Useful Tips And Guide For Creating Your Confirmation Email

Imagine buying something from an online store but haven’t received the confirmation email. 

How would you feel?  The reaction might be something like did you order to get a pass or when are you going to get the delivery or you might just get scammed?

As a business owner, you don’t want your customers to worry about all of these things.  That’s why a confirmation email is needed, to reassure and inform. 

To understand and create your own for your business, here is a guide for your help.


What To Know About Confirmation Email?

Before you jump to start knowing more about the confirmation email,  it’s important that you are familiar with the term and its definition. 

A confirmation email is basically a transactional email that is sent to your customer after different coordination triggers. 

The conditions can be : 

  • Placing an order 
  • Subscribing to newsletter 
  • Booking ticket 
  • Registering for webinars etc.
triggers for confirmation emails

Confirmation emails are the reassurance message for the user; it is sent by the brand after the user signs up for an update or service.

Sending a new customer an email is for letting them know that you have received their order along with information they might need at that stage. 

Types of Confirmation Emails:

types of confirmation emails

Why Is Confirmation Email Needed?

Inboxes are one of few places which can get in touch with your customer directly. 

Confirmation emails usually end up in the primary inbox instead of the spam folder. Not just that,  such emails usually have high open rates and are seen more often. 

Confirmation emails contain information that is important for the customers as it will be needed later. That’s why the click-through rate is usually higher. 

benefit of using confirmation email

This is especially true if you are providing the link for tracking the order or shipment purchase. 

Well, there are different reasons that you need the confirmation email, including : 

Starting The Conversation 

Confirmation emails have a higher average open rate as it is around 42.51% 

So every time your customer clicks on your email, it creates an opportunity to start a conversation with them. 

With your confirmation email, you can include a survey but make sure you are keeping it short and volumetry. Ask your customers why they decided to purchase the product from you.

You can also share what experiences they had while shopping with the brand. 

This can help you in understanding valuable information for the customer preference and it straight directly from the source. 

You can also let them decide which emails they want to receive from you in the future.  You can help them in setting their preferences according to what they like. 

That also helps you in segmenting and doing it on your behalf, also the customer only receives those emails in which they are interested so it’s a win-win. 

Well even though the action is based on the person who triggers the confirmation email is market research but you get the information regarding what your custom cares about. 

Also what they do and what to buy from the site, so with the pool of data can help you in understanding about the preferences. 

Communicating At Important Sales Funnel Points 

Communicating with the audience when they are going through different stages of the customer journey is crucial, whether they are making the purchase or signing up for receiving the email coupons. 

A well-written confirmation email can help them feel welcome after they make their purchase and bring them back if they haven’t visited for a long time. 

Tracking The Valuable Data 

In addition to the insight of your customer and their action, a confirmation email helps in tracking other data. 

Such data can help you and with this, you can improve the email marketing campaign. 

This includes the quantitative and qualitative data, such as : 

  • How well your email subject line is performing?
  • Which day of the week is giving you the higher open rates?
  • What are the click-through rates?
  • What is the conversion rate?
  • How many times does your email are forwarded?
  • What customers respond to the emails you sent?
  • How much reading time do you get?
  • What is your revenue per list subscriber? 
  • What is the lifetime value of each email subscriber? 

The information can help you in tailoring in the confirmation emails and adding the human element so you can get the feedback directly from your subscribers

With this, you can get the right messages to the right people and at the right time while you are providing information of what they actually want and need. 

Using The CTAs For Boosting The Conversion 

When someone receives their confirmation email they are already engaging with the brand. Also, they agree with you as they are buying the product you’re selling, signing up for the updates, or letting you into inboxes in different ways. 

As such, the confirmation email can also be a good time for doing the cross-sell and upsell the products, which would help in pairing well with what they purchased. 

Also, people expect them to receive in their inboxes so the confirmation emails are highly relevant. 

You can also consider providing the product suggestion with your next email along with CTA or a clear call to action.  So the people can follow easily.

Also, be sure that you are including after the main body of your email; this should be the relevant information about the order. 

Differentiating The Brand 

As with every other interaction with customers, creating confirmation emails can give you an opportunity to display the brand voice. 

Well, nobody has much expectation when it comes to a confirmation email, but if you are delivering something which can surprise you, you can add a bit of humor and it will help in remembering the customer of your brand. 

goals consider confirmation email

Why Should You Consider Confirmation Email? 

The confirmation message email which is informative, to the point in nature can help you much better than you expect. 

It can help you in getting better engagement but also garner loyalty, even though it seems like an automated, simple, and transaction email. 

 And the purpose of such emails is mostly to tell the recipient “ Thank you, and here is information you need or asked for”.

But this confirmation email can also help in yielding in many other ways.  It includes : 

Win The Battle Of Who Will Land In Inbox 

The average office worker receives around 120 emails on a daily basis, and in 2020,  the overall marketing email was just 20.56%.verall rate 

Well when the world is so noisy and busy, it gets difficult to win the battle for inbox. It’s basically a chance you have to earn to land in the inbox of your customer. 

But confirmation email can help in winning the battle as the open rate of this type of mail is 70%.

Connecting With Customers On a Personal Level 

A confirmation email is an effective and easy way for connecting with the subscribers, not just that it takes on a wholly personal level as for the first time, they are interacting with the brand. 

With them being engaged with you at an early stage, you have much better chances of making them stay engaged and turn into your lifelong customer as well as brand advocates. 

Increasing Your Click-Through And Conversions

The emails like welcome emails,  abandoned browse as well as cart emails tend to have more click-through rates, here you can add the loyalty reward, and the total is 4%.

But with the confirmation email having far better CTR, here you get 17% by providing the message offer is not just effective for reinforcing the connection but also boosting the sales as well as conversions. 

Increasing The Chances of Anticipation Instead Of Frustration 

Some users tend to check their emails more than 20 times on a daily basis just to ensure they forget or missed something important. 

It gives a great opportunity for brands to share useful information with their confirmation email to their subscribers. 

Since the confirmation mail is triggered by the action of the users, the subscriber expects to receive the email.  This means that if they notice,  they will open and engage with the email much more as compared to other kinds of emails. 

When they don’t receive the confirmation email, this causes them frustration, and ends up losing enthusiasm for the brand. 

Get To Know More And Better 

Well, when you send the confirmation email, this gives you an opportunity to learn the customer behavior much more, also you get to know about their preferences and tailor the email marketing strategy according to that. 

This makes the personalization much more effective and on the spot. 

How To Set Up Your Email Confirmations? 

You require to register for the email marketing automation software, it allows you to set up the automated confirmation email much faster. 

Along with that, you need to follow a step-by-step process that helps you in automating the confirmation email. 

To automate the email, you require to connect with website forms to the email list. 

Here are some of the steps that you need to know.

Step 1: Creating Your Opt-In Email List 

Well, first thing first, you need to have a confirmation email that can be sent for connecting and completing the form. 

Well, the form includes: 

  • A subscription form on the website
  • A landing page you are promoting 
  • A checkout form to the website
  • Or any opt-in form 

Well if you don’t have the opt-in forms for the services you are offering, then it’s important you build one and customize it according to it. 

Step 2:  Select The Email Triggers 

The next you need to consider is setting up the automation email trigger. With this, you need to select different options. 

You can create a personalized as well as an automated confirmation email, this can get help you in triggered when your contact tries to : 

  • Fill out a form 
  • Gets a tag
  • Has anniversary
  • Open an email 
  • Joins an email list 
automated confirmation emails ideas

Step 3: Create The Email Workflow Based On Behavior 

Now that you have selected all of the triggers for the new contact, it has the craft of the confirmation mail which you need to send. 

You can add the confirmation email,  so you don’t have to start as well as end the email campaign for one email only. 

Step 4:  Set Up Your Email Automation But With Conditions

Suppose that you have sent a double opt-in confirmation email for the users who are new to you. 

So the first email includes the confirmation button, applying the condition can help you in learning about the confirmation email which is opened so who clicked the button and who didn’t? 

Based on your interactions with contacts in the first email, this can help in defining the automation. 

Step 5: Create Content For Each Email 

Once you set the subscriber list, triggers, workflows, and conditions, you are required to set the confirmation email which happens at different touch points as well as phases of your customer lifecycle. 

You can get the templar readymade and content blocks which can help in setting the confirmation email much easier. 

Select the temple, customize it according to what you want, and set it with the right condition and triggers. 

Also, while doing this, make sure you are : 

  • Reviewing all the related settings
  • Setting up the metrics for tracking the email performance, for example, click-through, open, and unsubscribes. 
  • Do the A/B test on your every email and choose what is best as it will help you in getting more clicks. 

It Includes Different settings, and depending on that, content and email should be reflected and relevant. for example :

When You Are Sending Thank You For Signing Up Email 

Well, the confirmation email sent to the user who just signed up will receive the email communication through the signup form.

So with this email, you can thank them for signing up, and the content here requires adding:

  • Add the details regarding their subscription
  • Double opt-in button for confirming the subscription
  • Email Preferences link

Apart from that, your content should include : 

  • Special offers for your new user
  • Information regarding the brand
  • Customer service information, including phone hotline and email address
  • Product recommendations 

When You Are Sending Thank You For Purchase Email 

The confirmation email for the user who did the purchase just now from your brand and from the online store.

Here they are expecting to receive the confirmation email as fast as they pay for it. 

They also need information regarding their purchase. it includes :

  • Order number 
  • Shipping information 
  • Payment information
  • Customer service information for doing follow up regarding the status of their purchase or shipping
  • Other important information regarding refunds and cancellation
  • Receipt print button or link 
  • Recommendation of similar interest product or other also purchased. 

What To Include In Confirmation Emails?

Creating an effective and information-effective confirmation email, it requires adding the elements that can help. 

However, if you are not aware of it, then here is a list of things your confirmation email requires you to have. 

Payment Information And Summary 

The confirmation email related to post-purchase is required to contain the payment details. 

It gives the customer view as well as an instant reference of their payment-related information; it includes the credit card they use and the final amount they paid. 

You are also required to add the summary so the customer can know which credit card billing statement the charges are going to appear in. 

Order Or Confirmation Number 

Besides adding the payment or event information to the order, you are also required to provide the confirmation or tracking number. 

Your customer needs to monitor and track the delivery of their order once they purchase it. 

With the confirmation number this can be referenced for their webinar registration, refund processing, etc. 

The Name Of Product With Photo 

In order to keep the customer excited while their products are processed the shipment, you can also consider adding a photo of the product and name in the confirmation emails. 

The more your customer sees the product that they have purchased, the more they will get dreamy and feel eager. 

So don’t forget to add the product name and the photos; make sure you are using high-quality images as it will help in keeping your email marketing effective, along with the content that will stir anticipation and excitement. 

Mailing And Shipping Related Information 

Customers usually want to confirm the mail and the information related to shipment after they complete the purchase. 

And it’s for a good reason, as it can be annoying to pay for products which get sent to the wrong address. 

So showing the mailing information can let the customer see and verify if all the details are correct and the address is right.

Essential Times And Data 

Informing the customer when their purchased order is going to be delivered and on time. This is important as they require you to sign for receiving the package.

Including other information which is timely, relevant, and needed to add in the confirmation email. It includes a projected timeline that shows when the order is going to be received and processed, also when the shipment is going to ship, etc. 

Contact Details Of Business

Whether you are sending the order, booking, or reservation confirmation via email, it’s important to add the business contact information. 

This helps the customer to contact you when there are some issues or doubts they have. Also, this allows you to reach out directly instead of going to visit the website back in order to get the contact details. 

Tips For Creating And Designing Confirmation Email

No doubt that confirmation emails are a powerful but easy way to connect with your customers at an early stage and stay in touch throughout the brand journey. 

Using the right service and email marketing pattern, you should definitely add confirmation mail to the email marketing program. 

Well, there are different tips and practices which can help you in staying much more effective with the confirmation email as it including: 

Make Sure Your Emails Appeal Visually 

The whole idea of sending the confirmation email is a response to a trigger. However, It should not stop you from making it visually pleasing. Make sure you are not keeping the message bland and generic. 

Each confirmation message should be personalized according to the user, tailored, and visually appealing. 

You can use the readymade templates. However, while you do that, make sure your every email is

  • Creating a visual impact in terms of its design, colors, graphics, and fonts. 
  • Featuring a simple and clean layout with all the various elements as when you are choosing for the confirmation email, here less is better.
  • Each email has a consistent look as well as the feel of the brand communication, such as logo, colors, etc.
  • Should include the images and emojis but with care as it takes time to load depending on the devices
  • Clearly shows the CTA link and button, so users know what they require to do. 
  • Do the A/B test of different versions and send out what has the maximum number of people finding it appealing or open-worthy. 

With your CTA or Call to action, make sure you are not leaving them hanging or wondering what they should do next. 

Also, make sure it is in clear instruction using simple and easy-to-understand language. 

With CTA text or word, make sure you are putting it in the right place, using the right color, and taking into consideration of white space. 

Add The Double Opt-In 

When you are setting up your subscription for the confirmation email, it’s always smart to go with double opt-in. Even though it seems like additional work, all the effort you put in here is worth it. 

With a double opt-in, subscribers who signed up for the first time, usually via email, then confirm that they want to stay signed up by responding to the confirmation email. 

When you are thinking about why you need to have a double opt-in, well, this helps you in certain that you signed up for this, and it makes them much more receptive. 

ideas use communication from brand via email

Optimizing The Subject lines 

The subject line of your email is what gets your audience’s attention and entices them to open the email in the first place. 

So you have the advantage when it comes to confirmation because your audience is already expecting to get the email and will probably want to check different details. 

However, you don’t mean you need to be in extra care to make it much more interesting. 

Different subject lines that you can consider, such as : 

  • Use  nine words or fewer 
  • Use only one emoji if you need to use 
  • Stay under the characters of 60
  • Use  fewer than three punctuation marks

So writing the subject line might sound like the brand will get people recognized; with this, it will make the email open.

With this, you need to make the subject line much more personalizing the subject lines with names which goes much more than getting the attention of your someone. 

Investing the time will help you in coming up with the subject line for the email, which can help in making it interesting. Also, it helps in making it sound less spammy. 

And while you might keep it strange to incorporate an emoji, this might want to try and increase the effectiveness of your marketing by more than 70%.

Include Everything Your Customer Wants To Know 

The relevant information requires to be in the email, it should be clear and easy to find. 

Also, that’s what they are looking for, or they will end up formatted if they didn’t get the order number or it’s buried underneath your sales pitch. 

With this, you need to add a warm welcome and then add the details, which include:

  • A confirmation of the order went through
  • The order number 
  • Billing Summary
  • Information related to payment
  • Images and descriptions of what they purchased
  • Explanation regarding the shipping and payment 
  • Contact info in case of question or trouble
  • Expected the delivery date range

What you are going to include might depend on the kind of confirmation you are emailing them, however, you are required to tell them what they signed up for with the receipt. 

Once you do that, here you get the opportunity to do the cross-sell and upsell. 

You can also include tips that help in using the product that they ordered and what, if its applicable 

If they signed up for getting the incentives such as coupons and discounts.  You can add the button to confirm with opt-in and invitation for doing the self-segment. 

Remember that you are sending a confirmation email, so don’t go overboard with the sales pitch. 

Make Your Impression Good 

Well, if your customer wants to know something related to their order.  Make sure you are informing them well and with details. 

If there is a chance of shipment delays, for example, then make sure you are informed about the contact along with providing the contact information of your customer service. 

People appreciate when the brand takes the initiative to provide clear next steps regarding the order as this helps in making them clear on what to expect while they are going to wait. 

Give them the delivery estimate, let them know what they can expect, and plan accordingly. 

This also helps in not letting them panic, wonder, and be annoyed with no information related to when their order will arrive. 

Start the connection with what causes the concern to your customer and then give the confirmation. 

So when you are done, you can add a bit of education or lead nurturing content here. Also, put it at the end of your email.

The next step is pretty easy when it is related to order confirmation, here, you require relevant details, shipment numbers,   product images, and estimates. 

You can also let people know about what is going to come next. You can either give a general idea of what they can expect after they sign up for the update. 

Make Sure You Are Writing Like A Person 

You want the copy that you have one mail to be much more personable like the recipient did write it.  Make sure your copy doesn’t sound like a robot or machine. 

How To Write Subject Line For Confirmation Email?

Similar to the Welcome emails, When you are writing the confirmation newsletter, it can be limited when it comes to creating the subject line. 

However, you require to create something which can hold attention and catch the eye. to start with here are some of the tips to consider : 

  • You can express gratitude such as Thank you for subscribing or ordering. These gestures start with a positive note.
  • Add details and be on point, use the subject line in tandem along with the preheader for hitting the important information.
  • Assure that the users about received the order, it can start with “ Order received)
  • Add positivity to email with popular puns, polite words, and phrases.
  • Specify your company by adding a brand name to remind what and from where they ordered. 
  • Don’t be afraid to be personal, add the name of the customer in an email.
  • You can also add emojis, but make sure to be smart with it. 

What Are The Practices For Confirmation Newsletter?

Creating the confirmation email is not that difficult, some of the entrepreneurs don’t even consider favoring the initial response by providing the ESP. 

practices for confirmation newsletter

However, it’s here when you are missing the golden opportunity. 

To make your confirmation newsletter can help in reaching its goals, bringing the benefits to business and to start with, here are the best practices to consider : 

  • Reassure the customer that everything is in the right way and fine with their transaction.
  • Summarize the essential details such as vital information for their action that triggers the confirmation email. 
  • Displaying the important times and dates, shipping information, billing information, etc.
  • Your aim here is to provide the data that can help them in feeling completely prepared. 
  • Also focus on building the excitement related to the event, make sure you are making a happy place.
  • Show gratitude by adding a thankful note. 
  • Reduce the click numbers for the customer so they can reach their destination much faster.
  • Provide the means for continuing the customer journey.
  • Educated them regarding the product for reducing future rejects.
  • Remind them of the reason why they should buy from you.
  • Providing the common questions and their answers along with the important points that can help them.
  • Add the human touch even though such emails are automated.
  • Add links to the support team for solving the issues. 

Reasons Why Confirmation Email Might Take Time For Arriving? 

One of the popular questions that have been asked on different support chats and forums. Well, it’s important that you consider email deliverability. 

It’s important, and even though you have great email templates, there are still high chances that no one gets the email in their inboxes. 

When customers purchase the product or subscribe to a service, how fast do they expect to receive the confirmation?

Usually, everyone expects to get the confirmation email right away.  But if it’s taking extra time in processing, it’s better to notify and let them know the expected waiting time. 

However, if it’s not the case, there are some spam rules which might be the reason behind why your confirmation email is taking time for arriving. 

Here are what can help : 

Email Headers 

Email headers include the address of seder( from) and recipients ( to and cc) along with the subject. 

When you are sending the confirmation email, make sure that : 

You are not sending the confirmation email with no reply address even though it’s common practice but it’s not recommended. 

  • With a no-reply address, you are increasing the chances of landing your emails in spam folders as your messages are faceless. 
  • So make sure you are putting the name of the service, specific person, or at least something which is clear such as customer care.
  • Don’t put a lot of addresses in your Bcc and Cc. This can end up triggering the spam filters. 
  • Don’t add spammy words in the subject such as risk-free or not cost. 
  • Also avoid using the Caps lock, or repeated signs. 

Email Content 

When you are writing the content for your confirmation email,  it’s important that you are paying attention to what you are adding. 

The use of images, videos and GIFs should be limited, and only when it’s needed. 

Also, test your emails before you send them to make sure everything looks good and works as designed. 


The next thing you need to consider is the infrastructure, make sure you are taking care of the sender’s reputation, and use domain authentication. 

Extra Step 

Notify about the probability of landing your emails in spam folders to your users. 

It’s even though not good, but make sure they know where they can look. Also here you can ask them to include the address in the contact list. 

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