Top Constant Contact Alternatives And Competitors In 2023

While Constant Contact is one of the well-established email marketing and known marketing automation platforms, there are some amazing alternatives you might find that offer better functionality.

However, there are a lot of different options that you get in the market; some are also great alternatives to constant contact.

Since email marketing services might not be something satisfying, here is what might help you.

Why Might You Need An Alternative To Constant Contact?

If you are wondering why you should think about an alternative solution, or find something to switch from constant contact, here are some of the reasons that might help you.

  • Constant Contact has high prices which are based on the stored number of contacts.
  • If your business heavily depends on time-sensitive emails like password resets, shipping notifications, and order confirmations, you require to get a separate service and pay for this separately.
  • Also, they don’t have any free plans; instead of that, you get a one-month free trial.
  • Automation is basically a trigger that makes it impossible to set up the workflows only using if, then, and else logic.
  • You get the simple automation like Welcome males on the expensive tier.
  • Here you don’t get any image display option, as the email signup forms are contact fields.
  • You don’t get the in-app mobile preview features. Here, you just have the desktop.
  • The list segmentation doesn’t have a dynamic.
  • Even if the personalization is limited, you can change the subject line and email marketing.
  • Also, the software is available in two languages, i.e., English and Spanish.

List Of Constant Contact Alternatives

The market has a lot of options when it comes to finding an alternative; however, to save your time, here is the list that can help.

List Of Alternatives Of ConstantContact


Sendinblue offers robust email marketing services, as it comes in their all-in-one sales as well as marketing toolbox.

They have email marketing tools where you get marketing automation, Facebook ads, CRM, SMS, and chat.

However, it does have some differences from Constant contacts, such as

  • You get the transaction emails in the Sendinblue plan
  • Pricing here is not based on contact stored but on the number of emails you sent.
  • So no matter how big the email list grows, it won’t affect the pricing.
  • You get endless automation as well as segmentation possibilities.
  • This one utilizes dynamic personalization.

As for the pricing, Sendinblue offers the cheapest solution as compared to constant competitors. You get the free plan, where you can send 300 emails per day.

Also, the paid plan starts at $25.

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Email Octopus

Another name that you can consider if you’re looking to switch from constant contact, this one started as a plugin application for the Amazon Transactional email services or Amazon SES. But they are now devoted to an email marketing platform.

As compared to constant contact,

  • Here you get the same features like template library, simple automation sequences, form builder, segmentation, etc.
  • If you are using the Amazon SES, you can intragraft Email Octopus into a customer AWS account directly, which makes it easy to use the front end on top of the SES platform.
  • This one is EU-based and has a strong emphasis on GDPR compliance.
  • Email Octopus also lets you personalize the email and offers a custom contact field.

The pricing here doesn’t have too much difference, but it is an affordable alternative.


SendX can be your alternative if you are planning to switch.

This one is a cloud-based and all-in-one growth tool that also offers email marketing software.

  • Also, they have powerful features where you can build the rules.
  • It comes with built-in automation triggers and does segment automation.
  • Also, they have the feature not just for premium plans but for the basics too.
  • Email end time optimization-like features help in balancing the email response of your recipient in relation to the launch time of the campaign.
  • They have great customer support, as they offer all three ways including chat, email, and phone.

As for the pricing, this one is almost 90% cheaper as compared to consent contact.

Also, you get the 14-day free trial to access all of their features without any credit card.

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Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is another name in the list that you can consider as an alternative.

Here it allows you to create, send, meaning and track the email campaign.

As compared to Constant Contact,

  • Campion monitor offers the transactional email capabilities
  • Here you get the simple automation sequence, and it’s available for the basic plan, too, which you can sell up if you choose the high tier.
  • You can set up your dynamic email content; here, you can use them if and else condition.
  • They offer live support, which is 24 X 7.
  • However, it’s not the cheapest option,  but it can save some money if you choose it over constant contact.

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HubSpot is considered one of the huge leaders when it comes to inbound marketing methodology.

  • They are known for their CRM as well as powerful marketing automation.
  • Also, they leverage other tools that can make your email campaign and newsletter more powerful.
  • As compared to Constant Contact, you get more powerful advanced tools for automation.
  • You can create customized kickball emails as well as an automated sequence that can be added even if the automation workflow is complex.
  • Here you get the free plan that lets you send around 2,000 emails per month and store the amount of contact, which is unlimited.

Also, it comes with sign-up forms, CRM, live chat, pop-ups, etc.


If you are looking for an affordable email marketing platform, Pabbly is one of the alternatives to consider.

Not only can you use the premium features in their basic plan, but also you get reasonable pricing and a combination that suits small as well as large businesses.

  • As compared to constant count, it has a 99.99% boost up deliverable since you get the external SMTP, SMTP routing, in-built SMTP, etc.
  • They have the option which lets you pre-schedule the emails and automate delivery.
  • This one offers a user-friendly UI that lets you create a multi-step workflow much easier.
  • As for the pricing, you can send more than 1,000  subscribers without paying for a month.

Benchmark Email

Benchmark email is one of the computers that you can get; here, they favor SMEs and NPOs a little more as compared to others.

Also, you get the email marketing tools that are suitable for the around the cloud,

  • As compared to Constant Contact, here you get the nine different languages and their ESP with international services, which make it fast and much more effective.
  • The option is simple and affordable where you get the features more focused on the NPOs and beginners.
  • They have a limited free plan and paid plans, which start at $15 per month.  The free plan allows you to send up to 250 emails per month.
  • As for customer service, you get online support for the free plan, and for paid, you get phone, email, knowledge-based, and live chat.


SendPulse is an email automation software that is mainly for business that deals with the e-commerce, banking, and tourism sector.

  • They have automation and versatile tools, which offer a lot of options you don’t get in Constant Contact.
  • Here you get the SMS notification which you can personalize, easy drag and drop editor, etc.
  • Also, it works with 800 cell phone network providers on a global level, making users receive the SMS notification on time.
  • SendPulse offers a free plan that supports more than 500 subscribers and 15 000 emails per month.
  • As compared to Constant Contact, this one is 55% cheaper.

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