit Alternatives And Competitors In 2023

Convertkit is one of the email marketing platforms that are for designing emails and creating automation in order to launch the campaigns of email marketing effectively.

The platform enables the tools which help in designing the landing page, sales pages, and sign-ups.

They also offer many tools which make email marketing improve.

However, it lacks the user interface and customization options which might be an issue for a lot of users. But, there are some more alternatives and competitors that can be helpful.

Why Should You Search For Alternatives Of Convertkit?

Convertkit offers a price that starts from $29 per month. Here, you can get a maximum of 1000 subscribers along with the features and support.

The plan and prices are based on the amount of subservience and method of payment you choose between monthly and annually.

Apart from this, here are some of the points that you might need to find the alternative

  • They offer extremely limited A/B testing functions.
  • They offer customization options which are few in their email and form templates.
  • They have the reporting data, which is limited.

With the limited testing functions, it might be difficult to achieve the level of smooth workflow you are looking for. 

Also, the customization options are limited, which also adds to the level of not-so-smooth working, and this makes it difficult to get the result you are hoping for. 

Apart from that, reporting data-limited means you are not getting the level of insight you want about the performance of the email marketing campaign, which increases the chances of mistakes and errors in the future.

list of ConvertKit Competitors And Alternatives

There are a lot of options that you can consider if you are looking for an alternative for Convertkit.

Alternatives Of Convertkit

CM Commerce

CM Commerce offers tools for email marketing through automating marketing bots.

Also, they offer tools that can help email workflow managers.

Along with the tools that can help segment customers, build newsletters, and boost conversion rates to boost repeat sales.

It’s best for the automation feature; they have the automated bot, which sides to targeting the customers and a newsletter for highlighting the best-selling products.


Robly has the email marketing tools which help in assisting the lead conversion through the email campaign launchers embedded HTML forms, pop-up weights, etc.

They provide the boost open rates, build the landing pages, segment customers, and test the marketing strategies.

Robly is ideal for the campaign and has intelligent features.

They have boosted open rates by using data-based insights /

They have selectively sent emails and are active with the subject line, which is conversion-friendly.


Campaigner offers email marketing as well as automation tools which are for the multi-channel. Along with that, they offer streamlined workflow builder tools.

This also offers conversion tracking, eCommerce, SMS marketing, and multi-level tracking tools.

They have the segmented customer effectively and related tools that are needed.

They offer the free trial plan along with different plans based on starter, essential, and eCommerce.

It’s also best for reporting and tracking tools.

They have the analytics dashboard, which provides in-depth conversation tracking data.

They are also good at handling the email campaign and performance in workflow, along with geolocation data as well as autoresponder data.


Sendinblue is one of the great tools that offer the all-in-one marketing feature, including your SMS, email, and live chat campaigns.

They offer email, SMS, and chat solutions, along with real-time mail statics and a free plan where you can get 300 emails per day.

As compared to converting it, Sendinblue has nicely featured plans for free, including phone support, marketing automation, and 300 emails per day.

In their advanced automation, they offer the wen tracking and lead.

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SendX is a new name, but they offer a lot of features.

It’s more like a mixture of convertkit and active campaign, but a much more advanced version.

However, SendX doesn’t just automate emails but also forms, landing pages, and pop-ups. They are also all in one digital marketing, and you can see as they focus on email marketing.

They also eliminate the complications that you might get from omnichannel competitors.

If you are prioritizing simplicity in your email marketing, this one’s for you to consider.

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Mailerlite offers easy-to-use features like an email marketing tool at an affordable price.

The foundation started in 2005 and in 2010 came to exist, but it’s still one of the powerful solutions for small businesses.

They offer features like email automation, delivery by time zone, adding the custom domain, live chat support, etc.

They provide the price, which depends on the number of sub-covers you have.

The more subscribers, the more price, but you get features and support the same in all.

As compared to ConvertKit, here you get different email articles, subject lines, variations, and sender names from divided emails.

Also, this is integrated into the email builder. Allowing the creation of the landing page, which aims to convert.

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Campaign Monitor

Being an Easy to use platform that helps in changing or making the triplets on your own.

Also, if you don’t have much experience with what comes with web designing, you can easily use this one.

The campaign monitor is one of the popular tools that have the template for newsletters and email.

They have a well-designed mobile platform that helps in generating fast results.

They offer three different plans; It includes basic, unlimited, and premier.

As compared to the Convertkit, Campaign monitors are costly and are not for free use. But they have less as compared to the convert kit.

It also has better lead generating and development A user engagement.

The ablation can be used to collect the user’s data on an online mailing list.

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Emailoctopus is another option that you can consider in the alternative list.

They are available to offer affordable value; however, for this, you require an amazon web service account.

It also lacks features as compared to the convert it but it doesn’t offer the Shrimp pan, which has the users free service.

This also means it offers 2500 subscribers; if you need the upgrade which offers the tuna plan, you might need 10,000 subscribers.


Another option that is considered one of the best for Convertkit alternatives and is available for the online business.

It’s easier to use and best out of features that are required for the work.

Talking about the features, they offer the landing page, additional enterprise features, and custom reporting.


Mailchimp has all the advanced and essential features which can help in creating the new marketing era, especially for small businesses.

All other gestures include managing the audience, capturing the leads, and sending emails with the use of automation.

They are the best for social media marketers as they have auto social media post creation, auto-schedule, and retargeted ads.

Mailchimp offers four different plaits, including a Free plan where you can look up for around 2000 subscribers,

In paid, they have an essential plan, standard plan, and premium plan.

As compared to converting it, Mailchimp offers articles and screenshots on videos in their knowledge center.

It offers the email editor, drag and drop email-like for creating straightforward emails.

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Flodesk is a web-based tool; they also feature from whom they design emails as well as creative edge.

They also give the tools as well as optimize email marketing automation and build landing pages.

They also offer the feature which enables to build the of responsive forms and newsletter campaigns to launch/

Flodesk gives a free trial plan and a single monthly plan per month.

The tool is best known for its landing page and email builder tools.

They offer the users to create a vibrant and colorful email campaign along with landing pages in layouts, customized, various fonts, conversion-friendly, etc.

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Mailer Cloud allows you to create, send and track email campaigns through their platform which is web-based.

Along with their email template builders, they offer tools that boost the deliverability of the email, etc.

They offer a free trial plan and are best known for their form-building features.


This one you can consider is in one marketing automation platform, which is best for the business, including all sizes.

They also offer you to generate customized email campaigns, SMS, website pop-ups, push notifications, etc.

Flashy offers automation and segmentation tools for customers.

Here you can get the free trial plan; along with that, it includes a starter,  professional, master, and enterprise.

Flashy is also known for its pop-up and on-site messaging tools.

They allow the users to create tailor-made pop-ups to interact with the visitor on-site.

It also allows the users to customize the locations, designs, triggers, and display timings.


Perfit is based in Argentina; they also provide email marketing as well as contact management tools which have the pricing plans inflexible.

They have the tools which also create the design templates, launch segmented campaigns, and manage the transaction email via API features.

Perfit also has a free trial plan. Along with that, the pay includes monthly, email plan, high volume, and transactional email.

You can also customize the plan available if you are looking for large enterprise solutions.

This one is known for offering its transactional email tool.

With the API tools, you can also use their guide to developing and managing the subscription via their activity monitoring tools.

Good bits

Good bits are specialized to create the newsletter by aggregating content from websites and platforms of different social media.

Here you get the tools from the newsletter, offering the design editor along with the custom template and collaboration with landing page tools.

They offer free trial plans, as for the paid plans, they have pro and business plans.

Good bits it’s best for offering their newsletter features.

They have the same links which are automatically from different sources to generate the new later. Apart from this, you don’t need to have the coding exercise, and they have the collaboration tools and a drag-and-drop editor.


Upscribe offers newsletter tools and email marketing for businesses of different sizes.

They have customer segmentation tools, customizable sign-ups, automation tools, and sign-up forms to boost their conversation.

They have free trial plans; with that, you get the Newsletter plans, Growth plans, Business plans, and customized pricing plans.

Upscribe is also best for the newsletter tools, which also launched the paid and free email newsletter.

They have additional links, buttons, videos, and small attachments to the newsletter, as well as multi-level email sequences.


Klaviyo allows you to build multi-channel marketing campaigns and its web-based platform.

Here you get the tools that offer facultative e-commerce and lead conversion via customer segmentation, pop-up forms, sign-up, and social media advertising, as well as automation.

They have a free trial plan, also customized email and SMS based on the number of contacts.


Keep is formerly known as Infusionsoft, combining CRM, payment tools, and email marketing automation into the platform.

They provide the scheduling and invoicing tools based on the web and platform via using SMS marketing.

They offer a free trial plan, including the paid Lite, Pro, Max, and customized pricing plans.

Keep is best known for its e-commerce and invoicing tools.

They allow the users who offer seamlessly accept credit cards, track payments, and send invoices through the CRM dashboards.

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho campaigns offer software designed by the Zoho group.

They provide the tools which are required for email marketing and workflow automation.

With email marketing, they provide multiple tools to semen customers, advertising and generating dynamic content via social media platforms.

They offer a free trial plan; they are best for their workflow automation tools. 

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